Civil Servant in Romance Fantasy Chapter 32

Chapter 32 - Tearful Tasting Event (2)

༺ Tearful Tasting Event (2) ༻



  The appearance of Sir Villar was like a ray of hope to me. The enemy-like club members began making so many pastries that it looked like they were about to make a pastry revolution. There was so much food that there was no way I’d be able to eat it alone. In such a situation, Sir Villar would be of great help.


  Thinking of it as a Knight taking care of the misdeeds of his Prince, there was no need to feel sorry, and luckily, Knights usually have a large appetite. He’s a talented person who was more than capable of handling daily tasks. 


  Of course, that wasn’t the only reason I had called him. Would I be so crazy as to commit such a discourtesy? I was planning to meet today anyway, and coincidentally, this pile of snacks had accumulated. 


  ‘I’m lucky.’


  Although I wasn’t sure if Villar was also lucky.


  I asked Villar to take a seat. Naturally, it was in front of a table filled with the passionate results of the members. Until all of this is taken care of, none of us can leave the room. 


  Villar’s expression hardened at the mountain of snacks. He probably had never been offered such a huge amount of food before, but there was nothing I could do about it. After all, a huge part of what was on the table was made by his Prince.


  “Because the club fair is about to happen soon, the club members were quite motivated. I felt bad eating alone, and that’s why I’ve called you.”


  “Thank you for your generosity.”


  Because I said it while smiling, Sir Villar had no choice but to nod. There’s no way he could refuse something that was made by such esteemed individuals. 


  I got up and walked toward the shelf. There should be at least something to drink, right? Those bastards of the club forced me to eat without even giving me something to drink. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that I was being tortured. How should I pay this back?


  As I thought about revenge methods against the members, my hand, which was unconsciously reaching towards the cookie jar, suddenly stopped. 


  ‘This is mine.’


  I quickly turned my hand and took out the tea leaves that I had put aside long before, instead of the tea leaves Louise had given me. It would be a waste to give away something I received as a gift. 


  “The Academy has become really lively because of the preparations for the club fair. I hope that’s not troubling you.”


  While preparing tea, I casually brought up a good conversation topic. The club fair was a huge Academy event and an opportunity for external guests to enter the Academy. Since they were people in charge of protecting VIPs from their respective countries, they were probably under huge pressure.


  “Don’t worry. It reminded me of my school days and got me excited as well.” 


  “I’m glad to hear that.”


  I giggled and then sat before Villar. As I offered him a cup of tea, he muttered his thanks.


  While the fair was a casually thrown topic during our conversation, it was also the reason I ended up face-to-face with Villar. The club fair itself was not the issue. It was the fact that the club fair marked the opening of the Academy, which was a troublesome matter. 


  ‘I’m sure he’s under pressure.’


  The club fair was an annual event deeply rooted in the history of the Academy. It wasn’t something suddenly pushed forward by the Empire or the Academy itself. The three countries were aware that the club fair took place around this time, so there was no room for blaming each other. 


  But even if they knew and had prepared for it, experiencing it firsthand was a different matter. They might be preparing for it, but they’ll feel an intense desire to resist as it approaches. Didn’t he just say that he got excited thinking about his old school days?  


  ‘I’m sure you’re excited.’


  Many important people would come to the Academy, and it would become noisy. On top of that, they had to ensure nothing happened to their VIPs. If the people from the upper echelon moved, those under them suffered.


  “It seems like there’s going to be more guests this year, compared to before.” 


  After I said that, one of the eyebrows of Villar flinched a bit. He was probably wondering whether my statement meant that the number of visitors was really going to be higher or if the Empire would take this opportunity to increase its forces in the Academy.


  It was the first option, of course. The latter is the last thing we need.


  I heard through the Student Council that the number of visitors would be higher this year. To prevent inconveniences caused by nobles or influential figures suddenly showing up without notice, the Academy collects a list of noble visitors who plan to visit during the fair. It was similar to a reservation system of sorts. 


  But looking at the list, it was much longer compared to the previous years. With various unusual variables this year, it seemed like the number of guests had increased significantly. 


  “Recently, many things happened in the Empire. Now that things have calmed down, many people want to personally witness the potential leaders of the next generation.” 


“Is that so? Even from my perspective, who always stays here, I see new talents every time. I can only imagine how surprised those coming from the outside would be.” 


  “Your words are making me feel proud.”


  Villar’s expression softened rapidly when I mentioned things that the Empire’s nobility wouldn’t want to discuss. I made it clear that I was merely stating the increase in external guests was a coincidence and had no ulterior motive. 


  “In fact, there is something I wanted to ask Sir Villar.”




  Villar, whose expression had relaxed, nodded. That expression was probably going to ease up even more. I’m not someone who would do things like this, but I can’t help but feel bad for Sir Villar as a fellow Civil Servant.


  “Just like I’ve mentioned, the number of people at the club fair will probably increase. That’s why there’s a chance that many people will come to our booth.”


  Villar’s expression hardened. After all, protecting the important figures within the crowded booth was his duty. 


  He was probably already expecting it from hearing about the increase in external guests, but there’s a big difference between thinking about it alone in one’s mind and hearing someone say, ‘You’ll have to guard them like hell in that crowded booth.’ 


  “That’s why, if possible… I want Sir Villar and the other people from the other countries to come and help us.”




  “Yes. After all, the more people in the booth, the better. Will that be possible?”


  It was probably going to be possible. No, even if it were impossible, they would probably get as many people as possible and come. If it were the three countries who’d asked for something like this, they would have probably needed to kneel and beg.


  Originally, they would’ve had to wander around the booth, and they would probably have to be wary about the bodyguards of the nobles visiting the exhibition. Just the thought of it is exhausting. 


  However, if they accepted my proposal, they could stay in the booth as participants in the club fair. If so, they didn’t need to be wary of other guards, and the people they had to protect would be right before them. It would be strange to refuse such a reasonable request.

  See? Villar’s eyes which had been tense are now shining. 


  “We owe a lot to the Prosecutor, so how could we refuse a small request?” 


  “Haha, thank you. I was worried, I was worried if I would be able to do well at the fair, but now I feel relieved.” 


  It was a satisfying negotiation. The forces from the 3 countries would be able to protect their VIPs from a close distance without clashing with the Empire’s forces, and I would have someone to keep an eye on the members instead of me.  If those bastards got in conflict with other nobles, I was the one who would have to take care of the situation. I can’t let that happen.


  Furthermore, by demonstrating this considerate gesture, there is a higher possibility that the three countries will be more willing to accommodate or cooperate with me when I need it. Since there is no loss in doing so, it’s advantageous to accumulate this stack of concessions. 


  With a sense of relief, Villar picked up one of the snacks piled on the desk and put it in his mouth. It was one of Louise’s cookies.


  “…It has a unique taste.”


  After taking a few bites, Villar opened his mouth. As expected from a Knight, his reaction was quite calm, unlike the club members. Regardless of his liking or his not liking the taste, he probably couldn’t show it.


  After all, it would be troublesome if he frowned, and I said, ‘Rutis made that.’ What a sad situation.


  “Right? I personally like the taste.”


  Of course, I have no intention of disclosing who made what. That way, Villar will eat everything evenly. 


  After smiling, Villar silently ate the remaining cookie. I’ll say it once more. Before we finished everything, neither of us could leave. 


  As expected from a Knight, he was able to eat a lot. When I told him that I’ll be sending what the club members made to the other Knights from the three countries tomorrow, Villar quietly thanked me with a lowered gaze.  He was probably happy with the idea of sharing these delicious snacks with his subordinates.


  Well, even if he wasn’t happy, there was nothing he could do about it. He would have to eat all this if he wanted to work inside the booth. He didn’t have the right to complain.


  “I got more people to eat, so you can make as much as you want.”


  That’s why I was able to say that confidently. Regardless of how much they made, I had gotten a way to get rid of everything, so there was no need for them to hesitate. If there are leftovers, we can simply send them to the three countries. How can a few mouths there not handle the snacks made by just six people? 


– I’m thankful for the generosity of the Prosecutor, but there’s no need to give us so much food.


  They weren’t able to handle it. Those crazy bastards really made as much bread as if they were a factory.


  I could see the despair in Villar’s eyes through the communication crystal. 






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