Civil Servant in Romance Fantasy Chapter 42

Chapter 42 - Our Fair is open for Business (1)

༺ Our Fair is open for Business (1) ༻




  I stood still for a while, looking at the pouch of cookies. It’s been 2 years since that day. It was something that didn’t mean anything special to me.


  Many things happen in the midst of a war. Naturally, some people die.


  But for some reason, I couldn’t forget about it.


  I guess I’ll get over it one day. I put away the cookie pouch and began moving toward the forest. I had to finish everything before it got dark so that the club fair could proceed safely tomorrow.


  After I reached the forest, I saw the 1st and 4th Managers talking. It seemed like they’d finished the interrogations. As expected, they can do things effectively if they put their minds to it. 


  “Are you done?”


  “Yes. I made them confess everything they knew.” 


  It seemed like both of them were still nervous. That wasn’t something I could solve by telling them that everything was okay, so I left it at that. Even if your boss says, ‘I’m not mad at you,’ how many people are going to believe that? 


  The state of the Third Honor members wasn’t normal. They lacked some limbs, and they had cuts all around their bodies. Based on their state, the information that had been secure should be reliable.


  “Anything worth mentioning?”


  “They were carrying something strange.”


  “Something strange?”


  At my question, the 4th Manager handed me a piece of paper. Ha, look at these bastards.


  “It’s an explosion scroll.”


  “Yes. It seems like one that’s supposed to be used for mining purposes.”


  A one-time usage scroll that had an explosive Magic stored into it. It was something that was usually used while working in the mines. Because of its destructive power, it was only made in the Magic Tower, and they were only supplied to individuals or organizations with certain identities. 


  If this scroll had exploded in the heart of the Academy, it would have caused an unimaginable disaster. Of course, it’s useless to worry about something that hasn’t happened yet. What is more important is to figure out how this scroll ended up in the hands of the Third Honor members. 


  Explosion scrolls were supplied to provincial officials, lords, or mine supervisors. Whoever it was, they were people who must pledge allegiance to the Empire. If these people had leaked the scroll to the rebels, it would clearly be an act of treason. 


  “So they are people willing to commit suicide?”


  “It seems so.”


  The scrolls were supplied to individuals or organizations with clear identities, and the supply records indicate who received how much. If we thoroughly investigate those records, we can find the culprit. If there are inconsistencies or suspicious points between the supply records and the usage records, then that bastard is the culprit. 


  Are all of the traitors this retarded? I can’t understand why they would bet their lives on something that could be figured out so easily.


  After briefly stroking my chin, I nodded my head. Since they only mentioned the scroll as a peculiar item, it doesn’t seem like any useful information has been obtained. Now that it has been confirmed that the scroll has been leaked, we need to focus on that. 


  “We’re done here.. Good job, everyone.”


  Now that there is nothing left to handle on-site, we just need to report to the headquarters. The Special Service Agency would probably deal with those still alive, and they were probably also going to figure out who leaked the scroll.


  The person in charge of the Magic Tower would probably become really angry once he figures out that the products they had made were being used for something like this. 


  Of course, once the Special Service Agency finds out the culprit, they’d toss the rest to the Prosecutor’s Office. So, in the end, we are the ones who will suffer. 


  With the successful capture of the Third Honor and the acquisition of information, our roles were over. 


  As the 4th Manager reported this to the Special Service Agency, Magicians came out of nowhere and took them away. Teleportation is quite convenient. 


  Not only that, but the Masked Unit was left behind just in case anythine else happened. Well, having them around until the end would make things more comfortable. However, the nobles would probably panic if they saw the 4th Manager after the 1st one, so the Masked Unit ended up remaining in the forest.


  Seeing that the 4th Manager also seemed a little disappointed, I decided to visit her every evening. I should show some consideration to the subordinate I haven’t seen in a while. I should bring some food with me when I come. 


  Unlike the 4th Manager, who stayed in the forest, the 1st Manager decided to continue working with me at the booth the next day. 


  “Executive Manager, I’ll carry it. Leave it to  me.”


  If there was something that changed, it was that she’d become more obedient.


  “It’s okay. I’ll do it.”


  I think I knew why she was acting like this, which made me laugh. It was weird for one of the Manager-trio to be cautious of me, but at least she seemed to have some conscience. That’s touching.


  Despite being rejected, she still roamed around me. After all, one couldn’t say she didn’t have any responsibility for what happened yesterday. If it keeps going on like this, she might cry.


  ‘I want to see that.’


  However, it wouldn’t be appropriate for me to become a boss who unnecessarily makes his subordinates cry. Judging from how carefully she watches my every move, she probably won’t cause any trouble if I let her off for a while. And since we’ve already dealt with the Third Honor, there’s no urgent matter either. 


  “You don’t have anything to do?”


  “Yes! I’ll do it, so please take a break, Executive Manager!”


  If she had a dog tail, she probably would be wiggling it. I nodded and handed her the luggage I was holding. As she took the luggage, the 1st Manager’s expression became calm, as if a burden had been lifted. She didn’t receive the luggage from me; she received peace of mind. 


  “Just leave it in that corner and come back after having some fun.”




  I untied her apron as she tilted her head. Since I captured her with this, I should be the one to release it.


  “Now that there’s no urgent matter, you just need to stay inside the academy. When else are you going to have fun?”


  “Huh… Can… I really do that?”


  “Even without you around, the booth will run smoothly.”


  I gestured for her to leave quickly, and only then did the 1st Manager’s eyes sparkle with energy. She quickly put down the luggage and made her escape, as if she was afraid that I would catch her again. It was quite an impressive sight, like releasing a Pokémon into the wild. 


  I looked around the booth after casually tossing the 1st Manager’s apron aside, which had served as a Poké Ball. The club members seemed to be getting used to running the booth, and the workers from the three countries were working diligently.   The 1st Manager wasn’t someone that was supposed to be here in the first place, so it wouldn’t be a problem even if she left. 


  Moreover, the number of nobles coming to find me had significantly decreased over time. Most of them crowded around on the first or second day, so it seemed like there wouldn’t be any more visitors. Now, I could spend my time without any worries. This is how a proper club fair should be. 




  I was about to sit on the chair and rest when Louise walked toward me and sat before me.


  “Why? Did something happen?”


  “No.  I wanted to sit down for a bit.”


  Louise was very busy during the club fair  and rarely had a chance to sit down. Unless there were no customers, she couldn’t even approach the chairs. 

“If you work so much, you’ll get sick. Try to take a break.”


  Although I said it because I thought she was pushing herself too hard, Louise looked silently into my eyes without saying anything. 


  “Is there something on my face?”


  Because this was a pastry club, I sometimes ended up with a bit of flour on my face. I thought that maybe this was one of those cases. However, Louise shook her head.


  “Did you eat all of the cookies?”


  “Yes. They were delicious.”


  Louise smiled at my answer, but her expression seemed a bit bitter.


  “You can leave the booth to us.”


  I couldn’t help but smile at those words. Yesterday, she asked me if I was tired and today, she asked me if I’d eaten all of the cookies. Now, she was asking me to take a break. Seeing her actively urging me to rest, it seems that Louise doesn’t think I’m doing well. 


  Just like when she worried about me receiving tea leaves last time, she’s been concerned about me twice now. If the Minister knew, he would probably laugh. 


  “It’s okay. I’m the Advisor, after all.”


  “But it’s not the same for other clubs, right? In the one Irina’s in, the Advisor isn’t there.”


  So she caught on. 


  An Advisor was someone who just needed to supervise and ensure that no issues arise. They only need to occasionally come and check from time to time. There wasn’t a need for the Advisor to stay inside the booth just like me.


  But the problem was that I didn’t have the courage to play around while leaving those no-answer members behind. Apart from that, I had to make sure accidents didn’t happen, so I was doing my best. After all, my situation was different from other Advisors…


  As I smiled awkwardly, Louise pouted before continuing. 


  “I’m really thankful to oppa. From the moment you became the Advisor up to now. Everything.”


  “I haven’t done much, so there’s no need to say thanks.”


  “Even the actions you didn’t consider insignificant meant a lot to me.” 


I had nothing to say at those words. After all, if we added everything I’d done, it was a lot indeed.


  “It seems like oppa is going through a lot on his own, so I want to help you even just a little.” 


  “Little brat, don’t sulk alone. If something’s bothering you, you can tell this big sister anytime!” 


  ‘Damn it.’


  I’ve been like this since yesterday. Normally, I would have let those words pass without a second thought, but they keep connecting to the memories of that moment. 


  That idiotic bastard died after saying something she shouldn’t have.


  I subconsciously sighed. If the goal of the Third Honor was to break my mind instead of destroying the Academy, they’d succeeded in doing so. I haven’t had such a damn annoying enemy in a while.






  I quickly changed my expression, but Louise had already seen it. It seemed like she was tearing up.


  “Having you worried about me is a bit embarrassing. Then, should I take a short break?” 


  Sighing in front of someone who worried about me was practically saying, ‘Mind your own business.’ There was no greater rudeness than this. It bothered me to leave the booth, but for now, it’s better to do as Louise suggested. 


  Louise seemed to calm down as I said that while making a bright expression. Thankfully, I avoided becoming a crazy bastard who made a girl the age of his little brother cry.


  ‘That bastard.’


  This was all because of that retard. I shouldn’t have stopped at destroying his head.


  The danger had disappeared, thanks to us having eliminated the members of Third Honor. The Club Fair, which should have been peaceful, had started strangely. 





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