Civil Servant in Romance Fantasy Chapter 43

Chapter 43 - Our Fair is open for Business (2)

༺ Our Fair is open for Business (2) ༻



  Oppa turned around a few times and smiled awkwardly.


  “It feels weird going away. Will you really be okay without me?”


  “Yes, don’t worry. We have enough people.”


  Managing the booth was something the club members should do in the first place, and we were receiving help from the three countries thanks to Oppa. With that in mind, I waved and saw him off, and he eventually headed for another booth. 


  Nevertheless, he kept looking back, so I stood still until I couldn’t see him anymore. It was only then that Oppa hastened his pace as if fleeing. It was somewhat cute. He might get angry if I said it in front of him, though. 


  ‘In the end, he didn’t answer.’


  I couldn’t help but smile bitterly while thinking about the iron wall-like oppa. 


  I’ve told oppa numerous times that I wanted to help him and that he could rely on me if something happened. Each time, he would give me a different answer, but never once did he say yes. 


  I wondered if it was because I didn’t seem helpful or if it was because I was incompetent. Even though it was somewhat disheartening, I didn’t take it to heart too much. Oppa was much more capable and remarkable than me. I didn’t know it the first time I saw him, but after hearing he was an Executive Manager, I became really surprised.


  That’s why I’ve been silently waiting for oppa to reply to me. I thought that insisting on it could be taken as if I were looking down on him, but after seeing how he looked yesterday, I couldn’t stand still and do nothing about it.




  With a worried heart, I called out to oppa, who was no longer visible. The Oppa I saw yesterday seemed precarious as if he could explode at any moment or collapse if someone touched him. 


  He didn’t show it on the outside. Oppa was someone who always looked calm, after all. Even if he was deteriorating inside, no one would notice because he never expressed it outwardly. If I hadn’t had the experience of seeing someone like oppa before, I wouldn’t have noticed.  


  That’s why the cookies I gave oppa yesterday were especially sweet. Although he ate everything well, I wanted to give him the best ones.


  However, it was a mistake not to properly check the ingredients that were always used in the booth. Only this morning did I realize that sugar and salt had been swapped while I was moving around in a hurry. It was unfortunate that such an unfunny mistake happened to occur yesterday. 


  Even if oppa ate everything well, it was a different issue to tell him that it was sweet and hand him a lump of salt. I thought he might get angry or at least say that it was too salty with a smile. 


  “Yes, they were delicious.”


  Oppa’s reaction was totally unexpected. Because he hadn’t said anything, I asked him. But he replied as if there would be nothing wrong with it. But there’s no way that’s the case…


“Hyung always ate everything well. The chef always used to say that cooking for hyung was the most comfortable.”


I remembered what I’d heard from Erich. However, this wasn’t just about eating everything well. Although I wanted to ask him for further details, Erich had just started to get close with oppa. I didn’t want to make him worry.




  Are you really okay?


  I was afraid that oppa would not be able to hold on and collapse, and that he would disappear without anyone noticing. 


* * * 


  I thought I’d make Louise cry if I pushed things further. However, I couldn’t find many things to do.


  ‘What should I do?’


  One could enjoy things if there were something to do. The only relaxing time I’d spent in this world was the first year after I was transmigrated. After that, everything was a mess. Even though Louise said that I should take a break, I had no idea what to do.


  I thought about whether I should use the 1st Manager as a guide but soon cast it aside. In the first place, I didn’t know where she was. Besides, I didn’t want to bother her with dealing with a higher-up even while she went around to play.


  I’ve been through that, so I knew how that felt. During the first vacations I’d gotten after becoming the Executive Manager, I met the Minister. Because neither of us had anything to do, we ended up hanging around together. I didn’t want the 1st Manager to go through such a horrible thing like the one I went through.


  Since I was too bored, I was thinking of meeting the 4th Manager a little earlier, but I ended up seeing familiar, red hair from a distance.




  I saw Marghetta walking around and inspecting the booths with her traditional red fan covering her mouth. Now that I think about it, she’d said that one of the duties of the Student Council was to check if the fair was going well.


  I didn’t have any place to go, and if I were going to receive people’s attention anyways, I’d rather be with Marghetta. Because on the outside, it would look like the Student Council’s vice president was hanging with the Prosecutor for business purposes.




  As I walked to her and called her out, she turned around.


  “Oh, Sir Carl. I didn’t think I’d see you here.”


  A smile appeared on her face. She probably wasn’t expecting to see me in a place like this. After all, Marghetta knew that I had to stay in the booth because of orders.


  Moreover, Marghetta promised not to visit Louise, so she hadn’t visited our club’s booth.


  “Are you very busy?”


  “Not really. I’ve done this last year as well, so I’m used to it.”


  “Still, it must be tiring to do it alone. Do you need another person to help?” 


  In response to those words, Marghetta tilted her head and answered in a voice mixed with laughter. 


  “I don’t hang out with just anyone. Maybe if it were Sir Carl, it would be fine.”


  “That’s great. If Mar’s okay with it, I’d like to accompany you.”




  Marghetta’s face turned red, and the fan that had been covering her mouth rose up to just below her eyes. However, because the fan covered her lower face, Marghetta’s eyes, which were trembling, became even more noticeable. 


  I felt this from time to time, but she was too soft, considering that she was the daughter of the Iron-blooded Duke. No, or maybe I just didn’t know because I hadn’t met his other descendants. 


* * *


  One of the tasks was to check the progress of the fair. Compared to the booths spread throughout the Academy, the Student Council had fewer members, so it was inevitable that I had to wander around alone. 


  ‘How boring.’


  I entered the Student Council to meet Carl. That’s why I just focused on working. But this year, Carl came to the Academy, so I couldn’t help but be more motivated. But still, the biggest reason why I worked hard was that I couldn’t do things half-heartedly as a member of the Valenti family. 




  While trying to suppress my annoyance, I heard a familiar voice from behind.


  “Oh, Sir Carl. I didn’t think I’d see you here.”


  Carl, it’s Carl’s voice. As I quickly turned around, I saw Carl standing behind me. I’m glad that I’m covering my mouth.


  He almost saw me smiling embarrassingly.


  To be honest, I didn’t expect to meet Carl during the fair. Carl was an advisor to a peculiar club consisting of unique members, so he couldn’t leave the booth. I also had no intention of going to where Lady Louise was, so I thought that it would be a boring fair. However, I ended up meeting Carl. 


  ‘As expected, we’re destined for each other.’


  No matter how much I thought it would be impossible to meet, we ended up encountering each other. How romantic is that?


  I was starting to feel good. Since I’d met Carl, I wanted to talk for as long as possible. But, he probably has many things to do, so dragging him around would be bothersome to him. Let’s be satisfied with this today.


  I was planning to be satisfied with that much, but…


  “That’s great. If Mar’s okay with it, I’d like to accompany you.” 




  My face hardened at Carl’s unexpected words.


  ‘With me?’


  Me? And Carl? Together? Wasn’t he busy? Had Carl ever asked me beforehand?


  Because I was starting to blush, I covered my face with the fan. No, I can’t show him such a face.


  ‘D-Date… Date…! A date with Carl!’


  It was the first time. It was the first time that Carl asked to accompany me. Not only that, but it was my first time going on a date with someone. A year ago, Carl was so busy that we only had tea together. I didn’t even dream of going out with him.


  ‘It’s destiny!’


  It’s destiny. As expected, Carl is already in my hands. To think that the cold Carl would ask me for a date first. It’s as if he were already mine, in a sense!






  My brain had melted down because of happiness, so I hadn’t answered him. No, let’s not rush things. Didn’t I say that I’d tease him a bit? I shouldn’t easily accept it here.


  “Yes, okay. Let’s hang out together.”


  …Still, wouldn’t it be okay to accept it today? Carl must have gathered the courage to ask for a date. If I show a rejecting attitude, Carl would get hurt. 


  Yes, that’s why I accepted it. Really.


* * *


  Fortunately, Marghetta allowed me to accompany her. I was worried because it wasn’t a budget-related task, and I didn’t have any reason to help with a simple situation check. Still, I’m grateful that she accepted my offer. 


  To be honest, even if we go together, there wasn’t much to do. Marghetta would go around the booths and I would tag along, enjoying the sights. However, it was a bit disheartening to see the club leaders of the booths trembling and greeting us. 


  ‘I was short-sighted.’


  Marghetta, the daughter of the Duke, was already overwhelming. But now, the Prosecutor’s Executive Manager was walking beside her? It was a direct mental attack. I felt embarrassed that I wasn’t able to foresee such a reaction. Even if I was absent-minded,  bothering the kids felt bad.


  “Thanks to Sir Carl, things ended quickly. Thank you.”


  “Don’t worry about it.”


  But still, I was able to burn some time. 


  “Mar, could we go together again tomorrow?” 


  I felt like Louise wouldn’t leave me alone at the booth anymore. She’ll probably try to release me again tomorrow, so I needed to decide where to go in advance. 


  Marghetta slightly nodded in response to my suggestion, but she couldn’t hide her blushing ears. 


  “Thanks, Mar.”


  And I’m sorry.


  I inwardly apologized to Marghetta, a sorry she wouldn’t hear. She was probably having a hard time after getting involved with someone like me.


  I wasn’t in a good state of mind, and it wasn’t right to cause harm to someone innocent. I try to push the thought away, clenching my teeth and pretending not to know.  


  I’m really sorry. 






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Civil Servant in Romance Fantasy

Civil Servant in Romance Fantasy

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