Civil Servant in Romance Fantasy Chapter 78

Chapter 78 - Comfortable Fairy, Academy (1)

༺ Comfortable Fairy, Academy (1) ༻


  The way back to the Academy with the box that the merciful Gold Duke bestowed was quite enjoyable.


  After all, the trip I was so worried about ended up being quite profitable for me. A 50% increase in the support money and six bottles of Boyar wine was a very satisfactory outcome.


  “Is it uncomfortable? Give it to me. I’ll hold onto it.”


  “It’s fine. I’m sure you’re also uncomfortable.”


  “I have a lot of space since I’m sitting on the inside.”


  Irina, who I thought I would never see again, let alone talk to, was surprisingly calm. She even seemed more peaceful compared to when we were heading to Boyar.


  Irina was already in the carriage when I got there. She didn’t hesitate to tap the seat next to her. She even offered to hold the box I was holding.


  ‘Is this the Kraken’s effect?’


  She seemed to appreciate the fact that I saved her from almost getting hurt more than she cared about how I saw the tears that were streaming down her face. I’m her family’s enemy, so I’d be glad if she considered me a benefactor.


  The real enemy wasn’t me, but the 3rd Manager. However, a subordinate and a boss were part of the same entity, so there was nothing I could do about it. If that bastard’s gain was my gain, his loss was also mine.


  Anyway, I carefully handed the box to Irina, who was staring into my eyes with her hands outstretched. It seemed like she would keep insisting, so I gave it to her.


  “You two seem to have gotten closer.”


  I nodded at Erich’s comment. I’m not sure about being close, but our relationship has definitely improved compared to before. If the friendliness level was at -80, it had now become +20, which was a whopping increase of 100 points.


  “It’s natural to get close if you’re in the same carriage.”


  “I’m glad. I noticed that Irina seemed a bit wary of you.”


  A bit? I think it was more than that.


  “Oppa’s a good person, so it’s good that you’ve become closer to him!”




  Irina’s ears turned red at that comment and she lowered her head. I guess there’s still some resentment left, and it’s hard to acknowledge such a flattering comment easily.


  “I guess we could have a good relationship if we become comfortable with each other.”


  What I meant was that I wouldn’t make things uncomfortable for her if she didn’t open up.


  “Then it won’t be long.”


  I smiled faintly at the words of Louise, who was giggling. She probably said that because she wasn’t aware of the details.


  However, Louise’s eyes were surprisingly accurate. Was this the power of the protagonist?


  “I felt like coming empty-handed was wrong…”


  After normal life at the Academy resumed, an unexpected guest visited during club time.


  “This is a hawthorn. The flowers blossomed nicely, so I brought it.”


  “Woah, how pretty!”


  Irina brought a small flower pot and handed it over to Louise. It was a hawthorn sapling with white flowers. I don’t know much about trees, but it looked quite beautiful.


  “Thank you! I’ll take good care of it!”


  “Just remember to water it on time.” 


  Louise placed the flower pot in a place where it could get plenty of sunlight. It seemed like Louise liked the flower a lot. She looked at the pot over and over again. If flowers could feel someone’s gaze like humans do, it would have died from the pressure.


  Irina then turned her gaze at me and nodded.


  “Hello, Oppa.”


  “Yes, hi.”


  Was it okay for her to be here? What about her club activities?


  “Today’s club meeting was canceled, so I came to hang out. Am I bothering you?”


  Irina must have sensed my question because she explained the situation first. She had come here because she had nowhere else to go. Well, in that case, there was nothing to be done.


  “Not at all. Feel free to relax and hang out.”


  “Thank you.”


  Irina bowed again. She’s so polite. To think she’d been running away from me because of fear…


  “Huh? Irina, weren’t you in the gardening club?”




  “Today, the gardening club is off…”


  Erich checked Irina’s face. Then, he briefly remained silent and added:


  “Ah, I’m sorry. I confused it with another club.”


  “It’s okay. Don’t worry.”


  I turned my eyes after hearing Irina let out a faint laugh. Although I couldn’t see her expression as she turned her back, I somehow felt like it was for the best. 


  * * *


  I hesitated several times before the pastry club’s door. I just need to knock. I just need to close my eyes and do it.


  ‘Is this alright?’


  I had been avoiding him all this time. Was it okay for me to suddenly show up? Would he think I’m weird?


  No. I’m just visiting a friend. And I haven’t even given a gift as a token of gratitude for the help I received. Yes, I have a good reason to be here.


  ‘It’s up to me.’


  Oppa said we could get along if I felt comfortable. Even though there were some bad experiences in the past, I can’t keep my heart closed to someone who’s done me a favor. That wouldn’t be very noble of me.


  As I gathered my courage and entered the clubroom, Louise and Oppa greeted me. They didn’t seem bothered by the sudden visit, which was a relief. They also seemed to like the gift.


  “The flower language of Hawthorn was probably tolerance or forgiveness.”


  I consulted a senior member of my club on what gift to bring. And then, I heard the perfect flower language.


  Tolerance, forgiveness. It sounded right. Saying it directly would be awkward for me and make things uncomfortable for Oppa, so this subtle expression should be fine. I’m sure oppa will admire my meticulousness— 


  No, no. It doesn’t matter. After all, it’s just a gift. It doesn’t have any other meaning. It’s just a small gift.


  “Huh? Irina, weren’t you in the gardening club?”


  As I said, the gardening club’s meeting was canceled; Erich asked me why I was there. Did he realize I was lying? Does Erich have another friend in the gardening club besides me?


  “Today, the gardening club is off…”


  I stared at Erich, who was about to say something he shouldn’t. He seemed to understand the message and closed his mouth.


  “Ah, I’m sorry. I confused it with another club.”


  “It’s okay. Don’t worry.”


  As expected, Erich is kind. He understands the sincerity of friends and overlooks small lies.


  I spent some time in the Pastry clubroom for a while and left. Although there were some intimidatingly important people, they were kinder than I thought. My senior had told me that wandering during the club time was okay, but I should return before it was over.


  “Feel free to come when you have time!”


  “Would that be okay?”


  “Yes! That’s fine, right?”


  “Yes. It isn’t like it’s a forbidden place or anything.”


  I even got permission to come back whenever I wanted. There was nothing to regret.


  “Senior, I’m back.”


  “Ah, Irina.”


  When I returned to the gardening club’s room, the senior who had taught me the meaning of the hawthorn flower greeted me.


  “Did you already give the hawthorn as a gift?”


  “Yes. Did something happen?”


  “Ah, it’s just that there were also some other meanings.”


  My mind went blank at that comment.


  “I heard it also means ‘my only love’ and that it’s more famous than the others.”












  W-what should I do?!


  I never meant to go that far! I just wanted to say that I’m fine now…!




  “S-senior. Is that really the most famous meaning?”


  “So you already gave it.”


  As I nodded in embarrassment, my senior sighed.


  “It will be fine if the person who received it doesn’t know the meaning.”


  “What if they know?”






  Senior didn’t answer, but that silence weighed heavily.


  Please, please. I hope Oppa doesn’t know the meaning of the flower. It’s okay even if he doesn’t know about my thoughtfulness or gentleness, so please!


  * * *


  It felt like the plant had added some vitality to the clubroom. Although it was small, a plant was a plant, so it looked nice.


  “Even if you spill some flour, it won’t be noticeable.”


  Rutis, who had a twisted sense of aesthetics, spoke as if he were satisfied. That’s what that damned red-haired guy said after looking at the flower. Well, I guess nobody would notice if I poured hot sauce over you.


  “A white flower also looks good. I used to think that flowers needed colors to be beautiful.”


  “Something untainted is beautiful.”


  After that, Erich and Ainter exchanged normal commentaries. Thankfully, not everyone had the same senses as Mr. Big-Hot-Sauce man.


  Louise, who was wiping the flowerpot with a cloth, turned around and asked.


  “What should a good return gift be?”


  Ah, a return gift.


  “I feel like she might find a return gift a bit overwhelming. I think that giving her some snacks whenever she comes by should be enough.”


  “Is that so?”


  If this were an ordinary gift, it would be fine to give something in return. However, she looked at me while giving the flowerpot to Louise. No matter how I thought about it, it seemed like a thank-you gift for the Kraken incident. 


  It was a thank-you gift for saving her. If the other person gave her a thank-you gift for the gift, a bizarre chain would start.


  “Irina likes macarons, so that should be good.”


  Seeing how she was nodding, it seemed like many macarons would be mass-produced today. But anyway, does she even know how to make macarons? How impressive.


  “I think Irina will be happy. Do your best.”




  While leaving behind the enthusiastic Louise, I looked at the flowerpot Irina had given me. What was its name again? Hawthorn?


  ‘I’ve never heard of it.’


  Some people even memorize the flower language based on their colors, but I don’t know about such things. I don’t even know which flowers bloom in which season. Knowing that cherry blossoms bloom in spring was enough for me. 


  Still, it does look pretty. Having a plant in a place filled with flour makes the air seem cleaner. I should thank her again the next time she comes. 




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