Civil Servant in Romance Fantasy Chapter 79

Chapter 79 - Comfortable Fairy, Academy (2)

༺ Comfortable Fairy, Academy (2) ༻



  In response to Irina’s gift, Louise decided to prepare some macarons.


  “She said she couldn’t come because she’s busy.”


  However, Louise’s macarons never made it into Irina’s stomach. After giving a thank-you gift, Irina disappeared and wasn’t seen again.


  “If that’s the case, then there’s not much we can do.”


  Louise said it sadly, but it was to be expected. She said she was able to come a few days ago because her club was taking a break. If so, it would be hard for Irina to visit the club again unless she took some time off from her club activities.


  Thanks to that, Louise’s macarons were eaten by the club members, who rushed toward them like hyenas. Those bastards usually didn’t even look at what she baked, so why now?


  “Ah, Oppa. Irina asked if you liked the gift.”


  “The gift? I liked it. Didn’t I ask you to convey that?”


  Since I thought it would be hard to see Irina in the clubroom again, I asked Louise to say thanks. Besides, she wasn’t the type of person to forget what was asked yesterday.


  “I did tell her, but she asked me if you hadn’t said anything else.”




  Wasn’t just saying thanks enough? Judging by the way she asked, it seemed like there might be something more.


  ‘Did she hide something in the pot?’


  Things like that happen sometimes. Important things were hidden inside a plant, disguised as a simple gift for transportation. It was a method occasionally used since one could easily tuck money or documents depending on the size of the flower pot. 


  But would Irina go that far? The chances were low, but considering she had asked again, there seemed to be something more.


  ‘Is it from her family?’


  It would make sense if this were a plant sent by the Yorun family, instead of Irina. I should probably check it when I’m alone. 


  The next morning, I cautiously planted the hawthorn back into the empty pot after filling it with soil. If I wasn’t careful enough, it might die.


  ‘I must be crazy.’


  The problem was that I had measured the heart of an innocent 17-year-old girl with the malicious gaze of an adult. When I arrived at the clubroom and searched the pot, of course, there was nothing. 


  I felt guilty while looking at the emptied pot. Because of my delusions, I ended up tearing apart a fine gift. I’m really sorry, Irina…


  I was worried about what expression to make if Irina came to visit while I was restoring the pot. Fortunately, my luck wasn’t that disastrous. 


  “It’s pretty.”


  Although I said it in admiration, it was filled with guilt.


  I managed to restore the pot successfully. The pure white petals seemed to be scolding my dark heart. How embarrassing. Yes, it would be best to leave the pot as it is. The idea that there might be something hidden inside was ludicrous.


  Irina had probably picked the plant carefully, so she just probably wanted a detailed impression. There probably wasn’t any other intention. 




  It hurt.




  After consecutive major events like exhibitions, exams, and field trips, the Academy had become quiet. 


  Other than the final exams, the only thing left was the vacations. To make things better, the final exams were also quiet since they didn’t include practical exams. So now, there was really only the vacation left!


  Only then did I realize that the first semester of the first year had passed. How would I resist until the second semester of the 3rd year? Maybe they’re going to drop out and return to their respective countries?


  “It’s almost vacation.”


  “Yes, time flies.”


  Sir Villar probably prayed, desperately wishing for them to withdraw from the Academy. Since he was tasked with protecting a royal family member, he would have some promotion in line once this was over. But if it were me, I’d prefer not to get promoted rather than be involved in such a long-term mission.


  If such a ridiculous mission was the reason for promotion, you’d probably be stuck with similar assignments in the future if something similar happened. But then, why did I get stuck with something like this when I hadn’t done it before? Fuck.




  “Ah, sorry, I was thinking about something.”


  As I closed my lips due to the sudden outburst of PTSD, Villar asked in a puzzled tone. It’s rude to act like this in front of a guest.


  “That’s understandable. I also find my mind wandering around as the date to return home approaches.”


  “I see. It’s a shame that I won’t see Sir Villar for a while.”


  We both laughed.


  It’s a shame? No way. For us, it would be best not to see each other’s faces if possible and live comfortably in our own countries. But unfortunately, that wasn’t possible.


  “Is that so? But we’re going to meet again in the fall.”


  = I’ll be in charge the next semester, too.


  “Haha, I guess I’ll have to find a gift for Sir Villar during the vacation.”


  = You too? I’m going to continue as well.


  Although we were smiling, there was a gloomy light in our eyes. We expected that someone else might come to replace us, but in the end, we had to admit that we’d probably continue for another two and a half years.


  From what I heard, the three countries would reorganize the escort forces during the vacations. The reorganized list would also be submitted to the Empire.


  ‘It was too rushed, indeed.’


  The enrollment of key figures from the three countries was probably sudden for everyone. Considering that the movement of high-ranking people was made at least a month in advance, it was even more terrible. 


  Thus, the forces of the three countries were more like a makeshift gathering of readily available personnel.  To put it bluntly, it was a stopgap measure to extinguish the urgent fire first, as there was no room for a detailed reorganization. Therefore, a proper reorganization was necessary during the vacation, as I had mentioned earlier.


  However, Sir Villar was the exception. He wasn’t just part of the escort forces but also served as the point of contact between our countries. If they changed him now, it would just make things more complicated. As a result, he’s stuck watching his colleagues escape. 


  ‘Who am I worried about?’


  For the exact same reason, I would stay at the Academy while maintaining my position as Executive Manager of the Prosecutor’s Office. I recently made a joke to the Minister, and he told me to stop making unfunny jokes and asked me to continue. What a bastard. I was talking seriously.


  If Sir Villar disappeared, I would have to build a new relationship with the three countries. And if I go, Sir Villar will have to build a new relationship with the Empire. If we both disappeared, both sides’ relationships would be completely reset and explode. That’s why they just told us to continue, damn it. 


  “Would you like another cup?”


  “Yes, please.”


  Although it seemed like we were drinking soju, we were actually drinking ordinary tea. After all, we can’t drink alcohol in an educational place.


  “Maybe the princes will appreciate stepping into their homeland’s soil for the first time after a long time.”


  = Can’t your princes just return to their countries?


  “They’re strong-minded people, so who knows. Although the 3rd prince loves his homeland, he’s quite stubborn.”


  = There’s no way it could be done. After enrolling in the Academy, he hasn’t even looked back.


  “How remarkable. Noble blood has indeed some exceptional qualities.”


  = They’re too stubborn.


  And then, we quietly sipped tea from the cup. Seeing Sir Villar react as if I had said something absurd hurt my feelings. I shouldn’t have spoken. I just ended up hurting myself. Those jerks. They should have just stayed in their own countries instead of causing so much trouble for other people.


  I parted ways with Silr Villar after emptying a few cups of tea. That’s right. Going away during the vacations to somewhere I couldn’t see him wasn’t too bad.


  As soon as the sun rose, I grabbed the box I had received from the Gold Duke and walked toward the main building. I had already informed the Principal that I would be absent for a brief moment, so going somewhere for a brief moment should be okay. It felt like I was taking a half-day off in the morning.


  “Executive Manager, I came to escort you.”


  “Alright. I’ll leave things to you.”


  As I quietly waited, a magician suddenly appeared out of thin air. Do these guys have a set of phrases they were supposed to say? They say the same thing every time I see them. 


  Anyway, I arrived at the building of the Ministry of Finance in the blink of an eye. Then, the magician went on his way. It felt a bit too abrupt, but they must be quite busy if you thought of them as human couriers. I wonder if they get some time to eat.


  “Are you already here?”


  “Minister? How long have you been here?” 


  While I was worrying about the working conditions of the teleportation magicians, the Minister spoke to me from behind. The sun hadn’t been up for long, so how come this guy had come to work already?


  “I woke up early, so I came ahead.”


  “They say that you sleep less as you get older.”


  “Then what’s your excuse for being awake this early?”


  Although I said that out of sympathy toward my aging boss, the answer that came back was stern. He doesn’t even recognize I said that out of concern. I guess people who are always angry tend to twist things up.


  “The homage is far off, so come in. The Prosecutor’s Office’s team hasn’t assembled yet.”




  I would’ve gone ahead if it was up to me, but there was nothing I could do since we had to move together.


  Their anniversary was also the day when we commemorated the end of the Great War. Of course, we didn’t hold a special ceremony. After all, ‘It was obvious that the Empire would win against some nomads.’ However, we did gather at the National Cemetery to pay our respects.


  The group vigil would be over quickly, anyway. I just had to endure things until then and, after that, go to their graves.


  “Ah, the Earl of Tailglehen would come as the person representing the Parliament.”




  That was unexpected. He hadn’t been very active in external affairs since the war. 






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