Fated to Be Loved by Villains Chapter 113

Chapter 113 - Transfer

༺ Transfer ༻



  An expected time and an expected place.


  The person I was looking for was sitting quietly right where I thought they would be.


  It was also a place I had visited once before.    


  The territory of the Garda clan, the place where Riru had previously burned the belongings of the deceased to perform a funeral ritual.    


  “…Chieftain. Fist Saint. Kasa Garda.”    


  I quietly said such words to Kasa’s back, Who was sitting on the coastal cliff with a pipe in her mouth.   


  “I have come to receive your teachings.”    


  As soon as she heard that, Kasa cackled.    


  “Ah, we did have that kind of relationship, didn’t we?”




  Indeed, it was a bit laughable to bring up such words.


  Kasa and I never really had any significant interaction as master and disciple. So far, I had just been doing basic physical training with Riru, just as this person told me to.    


  “How did you know I was here?”    


  Without a word, I sat down beside Kasa.    


  “…I always knew you liked this place.”     


  The reason why the Garda Clan claimed ownership of this place was because of her own personal taste. 


  “Especially if, like now…”    


  I continued with a sigh.    


  “You found the situation… Interesting enough to ‘watch’. I figured that you’d be here to do that.”   


  As it had already been shown several times, Kasa Garda’s ‘insight’ was far from ordinary.


  It was almost as if she could see through the essence of everything, so much so that one might think that it was her actual talent instead of fistfighting.


  In other words…


  She came here to chew on some popcorn while watching me getting chased by two Devils who were out to kill me.


  “You don’t see multiple fuses hanging on one person’s tail everyday.”


  Kasa cackled once again.    


  “I know you did that on purpose, but do you really have to go that far?”




  As expected from someone of her caliber.


  Even though we did not have much contact, she understood very precisely what situation I was in right now.    


  “…Then you must know why I came to see you.”    


  I set down the things I had packed in a bundle on the ground.   


  “There is not much time left, Kasa.”    


  Unicorn’s Horn, Sea Serpent’s Scale, Flame Demon’s Heart, Ice Tiger’s Claw.


  These were the things I created after putting all the materials I collected from hunting the Rulers of the Demonic Zones into AI Sephira at the Hall of Fire.


  I glanced at my watch and continued.    


  “…There is only about 30 minutes left.”


  “You managed to hold out until there was only that much time left. Didn’t you always say that you needed my Fist Law?”


  “I always believed in you.”    


  And that trust was still valid.


  Although the world had blindsided me and fucked me over at every turn until now, there were some thing that would never change.


  At the very least, those who bore the title ‘Saint’ were already considered superhuman and Kasa, the Fist Saint, was one of them.


  There was definitely a reason why she only made me do basic physical training.  


  As such, there was also a reason why she had merely waited in place until I came to find her here at the very last moment.


  “…You must have something you want to show me. Am I correct?”




  This was how it was in the game as well.


  During the progression of the scenario, if one met the conditions and managed to become her disciple through a Personal Quest, it was normal for her to make the player do some weird physical training.


  Most players would get tired of the process, since it consumed time and offered little practical reward, thus just skipping the quest altogether.


  However, if they endured until the very moment before the boss battle, she would ‘demonstrate’ one critical move.


  Based on what I had seen so far, it was an event where she would suddenly present an absurd finishing move while saying, ‘I see this technique suits you best—’.     


  ‘…I don’t know how seeing it once makes me able to replicate it immediately, though.’     


  I didn’t know how it worked either; When Iliya saw it, she always seemed to have some epiphany in a cutscene and the skill just came soaring in. Maybe the system just let her use it in one way or another.


  And, since that ‘game-like’ laws had been applied so far, I believed the same would happen to me.


  Since I knew all of this, I had not said anything until now.    




  Hearing my words, Kasa grinned and put down her pipe.    


  “You know a lot, Child. I have felt that since our very first meeting. You always seemed to move while ‘knowing in advance’.”    


  Kasa smirked as she puffed smoke from her pipe.    


  “This is the second time I have felt this way.”


  “The second time?”


  “There was another like that before. Someone who seemed to… ’Repeat’ everything they already knew.” 


  “…Was that person perhaps wearing something like a mask?”


  “Do you know them?”     


  ‘Yeah, I guess you can say that.’


  ‘I only met that bastard once though.’    


  “…We aren’t exactly friendly with each other.”    


  That person was someone I ultimately needed to kill.


  After hearing my words, Kasa tilted her head, but soon changed the subject.    


  “That aside—”    


  Kasa’s gaze rested on the bundle I placed beside her.    


  “—Since you’ve believed in me that much, I’ll repay you.”    


  Inside was one prosthetic arm and two prosthetic legs.


  The purpose of these objects was to replace her lost limbs.


  But, even though they were made from such great materials…


  If my estimation was correct, Kasa could only use them as a substitute for her limbs for a very brief moment.


  “How much have you trained your body?”




  Hearing that question, I looked down at my own body.


  Compared to before, it was more developed.


  My shoulders had broadened, my abs become visible, and overall, my body mass had increased.


  It brought back old memories.


  After all, before I became Dowd Campbell, I had a body powerful enough to be acknowledged by anyone.


  Of course, my current state was nothing more than just having a slightly better body.    


  “That should be sufficient.’    


  With that, Kasa tried moving the ‘substitute’ body parts fitted to her and stood up.     


  “Child. I know why you are doing such reckless things.”   


  Kasa rotated her arms and grinned.    


  “You’re not someone who would do such dangerous things just to save your own life.”




  “You ponder, and ponder, and ponder again. Then, you do such things to ensure that no one within your reach would come to harm.”    


  Kasa closed her eyes and exhaled deeply.    


  “You are a child who always chooses the painful path. A path where you yourself gets hurt, instead of someone else.”




  “I see the… Intentions you harbor. The fear that others might get swept up because of your existence.”     


  As soon as I heard this…


  An image flashed through my mind.


  Alan Ba-Thor.


  Someone who was transformed into an Incarnation by Tatiana, just to summon an Ancient God. Someone who was forced to become a ‘sacrifice’.


  Although he was a human with whom I had no personal acquaintance…


  He had died ‘because of me’.


  If I had acted differently, if I hadn’t provoked Tatiana, if I hadn’t caught the eye of the Prophet…


  Because of my action, someone who should have been able to live was instead sacrificed by Tatiana.




  A butterfly effect caused by my existence.


  The uncertain variable that would inevitably arise as a result of my actions to survive.


  As Kasa said…


  Eventually, they could even affect the people around me.    


  “Of course, I can’t save everyone.”    


  I calmly responded to Kasa’s words.


  That much, I already knew.


  I pulled off all kinds of crazy shit thanks to the knowledge of a true sweat; A privilege I had received as someone who possessed this body. However, despite that, there would definitely be crises that even I could not handle.


  And there would be people that I eventually ‘lose.’


  But still…    


  “…It wouldn’t be them.”


  At the very least…


  I could not lose those women, who would do anything and everything for me because they liked me.


  Of course, that included the two who were coming to tear me apart right now because they were half out of their minds. 


  After all, the reason I made them like that in the first place was because I couldn’t stand to see something happen to those two.




  If my thoughts were correct…


  Making those two go berserk right here and now was the only way to save them from the ‘threat’ that was approaching.    


  “Hm. You’re talking about the women who are dangerous enough to cost you your life if you’re not careful, right?”




  “Ordinary people would abandon such a situation and run for their lives. Is there any special reason why?”




  I closed my eyes and responded.    


  “…I don’t want to go through the same experience twice.”    


  In the world, there were memories that were enough to experience just once.


  Etched into the mind, into the soul.


  Leaving scars that would not heal even after decades pass.    


  “Getting dumped in three seconds is an experience that I only want to experience once.”




  Kasa definitely didn’t understand what I meant, but she just let out a bitter smile and nodded.    


  “…I see your soul is one that bears many scars.”    


  Without replying, I just scratched my head with a bitter smile of my own.


  It certainly was not a memory I was proud of.    


  “So, Child. Because you are who you are, there’s something you can do.”    


  At those words, my expression became serious.


  If I remembered correctly, this was the line that came up in the game right before Kasa ‘transferred’ a technique.


  Soon, ‘Law Technique’ began to circulate through Kasa’s body.


  Law Technique was an incredibly rare talent even within the Tribal Alliance. Right now, the only people around me who could use it were Kasa and Riru.  


  ‘…This is the first time I’m seeing it used properly.’    


  Law Technique had one of the most peculiar features among all other Special Powers.


  After all, it was one of the few abilities that could cause ‘miracles’ through sheer human will.


  Although it was a vague description, there was no other way to explain it.


  What was certain was…


  Among all the Special Powers, it was the most high-risk high-reward.


  It wasn’t for no reason that I freaked out and stopped Riru from using it once before.  


  “You just need to train your body. You just need to create a basic vessel that can ‘imitate’ what I’m about to show you. There’s not much else you need to receive from me.”    


  Kasa grinned and said.    


  “I can only show it to you once.”    




  The Fist Saint pulled back her arm.


  Under the pulled arm, Law Technique formed. That arm slowly extended outwards.    


  “Don’t miss it.”    


  It was a leisurely gesture that extended towards the sky.


  The movement was far too relaxed to be considered a strike. It was unbelievably slow for an attack from someone known as the Fist Saint.


  However, with just that one move…    


  “…Holy shit.”    


The sky…





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