Fated to Be Loved by Villains Chapter 114

Chapter 114 - The Curtain Rises

༺ The Curtain Rises ༻



  In cartoons or manhwas, there was a common trope.


  Said trope was when someone’s punch caused a dramatic change in the environment.


  Like cracking the ground in a vast area or shattering dozens of stories buildings.


  It was a way for the showmaker to depict a certain person’s incredible strength.


  And right now…


  Even when taking that trope into consideration, the scene unfolding before my eyes was still ridiculous.


  If there had been some massive physical blow, then I wouldn’t have been so astonished.


  However, what I just witnessed at the end of Kasa’s punch thrown towards the sky was…


  The ‘night’…










  The sky, which was supposed to darken over time… 


  Seemed to ‘fracture’ for a brief moment.


  Like a shattered mirror, its surface twisted, broke, and peeled away; Through the distorted space, bright ‘sunlight’ which should not exist at this time, seeped in.     




  I continuously muttered curses under my breath while looking up at this sight.


  I understood what exactly this implied.    


  ‘…The dimension itself was twisted.’    


  I groaned when that thought came to my mind.


  If I were to speak with the game’s term, this was pretty much a one-hit kill AoE.


  Only powerhouses of this world would survive within that range, anything else would be obliterated by ‘just a touch.’


  The first and strongest Sword Saint in history, the First Duke Tristan, was said to have sliced the sky with his sword, bringing night to replace the day.


  Although it was only for a moment and in a very localized area…


  Kasa had recreated that very scene just from a swing of her fist.    


  ‘…Does this even make sense?’    


  I forced myself to stand despite my wobbling legs.


  Yes, I knew that she didn’t obtain the title Fist Saint by chance after playing some card games, but still…


  Once again, I realized how outrageously lucky I was to have blocked her punch once.


  “Law Technique is…”    


  While I remained completely stunned, Kasa’s voice dropped in front of me.    


  “A Special Power based on ‘willpower’. The world knows it as something unique to the Tribal Alliance, but that’s only because we are often exposed to extreme situations, the ideal environment for awakening it. In reality, this is something that anyone can use.”


  After saying this, Kasa slowly sat down.


  It was because the artificial body parts made from materials that came from the Rulers of the Demonic Zones were crumbling to pieces.


  Despite being made from such high-quality materials, they became like this after being used just once.


  Honestly though, it was surprising they even lasted that long.    


  “And since its activation came from one’s mind, unlike Magic Power or Divine Power, it technically has no ‘limit.’ It feeds on one’s desperate wishes, desperate desires… The extent of your ‘will,’ that’s what determined its limit.”




  “If your will can reach the sky, then you can even break the sky like this.”


  In other words…


  It didn’t matter that it wasn’t her original body and she only had a hastily made artificial one. It meant she could do something like this even after attaching something like that to her body. Because she willed it to be.    


  “If it is you, you can surely do it too. It may not produce the same result, but you should be able to follow it in a similar manner.”


  Kasa, who was still acting nonchalantly even after doing that grand act, sat back down and picked up the pipe lying next to her.


  “I would never teach anything to those who couldn’t learn.”    


  A familiar line.


  In the game, after she said this line, Iliya would be granted a skill.




  But, what about me?


  Even when I saw that scene, I just felt impressed. I didn’t feel any enlightenment or something similar to that.


  At the very least, the way to use—


System Message

[ You have witnessed an outrageous realm! ]

[ A new function is added to ‘Mastery: Fighting Arts – Stance 立式’! ]

[ ‘Stance – Breaking the Sky’ is added to your movements! ]


System Message

[ You have received valuable teachings! ]

[ You have acquired ‘Mastery: Law Technique Mastery’! ]




  Ah, there we go.


  I mean, it wasn’t like I expected some earth shattering scene of enlightenment, but doing it like this made it feel too underwhelming.


  Then again, having things handed on a silver platter like this suited me.


  “Seeing from your expression, it seems like you have gained something.”    


  After seeing my face, Kasa chuckled and said as such.


  Technically, I guess I really gained something.


  Responding to her words, I let out a sigh.   


  “…With such prowess, how did you even get your limbs cut out?”   


  Although Alan Ba-Thor was a formidable powerhouse, he wouldn’t be able to stand a chance against Kasa’s technique, even if he attacked with three truckloads of people.


  Hearing my question, Kasa just shrugged in response.


  “At that time, he was holding the lives of my clan hostage and threatening me. So, I just let him cut them off.”




  Of course, Alan still eventually killed the entire Garda clan under Tatiana’s orders.    


  ‘Moreover, it didn’t even end there.’    


  I thought back to when I met Alan recently; The ‘work’ that Tatiana ‘had done’ to his body vividly came to mind.


  The memory made me grimace, to the point that I was about to puke.


  If Riru, who was on the verge of going berserk, were to see it… I could almost predict how she’d react…   


  “Can you do it?”    


  While I was lost in such thoughts, Kasa tossed that question to me.


  She laid her gaze beyond the horizon. To be more precise, on the terrifying ‘riptide’ forming there.


  Tatiana’s summoning ritual was nearing its completion.


  Which meant…    


System Message

[ A moment of danger has been detected.]

[ Determined the situation as life-threatening. ]

[ Skill: Desperation raised to EX-Grade. ]


  It was time.


  As that window popped up, I felt strength surge into my body. I let out a sigh.    


  “…Whatever. Dying is the worst thing that could happen to me anyway.”    


  With such last words…


  I immediately jumped off the coastal cliff in front of Kasa.    



  With a thud, I felt myself collide with the rocks I landed on.


  My body felt light. Although this was the same feeling I always felt whenever Desperation was active, it felt especially so at this moment.


  ‘…I’ve grown stronger.’    


  Though I had realized this several times before, I was once again reminded that the vigorous training I had done with Riru was not in vain.


  Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to do this.   




  I kicked off the ground beneath me with a shout, propelling my body upwards at a terrifying speed.


  Just like Eleanor, I could attempt to fly with just my physical abilities.


  ‘…Maybe my power level is close to Eleanor’s level right before she absorbed two Fragments.’


  My current physical specs seemed to have reached a level comparable to hers.


  Taking advantage of the high altitude, I scanned the surroundings.


  It didn’t take long to find what I was looking for.


  After landing back on the ground, shattering another rock, I leaped towards my target.


  My body, flying hundreds of meters with each leap, landed on the boat of the Tribal Alliance like a cannonball.    




  Talion, at the helm, yelped in surprise.


  He was waiting here with the boat, just as I requested.    


  “Hey, I’m he—”    


  Just as I was about to greet him, I noticed a tiny ice cat clinging onto his head.    




  No, that wasn’t it. A tiger cub?


  What was wrong with him? Why was he carrying something like that on his head?


  “…What’s that?”


  “Oh, uh, so apparently it’s a cub of the Ice Tiger. Since its mother disappeared, it’s been clinging to me. I guess it likes me.”


  “It had a cub?”    


  I didn’t know that.


  When the Flame Demon or the Ice Tiger were beaten the shit out of, it usually took them at least several months to a year to resurrect.


  I guess, it was possible that a cub without its mother would instinctively cling to someone who seemed willing to protect it.    


  “Well, that’s why I’m planning to take care of it for a while.”    


  Talion reached up to stroke the Ice Tiger’s head.


  Seeing as it purred and rubbed against his hand, they had obviously become quite friendly already.    


  “…But isn’t that a Demonic Creature?”


  “It’s fundamentally similar to an animal, so shouldn’t raising it also be similar? Since it’s a motherless cub, I can’t just leave it be, so I’ll take it for walks and feed it properly.”




  Well, it wasn’t like I had any say in this matter. He could do whatever, I guess.


  Rather than that, there was a more immediate crisis.    


  “…Uh, Senior Brother.”




  I shortly answered Talion, who spoke in a trembling voice.    


  “You know, I have experienced all sorts of situations while following Senior Brother.”




  “I thought meeting the dragon was the craziest of them all and nothing else could surprise me more.”




  “…But how do you always manage to shock me?”




  I guess that really scared him, huh?


  Seeing the gigantic ‘sinkhole’ before me, I let out a sigh. This was a similar phenomenon to when the Krakens were first summoned.




  The ‘scale’ was incomparable to back then.

  In this vast ocean, the gaping hole was strikingly visible. It was big enough to engulf the entire Forge of Struggle.


  The water ‘rising’ from inside the hole was like the sea was creating tides.


  Reversed Sea. What an apt name.


  And within that…    








  A ‘cursed’ existence…


  An invader from another dimension that should never mix with ‘this world’ emerged.


  It felt like filthy sludge from the gutter was creeping into the mind; The mere existence of this being seemed to scatter curses all around.


  The first thing I noticed were its enormous tentacles. While spewing blood and curses, ancient hieroglyphics engraved there were emitting a strange light.


  Just one of those tentacles was big enough to engulf and crush the entire Forge of Struggle, but most of the body remained deep into the sinkhole.


  This was just a ‘part’ of the whole.


  The full size of this being was beyond comprehension.    


  “Senior Brother.”




  “…There isn’t just one of them.”


  “Yeah, I know.”    


  As Talion spoke in a despondent voice, I nodded.


  Originally, we were supposed to deal with just one, but…


  There were three of them here.


  This was the result of Tatiana appointing Alan Ba-Thor as an Incarnation, her surefire strategy to kill me.


  She had summoned three of such beings that were far beyond my control to ensure that I was killed, regardless of the cost or whatever the fuck happened to anyone else.    






  “You practiced maneuvering this boat when we went against the Sea Serpent before, right? It was a rehearsal for what is about to come.”


  “To escape from something like that, even that level of practice is…!”


  “No, that’s not what’s important.”    


  In reality…


  There was an even greater threat that even made ‘such a being’ seem trivial.


  Well, actually, there were two.


  “…Excuse me?”    


  Along with Talion’s dazed response…


  The enormous body of that being rising before us was…


  ‘Pulverized’ in an instant.    






  Producing a sound as if heaven and earth were split into two, the Existence of an Ancient Era that was emerging from the ocean let out a painful scream.


  ‘…It didn’t die instantly.’    


  As expected of a Chapter Boss, it didn’t disappoint.


  To think that it would not die instantly even after colliding with ‘that’.


  “DOWD CAMPBELLLLLLL——–!!!!!!!”  


  Even through the horrifying shriek, a clearly distinct voice could be heard.


  Far away on the horizon, a single person ‘running over the sea’ bellowed.


  Talion muttered an apology without even realizing it, indicating that the voice was laden with that much ominous hostility.    






  Yeah, no.


  I would die if I went out.


  With a sigh, I gestured to Talion.    


  “Book it.”




  The boat started speeding away.


  For now…


  Chapter 3 Boss Battle.


  The Apostle of the Reversed Sea. The Existence of an Ancient Era beneath the sea. The curtain rose, as the subjugation battle commenced.


  And at the same time as that…    


!!!!!!!!!!! Devil Alert !!!!!!!!!!!

[ ‘Devil-Related’ Emergency Event Occurred! ]

[ This is a critical event! ]

[ If you do not take the correct actions within the time limit, you will die! ]

[ Event related to target ‘Riru’! ]

[ Find a way to survive immediately! ]


  The evasion maneuver to survive against two Devil’s Vessels begins.    




  It probably wasn’t just my imagination that the latter seemed far more catastrophic than the boss battle itself.    


  “…It’s so hard to be this popular, isn’t it? Feels like I could die from all this attention.”


  “I agree with that dying part at least—!”    



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Fated to Be Loved by Villains

Fated to Be Loved by Villains

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