Love Letter From the Future Chapter 26

Chapter 26 - The First Letter (26)

༺ The First Letter (26) ༻


  In the middle of the day in the library, many students were reading books while looking drowsy.


  There was still a long way to go until the exam period, but the academy’s final exam was not at a level where it could be passed by cramming. If you didn’t study consistently, you wouldn’t be able to manage your grades.


  However, it was just after lunch, and it was a week ahead of an important festival such as the Hunting Festival. I couldn’t get the content of the book to fit in my head.


  It was because most of the students sitting in the library were yawning in boredom.


  Of course, there were some students who were studying diligently among them, but they must have been the special kind of people who actually had fun studying in the first place. In the academy, there were all kinds of weird people you could see.


  Unfortunately, I belonged to the former rather than the latter. While staying in the intensive care unit of the temple, my progress in the liberal arts subject that I attended went down considerably, so in order to supplement my study, I purposely visited the library. However, my time was spent in boredom.


  The only comfort was in the fact that I didn’t have to bear this suffering alone? In front of me was Leto, sitting with a blank look on his face.


  There was only one book in front of me, but beside him were piles of books boasting covers of all types, stacked like a tower. It was as expected from a student in the ‘Department of Magical Studies,’ which emphasizes theory and hypotheses.


  Compared to him, I was rather lucky. I sipped my tea that I had previously stored in the canteen while consoling myself with this sad victory.


  It was a tea with a refreshing scent that had the effect of soothing the mind. It was quite interesting to see that there were no academy’s students who did not make use of this beverage habitually during the exam period.


  Of course, Leto. He, too, was sipping the tea from the canteen, but soon he frowned when he realized that the canteen was empty.


  He groaned and kicked me with his toes. I was reading a book while forcibly grabbing my throbbing head. I looked at Leto with an annoyed expression.


  Leto winked. It was a signal with the following meaning:


  ‘Let’s go out for a second.’


  As I was just looking for an excuse to somehow escape the hell out of this book, there was no reason not to accept Leto’s offer.

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  I excitedly closed the book while not forgetting to bookmark. I still had about half left to read.


  I was wondering why the hell a swordsman would ever need to learn ‘topology’ and where he would even use it anyway. The academy forced you to take at least one lecture in literature and science each semester, whether you were in a liberal arts course or in a martial arts one, so it was unavoidable.


  I was pretty good at math though. I usually ask Leto my doubts since he would promptly come up with an answer. Even now, I have written down a few things that I will ask him.


  However, the topic of conversation between me and Leto was focused on an unexpected topic. It started when Leto was leaving the library and picked up one of the newspapers published by the school clubs at the entrance of the library.


  Leto ordered tea in the student union hall located directly opposite the library and browsed through the newspapers. His tired eyes scanned the pages of the newspaper, and his eyes flew by as soon as he noticed something interesting.


  He chuckled and burst out laughing. He held out the newspaper, wanting to show me. Leto particularly pointed to a part and tapped it.


  There was a brief title written there.



‘The Southern Forest Demonic Beast Annihilation Case’


  Just after having ordered a new cup of tea and taking a sip off of it, I almost spat it out right away.


  My hand quickly grabbed the newspaper. There, a rather provocative and well processed scandal was written as if it was an objective fact.



The Southern Forest Demonic Beast Annihilation Case


Ian Percus (23), who is currently in his third year at the academy, has become a hot topic by subjugating numerous demonic beasts in the forest located south of the academy on the 15th. The number of beasts Ian Percus subjugated alone on that day amounted to about 10, including high-ranking demonic beasts, which is a remarkable achievement, even considering that he is a senior at the Academy.


On the other hand, Seria Yurdina (22), who is in her second year at the academy, is being criticized for running away and turning her back on a comrade in danger, despite her excellent grades as the topper of the Knight’s Division. The Ministry of Education, on the other hand, gave an explanation for the beast outbreak in the southern forest as ‘it happened because we neglected the breeding of demonic beasts in preparation for the Hunting Festival.’


Meanwhile, Ian Percus is becoming more controversial as he is also the protagonist of the so-called ‘Yurdina’s Beating Incident’. It’s because he has been showing unexpected skills lately. Even though he is a third-year student, his grades are that of an intermediate ranker. Rarely among the most talked-about figures, there is someone from the low-ranking aristocracy of the Empire. So how far can he go…?


  As I read the article, my expression hardened more and more. After reading the last line of the article, I said with my brows furrowed.


  “What is this?”

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  “What is it? It’s a newspaper article. It’s also about you.”


  Leto giggled and laughed as if it was someone else’s business, but my heart was not at ease. It was because there were many parts that were mistaken in the contents of the article.


  The tone of my voice rose in annoyance.


  “No, what are they even saying? Among the beasts I subjugated that day, there was only one high-ranking beast, but they hinted that several high-ranking demonic beasts were present… Seria ran away and turned her back on a comrade in danger? Didn’t she retreat in order to call Professor Derek? And why would they emphasize my origin?”


 “That’s how they sell.”


 However, to my complaints, Leto responded as if he was stating an obvious truth.


  “People tend to be drawn to facts they want to believe rather than the truth. That unsettling Yurdina’s bastard ran away, but an intermediate ranking student from the lower-class aristocracy of the Empire subdues numerous high-ranking beasts? hey! The story speaks for itself.”


  “Even so…….”


  Deep down I knew Leto was right. Nevertheless, I couldn’t stop grumbling.


  I felt so sorry for Seria for being accused like this. Even if this didn’t happen, I heard the news that she was getting bullied.


  It felt like I was gaining fame in spite of Seria, so my heart ached even more. Even though Seria doesn’t care about other people, she’s not a machine either.


  Her heart is made of flesh and veins. Knowing how she was hurt by human relationships, consciously or unconsciously, I couldn’t stand this situation any longer.


  I left a warning to the gang of bastards who were chatting in the back alley a while ago, but if misinformation continued to circulate like this, it would be like pouring water into a barrel of poison.


  In the end, having made up my mind, I shook my head and said.


  “…… I can’t let this slide. I’ll have to go to the publisher of this newspaper.”


  However, Leto’s reaction to my firm determination was flabbergasting. He smiled and stretched out, enjoying the sun seemingly because he had an interesting story to tell. His haggard expression brightened up a bit.


  “Oh my. In that club, that famous fourth-year senior is the President. I don’t think she would even listen to you.”


  “Who is the President?”


  “The Prom Princess.”


  “Ah, that commoner…….”


  I listened to Leto, and my face turned pale. If it was that senior, there was a high possibility that she wouldn’t even pretend to listen to me. After all, she was a famous senior whose thoughts couldn’t even be understood, as she had a large network of relationships.


  Seeing my troubled expression, Leto looked into my eyes and inquired. It was a simple question, but it touched the heart of the problem.

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  “Why, what happened?”


  At that point, I hesitated for a moment. I was reluctant to tell him that Seria was being ostracized, and that it has recently led to bullying.


  Because it was Seria’s personal problem. Rather, it could hurt Seria even more to let others know about these issues.


  However, it was also true that I couldn’t come up with a suitable solution. I couldn’t even find and threaten the ones who curse Seria.


  In the end, I had no choice but to sigh and tell Leto about the apparent situation of Seria which I heard yesterday.


  Recently, negative public opinion against Seria has been spreading. Distorted information regarding the subjugation of demonic beasts played a part in the process, and the fact that the bullying was getting out of hand.


  Leto listened to it with a face that I couldn’t infer whether he was interested or not in this matter. He then said in a hoarse voice.


  “The bastards you met yesterday.”




  I had no choice but to answer Leto’s sudden question like that.


  Those bastards I met yesterday? Was he talking about the ones who were talked behind Seria’s back in that alley?


  I was able to scare those guys using the appropriate means. At the very least, they wouldn’t be able to muster courage and pull that shit to Seria ever again.


  After that, I didn’t even care about them anymore, so I felt it was weird for Leto to pay attention to them.


  But Leto seemed to have a slightly different point of view.


  “What was their cloak’s color?”


  “Since they called me ‘Senior’… Yes, it was brown.”


  2nd year, same grade as Seria and Celine.


  In response to my answer, Leto put his fingers on his forehead and sighed as if he knew it would be like this. A troubled look finally emerged on his face.


  He massaged his temples as if his head was hurting. Annoyance began to blend in with his voice.


  “First of all, I think it might be your fault…….”


  As such, my gaze lowered. Even if I didn’t do it on purpose, it seemed that I provided an opportunity for the people who harbored hatred toward Seria to cause an outburst.


  It was a decision made to save Seria’s life, but I ended up hurting her due to my lack of consideration.


  After this year, she still needs to spend two more years at the academy. If such a common opinion were to continue, it would be inevitable for her to experience difficulties in her senior years, when teamwork becomes vital.


  But Leto’s words were not yet finished. He threw a comment at me.


  “…… It’s not your fault either.”


  My brows furrowed at that subtle voice. What does he mean? It’s my fault, yet it’s still not my fault?


  His words seemed ambiguous. A rebuke came straight out of my mouth.


  “What are you talking about?”




  Contrary to my serious reaction, Leto only retorted with a vague answer. I’ll have to dig this up properly, just when I thought about it.


  Leto shook his head as if he couldn’t help it. Finally, a sigh of advice flowed out of his mouth.


 “I will tell you one thing. When it comes to bullying, there is always a group that takes the lead. Guys who shape public opinion and actively participate in bullying.”


  “Are you talking about Thean’s gang?”


  Upon hearing my question, Leto’s green eyes glanced at me, then he avoided my gaze. A groan came out of his mouth.


  “Well, those guys must be involved, but… Use your common sense. If they could create such an atmosphere, wouldn’t they have done it earlier?”


  “…… You mean a new group has joined in?”


  Leto shrugged. He didn’t answer, but just by not denying I was able to grasp what he meant.


  I crossed my arms and contemplated for a moment. A new group joined. Why the hell?


  Their identity was unknown as of now. But the answer was simple.


  “Then, you mean that I just need to destroy those two groups?”


  “No, what… I’m asking is… Can you even do it?”


  At Leto’s suspicious gaze, I had a bitter smile on my face. Even so, my voice responding to him was clear and resolute.

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  “I have to, somehow.”


  Since it’s my responsibility, I hoped that Seria wouldn’t be hurt anymore because of me.


  In response to my determined answer, Leto snorted and looked at me.


  “It’s good to have that resolution. Why don’t you try studying topology with that will?”


  At that, I groaned and spat out words of protest. It was one of the most fundamental questions that occurred to me in recent times.


  “No… Why would a swordsman have to study such a thing in the first place? Does it even make sense?”


  “Tsk, don’t you know that the trend these days is interdisciplinary convergence? Hey, try applying topology to swordsmanship somehow.”


  Leto clicked his tongue and gave me this answer, but it was a sentence that didn’t even make me laugh.


  “Are you crazy?”


  Applying topology to swordsmanship?


  Swordsmanship is the battle of the moment. There was a limit to understanding and calculating with your head. In the end, you had no choice but to rely solely on intuition and experience.


  In fact, Leto, who had said that, just smiled and waved his hand, as if he was joking. And since I didn’t want to retort to his joking remarks any longer, I decided not to talk about it anymore.


  But there was only one problem left in my mind.


  About the group that bullies Seria.


  What to do? I haven’t been able to come up with an answer yet. I’ll have to think about it a little more carefully.


  At least, I was immersed in such thoughts until the next day, when I saw Seria mourning.


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Love Letter from the Future

Love Letter from the Future

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Ian Percus, the second son of countryside Viscountcy. One day he received a love letter from the future. 'If we don't protect the future, the world will perish.' With an ominous warning scribbled by someone  


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