Love Letter From the Future Chapter 27

Chapter 27 - The First Letter (27)


༺ The First Letter (27) ༻


  Recently, Seria’s day seemed both bright and dark.


  There has never been a time in her life when light and darkness were so clear. Until then, her daily life had been gray all day long.


  It was a dull gray day. Swinging her sword, eating, and attending lectures. She was just living a day that was no different from the previous one while thinking only about the sword.


  But these days it’s different. It’s because ‘light’ gradually appeared in her daily life.


  A warm feeling, the memories of that time slowly seeped into her heart.


  It was a change she didn’t notice at first, like water drops slowly eroding a rock.


  From a certain moment, she began looking forward to spending time with a certain man. Just as a tamed beast waits for its companion, with whom it wishes to communicate.


  Humans, too, were no different from animals in their behavioral principles. They pursue bliss and avoid pain. It was the same for Seria.


  Lately, she’s been happy when she’s together with Ian. At other times, she was mostly sad.


  Thousands of people mocked and despised her. It would have been better if it was over with just that much, but the swear words against her mother and the sneaky bullying were steadily gnawing at her mind.


  No matter how much she didn’t care about other people’s opinions, this was unavoidable. Even Seria, whom no one believed in since birth, was still a human being, a social animal, so she always harbored solitude and a desire for recognition in a corner of her heart.


  She thought she had already got used to being bullied, due to the jealousy of others, but in fact she was arrogant.

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  Even if an atmosphere of mockery and bullying had been created in earnest, an unimaginable level of criticism and harassment began, touching her family was a taboo that was broken.


  Even though they knew how much it would hurt her.


  Before anyone could question such an atmosphere, numerous students had already become entangled. Humans were social animals, justifying themselves for work done in groups was natural to them.


  Along with that, it was also because Seria had recently lost a lot of pride in her skills.


  Until then, Seria had rarely failed. She suffered a painful defeat every time she faced her half-sister, the opponent she always wanted to win against, but in other circumstances, her talent and hard work always triumphed.


  But how was she these days?


  She was defeated without landing a single blow on Senior Ian. In the match last week, she had her sword flung away by Senior Ian at the last moment.


  Besides, not long ago, she made a fatal mistake by not heeding Senior Ian’s advice. She was glad that senior Ian showed skills that exceeded her expectations, as otherwise, she would still be grueling with guilt.

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  It was inevitable for her self-esteem to be broken. And what took its place was a feeling of admiration and respect for Ian.


  Senior Ian was not only kind, but his skills were also specialized for real life combat. In fact, she believed that if she fought him again, she would make a series of mistakes and would be defeated.


  Above all, senior Ian was Seria’s only ‘friend’.


  Seria was still just learning what a ‘friend’ was, but it seemed clear that it had shed light on her life.


  She was happy to be with Senior Ian.


  When he smiles casually, or he worries about her pale complexion, her heart pounds without even realizing it.


  If he accidentally touches her hand, her face becomes hot, and when she suddenly notices the distance between them, she fidgets in surprise.


  She also made a lot of mistakes, but Ian did not blame or curse her.


  He’s been the only person who smiles at her lately. So Seria felt Ian was more special.


  Seria praised her former self for having the courage to ask Senior Ian to teach her. If it wasn’t for that, the relationship they have now wouldn’t exist.


  What would have happened if she didn’t do that? Seria got goosebumps just at the mere thought of it. Her life would not have even seen a glimpse of the sun. She would have spent her days in misery amidst the ridicule and criticism of so many people.


  Just by having Ian stay by her side, those who bullied her kept their mouths shut and didn’t say anything.


  Seria felt like she was in another world when she stood next to him. It was a lot of fun, so Ian became even more important.


  ‘Friendship’ was such a thrilling and good feeling. Seria thought so, secretly thinking of Senior Ian at night and smiling softly.


  However, if there is light, there must also be shadow that contrast with it and those now feel even darker.


  Some, in particular, who realized that her weakness was talking about her mother, maliciously took advantage of it.


  “Come to think of it, where on earth is the mother of that sleazy bitch from?”


  “How could I know? She might be a whore from the streets, or she might have been an ambitious maid who tried to raise her status. Well, there is no way a prestigious noble family could have given birth to a woman like her.”


  Either way, it was a vain fantasy. Giggles were heard.


  Seria’s eyes became sharp at the taunt that crossed the line. She grunted, grinding her teeth, glaring at the gang of men.


  The gang was sitting on the bench, grinning as they watched Seria pass by. They sucked the fresh fruit juice from the cup as if saying to her, ‘What will you do?’


  “Prestigious noble family or not. Women like that who do not understand their own place should be thrown away.”


  “By the way, her mother is a whore, isn’t she? So the father could be a different person altogether, right? After all, she was a woman who lay in bed with whoever she could.”

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  “That’s the downside of being a bastard.”


  On the way to the knight’s training ground, Seria had been walking along the path she always traveled through. Even so, Seria, who had been sensitive recently, could hardly stand the ensuing insults.


  Seria, who was shaking with her hands tightly clasped, moved towards them with a murderous look.


  She couldn’t use violence anyway. The use of violence will not result in immediate expulsion, but she was a lady. If an illegitimate heir had a conflict and made enemies with the nobles, it was obvious that the main family would berate her.


  Are they insulting her mother? They wouldn’t even care. His father, who is the head of the household, would not have lost his characteristic cold voice, even while being completely ill.


  ‘Forget that woman, Seria. She is no longer alive.’


  But at least she had to say something. Seria’s mind was seething with rage. When her blood rushed to the top of her head, she staggered her way towards them.


  Meanwhile, they let out a small exclamation of surprise. She should have realized then.


  Seria, who was so angry, lost her balance in panic when the ground she was standing on suddenly collapsed. Her body shuddered. However, she was an excellent swordsman, and there was no way she would fall so easily.


  Even the ground under her right foot, which she had stepped on to use as a foothold, crumbled.


  She slumped down on the ground. It was ❰Dig Magic❱. An elementary magic spell. If she had been her usual composed self, she would have just avoided it with a simple leap. At least, her posture didn’t completely collapse.


  There was also a way to get up and rush into the enemy by leaping towards them. That gang was no match for Seria. However, this wasn’t a battle.


  It was just plain bullying. An elaborate prank to embarrass her.


  Even an academy student could not use magic with such an instant chant. It was clear that it was a joke that had been prepared for at least several days.


  That malice left a deeper wound in Seria’s heart. As she got up, she glared at them in anger.


  They just got up and giggled as if they had just witnessed something fun. Then one of them, who was passing by Seria, mischievously stumbled.




  The fresh fruit juice he was holding fell exquisitely on Seria’s head. Seria trembled as she felt the slimy sensation.


  After spilling the fresh fruit juice, he picked up the cup that had fallen to the ground and tapped Seria on the shoulder as if he was sorry. Of course, it was an act from which she could not feel the slightest shred of sincerity.


  “Sorry. I stumbled. This path here is kind of rough.”


  A moment of murderous intent flared up in Seria’s eyes.


  She could have pulled the hand that was patting her shoulder now and slammed it on his face, or she could have shoved her elbow into his chin. Then he would have rolled around on the ground without even being able to breathe properly.


  However, the opponent was a noble.


  The way he spoke, his appearance, everything was filthy. However, he could not have come from a secluded territory in the countryside. It was because his characteristic arrogance was a trait only possessed by high-ranking aristocrats who were at least Counts.


  Seria was also from an influential family, but she was not the eldest daughter. Nevertheless, due to the prestige of her family, if she had a justified cause, she could destroy him if she wanted to, but not now.


  First of all, he apologized and pretended it was a mistake. He didn’t even insult her. At least he didn’t voice out a single word that could lead directly to her.


  That’s what made her angry. This meant that it was a well-calculated bullying. The fact that someone put so much sincerity and effort into making her suffer made her feel unbearably miserable.


  In the end, Seria looked away without saying anything. Her body trembled. She clenched her teeth, but tears still seemed to flow out.


  As if expecting such a reaction, the students, including that man, left with a smirk.


  Seria stood silently for a long time. Seria’s daily life without senior Ian was grim.


  She turned and began to walk towards a nearby building. She wiped the drink off her hair everywhere, but didn’t even notice the fact that her uniform got sticky, as she headed to her dormitory.


  However, Seria soon had to stop walking. From afar, a familiar shadow could be seen. Perhaps having found Seria as well, he approached with a friendly face as she stood there frozen on the spot.


  “Seria! Are you on the way to the knight’s training ground……?”


  Seria’s mind went blank.


  After all, she was just discovered by the person she didn’t want to be seen the most.


  I’ve always wanted to show him only my pretty and good side, but why the hell?


  Biting her lips, she avoided the gaze of the man who was struggling to approach her. Her face flushed with shame.


  It was Senior Ian. His face gradually hardened.




  “… … My mother was expelled when I was young.”

  It was a glade. I roughly wiped the drink off her hair with a cotton gauze, I carried as a substitute for a bandage, and headed to the glade to avoid other people’s gaze.


  Seria looked depressed today. She crouched down on a wide rock in the corner of the vacant lot.


  I turned my back on her and listened to her without uttering a word.


  “I didn’t even know why. I was only a six-year-old kid, even when my mother cried and begged, my father didn’t blink.”


  To a child at that age, a mother was more than a parent.


  It wouldn’t be an understatement to define mothers as their entire world. Someone who cares for you and loves you.


  Seria was deprived of such an existence. It must have been a shock. I couldn’t even fathom that feeling, so I kept silent instead of sharing pretentious words of empathy.


  Her words continued. It was a pitiful voice, unlike her usual self.


  “My mother called out my name, and as I endured to the end, my father called for the knights. The knights trampled and beat her, leaving her body in shreds. Still, it was a sight that I saw from the beginning to the end–”

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  “It must have hurt.”


  Seria blurted out the end of her words, as if she couldn’t hold on to it any longer. So, in a serious tone, I anticipated what she might have wanted to say.


  Her voice trembled. A voice that was drenched in sorrow. It was a painful past.


  “My mother, that’s how she left… After that, I didn’t even hear news of her. My father just told me to stop looking for her, but that night my sister came to me and said.”


  When it comes to ‘sister’, there was only one person who I could think of.


  The heir of the Yurdina family, the one who will become the Northern Sun.


  She was a 4th year student at the academy and the opponent Seria always wanted to win against in the Hunting Festival.


  “……What did she say?”


  “Be careful.”


  Seria groaned as if she was spitting out a shard of glass stuck in her chest. Tears mixed in her voice.


  “She said that if I couldn’t prove my worth, I would be next. My sister must have been sincere. She must have wanted to advise me. But those words, those words at that time, felt so frightening… … .”


  Then she shut her mouth for a moment, as if she choked. She wiped her eyes with her uniform’s sleeve. It looked like tears were coming out.


  Today, Seria seemed fragile. This must have been a side of her that she had been hiding. Dignified and prideful on the outside, but beneath that shell lies someone weak.


  Seria, even so, smiled faintly. My eyes, that were looking elsewhere, slowly turned to Seria.


  “So, I must have been angry since they cursed my mother. Now, it’s fine. Because there is Senior Ian…….”


  ‘It’s fine,’ I didn’t say anything for a moment, because that short sentence felt like a blade was lodged in my chest.


  A human being who is fine doesn’t cry. He doesn’t gasp for breath. He doesn’t shed tears, nor does he not even try to wipe them off with his sleeve.


  Of course, he doesn’t pretend to be strong, nor does he force himself to smile. So how can you say you’re okay?


  So many questions lingered in my mouth, and in the end, only one word was barely spat out.


  “……It’s not fine.”


  Then, Seria, as if a little flustered, widened her still drenched eyes. And then she smiled faintly.


  “It’s really fine, Senior Ian. Anyway I…….”


  “Not you.”


  My words cut off Seria’s words. Seria’s bewildered gaze turned to me. Seeing the tears left in her eyes, I felt a surge of emotion.


  My hand was fiddling with the sword hanging from my waist. How could I stand it? 


  The answer was obvious.


  A raging heat blew out, scratching my throat.


  “It’s not fine.”


  At the end of those words, my body shot up. This was before Seria could even reply. My eyes dimmed deeply.


  After leaving the forest and entering the academy grounds, there were many passersby. I grabbed one at random and asked where they were.


  Thean of the Southern Kingdoms, I had to find that guy.


  Since he was such a conspicuous guy, it wasn’t difficult to find out where he was. Even when people passing by looked at me with bewildered eyes, they meekly presented the information they knew to my intimidating gaze.


  He was grinning with his gang in an empty lot behind a certain lecture building.


  Next to him sat a handsome man. He doesn’t appear to be from the Southern Kingdoms, but I thought he was probably a guy who hangs out with Thean.


  “Hey, that bastard couldn’t avoid even elementary magic and fell…….”


  “Hey, that must have been spectacular? Of course, you spilled the juice too, didn’t you?”


  “Of course! For a bastard, it must have been such an expensive bath water that she couldn’t even dream of it.”


  As I listened to their giggles, my breath subsided, and I trudged towards them. Thean’s gang, combined with the group of aristocrats, were about seven people.


  It was a smaller number than the lackies he usually brought with him. It made sense though, since they each have their own schedules, it’s worth taking the chance. It was fortunate for me.


  At my sudden appearance, Thean’s giggling gang paid attention to me at once. Thean looked bewildered, then smiled and got up.


  Then he tapped my shoulder with his elbow and patted it. It was a Southern Kingdom greeting.


  “What’s the academy’s rising hero doing here?”




  ‘Ummm,’ said Thean, gently avoiding my gaze and swallowing a sigh. It was a name he knew quite well, as it was the name of the person he was bullying.


  “From now on, don’t touch Seria.”


  “Well, that’s it. It’s not a difficult request between us…….”


  Thean lowered the tail of his tongue as if hesitating. His eyes scanned the gang. They watched me and Thean’s conversation with interest.


  In particular, the man who knocked down Seria with dig magic showed more explicit interest. He got up and slowly came out and walked towards Thean.


Thean looked into their eyes, then looked at me and smiled.


  “……But, we can’t do that with just your word, can we?”


  My brow narrowed slightly. Then, instead of Thean, the one who took over was a man with a charming face. He said to me with a smirk.


  “Yes, if you were a noble, you ought to know that, right? After all, a request must go both ways… You must be aware of it.”


  I was silent for a moment, then declared in a low voice.


  “You will not touch Seria in the future.”


  Upon hearing my solemn tone, the man’s face turned red. Then he giggled in anticipation and opened his mouth.


  “What the hell gives you so much confidence… eh?!”


  “Ahh,” my fists slammed into the man’s face. With the sound of a drum being hit, the man’s facial skin sank deeper as wrinkles formed around the area of impact in an instant.


  Blood splattered, and white teeth shards shattered, reflecting the sparkling sunlight. A clean blow without an ounce of hesitation.


  So, let alone Thean, even the person who was punched in the face could not respond. Thean’s astonished gaze turned to me, as the aristocrat rolled in the ground with a messed up face after just one punch.


  There was a loud bang, and the man rolled on the ground over and over again. It was a dramatic hit. The power of my fist, which struck like lightning, was not at a level that a man who seemed to be a mage could handle.


  Everyone’s eyes, unable to understand the current situation, turned to me. There was only a faint question in their eyes.


  I smirked at them just like how Thean and that noble smirked at me.


  “If you don’t want to get punched by me, you should get your act together.”


  Those words signaled the start of another battle.


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Love Letter from the Future

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