Field Practice

Chapter 6 - Field Practice

  “Now, time for practical training. Everyone, follow me outside.” 



  When the break was over and class resumed, Prof. Isolet turned around and walked out of the classroom after leaving an instruction to follow her. 



  “Tch, if only she wasn’t a Bywalker…” 


  “It’s annoying… I’d rather have classes like before…” 
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  While the commoner students were quietly preparing to leave, the majority of aristocratic students grimaced and started blaming Isolet. 

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  ‘They can only gossip behind her back since they can’t say anything in front of her… disgusting.’ 



  They’re getting mad because even if they want to talk openly in front of someone, they can’t, however that’s a daily routine for these guys. 



  But are these guys themselves skilled enough? 



  Absolutely not. 



  Most of the aristocratic students in Class A, the highest-ranked class in the academy, entered through the back door. In other words, if Isolette swings her sword even once, most of them will be knocked out cold. 



  On the other hand, the commoner students got admitted while relying on their own abilities. For this reason, the nobles ignore them as lowlives but ‌are jealous of them at the same time. 



  “Excuse me, Sir Frey, if you ever change your mind…” 



  Anyway, while I was glaring at the nobles, the Saintess walked up to me and started talking again with a desperate look on her face. 



  “I told you I’m not going, you bitch.”



  Of course, I had no intention of dying until I defeated the Demon King, so I snubbed the Saintess who was trying to convince me to go along with her. 






  The Saintess, with a shocked look in her face, immediately ran out of the classroom.Well, it’s not surprising as because of her kind-hearted nature, she was never subjected to profanity. 



  ‘…By the way, is she going to keep doing this? Then it’ll be a bit problematic.’ 



  Although the Saintess has a fraudulent buff called “The Blessing of the Sun God”, in reality, her actual risk factor is quite low since she is far too inferior in terms of scheming. As long as I’m careful, she probably won’t be able to kill me. 



  However, if the Saintess maintains this farce in the future, then it will be quite difficult. 



  This is because the ‘False Evil’s Intuition’, which warns me of a mortal threat once a day will be neutralized. 
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  If the Saintess keeps on approaching me like this every day while forcefully triggering the ‘False Evil’s intuition’, I’ll be clueless when a genuine crisis will come. 



  In other words, the Saintess is unintentionally putting me in danger by neutralizing one of the most useful skills I possess. 



  No matter what, eventually I need to come up with a countermeasure. 






  As I was contemplating this, I suddenly heard a moan and when I glanced aside, I found Irina slumped on the floor surrounded by several aristocratic female students. 



  “Oh, what are you doing? Did you twist your foot?” 


  “What? They said that she’s a promising prospect, but she isn’t much, right?” 


  “Ha, I don’t even know how she managed to sneak into Class A when she’s just a commoner… Did she bribe someone with money?” 



  Seeing the black smoke rising from her stomach, she probably took a hit from a magic spell after getting into an argument with the nobles. 



  If she was still in good shape and possessed her original skills, she would have cleaned up the surrounding nobles with just one flick of her finger, but in her current ‘mana exhausted’ state, she won’t be able to stand up to these inferior people as she can’t even use her basic magic properly. 






  Irina, who was groaning while holding her stomach, discovered me staring at her miserable state and gave me a terrifying glare full of hatred. 


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  Usually, if I were the main character in an ordinary hero drama, in such a situation, after chasing out the surrounding nobles in a cool manner, I would hold Irina’s hand and gently lift her up. 



  Afterwards, Irina will supposedly develop a crush on me for saving her, a commoner despite me being a noble… She will then probably join the ‘harem party’ as a ‘harem member’ according to the contents written in the prophetic book. 



  But unfortunately, I’m not the main character of an ‘ordinary’ hero drama. In order to become a hero, I’ll have to commit ‘False Evil’. 



  “…So you think you can join the student council?” 




  “You need to know your place, you lowlife.”



  As I insulted her, the aristocratic ladies surrounding her snickered then began casting their next magic spell, and in that desperate moment, right before she was about to be engulfed in multiple magic spells… 



  “Hey, stop!!” 





  Irina’s friend, Arianne intervened, spreading a protective barrier using both her hands. 



  “Irina! Are you all right?” 




  “Hey, stop bullying innocent people… let’s go on our way, all right?” 





  The aristocratic girls who were blocked by her powerful barrier, which is a special protective magic spell, dispersed one by one as soon as they lost interest after touching the magic barrier several times. 



  “…A lowly friend befitting a lowlife.” 



  While watching such a scene, I threw a sarcastic remark at them and began conversing with the aristocratic ladies, who soon turned their attention to me as I fell in deep thought.



  ‘…Arianne. She’s a friend who’ll be quite helpful in taking care of Irina.’ 



  Arianne is Irina’s childhood friend. 



  Born with an innate aptitude for protection magic, she formed a formidable duo with Irina, who has an exceptional talent for offensive magic. 



  In the future, when the Demon King’s army invaded, at that time those two jointly annihilated an entire corps in the battle.

   “Arianne… thank you…” 


  “No, why! We’re friends, aren’t we? By the way, Irina, what did you do to exhaust your mana? By any chance, did you put a curse on someone?” 





  Meanwhile, Irina remained silent for a while at Arianne’s intuitive question, then soon opened her mouth. 







  “…This time around, I’m going to protect you no matter what. For sure.” 



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  Arianne who tilted her head in confusion after hearing Irina’s meaningful words, had in fact sacrificed her life to protect Irina from the Demon King’s attack. So, for Irina, until now, that incident always remained a trauma. 



  Perhaps, those words… is her conviction to protect and never let her die right in front of her eyes again.



[Acquired False Evil Points: 60 pts! (Instilled firm will)



  I sighed for a moment while staring at the system prompt, which displayed the number of points I reaped from Irina who is determined to kill me. Then I left the classroom alongside giggling noble ladies. 










  “Today’s field practice is combat training.” 



  Prof. Isolet spoke while looking at the assembled Class A on the field with her sharp eyes. 
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  “The content of the training is to have a duel with me. “



   In an instant, the field became noisy as soon as that tremendous statement came out of her mouth.



  “Silence!! Be quiet!!!” 



  She silenced the students at once with a thunderous shout, then opened her mouth again while looking at the anxious student. 



  “Go all out against me so I can figure out your skills and potential.” 



  After finishing her words, Prof. Isolet drew her sword for the duel and started calling the students, one by one. 



  And soon after, her aristocratic massacre ensued. 



  “I’m begging you, please go easy… kwaaak!” 


  “…Pathetic. Next.” 




  “What you’re using now is not a fireball, but a firecracker. It’s perfect for a family birthday party. Next.” 


  “Now, don’t get too excited over… Ugh…!” 


  “I’m sure even the thugs roaming the streets would be better at handling swords than you. Next.” 



  In that way, she crushed all the nobles who entered the academy through the backdoor without giving them any face at all. 



  “Haa… Haa…” 


  “…There is a lack of endurance, but the initial attacks were quite sharp. Be mindful of that and devote yourself to put in more effort. Next.” 




  “The magic is highly perfected, but the chanting speed is slow. In an actual battle, the speed of chanting can be the difference between life and death, so you better pay attention to that. Next.”



  “…Overall great. Next.” 



  However, unlike the nobles, most of the commoners had a good time, as she praised them and even pointed out the things that need to be fixed. 



  “…This professor is so annoying, isn’t she?” 


  “Weren’t you aware? The professor only gives preferential treatment to commoners despite being a noble herself.” 


  “Leave her be. That bitch probably thinks she’s a nice person.” 



  Naturally, her reputation couldn’t have been good among the nobles. 



  ‘…These retards don’t even realize that their skills are lacking.’ 



  Of course, Prof. Isolet is thoroughly evaluating each and every student solely based on their abilities. In fact, she even praised some of the aristocratic students who were skilled enough. 



  Although these ignorant nobles will never admit it. 



  “…Young master.” 





  As I was deep in thought, Kania, who was standing right next to me, asked me a question. 



  “…By any chance, are you not feeling well these days?” 


  “…What do you mean?” 



  I tilted my head and asked her what she really meant since her question was silly. Staring at my eyes quietly for a moment Kania continued to speak.



 “That’s… nevermind. It’s just, somehow, it seems like that.”

 “…I’m just fine, and it’s none of your business.”




  After finishing her conversation, Kania turned her head to watch the duel, but her facial expression said that she was still agonizing over something. 



  ‘…What’s wrong with her?’ 



  I tilted my head for a moment at her peculiar behavior, but soon after, I dispelled my doubts when the professor pointed out Kania and started getting nervous. 



  ‘…I truly hope black magic won’t pop out.’ 



  Her mana is in a very precarious state, so there is a possibility of dark mana seeping out of it. To prepare for such a scenario, I transfused a lot of life force into her this morning, but I’m still a little nervous. 



 – Clink. 



  After pondering for a moment, I lightly touched one of the several brooches that I had previously attached to Kania’s clothes and then began staring into her eyes. 



  The brooch I just touched is an artifact that can transfer life force to the person I’m making eye contact with in an emergency, and it is an artifact I would usually never use because it drains dozens of times more life force compared to transfusing through physical contact. 



  However, I occasionally use it when I’m in a situation where physical contact is not possible and there is a risk of Kania’s black magic being exposed. Just like right now.



  ‘Even if the students won’t find out, Prof. Isolet will respond immediately to even the slightest amount of dark mana… well, it’s unavoidable.’ 








  As soon as I started sharing my life force, Kania started casting magic with a more relaxed expression than usual, and soon her duel lasted long enough to break the previous record. 



  As I felt the sense of my body disappearing over time, I was agonizing over whether or not to continue this, but then soon Kania stopped casting magic and bowed her head. 



  “…I can only fight this far.” 


  “Hmm? Why? Don’t you still have the power to fight more?” 


  “I was born with unstable mana, so if I fight any longer than this, my mana might go out of control. I apologize.” 


  “…I guess that’s why you were holding back while attacking.” 



  Professor Isolet sheathed her sword, then gave her verdict. 



  “If you can fix that mana instability, you’ll be an outstanding wizard. Let me help you from now on.” 


  “…Thank you.” 



  So Kania thanked her while politely bowing, then returned to my side. This time around, Irina was called by Prof. Isolet. 



  “…Ugh, Ugh.” 





  Irina, who stood there while facing Prof. Isolet, clenched her teeth and trembled, as she barely managed to summon only one magic arrow. 



  “…What are you trying to do?” 


  “S-Sorry… let me try… Again…”



  Afterward, Irina concentrated hard enough to even make her eyes bloodshot, but even then, after a long time had passed, she could only summon two more magic arrows. 






  Despite this, Irina continued to pour out more of her mana, but she eventually collapsed and fainted. 



  “… I don’t know what to say. Someone, take this child to the infirmary. Next.” 



  As Prof. Isolet stated coldly, Arianne ran to Irina with a worried expression on her face, then carried her on her back to the classroom instead of the infirmary. 



  Well, it can’t be helped. 



  Since if they officially announce that Irina is suffering from mana exhaustion, then she’ll be investigated for the cause, and in that case, the reverse tracking of the spell will lead to the death curse she put on me, so to avoid all that she has no choice but to hide it. 



  When the system’s item store gets unlocked, I’ll have to look for some artifacts that can help her out. 



  “I, well… I’ll abstain…” 





  Saintess Ferloche, the next challenger who stepped forward, declared her abstention as soon as she stood in front of Prof. Isolet. 



  “Are you kidding me right now?” 


  “Ah, oh no… I just don’t intend to use this power on the professor…”



  Currently, Ferloche has the blessing of the Sun God without permission, which can only be obtained once by praying on the sacred day and with Church’s consent, so if she spars with Prof. Isolet, the truth will be discovered. 



  Of course, one might think that isn’t it all right to spar with Prof. Isolet in moderation, but there’s a reason why the legend that the previous generation Saintess tearing off the sides of the Demon King exists. 



  Although the blessing of the Sun God is weak against multiple enemies, it’s still a terrifying blessing with not much room to counter in a 1:1 situation. In other words, no matter what Prof. Isolet does, she won’t be able to withstand it.



  “…Then this will be the last one.” 



  Prof. Isolet, who was glaring at Ferloche, beckoned her to go away, then spoke while looking at me, the last remaining student. 



  “…Status Window.” 



Name: Isolet Arham Bywalker
Strength: 8.5
Mana: 5
Intelligence: 7
Mental Strength: 7
Passive Status: Injured Right Arm



  I muttered and opened Isolet’s status window, then after staring at her status window for a moment, I immediately unsheathed my sword and asked. 



  “…Did you have fun playing around with these commoners? Sister?” 




  “Why don’t you say something when someone asks a question…?” 


  “…You’ve become corrupt, Frey.” 



  Yes. I actually know her.



  The Starlight and the Bywalker families have deeply entwined bonds that have remained firm over for generations since the era of the Hero’s Party 1000 years ago. Thanks to that, we had a close relationship like that of siblings and knew each other since we were kids.



  We used to do joint sword training and play house together, but she is no longer on my side. 



  I’m everyone’s public enemy right now. 



  “…Corrupt? That sounds funny. I guess sister is just an idiot.” 




  “It’s hilarious how the only thing you can do when you come to the academy after kicking off the position of Imperial Knights’ Deputy Commander is to play around with me, just like when we were kids.” 


  “…Come at me.” 


  “As you wish.” 



  The moment she coldly cut me off with her words, I charged at her while pointing my sword. 



 – Clank!!! 



  And then sparks flew off. 





  “Why? Are you surprised?” 



   She was pushed back for a moment after barely blocking my blow with her trembling right arm, as I kept unleashing fierce sword slashes to take advantage of the opening.



  “…What? Was Young Master Frey always this good at swordsmanship?” 


  “Well, since he’s from the Starlight family, isn’t it natural?” 


  “…But rumor has it that Lord Frey doesn’t really have a knack for swordsmanship?”



  While the students were shocked and started babbling about my unexpected display of skill, Ferloche, who lowered her head, stared coldly at the red brooch glowing on my chest.



 – Claaank!! 



  The fierce duel concluded the moment when I struck her sword and it ended up getting stuck to the floor, while all the students were stunned by the result…



  “…It’s magic!” 



  Suddenly Ferloche cut in between us, then shouted, while pointing at my brooch. 



  “…There’s evil magic in that brooch!” 



  With that said, Ferloche strode up to me then began injecting holy power into my brooch, and instantly an evil aura leaked out of the brooch with a terrible screech. 



 – Screeeeeech!!! 



  The brooch, which was making terrible creaking noises for a long time, eventually couldn’t withstand the constant injection of holy power and shattered into pieces, then Isolet who was quietly watching the whole scene finally opened her mouth with a hardened expression on her face.



  “…To think you would resort to such evil magic, you’re a disgrace to the Starlight family.” 


  “Isn’t sister also a disgrace to the Bywalker family?” 


  “Frey Raon Starlight, penalized 20 demerit points for using an artifact in violation of the rules..” 


  “…Why? You can’t say anything, so you want to press charges with your authority as a professor?” 


  “…In addition, individual counseling. Follow me right now.”



  Then I started following Isolet towards the main building as I was instructed. I sighed and muttered under my breath while staring at the system prompt that appeared in front of me.  



[Acquired False Evil Points: 100pts! (Reasonable investment)]



  “…That was expensive.” 



  I remember spending a third of my assets customizing that brooch. Well, it doesn’t matter now since I got the desired result… However, it’s such a waste since I could’ve just reused it as many times as I wanted.   



  ‘…I need to write a letter to my father asking for more money.’ 



  I quietly followed Isolet while lamenting at the irony that it is necessary to have a fortune to commit more evil. 








  While Frey was grumbling as he followed Isolet.

 “evil magic…”



  Kania, who overheard the phrase ‘evil magic,’ recalled the blood-stained handprints on the bed she saw back in the dormitory and muttered with a sharp look.



  “…I need to find out what the hell he was doing back in the room.” 


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  As soon as Kania said that, something was being created using the dark mana gathered in her hand.


The Main Heroines are Trying to Kill Me

The Main Heroines are Trying to Kill Me

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To save the hopeless Dark Fantasy World, I held back my tears and destroyed the world, then killed the Demon King and returned.   Now, I'm trying to save the world using the 'System' I gained as the 'Regressor's Privilege'...   But the Main Heroines have also awakened their memories of the previous timeline.   God dammit.


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