Pseudo Resident’s Illegal Stay In Another World Chapter 100

Second Moon (2) 🔞

    ༺ Second Moon (2) ༻   



  As that time of the month drew near, women were usually divided into two categories. 


  The first kind were those who, as if trying to conserve energy before going into hibernation like certain wild animals before winter, experienced an increase in their appetite.


  “Hassan, shall we go eat some pheasant meat? If not, we can just get some eggs!”


  “Luna, I’ve already told you earlier. It’s too early in the morning; even the inns where they serve food are closed around this time. Even if we go out, there will be nothing we can find to eat.”


  “Heung… I am really hungry. Is there anything to eat at home? I should have bought something on our way from the bathhouse.”


  Luna, like my little sister rummaging through the refrigerator, searched all over the place for something to eat. Then she came to the point where she even looked into the jar and pulled out the colorful spider pet of hers— Kong Kong with hunger in her eyes.


  Growl—!! Growl—!!


  It looked really scary when it growled like that; as though we had disturbed its sleep and made it angry by waking it up. 


  But since I already know that it was an intelligent beast, far more intelligent than what I gave it credit for, it looked pretty cute in my eyes now. You brat! Thanks to you, I was able to dodge a disaster earlier…


  “Hey, why are you taking him out?”


  “…I just think he will be delicious once we roast him.”






  Seemingly realizing that his life was in danger, the wolf spider drove its thick front teeth into Luna’s palm and fled through the half-opened window on the first floor of the cabin.


  He fled quite far out of the cabin at that. 




  After looking at Kong Kong who had fled away, Luna touched her slightly swollen palms and made a sad noise. Didn’t she say that wolf spiders aren’t venomous, so there should be no problem after being bitten by it, right? But to be sure, I still asked her.


  “Luna, are you okay?” 


  “No, I’m not okay… I want to eat something…”


  Luna whined like she had not eaten in days, but there was no such thing as a 24-hour delivery service in this barbaric and uncivilized world.


  Nor was there the existence of any convenience store that would be open 24/7.


  When there was nothing to eat at home, there was no other choice for the people but to wait until the restaurants, inns, and food stands opened the next morning.


  “I’ll buy you some pheasant meat tomorrow. Try to endure it for now.”


  “Huh… Then let’s go to sleep!”


  “If you say so…”


  Luna was already done creating all the totems she was presently able to with her recent harvest of Karma from defeating Somnia.


  Hippolyte, who had gone somewhere to pick up the 3 silvers she owed to Luna, showed no signs of coming either. 


  In this world where there were no cell phones or computers, the nights were pretty dull and boring, so there was nothing to do but get a good sleep and wake up with the break of dawn.


  Luna and I eventually chose to lie down together under the blanket on the second floor of the cabin. Soon, I questioned Luna who was busy burrowing herself into the blanket after blowing out the candle. 


  “Doesn’t it hurt when your ‘time of the month’ comes?” 


  “Not really? It’s kind of hard for a day(?) or maybe two at most(?) though, but overall, it’s just an okay experience. But before the day arrives, it’s really problematic for me. I usually become really, really hungry… It makes me want to even gnaw on tree roots if it would mean I could relieve my hunger.” 


  Did she really feel almost no menstrual cramps or pain due to how skinny she was?


  If that was really the case, then it’s fortunate for her. But I think it’s a big problem if her appetite increased so much that she would even want to gnaw on tree roots. 


  But, just that much can even be considered cute if compared to a certain someone I know back in my home world. I should buy her something delicious tomorrow.


  Thinking like that… I closed my eyes when… 


  Slither— Slither— 


  I could feel something lifting one of my arms, accompanied by intense tickling sensations coming off from that arm. 


  “Luna, what’s wrong?”


  “I can smell something delicious coming from Hassan’s arms.”


  What touched my arm were Luna’s lips and hard front teeth. She kept biting and releasing the skin intermittently, just like a dog chewing on a chew toy.


  Press— Press— 


  When I tried to ignore her shenanigans as it only felt a bit itchy and somehow cute.






  Suddenly, the powerful sensation of her biting my arms caused me to let out a powerful scream. Fuck! There will be complaints coming from the neighbors at this rate. Anyway, it was actually very painful! Fuck! 


  “Hey…! What are you doing!”


  “Ah, no, it just smells really delicious…”


  “Even so! How can you just bite me like that?”


  “B-But I’m really hungry.”


  “Let’s just go to sleep now. Moreover, it’s not good for the body to eat so late at night.”


  “Then we can just eat at night and just not sleep.”




  Was she perhaps a genius or something? 


  As I admired Luna’s wisdom, she poked her head and dug into my sides.


  Tickle— Tickle—


  Because of that action of hers, I felt her itchy hair scratching my skin which made me laugh out loud. 


  “What are you doing?”


  “Hassan, are you hiding some food from me?”


  “If I had something like that, I would have given it to you already.”




  Then, Luna sniffed under the blanket and started smelling me with her cute nose. It’s quite fun to see her smelling and sniffing me out like that, going from my stomach to my legs.


  “Luna, if you move, you’ll get hungrier, so let’s” just sleep, was what I was about to say to her… But I immediately flinched and shut my mouth.


  The reason for that was that Luna had placed her hands into my pants’ pockets and started to rummage around.


  “Uh, hey, that place is…” 


  Luna, who was digging into my pocket, soon came in contact with the second club that I owned inside. Perhaps because of that unfamiliar and ticklish touch, the throbbing organ started becoming hard as blood rushed into it nonstop. 


  Fuck! What if Luna bites off my schlong in her hunger?


  I didn’t think Luna would do something like that, but the way she was now, she just might. So, I had no choice but to grab her shoulders and move her up.


  “Uhm, hey! Let’s stop now and just go to sleep, okay?”


  “Hmm… Okay. Then I’ll just bite onto Hassan’s arm and sleep.”


  “Why are you biting my arm again!?”


  “I-I like that sensation…”


  She bit my arm because she likes the sensation? What? I recalled something that I had heard in my early liberal arts days about Freud’s blah, blah, blah oral cavity.


  But when I tried to fully recall it, my head instantly went blank. That stupid Freud. You failed to teach me anything, in the end. It’s a clear win for me. You will never be able to teach me anything!


  Fucking hell! Since I was so sleepy, all kinds of thoughts started running through my head, including some nonsensical things. I should just sleep soon.




  But then, I suddenly started to vividly feel the bites on my right arm.


  I was thinking of telling her that it hurts, but after seeing her biting softly by controlling her strength, I decided to just leave it alone and go to sleep.


  By the time I was about to drift into the realm of sleep and dreams.


  Sweep— Sweep— 


  Something soft and squishy started moving around my right arm and brought me back to my senses.


  Sweep— Sweep— 


  The thing that was rubbing against my arm was definitely Luna’s body. She was rubbing her body against me while my right arm was being squished between her soft breasts.


  “Huuu, Ha-Hassan, are you sleeping?”


  Was I sleeping?


  I was debating whether to say I was awake or keep pretending to be asleep, but Luna brought her lips closer to me as if she was preparing to bite me again, so I had no choice but to move at that moment.


  “No, I haven’t slept yet. What’s the matter?” 


  “M-my breasts are feeling very lumpy and heavy…”


  Luna gasped for breath as if she was in real agony. Her breasts were feeling lumpy? As a man, I don’t know whether it was a big deal or not, but it could be a really big deal for women so I was contemplating checking up on her.


  “Hassan, p-please do something…”


  Luna’s request really brought me back to my senses.


  Since she asked me to relieve the lump she felt in her breasts, doesn’t it mean that she gave me permission to touch her cute peaks? I’ve been feeling a little pent-up lately, as things haven’t exactly been going my way these days.


  I never thought that Luna would come up with a proposal like this.




  After getting up, I lit the candlestick hanging on the wall. Under the dim light, I could faintly see Luna lying on top of the blanket.


  Her pink hair was untied and was now flowing freely, while her cheeks were slightly flushed, probably due to the strain she felt while breathing. On top of that, I could even clearly see her teardrop-shaped breasts that hadn’t even lost their elasticity and cute round shape despite the fact that she was lying down.




  “Are you really sure that your breasts are feeling lumpy?”




  For some reason, my mouth became dry, without even a hint of saliva. 


  Trying to hide that fact from Luna, I licked my bottom lip with my tongue and slowly stretched my hand toward Luna’s wrist. 


  “Are you checking my pulse?”


  “Yes, it looks like you remember about this.”







Name: Luna Knoxdotty 


Level: 11 → 15 


Strength: 3 → 4 


Agility: 6 → 8 


Stamina: 2 → 3


Status: Fluttering Heart Bad Meals Lover 


Conditions: Curse of Knox Curse of Erebor Weak Menstrual Pains Breast Lumps





  My lips formed a round ‘O’ as I exclaimed out loud. Luna’s level went up by 4! Did she level up that much due to defeating Somnia? 


  I was also amazed by the fact that Luna, who was at level 3 when we first met, had already leveled up so much that she was now close to level 20. 


  But, more importantly. 


  “You really are suffering from breast lumps.”


  “Y-You can tell that by simply touching my wrist?” 


  When Luna asked that, I felt like a lightbulb had suddenly lit up in my head. Did the eureka moment of the geniuses feel like this?


  “No. To be honest, I am not too sure about it. A-As expected, I wouldn’t be certain until I touched it myself. That’s why Luna… Can I touch your breasts…?”






  Luna didn’t answer my question. She only pulled the blanket over and covered her face with it. Since she didn’t say no, it should be safe to assume that she gave me her permission, right? 


  That was why I tried to regain control of my wildly beating heart before pulling the blanket past Luna’s chest from the bottom up. At my action, Luna’s body started trembling intermittently.


  Luna’s chest, which was only covered by a thin piece of cloth, was now clearly visible to my eyes. I never thought I would be able to touch those soft breasts again. 


  Swoop— Grope— 


  And just like that, my hand touched her breasts and I could clearly feel their soft sensations through my hand. 


  But is it only me? When I touched it in the past, it felt like it could fit in just one hand. But today, even when I stretched my hand, I could feel a bit of her breasts escaping from my grasp. 


  It was as if it had gotten a bit swollen.


  Grope— Grope— 


  And as if to prove she really had breast lumps, I could really feel something solid like jelly beans inside of her breasts. 


  “Heuh… I-It hurts… Be gentler…” 


  Then, from within the blanket that covered her face, a sound similar to a moan could be heard. My lower body instantly became painfully stiff after hearing that sound.


  Not content with the fact that I was touching them through her clothes, I gently moved the fine fabric aside to expose her breasts.




  And then, as if on cue, a slightly voluminous breast appeared in front of me. The flesh looked very pretty and warm, and her pink areolas and equally pink nipples at the centre of her breasts stood out from the rest.


  Swoop— Swoop— 


  As I flicked her nipple with my index finger, some of Luna’s body, namely her waist up to her shoulders started jerking abruptly.




  A voice leaked out of her mouth… A voice that would make anyone hearing it instantly realize that the wielder of it was in a state of excitement due to sexual tension. 


  Thanks to that voice of hers I became even more excited than ever. I grabbed Luna’s swollen breasts with both of my hands, as if to wrap them in the confines of my palms, and kneaded them as I wished while sometimes grabbing her nipples with my index finger and thumb, and flicking and rotating them in different directions.


  “Hauh… Ang… Ha…”


  Luna trembled as I continued on with my act, which was not really a massage but rather a simple loving caress. I was sure that Luna could feel that it was not like the usual massages that I used to give her.


  If it was the Luna from before, she would have blocked my hands or stopped me with her words. For example, something like, “Hassan, Lady Knox is watching.”


  But the current Luna strangely did not avoid my touch, and just calmly accepted it.


  Perhaps Luna wanted me to touch her right now?


  No, no matter how I think, I believe that it was just my imagination acting up and muddling my brain with these incoherent thoughts.


  I suddenly remembered the two categories of women that were divided by their behaviors when that “time of the month” came closer for them, which I had thought up earlier.


  The first kind, as I mentioned before, experienced an increase in their appetite.


  And the second kind was the category of women that experienced an increase in their libido. 


  I think I had heard somewhere that there were women who would secrete a staggering amount of female hormones during ovulation and have increased libido as a result.


  Fuck it! Where did I hear it again? Was it in something like how to succeed in confessing or some other title?


  It was mentioned that if you confessed to a woman you like when she was ovulating, the success rate of the confession would instantly go up. 


  Fucking hell! Just why was I supposed to remember the menstrual cycle of a woman just to confess to her?


  …Also, Wasn’t it problematic in itself to know about the period date of the woman that I haven’t even confessed to? 


  “Eu… Ang…!” 


  Anyhow, whenever I touched her breasts, Luna would let out a weak moan that made the blanket covering her face feel like it didn’t exist in the first place.


  Her nipples became erect and her body temperature rose to such an extent that drops of sweat started appearing around her breasts, belly, and sides and slowly dripped down along her lithe and sexy body.




  By the way, Luna’s appearance right now was different from usual and even looked a bit defenseless…




  Perhaps she was feeling a sense of anticipation to be bred today?


  So, I slowly lowered my hand that was busy touching Luna’s chest till now. 


  From her chest to her sides, from her sides to her lower belly. Then, when I arrived just below her belly button, I pressed my thumbs hard and spun them around in circles near her pelvis.


  “Ha… Haaaa…!”


  In response to that stimulus, Luna bent her outstretched legs and her hips rose up with a sudden jerk. 


  This Gate Of Origin that I pressed on was the place where the womb was located, and it was also an important place commonly called Dantian by martial artists.


  Didn’t it say that this part should be massaged gently, as though drawing a circle, with the intention of conveying a soft and warm feeling rather than pressing hard and being rough with it? 


  “Heuu… Ahh… Ah… Ang!” 


  Probably because Luna loved the feeling of my thumbs on her origin point, she pressed her thighs together and lifted them up, unable to stop herself from shuddering all over.


  “Ha, Hassan… Stop touching there…”




  Luna’s hand gripped my wrist, which had been rubbing her Gate Of Origin for a while already. It was said that I should be gentle while pressing this area, but was the stimulation too strong for her to handle?


  However, because it was the place where I could see the blood-red spot blinking due to my skill, I did not stop even when Luna asked me to. 


  Sweep— Sweep— Sweep— 


  “Hang, haat, aang…!” 


  In response to my action, Luna’s on my wrists tightened further. It had become so tight that even her fingernails began digging into my wrist and it really hurt a lot. At the same time, her body started trembling and started experiencing small streams of twitches and convulsions.





Luna Knoxdotty’s Weak Menstrual Pains condition has been cured.
Task Points + 10
Current Task Points: 22



  “Eung, keuk…”


  Luna seemed like she was really out of it and didn’t know what to do at this moment after I had cured her menstrual pains.


  Her thighs, which had been tense for a while, drooped over the blanket once again in a powerless state. Her thin belly also rose and fell in sudden jerking intervals that made it look like her whole body was spasming and it was accompanied by her hurried breaths that rapidly leaked out of her nose and mouth.


  I ran my palms over the smooth, firm skin of her thighs and touched it to my heart’s content.




  All of a sudden, Luna started reacting violently once again.


  Seeing that, I couldn’t afford to just do a massage anymore. I had to use this opportunity to make my advances on her! So I made her two thighs, which were closed like clams, open slightly to the sides.


  At the same time, I pulled down the knot and fabric of the underwear hanging on her waist so that it now hung over her ankles instead.




  I felt like I was going to burst into tears at the lovely wet and glistening pink color that was once again revealed before my eyes after a long, long time.


  My erect penis will definitely go inside whatever hole of hers that was available today. I was determined to see things through!


  With those naughty, debauched feelings brewing inside my heart, I slowly put my hand between Luna’s thighs.




  In a manner that wouldn’t surprise her, I reached out to her intimate parts.


  “No… Not there!”



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