Pseudo Resident’s Illegal Stay In Another World Chapter 101

Second Moon (3) 🔞

    ༺ Second Moon (3) ༻   



  At the time when I was still sucking out the nectar of knowledge in college.


  There was this one bastard that left quite an impression amongst all the male friends I had in my lifetime.


  His nickname was Hickey. His real name was… well, I already forgot… 


  Anyways, Hickey was the so-called popular guy in our circle— the social butterfly.


  Whenever he went on a fun date with his girlfriend, or whenever a special development happened in his romance, he would share it with his friends.


  For example, something like their first date or the place they had their first kiss or basically anything along those lines. 


  The problem was that… the stories that came out of his mouth even included tales about the intimate skinship between the two of them.


  As he drowned himself in more and more alcohol, all the lamentation, dissatisfaction, and worries that he had accumulated inside his mind would come out of his mouth in tides.


  From trivial things.


  To serious topics.


  Of course, I didn’t think that he had any bad intentions while saying those things. Most of those stories just flowed out because he sought counsel for his love troubles among his friends.


  Anyway, among the stories that came out of his mouth, there was this particular story that left the deepest impression on me.


  ‘My girlfriend says everything else is fine, but she won’t let me touch her butt even if she dies. By that, I mean her anus. It’s been over two years since we’ve been dating already but…’


  I couldn’t understand why the fucker would even think of telling his friends about something like that much less be so open about it.


  After all, what kind of solution can we – people who have never dated before – offer after hearing such a story? Even just listening to it made us feel extremely embarrassed.


  And wasn’t it common sense for anyone to get mad if the most intimate part of their buttocks was touched like that?


  Anyway, I remember that, on that day, the guy drank as if he was sad because he felt utterly miserable about his life. It was as if he felt sorrow at facing the greatest problem of his life.


  At that time, I really couldn’t understand the reason why he was feeling so devastated.


  However, now that I saw Luna closing her legs to make an iron wall to the entrance of her butthole, I could finally understand what he was feeling, albeit a little bit. That guy was hoping to be his girlfriend’s first in more than just one way.




  “N-Not there…!”


  Luna’s ass, glistening thanks to her love juices, was like leafy petals.


  Probably due to the fact that she had washed herself in the bathhouse earlier, she was so clean that there was not even a speck of stain on her body. It was to the point that I found her insanely cute and adorable right now.


  As I rubbed her ass that was soaked in her love juices with my fingertips, Luna jerked and convulsed as though her butt was actually on fire.


  “This part has nothing to do with the vow of chastity.”


  “I-It’s not due to that….! U-Ugh… S-Stop it!”


  As Luna whimpered, telling me to get my hands away…


  She put more strength in her body to reject my advances. However, there was no way Luna would be able to defeat me in a simple power struggle, as her strength level had only reached 7 to this date.


  Rub— Rub—


  “Hassan, I-I’m, going, to, get, angry…!”


  At some point in time, as I had been stroking Luna’s ass with my thumbs, she had brought the blanket, that she used to cover her face till now, down to her nose and glared at me with her small and round eyes.


  She probably wanted to make it obvious to me that she was angry, but her wrinkled forehead looked more cute than scary. 


  Toward Luna, who was in such a state, I couldn’t help but ask out loud.


  “I really can’t?”




  It seemed like touching her ass was not allowed. Somehow, I felt really sad and regretful about that.


  To be frank, I harbored some insecurities about my relationship with Luna.


  I was just an outlander who had nothing but my body going on for me. Meanwhile, Luna owned a decent piece of land in the city, and she was also a talented girl who was surprisingly good at housekeeping.


  No, before I could even start thinking about those things, the fact that the one who hung out with me was a super pretty girl like Luna was enough for me to question myself if I was even worthy to be by her side. No matter how I looked at it we were not a good match for each other.


  Because of that, I felt really nervous about my relationship with her.


  My relationship with Luna had become stagnant due to her vow of chastity. Moreover, it was hard to introduce her as my girlfriend or lover because, to the world, she was just my party member.


  Nominally, Luna was currently single. Solo. Uno. Il. Maybe that’s why there were always a lot of men approaching Luna and among them, there were some pretty good-looking bastards, so I felt quite uneasy about everything at this point.


  After all, the thing called human relationship was anything but predictable.


  Even though Luna and I were living our lives to the fullest right now…


  Knox, a perfect yet fickle being, could introduce a gold-tier adventurer as her groom out of nowhere and there was nothing I could do about it.


  Other than that, Luna and I might have a huge fallout one day.


  That was why I felt so impatient and nervous all the time.


  After all, I, who fell into this world all alone, didn’t even have a single friend to talk to about relationships or even romance. I had to embrace those worries by myself and had to come up with a solution to them too.


  And I knew very well that I was not smart enough to give myself the right idea or solution with my thinking alone.


  What I barely came up with the little brain I had was that if I took away all of Luna’s firsts, she would also become deeply entangled with me and be unable to leave me.


  Luna was someone who put a lot of attention to detail and valued her first experiences a lot. She even went to the point of inscribing her name on the first bronze coin she had earned.


  I’m sure if I took all of Luna’s firsts, the distance between me and Luna would lessen by a lot as well.




  While I was lost in my thoughts, I heard Luna calling me from below.


  Starting from her tiny belly button, her waterdrop-shaped breasts, and her clearly visible collarbones up to her slender neck. I gradually looked up at Luna’s face and saw her emerald eyes staring at me deeply.


  Luna seemed to not even think of covering her face anymore and was looking straight at me with those emerald orbs of hers. Her gaze was so clear that it suddenly made me feel a lot of embarrassment.


  “What’s the matter?”


  “Hassan, there’s no need to be so impatient. Hassan will be a better man someday.”


  “…Is that so?”


  “Yeah. Try to Imagine this… People will praise the name of Hassan, and wherever you walk, there will be embroidered petals and evergreen leaves strewn about akin to a silk road.”


  At Luna’s words, I imagined people chanting my name wherever I went. To be honest, it wasn’t a scene that I could easily imagine.


  After all, I was only used to criticism, jeers, and whispers filled with mockery behind my back.


  Luna continued on, not caring about my thoughts.


  “A palace-like house with dozens or hundreds of servants moving busily… and a multitude of guests waiting for you to allow them to visit you…  It will be like a house that shines as brightly as the sun at night and is full of noise and merriment.”


  Luna stretched her palms toward the air slowly. Her eyes stared into the space where a single candle burned in a dim light.


  The candlelight twinkled in her pupils, making them shimmer in a strange light, and it felt as if her eyes itself were set on fire.


  “Try to imagine. The arrival of a multitude of guests. The silver platter they will bring with them will be full of treasures from various places far and wide and precious fabrics such as silk, linen, and flannel will be gifted in unimaginable amounts. Meanwhile, Hassan, you who will sit in front of the pile of endless gifts, your chair shining like a king’s throne, and all the nations of the world will bow down to worship you.”


  Luna explained feverishly, like a shaman who had received a prophecy. But the content was so absurd that I could only laugh as I heard her speak.


  “But, I think that’s a bit too far-fetched. Are you asking me to become a king?”


  Neither my mother nor my father had such high expectations for me as their son. However, since Luna said it casually as if there was genuinely a high probability for me to really achieve all of that, I almost thought that I could really do it if I tried.


  Luna spoke at that time.


  “I am Luna, daughter of Ideope, child of the Great Night. If you want to be the man who stands next to me, you should be at least that much, right?”


  “Huuuh, the fence is a bit too high, no?” 


  “Moreover, according to our earlier agreement, a third of Hassan’s treasures, goods, fame and power are mine!”




  Her words make me feel like being hit by a hammer in the back of my head.


  “What the, was that your goal all along?”


  “Eung, eung…”


  I laughed out loud; as if I’d been tricked into some sort of a prank. I wasn’t offended, of course. I lay on top of Luna, who had her lips pursed as if she had more things to say.


  Then, I blocked that small pocket of prophecy of hers, that kept trying to utter more and more gibberish, with my own mouth.


  “Heub?! Heuu…. Smooch, haeuu…”


  Luna, who tried to resist slightly at first, soon accepted my advances to her mouth.


  Since it was a kiss after a long time, I even forgot to breathe and just greedily tasted Luna’s small lips and tongue.


  As always, Luna’s lips and soft tongue smelled like refreshing mint.


  Whether it was yesterday, today, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, or even in any other universe where Hassan, a foreign worker, became a king, Luna’s lips will always smell like this bittersweet and cool menthe flavor that I was so familiar with at this point.


  “Heut, slurp, slurp…”


  As I licked and bit her lips for a while more, Luna, who acted as if she found it difficult to breathe, pushed my chest away with her hands.


  She then laid me down on the deerskin and slowly moved her hands to pull my pants down.


  “Wh-What are you going to do…?”




  I was taken aback by her actions and couldn’t help but ask, however, Luna didn’t answer no matter how I asked her. She just showed me what she intended to do with her actions.




  Ten fingers soon wrapped around my hot schlong. It was so cool to the touch that it literally sent shivers down to my very bones.




  Soon after, Luna put her face between my legs and started sniffing out loud.






  While Luna was sniffing my dick, she didn’t forget to touch my balls and rub them repeatedly with her hands.


  It shouldn’t have smelled bad since I had washed up in the bathhouse earlier in the evening. However, I still somehow felt quite ashamed and awkward about her smelling my cock like that.


  Since it was so much embarrassing to be touched and smelled like this, being touched on the butt should probably be a really frightening experience. I kinda understood why Luna had reacted like that before.


  Lick— Lick— 


  While I was slightly reflecting on my own reckless actions, Luna stuck out her tongue and started licking my rod like it was a tasty lollipop.


  “Haeu… Haeum… Smooch.”


  After a few tasteful licks, she opened her tiny jaws, wide enough so that she would be able to accommodate my cock head and the rest of it inside of her sticky canal.


  I felt a pang in my chest as I watched Luna take my cock into her mouth the next moment, even though I hadn’t forced or asked her to do so.


  “Slurp, heub, sluuurp…”


  Though, even for me, who did not have much experience in sexual matters, I could still feel that Luna’s actions were pretty clumsy and awkward.


  Still, that wet, warm, moist feeling of the insides of her mouth was simply heavenly.


  I was proud to see Luna’s willingness and desire to do something like this for me.


  Occasionally, as if to gauge my reactions, she would raise her eyes and look intently at my face.


  I seriously contemplated whether I should give some signs to her and pretend to feel good by her actions, or whether I should at least let out a moan or not, even though I felt embarrassed with just the thought of doing something like that. 




  At that time, I was startled when Luna suddenly bit into the hard, swollen shaft of my penis quite strongly with her teeth.


  “Wh-why did you bite it!”


  “Because I felt angry for some reason. I won’t do that anymore.”


  Was she disappointed that I didn’t respond? While I was feeling a bit regretful for not reacting, Luna suddenly took the chance to sit on top of my thighs.


  She even gently wrapped the ribbon, that she used to tie her hair, which was lying on the floor around my eyes like a blindfold.


  “Y-You can’t open your eyes.”


  After giving out many such warnings, Luna sat directly on top of my lower body.


  I couldn’t tell because my eyes were covered, but I could vaguely feel that my hard, towering rod was being pressed under the weight of some crevice and was trying to dig into it. 

“Heuk, keuk…”


  From Luna’s lips which were now in front of my face, a muffled groan, that seemed to indicate that she was enduring a great deal of pain, leaked out and entered my ears. 


  Swallow— Sliiiide—


  Soon, my hard and long schlong dug into a small round hole and was soon surrounded by moist and smooth walls.


  “Huuuuh, huuuuuh…”


  Luna breathed heavily as if she had just finished undergoing a huge ordeal. She felt like a person who had finally popped out from underwater and breathed out all the accumulated breaths she had been holding back after being down for a long time. 


  Thanks to that, I could smell the cool refreshing scent of menthe coming out of Luna’s mouth and tickling my nose.


  “I-It’s sooo biiig…”


  “Luna, is this perhaps…”


  “Shh, shh…! Be quiet! If you say more, ugh… I’m just going to go to sleep…”


  I couldn’t help but shut my mouth at Luna’s fearsome threat.


  A closed mouth.


  And two covered eyes that were unable to see anything but darkness.


  So, the only place where my heated nerves could now concentrate was my dick that was standing tall and Luna’s weight on my thighs.


  I was sure that my rod had gone through something similar to a very narrow hole.


  I could clearly feel that something was tightening all around, as though a rubber band was wrapping around the bottom of my pole.


  Except for that part, everywhere else, a vague feeling of being wrapped in something soft and warm, and a sense of delectable pressure, could be felt.


  Schlup— Schluck—




  As Luna slowly raised her body while holding onto my shoulders, along with the wet sounds… accompanied a painful voice that had burst out of Luna’s mouth.


  “Ugh… Ah… E-Everything went in, riiiiight?”


  “That’s right. Everything went in this time.”


  Tup— Tup— Swoop—


  Instead of using my blinded eyes to locate her back, I used my hand to feel around and finally grabbed Luna’s back to support her head and torso. And just like that, I slowly shifted my weight forward and laid Luna down on the deerskin once again.


  After that, I inserted my hot schlong deep into her ass as if driving a nail inside the puckering hole along her moist and scathing hot depths.




  At the same time as I heard the pleasant sound of my thighs colliding against her sticky ass, I could feel the trembling sensations that started coming from Luna’s back with my palms.


  “He, aeung…!”


  “…Then, I’ll try to move now.”



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Pseudo Resident’s Illegal Stay in Another World

Pseudo Resident’s Illegal Stay in Another World

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