Pseudo Resident’s Illegal Stay In Another World Chapter 102

Second Moon (4) 🔞

    ༺ Second Moon (4) ༻   



  If it were up to me, I would have just moved my waist like a crazy lunatic and rushed toward climax as soon as I could.


  I wanted to taste the pleasant sensations of her quivering fleshy walls using all of my schlong— from the bulbous tip to the very roots. The desire to pour all the hot and cloudy liquid, churning inside of my balls, deep inside of the depths of her convulsing anal hole almost overwhelmed me for a moment; it started from the nape of my neck and traveled all the way up to the back of my head, making them tingle all over in the excitement from that thought alone. 


  If I had been masturbating right now, I wouldn’t have wasted another second before enacting that thought of mine.


  However, Luna, whom I held in my arms, was thinner and softer than I could have ever imagined her to be. I was seriously afraid that if I were to apply the wrong amount of strength, even for a single second, she would instantly break into pieces in front of me.


  That was why I tried to move slowly and gently inside her depths, making sure I didn’t give her too much stimulation at any moment in time.


  Oh My God! To think that I would see the day when I tried to prevent myself from giving too much stimuli when I was doing an act that had the sole purpose of sharing more and more stimuli between the parties involved… It was somewhat of a contradictory action, but right now, just holding Luna like this was enough to give me immense joy and satisfaction.


  “Ahhh, uhhh… I-It feels so strange…”


  Whenever my waist moved, Luna would leak out a breath through her mouth, seemingly not being able to hold her voice any longer.


  Her hands wrapped around my back tightly while her nails intermittently scratched my skin. Maybe, tomorrow morning, there would be red fingernail marks left all over my back due to that.




  Not only that, Luna even reached the point where she had to bite my neck strongly to not lose herself to the overwhelming sense of pleasure. How could she be so sensitive to stimuli?


  I thought in my mind that if Luna ever asked me to stop, then I would probably stop right away no matter when she asked me to, so I slowly started pushing my rod in and out of her depths with that in mind. 


  Schlup— Schlup— Schlup— 


  “Haeung, ugh, ugh…!”


  Each time I repeated the action, the moans leaking out of Luna’s mouth, which was biting my shoulder right now, grew stronger and stronger.


  Since my eyes were covered, I couldn’t tell what kind of expression Luna was making right now and whether she was moaning because it hurt or because she liked it, so it was all a bit disappointing, to be honest.


  Schlup— Schlup— Schlup— Schlup— Press—


  “Ughh, hauu, uhh, haangh, uhh, huuungh, uhh…”


  I was nervous as Luna could ask me to stop at any time and I would have no choice but to comply. However, Luna unexpectedly showed great endurance and did not stop or restrain me from doing anything.


  But I could vaguely sense that since my stick rod was ramming into her over and over like this, her whole body would become very tired and exhausted after we were finished with this sexual act.




  Soon, a sudden surge of power went into Luna’s stomach and lower half making the muscles of that region contract and undulate. 


  Because of that, the walls that were smothering my schlong with their fleshy and moist warmth began to tighten further and further, and so I had to put a lot of effort into moving my dick inside of her.


  Schlup— Schlup— Schlup— Schlup— Schlup—


  “Haaang, haang, ah, ah, ah…!”


  “Luna, tell me if you’re feeling tired, okay?”


  “Heung, ahh, haang, heuh, ahh, hah, hah…”


  Was she in a state where she couldn’t even answer my questions any longer? Or maybe she was just trying to put up with all the pain and suffering for the sake of my feelings?


  Due to that, I made up my mind on finishing this act as quickly as possible and gradually increased the speed of my thrusts. I believed that putting all of this to an end would make it more comfortable for Luna as well.


  “Heuu, haangh, ang, ah, ah, aaaah!”


  At that moment, a series of screams and moans, which sounded like the death throes coming out of a person on the verge of losing their life, came out from Luna’s mouth, tickling my ears.


  “Ugh, ah, ah, ah!”


  Did I do it too hard? I was a little bit worried about her at this point. However, it would be too disappointing to start slowing down now as I was already in a state where I could reach orgasm at any moment.


  So, while hoping Luna’s body, which had grown to level 15, would be strong enough to withstand the onslaught of my rapid thrusts, I turned her body over and laid her down on the ground on her stomach.


  “Now, I won’t stop even if you ask me to.”




  I inserted my dick inside Luna’s puckering hole as she was lying down on the floor, face down. Soon, Luna lowered her waist and lifted her ass high, making it easy for me to thrust into her.


  “Uughh, euuu…!”


  Before Luna, who was twitching like no tomorrow, had time to adjust to my length, I began thrusting my hard object between her ass.


  “Ahhh, ughh, haaa…! Y-You are too fast… I-I think I’m going to die…”


  When Luna said that she was about to die, I was so startled that I instantly stopped moving altogether. As expected, I had done it too hard and now she was not able to take it anymore.


  “A-are you okay…?”


  “Huh, huh…”


  I asked into the thin air in front of me, not knowing where to look as I was blindfolded, but other than the occasional sounds of exhaling, Luna didn’t respond to my question. As expected, it was uncomfortable to be blindfolded in this kind of situation.


  So, I pulled the ribbon and peeked a bit with my left eye in order to prevent Luna from noticing my sneaky actions. Thanks to that, I was able to observe some things like Luna’s back and her disheveled pink hair.


  Luna was holding her ass high, like a cat stretching out its body with a yawn.


  Her face, shoulders, and arms were sprawled about on the ground, her body showing no signs of movement whatsoever. Well, it was quite natural since her stamina should have been depleted by now from all the exhausting acts we had been doing till now.




  When I thrust into her ass once again, I could clearly see her back becoming rigid and her head tilting upwards.




  Schlup— Schlup— Schlup— Schlup—


  “Heut, hiik, haah, aangh, aangh, angh, angh, aahh, angh…!”


  It was a lot of fun for me to see her raw responses like this. If only I could enjoy it like this a little bit more…


  However, my cock was becoming indescribably stiffer with time, probably due to the intense stimulation which kept gradually increasing over time with the lengthening of our sexual act.


  Once the signal started to rush into my brain, the guy called Ejaculation rushed like a bull that had seen red and showed no signs of restraint any longer. 


  I gritted my teeth as the thought of wrapping this act up and ending it and the thought of enjoying this magical time a little longer played a game of tug-of-war inside my mind.




  I placed my hands on Luna’s firm ass and squeezed them with all my might to endure the constant rush of the intense stimuli that I was receiving through my cock.




  As if my act of rough-handling her ass had a big impact on her, Luna arched her back and spasmed all over.


  Schlup— Schlup— Schlup—


  At that moment, I felt a tightening around my schlong that was so strong that it made my dick unable to dig inside of her depths any longer. 


  The sensation of her walls rubbing against my sensitive glans sent a wave of jolting pleasure coursing through my body— from my toe to my tailbone as well as from the shaft of my cock to the tip of my head, forcing me to immediately cum.




  Even though I honestly thought that it was stupid to see a man moaning like I was doing now,


  It was really hard to keep the moans from escaping my mouth as I cummed inside her depths which were soft, moist, and tightened so lovingly around my dick.


  “Wh-What the… H-Hassan, I feel, s-strange, heuh, aangh, ah… !”


  In any case, together with that shrieking sound, Luna trembled even more before slumping onto the floor like a dead body.


  Splurt— Splurt— Splurt—


  I poured out all my semen, that was churning inside my balls till now, into her warm insides. It was a long and thick ejaculation that made me wonder if It was the culmination of everything that had piled up until now.


  “Heuu, uh, W-What… S-something’s cumm— ah, ah ah…!”


  Probably due to the feeling of being cummed inside of her depths, Luna also seemed to have reached a climax so strong and incredulous that she shouted her lungs out in pleasure.




  After I finished ejaculating, I pulled my throbbing rod out of the hole between Luna’s legs.


  Then I could clearly see that the puckering hole, which had been closed so tightly before, had opened slightly up to the girth of my thick rod, making it puffy and swollen.


  There couldn’t be any prettier sight than that in the world, I was sure of it.


  Of course, since Luna still thought that I was blindfolded, I would pretend that I didn’t see this appearance of hers.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


  Luna, who had become absolutely spent, regained some of her energy back after I gave her a small massage.


  She even started moving her body quite a bit after a stream of letters that indicated that her breast lumps as well as her mild menstrual cramps had been cured appeared before my eyes.


  “Huh, it feels a little better now.”


  “I’m glad. Now, lie down for me… I’ll massage your back too.”


  Since she just had an unfamiliar experience in an unfamiliar position, she would definitely suffer from muscle soreness tomorrow if left unattended.


  That’s why I stroked her arms, legs, armpits, forearms, and even neck with my palms and massaged them carefully with my fingers.


  “Hehe, it tickles.”


  Only after being massaged for a while did Luna regain her usual smile. Now, I finally was able to feel relieved.


  “Then shall we sleep now?”


  “No, we have to wash up first!”


  I thought I could just sleep as is. But, Luna insisted that we must wash our bodies first before sleeping.


  So we ended up wiping off each other’s bodies outside, beneath the two moons that were hanging up in the sky. It was a unique and extraordinary experience in its own way. 


  Luna’s soft and curvy body threatened to make my cock rise again, and I was trying my utmost to suppress it to the point where I felt like I would die if I suppressed it for too long.


  When the quick shower was over, Luna opened her mouth as her knees buckled and shook like someone who had to go to the bathroom to relieve themselves.


  “Heuu… Seems like something is flowing inside… It’s also very painful…”




  “N-Not that!”


  “Then, what is flowing inside?”


  “I-I don’t know.”




  Suddenly, Luna slapped my upper torso with her wet towel; it hit me like a literal whip and hurt me more than I thought it would.


  “Hassan, let’s wash our bodies in the bathhouse first before eating tomorrow.”


  Even though Luna had wiped her body with a wet towel right now, it seemed like she wasn’t the least bit satisfied yet. I was also someone who liked to regularly clean my body, so I just nodded my head in agreement.


  So, after washing our bodies, we lay down on the ground as if nothing had happened between us. It was kind of a pity to just lie down on the hard wooden floor in our current tired state.


  “It would have been nice if we had another blanket.”






  A brief moment of silence followed after Luna gave me her answer.


  Luna and I were acting so awkwardly right now that it would be unthinkable for someone seeing us that we had just had a steamy affair not long ago. 


  It was as if we had agreed to not talk to each other about what happened between us not long ago.


  Since we acted like nothing happened, it became super awkward as though there was a hole of an entire day in my memories and I was literally forcing myself to not recall them. 


  Would this awkward atmosphere get better tomorrow morning?


  I was tired after doing so many things today. On top of it all, as I slept with the blanket covering my body, I started to feel drowsy from the cozy warmth of the blanket.


  I yawned out loud and closed my eyes shut.


  “Hassan. Are you sleeping?”


  Probably because she couldn’t sleep yet, Luna called out to me in a small voice.


  “No, not yet. Why?”


  “The thing I said before… About Hassan becoming a great man…”


  “Ah, what about it?”


  “Now that I think about it, it’s okay even if that doesn’t happen. I… In a small house like this… I think it’s nice to stay like this… covered in a blanket together while sharing each other’s warmth.”


  “Is that so?”


  Luna’s words made me feel the sensation of the hard wooden floor even more vividly than before.


  A small, cramped room.


  If you listened closely, you could hear almost everything that was happening in the slums from inside of this cabin and even things that were hard to make out, whether it was cats or rats scurrying around or something else entirely, disturbing your sleep.


  It was like a secret base that was so incredibly small that I could hear Luna’s chattering voice from almost anywhere inside the cabin, whether it was the first floor or the second. 


  I wished in my heart that I could spend every day with Luna inside of this cabin just like that.


  Of course, I knew very well that an ordinary life and ordinary happiness were hard things to achieve in life. I would have to work harder in the future— around the time I was thinking like that…


  “However, Hassan will surely go far someday. Higher than I could ever imagine. Or deep into the ground…”


  I was pulled out of my thoughts by Luna’s voice, which contained some hints of worry underlaid in them.


  “I will go that far?”


  “Yeah. It would be so very far that It would be difficult for me to find out where Hassan would go if you suddenly disappeared from my sight.”


  “Who said that I’ll go? Is this one of those intuitions of yours as a Shaman of Ideope that you talk about every other day? That mysterious feeling that you have?” 


  “Umm, no.”


  Luna shook her head in response.


  “It’s just a woman’s intuition.”




  At that moment, the wind of dawn blew from somewhere and cooled the air inside this little cabin of ours. That was probably because the first-floor window was left slightly open so that Kong Kong, who had left the house, could enter at any time it wanted.


  The breeze created a momentary silence that settled over our bodies like a blanket of mystery. I opened my mouth to blow away the silence with my words.


  “Luna, I don’t think you should trust those feelings of yours. You just feel worried because it’s already pretty late. Let’s just sleep and forget about it all.”


  “Is that so?”


  Rustle— Rustle—


  As I closed my eyes in order to sleep, Luna grabbed onto my arm again. Was her hunger problem not resolved yet? Well, it only made sense that she would feel hungrier after the heavy workout that we did not long ago.


  When I thought that Luna would bite my arm again in order to endure the hunger, I found out that she didn’t do anything like that and just quietly sniffed it with that cute little nose of hers. 


  “What are you doing?”


  “If I remember your smell, wherever you go, I will be able to find you.”

  “What are you? A wolf?”




  Luna didn’t say anything after that. From the fact that her breathing had become steady soon after, I surmised that she must have fallen asleep.


  Just until a moment ago, I was feeling so tired that I was sure that I was about to fall into a deep sleep at any moment. However, Luna’s last few words bothered my mind, so I couldn’t help but fall into a pondering state instead of sleeping outright.


  To think that she would say something like I would go somewhere far away from her. Was Luna showing signs of separation anxiety?


  The only place I wanted to go that was out of Luna’s reach was the afterlife, which I would only visit after my death, or my home, which might be in another universe.


  The home that I couldn’t even remember the door password of anymore.


  Home, huh?


  I suddenly remembered the day that I fell into a trap and arrived in this strange world.


  I came here like I had been kidnapped without even having the time to say goodbye to my parents, younger sister, and acquaintances. Fuck! Even thinking about it was enough to make me feel wronged and angry.


  Just like that…


  What if one day, without any notice or warnings, I fell into a strange trap once more and returned to my original world?


  If Luna and I were unable to meet again for the rest of our lives, without even having the time to say goodbye to each other then…


  Wouldn’t Luna wander around this strange world to look for me who suddenly disappeared one day?


  The image of Luna that wandered throughout the crowd, searching for my face, was so vivid in my head that it felt like I was seeing it firsthand. 


  There was something very sad about it that made my heart sink endlessly. Even though it was the home I wanted to return to so badly.


  For some reason, I liked this old cabin more than the cool air conditioning and a refrigerator full of Coke that I had going for me in the past.


  Until now, I’d lived my life with a mindset of having nothing to lose but my own life, so I’d been living it one day at a time. Now that I had more and more to lose, I started to feel rather anxious. Fucking shit!


  Just what the hell was this world?


  Why in hell was I here?


  Until now, I thought that my entry into this world was just an unfortunate coincidence, but it now seemed like there were a lot of things that I needed to ponder about the circumstances that lead me to this world.


  For example, that long-eared cultist woman I met before falling into this bizarre world of superstitions.


  Just who was that woman who told me to believe in the chaos— the beginning of everything?


  Even if I pondered about it alone, I didn’t think that I would be able to come up with an answer to this question. 


  Seems like I would have to go to the library after waking up tomorrow.



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Pseudo Resident’s Illegal Stay in Another World

Pseudo Resident’s Illegal Stay in Another World

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