Pseudo Resident’s Illegal Stay In Another World Chapter 24

Child-Making Date With Luna (4)

༺ Child-Making Date With Luna (4) ༻  


 Luna took off her thin and minimal clothes, which barely covered her body, along with her accessories and dropped them one by one on the floor.    

 Her face which was lit by the candles’ dim light was as red as a fully ripe apple. [1]

 She was trembling intensely while biting her lower lip. She was very clearly ashamed and totally clueless about what to do.

 I was at a loss and embarrassed too by her sudden behavior.

 I was only going to touch her palms or massage her back at most. I had to object to this useless display of exposure as soon as possible.

 “Wait, why are you taking off your clothes?”

 “Y-You said you’d do the same thing you did to the innkeeper… I have to take them off so that they don’t get wet…”

 I felt the urge to just lose it all at Luna’s response. Her voice was shrill as if she was on the verge of tears.

 Damn, what the hell did I do with the innkeeper to lead to this scenario? I scurried my head for answers, trying to remember what I forgot during the night I was drunk.

 Damn it, I still can’t remember what happened after I blacked out.


 Luna started moving while I was immersed in an anguish-filled dilemma.

 She gently covered her chest and inner thighs then laid on the bed on her stomach while burying her face in the pillow.   

 “P-please, get done with it quickly…”

 “Hmm, huh, yes, I’ll do it as fast as I can.”

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 I cautiously approached the bed, after absent-mindedly spouting out that line.    

 I didn’t know where to look at. Of course, Luna, who was burying her head in the pillow, like an ostrich that buried its heads on the ground, would never know where I was looking. I could steal glances at her beautiful body and even take a peek at her privates, but I felt like that would be inappropriate and immoral, hence my dilemma as to where to look. 

 I began by appreciating the sight of her rear that was lit by the lantern placed at the bedside table.

 As she grew up in poor nutritional conditions, Luna’s physique was rather small compared to most women. 

 Despite that, her slender waist and round, protruding hips fitted her cute personality, which along with her arched back, created a soft curve full of feminine charm. 

 A curve.  

 Yes, a curve.   

 All I had seen in this world were sweaty muscles or scrawny bodies. They were closest to sharp angles rather than a soft and supple curve that was pleasant to the eyes.

 Taking that into account, it was understandable why Luna’s naked body was so effective on me. It was enough to make me start shaking my head in awe.

 The closest experience to this one that I have gone through, was when I accidentally saw Elfriede undressing.

 I was bedridden for a few days after getting slapped by her after that. Damn it, just thinking about it is enough to make my cheeks burn with shame and unbridled anger.

 I was sure I knocked three times on the door and asked if I could come in. I get really annoyed each time I remember this incident, damn it. Anyway…

 My head started to pile up with useless thoughts at the sight of Luna’s naked body. The situation must have been so surreal to my brain that it decided it was better to stop functioning altogether.

 Should I put my hands on her naked back like this? Will I be charged with sexual harassment if I touch her? I finally decided to not think much about it and get along with my task.

 “Luna, I’m gonna start.” 


 No answer came back. Interpreting her silence as a sign of consent, I sat down near Luna’s thigh and placed my palms on her slender waist.



 Luna’s body intensely quivered at my touch. She couldn’t hide her fear and nervousness, as I could definitely feel it through her shaking body.

 Her body was cold, probably because of the shower she had just taken, and surprisingly soft to the touch.

 Was a woman’s body supposed to be this thin and soft?

 Maybe I’m exaggerating, but I feel like I could hold her waist in my palm, and that red palm marks would remain on her bare white skin if I applied the slightest force to it.

 Considering she had barely eaten a meal or two during the past two days, her soft flesh was slightly folded on the sides. It felt very good to the touch. She also smelled rather nice since she had just washed up.

 I would love to continue poking and rubbing her soft skin but it was time to get the work done. I put my palms on both sides of her narrow back and applied a considerable amount of pressure on it.


 The sounds of cracking bones resounded loudly in the enclosed room.


 This sounded more like the sound of a collapsing house rather than the cracking of a young girl’s bones.

 At the same time, a muffled scream came out from Luna’s mouth that was buried in the pillow.

 “Aah, it hurts! It hurts!”

 Luna writhed while wriggling her arms and leg and pounding them on the bed. I put my palms on her back again and spoke to her in a reassuring tone.

 “Don’t worry! Although it hurts the first time, it will soon get better. Rather, you’ll be begging me not to stop in a few moments.”

 “I-I don’t think I’ll ever like this…”

 The sounds of cracking bones again reverberated in the room.

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 The level and intensity of the sound vary between each person, but this is the first time I’ve ever heard such loud sounds. Was it because her bones were very misaligned and twisted?

 Anyway, I could feel the blood vigorously flowing again through the blocked spots each time I put my fingers on her back.

 Her skin, which had been previously cooled down by the cold shower, once again warmed up and looked full of vitality. I still saw no sign of the curse being cured, however. 

 As expected, I have to clear up all of the red spots.

 “Heu, heuuuh… I-Is it finally over?” 

 “Far from that, we haven’t even started yet.” 

 I reached out to Luna, who was sprawled in the bed like a dried mackerel again.

 Letters appeared in my sight again along with a Ding— noise when I touched her wrist.    


Name: Luna Knoxdotty
Level: 3
Conditions: Curse of Knox 》Curse of Erebor 》Curse of Weak Concentration 》Curse of Weak Growth


 Damn it, no matter how many times I look at it, I can’t get used to the number of curses. What the hell is this girl doing? Wait, didn’t she say that Ideope was cursed by the gods? Is this the result of that curse? Did that mean all the people of Ideope were like her?

 No use thinking about it now since I wasn’t going to reach an answer on my own. Anyway, I have to focus on my current task.


 Looking again at Luna’s body, I could see red circles appearing on it. The spots were very reminiscent of the patterns on a ladybug’s wings.

 I finally understood when these spots appeared. 

 They only appear after checking her pulse from her wrist.

 I felt very satisfied with having a better understanding of my abilities. Capitalizing on my great mood, I promptly put my hands under her scapula. I pressed on the two spots that were symmetrically placed there, one on the left, the other on the right.

 I heard that this hard-to-reach area of the scapula was important for releasing shoulder, neck, and overall upper-arm tension. 

 Obviously, that’s just what my father said to me, I’m clueless about all of this. I just speculated that pressing on these red spots would make people feel better by relieving the tension on their bones and joints.


 My thick thumbs pressed on Luna’s soft back as if it was going to pierce through it…    


 Luna’s whole body jumped up, with a shrill shriek I didn’t even think she was capable of producing. She was struggling quite fiercely, and this was despite my huge body sitting on top of her.

 It was at such a time that I had to apply what I learned at Finley’s clinic. It was sometimes necessary to use force against patients, so as to not be subdued by their struggles.

 I pressed both hands on Luna’s shoulders, not letting her move. Again, I strongly pressed on the two red spots and started doing circular movements with my thumbs. Again and again, I repeated that motion.

 “Euaagh, kyaaa, Ha-Hassan, t-that’s enough, I’m gonna die, I-I can’t breathe!! Please, stop this already!!”

 “We’re gonna be done soon, just close your eyes and count some snakes in your mind. You like snakes, right? Shhh.”

 “Ah, haah, hang! Ah, no, m-my belly…”

 Then, Luna’s body stiffened and started shuddering as if she had an epileptic seizure. Then she began trembling even more violently after I pressed my thumb harder on the spot.

 She couldn’t talk anymore and just kept gasping for air as though trying to save herself from drowning by inhaling as much air as she could.



『Luna Knoxdotty’s Curse of Weak Growth condition has been healed.』
Task Points + 10』


 Oh, I finally got rid of one of the curses. My mouth opened in an ‘O’ shape in excitement at seeing the increase in my Task Points.


 Luna then let out a loud scream that shook the whole room, then wetted the bed sheet with her piss!

 “Wait, what?”

 Why did she suddenly wet herself? This was embarrassing and frightening at the same time. What went wrong? The Chikorita just used Hydropump[2]. Was it a water type all along?

 “Hey, why did this happen all of a sudden?”

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 “I d-don’t know, that’s why I said no, sob, sob…Bouhouhou.”

 Luna buried her head even deeper in her pillow, sobbing and crying about the fact that she just wetted the bed. 

 I couldn’t help but feel guilty, although I actually did something good by ridding her of her curse.

 I can’t believe this is even real. Anyway, this blanket is ruined now, I can’t continue without getting another one.

 I was left without any choice but to head to the ground floor at the lobby where the innkeeper was and ask him for extra blankets.

 “Uhm, can I get another blanket? Even if I have to pay for it…” 

 “Ah? Don’t tell me you wetted yourself? Or was it the pink-haired girl?”

 How did he know? Do innkeepers get future sight powers after rolling around for a few years?

 “Come to think of it, you aren’t very dexterous, brother. The same happened to me yesterday. It happened multiple times too…” 


 Damn, I need to get out of this place as soon as possible, I’d rather stay ignorant about whatever the innkeeper is talking about.

 “Sigh, just give me some more blankets.”

 “I would usually charge two coppers for this, but since brother is asking, it will be free. Just hang the blanket outside and you can continue to do what you were doing like yesterday.”

 I got an extra blanket from a warehouse-like room and went back to the room. When I opened the door, I saw a curled-up Luna, she was sitting on the bed while wrapping herself with a blanket.


 She screamed when she realized my presence and hid her head under the blanket.    

 Was she perfecting her impersonation of a turtle? Maybe it was a new kind of voodoo? And since I’ve come this far already, I might as well get rid of all the curses! As they say, it’s better to strike the iron while it’s hot.

 I walked closer toward Luna who was curled up under the blanket, then grabbed her ankles and pulled her legs.


 Then, Luna’s legs spilled out of the blanket.

 With her head and legs sticking out of the blanket, Luna looked like a snail. I also noticed there were red spots on her legs too.

 I shifted my gaze to Luna’s tiny soles, that I was holding in my hands. They were trembling and unable to resist my touch.  

 Her feet were smaller than my palms. That’s how most women’s feet were, I guess.

 For a savage who walked barefoot, her feet were abnormally soft with no calluses on them.

 She doesn’t look to be injured there too. Unexpectedly well maintained, even. Anyway, let’s get to work again…

 “N-Not the soles of my feet! It’s a place you shouldn’t casually touch, you know!”

 Luna suddenly exclaimed when I was about to touch her Achilles tendon with my thumb and index fingers.

 Luna who was in a squatting position while burying her head in the blanket, suddenly jumped up, resisting my touch. Sadly for her, the results were minimal. It would already be hard for her to shake me off, but it became nigh impossible for her after my strength rose by 1.

 Didn’t Finley resist the idea of me massaging her feet too? It seems even though Finley and Luna came from two different continents, Gaia and Ideope respectively, they shared a common repulsion at the idea of someone touching their feet.

 While I was pressing Luna’s Achilles tendon, I decided to ask Luna about something I had been curious about.

 “Why not there?” 

 “T-That… It’s the weak point of a person. People only show it to people they trust, only couples and lovers do it…”

 Ah, so that’s how it was. Well, the Achilles tendon is definitely one of the prominent weak points of humans. Getting hurt there would certainly impede your ability to walk, and would obviously hurt a lot and feel uncomfortable. 

 There’s no way I could miss such a great opportunity.

 “I’ll be careful not to hurt you.”

 “N-Not because of that… Hah, heuh…”

 If melting ice cream could scream it would make the same sounds Luna was making right now. 

 It might sound ridiculous or silly to someone unaware, but it was an understandable reaction for someone whose Achilles tendon was being grabbed.

 “Ah, no, s-stop, Hassan… Haah, heuu, heuu…”

 This situation was very complicated for my little brother. It couldn’t help but harden despite all my efforts to ignore the strange, almost lewd, groans coming out of Luna’s mouth. 

 Only a thin blanket was hiding Luna’s smooth naked body from my eyes.

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 It’s good that I was a civilized person of the 21st century. A savage of this world would without a doubt just take off the blanket and assault Luna here and now.

 “Heu, heuuu— something is coming, waa, it’s tingling! heuuaaah…!”



『Luna Knoxdotty’s Curse of Weak Concentration condition has been healed.』
Task Points + 10』


 The usual sound and words appeared, letting me regain my senses before I got too horny. 

 I was already done with two curses, this was going very smoothly. And this time I wasn’t rushing and taking my time to carefully root out all her curses.


 I suddenly felt my bones freezing and the air around me chilling. It wasn’t the mood or the atmosphere, instead, my surroundings’ temperature was actually dropping quickly and becoming colder.

 I could hear Splashes and Cracks coming from all around me, then a fissure opened up in the middle of the bedroom. What the hell, is it finally the time for this world’s Ice Age to begin? What a fucking damned world!     

 Just when I was entertaining such stupid thoughts. 

 The soles of Luna’s feet which had been held by me, slipped back into the blanket. There was something eerie about it.  

 “You dare, mortal?”

 “…Damn, what is it this time?”   

Translator’s Note:


[1]: Original translation was “like a bursting balloon” but I localized it to better adjust to the context and understanding of the readers. 

[2]: Pokemon terminology. Chikorita is a plant-type pokemon while Hydropump is a water-type move. So what he’s saying is that she was actually a water type since she used a water move. I don’t if we explained it earlier but Chikorita is one of the worst starters ever in pokemon. They’re very cute, I’ll give them that lol but very useless overall. I think you guys can see the comparison with Luna easily. 

Things never go right for poor little Hassan. It seems a divinity is confronting him now sadge. Maybe he’ll have a little more luck the next time? See you then lads.


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Pseudo Resident’s Illegal Stay in Another World

Pseudo Resident’s Illegal Stay in Another World

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