Pseudo Resident’s Illegal Stay In Another World Chapter 25

Nemea's Cat (1)

༺ Nemea’s Cat(1) ༻  


  “You dare mortal?” 

  An unusual chill permeated the cramped room of the cheap inn.

  An overbearing voice came out from under the blanket where Luna currently was. Even an idiot would figure out that something very wrong was happening.

  “Damn, what is it this time…”

  I could see the air condense as I breathed out. It’s so cold, why the hell is this suddenly happening?

  I heard Luna’s voice again while I was trembling in bewilderment and fear.

  “The laws of supreme subordination can’t be broken so lightly by mere mortals. I hope you’re ready to pay for breaking the religious precepts, you puny mortal.”

  “Huh, yes ma’am!”   

  The voice was so overbearing that I unconsciously talked respectfully to it. Was it really the dull-witted Luna that was talking to me right now?

  No, it probably wasn’t. I could instinctively feel it. What I had in front of me right now, was something akin to a Schrodinger’s Luna. I would only know if it was really her if I directly checked it, without that her identity would remain uncertain.

  I really didn’t feel like doing that though. I was a little too frightened at what I might unearth from that revelation.

  I chose to kneel face down on the floor with a metaphorical blade on my neck, instead.

  “Truthfully, I’m sorry! Please, forgive me just this once!”

  I don’t know what happened nor what I did wrong here, but apologizing first wouldn’t hurt anybody.

  The cold was so unusual that the idea of me turning into an ice cube didn’t seem weird at all. The back of my head was buzzing and my survival sense was sounding the emergency alert at ear-splitting noise.

  “At least you know that what you did was wrong. Recognizing one’s faults is very important after all. It is very pleasing to see a mortal take such an attitude.”

  “So… will you forgive me?”

  “No. Only great chaos can ensue after involving sentiments in law enforcement. I can’t ignore it too. Fret not, I’ll let you die painlessly at least.”

  “Uh, it’s so so unfair! What did I do wrong?”

  You die when you get killed. Even then, I still wanted to know why I would die here at least. From inside the blanket, Luna’s cold-as-ice voice resounded, providing me the answer.

  “It’s your medical arts mortal. Just like Asclepius, they have the potential to violate the laws of the heavens and the underworld in the ensuing future.”

  “What do you mean…?”

  “Asclepius was struck by lightning because he could revive the dead. The world was in chaos because of this transgression. Such a tragedy should be prevented from being repeated at all costs. Therefore, your life must be taken today, mortal.”

  The voice from under the blanket reminded me of a long-forgotten story I had heard.

  That was what Finley, the healer, told me about the illegality of practicing your medical skills on the street.

  I thought you’d have to confront government officials, but this is so very much worse, damn it. God fucking damn it…

  “Be content with having a painless death, mortal. I’m only giving you this honor to reward your penitent attitude.”



  A pink gas began emitting from under the blanket where Luna was curled up. 


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  As a healthy boy from the Republic of Korea, I had gone through military training and had been discharged from the Gangwon province. I could confidently say that I knew the horror of chemical warfare better than anyone in this barbaric world.

  I took in a deep breath, at the thought of inhaling something I didn’t know whether it was smoke or gas. Damn, I need to get out of this place quickly! Gas, Gas! [1] 

  I quickly got up and rushed to the door.


  But the door was frozen solid, like a big lump of ice, and didn’t budge at all. Damn, such an inhumane ice prison!

  “You will slowly lose consciousness and die. You won’t feel any pain. Accept it, and pay the price for messing with my daughter. You won’t be able to hold your breath forever. So, it’s just a matter of time anyways.”

  “Cough— Uh, uh—”

  Pink mist inevitably began seeping through my orifices. I went half crazy when I felt my chest being invaded by this hazardous gas.

  No! I’ve just been freed from slavery, I can’t die like this!

  “Open the door, owner! Open the door! Open the door!!”

  Bang— Bang— Bang—    

  I was relentlessly banging on the door as if my life depended on it, well it actually did. I was hitting the door so hard that my hands began hurting, almost bleeding from the force of my banging. I checked the windows but it was in a similar state to the door.

  Shit, the room has been sealed!

  I heard Luna’s voice along with an eerie laugh while I was ripping out my hair in frustration.

  “You lasted a long time for a mortal. Ordinary mortals would have lost their lives after a single whiff.”

  “Owner, this place has become dangerous! Open the door! Please, open the fucking door!”

  “Indeed, you’re rather strong for a human child. What a waste of talent.”

  “I’m dying! Help! Owner, open the door! Open the door!!”

  “…You’re being a little too loud. When the hell are you going to collapse? Moreover… I can feel a familiar Karma laced within your own Karma. Mortal, do you have any blessings?”

  I, who had been acting crazy for a while now, suddenly stopped at her inquiry. 

  It was also because her usually cold voice considerably softened, and the surrounding air that was chilly enough to freeze my bones like Gangwon province’s warmed again.

  “B-Blessing? That’s right. I have been blessed by the Sun god…”

  “…It can’t be. It feels very different from that smug Sun god. Oh, so that’s what happened… How interesting. My goodness, I didn’t think this was even remotely possible. Boy, what’s your name?”

  She asked for my name after asking me then answered herself. I don’t know what is happening, is she trying to forgive me?

  I tried saying my name with a runny nose and a mouth that could barely move because of the shivering cold.


  “Ha-ssan? Yes, Hassan. I, the Primordial Night will suspend your execution and forgive you for your sins done against my daughter. I will also bless your journey. With my blessing, you can fool the eyes of others.” [2]



『You receive a Blessing from ‘Knox, The Primordial Night’.』
『You have acquired ‘Veil of Night’.』


  Instead of killing me, she suddenly blessed me? I was a bit puzzled at the sudden 180 turn in the way she treated me. It looks like I’m at least safe for now.

  “T-Thank you.”

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  “What a polite child! I’m the Primordial Night, the mother of superstition, Knox. My power will form a dark curtain that will deceive the eyes of unwanted observers.”

  “I… Uh, can I ask what you mean?”    

  “I was being rather literal. You’ll be able to deceive the eyes of the other gods and keep your identity a secret. My faith is declining and so are my powers, so the effects will be humble and could compare in no way to what they once were. Therefore… on’t overus… wers for… cinal practice.”

  The voice of the woman who identified herself as Knox began cracking like an out-of-frequency radio from the 90s.

  “About your Su… od blessing don…orry. You… your sanity… I’m leavin… Take responsibi… for my… ghter…”

  I couldn’t distinguish what she was saying after that. It was like a whisper during a blizzard, It was hard to even hear her clearly let alone make out her words.




  “Wake up, Hassan. It’s morning!”

  “I’m waking up Elfriede! I’m waking up! Please, don’t beat me…”

  “Who is Elfriede? It’s me, Luna, your pa-party member…haha. We’re now party members, right?”

  “Ah, oh? It’s Luna…”

  I woke up once again after closing my eyes for just a few moments. Damn, it feels like time flows much faster when I’m asleep. Am I the only one that feels that way or is it more universal?

  It looks like I just woke up from sleeping, but it didn’t feel like that at all. It felt like, instead of sleeping, I had just closed my eyes and opened them again. When did I fall asleep in the first place? What the hell is going on?

  Fortunately, I woke up to Luna’s bright and cheerful voice instead of Elfriede’s ruthless beating.

  I remembered that I was far from that miserable slavehood of a life I had been living for the past two years and felt relief wrap my whole body in its relaxing embrace.

  “Good morning! How refreshing! Is this how adventurers that are part of fixed parties wake up? So that’s how it is.”

  Luna energetically greeted me. Her reddish cheeks shone as bright as spring flowers budding under the morning sunlight, a refreshing scene to look at, especially as the first thing after waking up.

  It seems I was affected by yesterday’s curse. Most importantly, certain things need to be addressed first.

  “Is everything okay? Yesterday, Knox took over your b—”

  “Hah? What happened yesterday?”

  Luna tilted her head as if wondering what was going on. Her reaction left me speechless.

  “You don’t remember?”

  “I remember washing, lying on my bed then… Weird. I didn’t drink much yesterday. Don’t tell me you can get drunk on barley juice?! Anyway, I feel refreshed.”

  “Y-Yeah, that’s what happened.”

  Can’t she remember the Ice-Age-like scenario that had struck us yesterday?

  I began thinking I was dreaming at the time. I fell asleep too, so it being a dream wouldn’t be too surprising, but-

  “…Long live the Chaos.”

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Name: Hassan
Level: 9
Strength: 4
Agility: 2
Stamina: 3
Task: 177
Blessing: Blessing of Chaos 》 Imperfect Dexterity 》Veil of Night


  A new blessing had been added and proudly appeared on my blessings list. This was definitive proof that all that happened last night was actually real.

  “Hey, I’ve been wondering, what is your mother’s name?”

  “Yes? My mother? Didn’t I tell you I didn’t have one? I’m an orphan. I lived with one of the elders back in Ideope.”

  “Oh, umm, I see. I shouldn’t have asked, then. I’m sorry.”

  “It’s okay! I never felt bad about it since I never lost anything, to begin with. I’m feeling great right now like I’ve taken a load out of my chest. So, what are your plans, Hassan? It’s our first day as a party!”

  “Hmm, we sho—”

  Just as I was trying to stand up, I felt my body losing strength and a throbbing pain wracking my whole body.


  What can I say? I feel like my limbs have been sapped out of all their energy, and I couldn’t move them a single bit.

  It was like invisible hands had sprouted from the ground, grabbed my legs and shoulders, and began pulling me down in earnest, not willing to let me leave the cold ground’s embrace. Maybe last night’s near-death experience and the consequent backlash came back now as a belated storm.

  Maybe I should just lie down and sleep. It was when I was entertaining such thoughts that I felt a jolt run down my body, remembering yesterday’s pink mist, keeping me from going back to sleep. I was afraid I’d never open my eyes again if I closed them now.

  “Are you okay, Hassan? You don’t look too well. Should we just rest for today?”

  “You can’t make money when you’re resting.”

  It was with that goal in mind that I moved my droopy body and headed to the guild building.

  I can’t help but feel surprised at my incredible willpower. Well, it’s not like I had any other choice since I’d just starve to death otherwise.

  “It’s nice to see you again Mr. Hassan. You’re looking quite impressive.”

  The eyes of Daphne, the receptionist, were scanning my body.

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  She blatantly looked at the three extorted swords and the 5 silvers worth of protective gear, not masking her unrestrained gaze or the interest evoked in them.

  Daphne then narrowed those pretty eyes of hers and licked her lips in a dangerous fashion.

  “I heard some interesting rumors. It seems you fought with some people from the guild?”

  Oh, for fuck’s sake. How do these rumors spread so fast? I hope it isn’t forbidden to fight with guys from the same guild. Don’t tell me I’m gonna get sanctioned now. Just as I started getting scared…

  “You roughed them up for real, didn’t you?”

  “Um, y-yeah.”

  “It’s all thanks to Lord Mars’ Blessing then. Iron-grade adventurers Skar, Uther, and Corinne were expelled from the guild after being defeated by you in a duel.”

  “Will I get expelled from the guild if I lose a duel too?”

  “Yes. Lord Mars, the god of valor and war, doesn’t like losers. Still, you have great luck for being able to win even after fighting three guys at once, Mr. Hassan. They were about to be promoted to the next rank too so it must have been even harder for you to win. You, who have just started your adventuring journey, won against them, I can only contribute it to beginner’s luck, otherwise, it would be too absurd…”

  “I was there to help too!”

  Luna quietly interrupted Daphne, with a soft murmur, who was nearing the end of her story.

  “Oh, it’s Luna, right? I hope you won’t mind the question, but… did you two come together?”

  “Ah, that’s…”

  “Starting from today, we are in a regular party. That’s why we came here!”

  Luna screeched in my stead. Why is your voice so loud, girl? My ears are almost bleeding.

  “A fixed party? Luna and Hassan?”

  “Yes, yes! Take this by the way!”

  Luna rummaged through her bag and pulled out one of the totems that I had made.

  “What is this? This looks like… a dick? Why are you giving me such an obscene and ugly object? You know this can count as sexual harassment right?” 

  Huh? I thought Daphne’s situation got better after the slap reconciliation agreement but looks like it didn’t. Luna and I felt ashamed and could only slightly giggle awkwardly in embarrassment.

  “Just kidding.”

  Daphne’s lips rose to form a smile. Her eyes, however, were still very cold, she didn’t seem to take it lightly at all. Anyway-

  “So, do you have anything in store for us today?”

  “I actually do. Someone requested you for something. It was actually a task that required a party of adventurers so I’m happy to see you’ve formed one.”

  Wait, what? Someone requested for me? Like specifically me?

Translator’s Note:


[1]: Gas was in English, maybe an Initial D reference, who knows.

[2]: The original translation was Night’s Genesis, which isn’t really that good of a title. So, we tried to localize it a bit and found out that Knox is an inspiration from Nox, the Primordial Goddess of Night, hence Primordial Night. Also, we originally wanted to name it Oldest Night, but that’s plain MTL so we avoided that.


And this is the end of the Child-making date with Luna. A little disappointed? Worry not, it’s gonna get real in the next chapters, this title is more than it seems lmao. See you next time.


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Pseudo Resident’s Illegal Stay in Another World

Pseudo Resident’s Illegal Stay in Another World

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