Pseudo Resident’s Illegal Stay In Another World Chapter 33

Lions Are Prideful (4) 🔞

༺ Lions Are Prideful (4) ༻  


  “E-Excuse me, if I may, could you use your mouth at least?”

  It was now or never. I’m going to die anyway, so I might as well go and say it. I just wanted to avoid having my balls and my little brother crushed by this ruthless sexual harassment before I’m eventually offed by her.

  It would have been better if I had died at the mercy of those filthy rats back in the sewers than to die here in this miserable state — naked and tied to a chair.

  “Use my mouth~? Do you want me to bite you~? My teeth are very strong and sharp, you know~ It will definitely hurt you~ It might be cut off too~”

  No, why would I even want you to bite it?

  The witch didn’t seem to have any knowledge about how to make men feel good using their schlong. Since I was already going to die and had, in the literal sense, nothing to lose, I mustered up my courage and asked the question brimming in my mind for a while.

  “Hmmmm… Witch~ Excuse me, but, have you ever dated a man before?”

  “Why~? Does it have anything to do with this~?”

  “It has a lot to do with this, in fact.”

  “I never did~”

  “Then, hmm, how do I say this… Well, do you have some sexual experience or anything similar…?”

  “My Samaritan friend~ I’m a woman who graduated from Corinth’s Ivory Tower~ I have a master’s degree in magic~ Do you think I, who is called Nemea the lioness, don’t have any experience in that~?”

  “Y-You have…?” 

  “I saw it in a book~” 

  Damn it, isn’t that the same as not having any experience?

  Well, in this world, where Youtube and Torrent sites didn’t exist, sexual knowledge probably was like hidden knowledge that only close people conversed about in secret.

  It was somehow ridiculous and incredible at the same time that such a good-looking woman had no experience with men. Well, I remember hearing somewhere that the prettier a woman was the less experience she had with men.

  Maybe it had something to do with the aura she was exuding, which made it hard for men to approach her. Now that I think about it, my little brother down there wasn’t very cheerful the first time I saw her either. My hypothesis may very well be close to the truth.

  The witch who only had rough knowledge about sexual matters, without any experience to back it up, was in a worse situation than not having any knowledge about the matter at all… I’ve seen enough to understand that fact. 

  Maybe, I’ll be able to turn this situation in my favor. I’ll surely be able to get out of this weird confinement if I play my cards right. Think, Hassan, think!

  “Hmm, huh, didn’t you lick my ears earlier? Can’t you do something like that to my little brother too, at least…?”

  “My friend~? Are you looking down on me~? Do you think I’m a fool~?”

  “I-I didn’t say that.”

  “If you dare criticize my methods another time, I’ll turn you into a Sparthe~ To think you would dare teach me, isn’t this the same as looking down on me~?”

  I have no clue what a ‘Sparthe’ 1In Greek mythology, Spartoi are a mythical people who sprang up from the dragon’s teeth sown by Cadmus and were believed to be the ancestors of the Theban nobility.was. But from the way she said it and my current situation it was bound to be something scary.

  Did I touch a sore spot?

  It seems my unnecessary tricks made the situation worse for me, damn it.

  “I’ll-I’ll take care of everything~”

  To not even allow any kind of advice, god-damn, what kind of dictatorship is this? Damn it, I’m gonna die due to my little brother being ripped off.

  All of this happened because I was secretly hoping for some skinship when the witch asked me to give her a massage.

  As expected, men were creatures that were very weak to sexual temptation. My father always reminded me to keep my libido in check. Damn it… Father, this unfilial son will be leaving first. I’ll wait for you in the afterlife.

  Just when I had accepted my soon ensuing death with a tranquil state of mind…

  “I know what I need to know~ I even know it better than others~ There are subjects you shouldn’t touch my friend, even if I like you a lot~ Don’t ever look down on me again~”

  The witch finally showed her true colors and stared down at me with a steely-cold gaze. It was the same look of contempt I had grown accustomed to in the past two years, the ones directed to me by the other witch I knew of. 

  In the final moments of my life, I remembered Elfriede, the witch of flames. I was hit with a sudden bout of nostalgia, having remembered her at this time. I somehow ended up missing that crazy bitch just before dying.

  I don’t think Elfriede would have locked me up like this or tried to tear my thing apart.

  “No one can look down on me~ Only my path is absolute~ My ways are not wicked~ Against the precepts of the gods~? Don’t make me laugh~ Anything must be done to reach the truth~ Anything~ Really…anything~”

  The witch then kept repeating “Anything~” like a parrot that had been starved for days. Abruptly, she sat on my lap, the next moment.


  “A surefire method — I guess I’ll have to use that, in the end~ Be quiet, my friend~ I will be done soon~ Look at the patterns of the ceiling, in the meantime~”

  Her fingers sneakily and nimbly wrapped around my little brother. Then, she brought it under her thin fluttering skirt while sitting on my lap.

  I had an incredible experience then. All my mind, 100 fucking percent of it, was focusing on my lower body, and it felt so sensitive that I began wondering if I grew another hand there. 

  My hard hot rod brushed against the cool clothes and fibers adorning the witch’s body, then, suddenly, I was blasted with the sensation of my schlong rubbing against something akin to a rough and coarse bush. Soon after, it faced a solid wall. 

  I said wall but it felt soft and warm, rather than solid, very smooth even. It was the first time I was experiencing such a feeling in my life. 

  Despite my unfamiliarity with this feeling, I was well aware of what it was.

  “Heu~ This is the best way~ Isn’t it~? My purity~ I held onto it for a long time but it’s gone now~”

  “A-Are you serious?”

  “Don’t be afraid~ I know a contraceptive spell~ Because I’m a genius~ Whoo~ Stay silent~ I’ll kill you if you make a sound~ Just stick it in~”

  The witch began breathing heavily right under my nose. The breath she was exuding was so sweet it made me dizzy just from its sheer intensity.

  As her body, which looked like it was floating in the air, came down, it felt like it was now my body’s turn to feel like it was floating in the air, ascending to the skies above.

  Squelch- Clap-    

  My rod, which had never risen so high before, was accurately penetrating the gap between her legs with strong friction barring its ascend through the witch’s wet snatch.

  “Ugh~ I-It hurts~ How about you, my friend~?”

  It was difficult to describe my feelings with my limited vocabulary and my current dull head.

   I always wondered why so many cultures and ethic morales in the world forbid sexuality… I finally understood the reason now. Whether it was addiction or reckless decadence, it truly warranted to make sexual things taboo, lest one may drown in them and lose themselves in their flow.

  Damn, how could such a wonderful sensation exist in this world? Were those insider bastards enjoying such a good thing only among themselves, without even letting anyone else in on it?

  “Whoo~ I-I thought it all went in already~ Half of it is still left~ Damn it~”

  Is such a slippery and warm thing even real? I’m feeling goosebumps rising all over my body, the overwhelming feeling was somehow scary… 


  A tear full of emotion flowed out of my eyes. Nemea sighed when she saw me tearing up.

  “Poor thing~ I heard that the Samaritans weren’t simple barbarians and valued their chastity a lot~ And now you’ve been robbed of it by someone who you don’t even love~ How sad~ But, I couldn’t hold myself~”

  Squelch- Clap-    

  It felt like my whole body was being enveloped in the wonderful sensations she evoked through her actions.

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  The witch’s body was repeatedly going up and down above my legs, pressing on my thighs. I was feeling like a nail that was being pulled in and out, repeatedly, off the muddy earth.

  Her wet and wrinkled folds tightly clung to my little brother, smothering it in its warm embrace. I felt like I was going to cum right away, it was hard for me to hold it in.

  “Everything went in~ Easy~ Way easier than I saw in the book~ As expected of a genius like me~ How do you feel about losing your virginity~?”

  I couldn’t muster up an answer no matter how hard I tried. For my body which had been deprived of all forms of sexual stimulus for the past two years, this experience was too much to handle. It made me dizzy and unresponsive, all my senses were focused on merely feeling the otherworldly pleasure.

  Fortunately for me, Nemea’s downward movements were rather awkward.

  “Whoo~ It~ Really~ Hurts~ I feel like something sharp is stabbing my stomach~ However~ Even though it’s more painful than I thought~ I can bear it~” 

  Nemea groaned like she was going through a great deal of pain. It was a moan of bitterly enduring pain rather than of pleasure or lust.

  “Huuh~ Whoo~ Oh, I’m gonna start~ I can~ I can do it~ I’m gonna start moving seriously from now on~”

   Jiggle- Smother-

  Thanks to Nemea hugging my shoulders while facing me, I could revel in the sensation of her giant watermelon-sized breasts rubbing on my bare skin. 

  Despite the frills of her dress being rather rough, I could clearly feel the softness of her bosom, exuding a feeling of motherhood.  

 Squelch- Squelch- 

  I could hear the wet sound of friction each time the witch exhaled and moved along the length of my rod. I never thought I’d live to hear this kind of sound with my own ears. My first sexual experience was more intense and pleasant than I had ever imagined it to be.

  Squelch- Squelch- Squelch- Clap- 

  “Huh, it hur~ It really hurts~ Why~? You’re crying~? Is this the sorrow of a man whose chastity got robbed by a woman that he doesn’t even like much less love~? Huuh~” 

  While tears did come out, they wear tears of excitement and joy, and maybe a bit of subtle loss about my graduation thrown into the mix, rather than whatever the witch was talking about.

  It was a weird misunderstanding but the current mood wasn’t appropriate for me to point that out to her.

  “The deed itself hurts~ Ugh~ It’s really painful but~ A man’s tears~ That’s a little exciting~ I could get used to this~ Whoa… It’s unfortunate that I can’t keep them~ What a waste~”

  Clap- Clap- 

  The witch began licking the tears falling down my cheeks with her flexible tongue, while still maintaining the undulation of her waist as if it was a rare delicacy to her.

  Squelch- Slurp- Squelch- Clap- Slurp-   

  Whether it was because of her unfamiliarity with the matter, due to a lack of any kind of sexual experience, or maybe the pain, her movements were very slow and rather awkward.

  Because of that, my girthy rod didn’t immediately harden but was currently in a process of getting hotter, due to the exponential increase in blood flow, and growing bigger with each move, like water that was boiling over low heat.     

  Even though the feeling her dripping snatch flooded me with was somehow pleasant, the fact that this greatly arousing and mind-blowing sensation kept coming and then leaving again as though taunting me almost made me go crazy. It was like seeing the doors of heaven and the contents within, having it within a hand’s reach, yet never being able to cross that line and acquire them for yourself. It might sound like an exaggeration, but I felt like my brain was going to fry!     

  “Ugh, Y-You should also be in pain too~ Just like I am~”


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  Nemea bit the nape of my neck as hard as she could as if she was withstanding terrible pain and needed some object to bite into to lessen even a little bit of the pain. Sadly, that object turned out to be my neck. She was biting so hard I thought she was going to tear off a piece of my flesh. Thanks to that, my immediate ejaculation was delayed for the time being.

  “Fill my insides~ With your savage cum~ Let it all out in the body of this genius~ Quickly~ Do you think you’ll have such an opportunity ever again~?”

  She was forcing me to cum. 

  I’m glad I was born, such a sentence appeared in my mind decorated in big flashy letters. My past struggles in this damned world were worth it for this moment alone.

  I finally understood why many males insect still decided to mate even if they were about to be eaten by the female insect right after the mating process.

  “H-how~? I-It’s getting harder and harder~ Haah, Haah~ I-It feels different~ My lower abdomen hurts so much~”

  Clap- Clap- Squelch- Clap- Clapp-    

  A wet obscene sound was spreading throughout the room, originating from under her skirt. Perhaps because she got used to the pain, the witch’s undulating movements gradually became faster and smoother by the second.

  “Haah~ Ha, Ha~ It hurts~ It definitely does~ But~ It feels weird~ W-What is this~? It feels amazing~”

  Clap- Clap- Squelch- Squelch-

  Despite being similar sets of movements her up and down motions felt very different from masturbation.

  My male instincts were telling me, almost literally screaming at me, that I was about to experience the greatest ejaculation I had ever had in my entire life.

  “Huh, Hah~ H-Hurry up~ Bastard dick of a lousy barbarian~ Quickly let it all out~ Hah~”

  Clap- Clap- 

  I could clearly feel her soft cushiony buttocks touching my toned thighs.

  She was coming down my shaft. completely swallowing it in the process — from the glans to the base — then quickly going up again as though dead set on pulling out the contents within. This was obviously a movement with the sole intention of scooping all of my semen out, from every nook and cranny of my sack..

  “Ugh, W-Wait…” 

  “Who gave you the permission to open your mouth~? You’re just a semen-producing stallion, know your place~ That’s what you are~ That’s enough~ Ugh~ So Hot~”

  Splash- Splash- Splash-

  I came deep inside the witch while being subjected to the condescending words she spoke to me.

  I came so hard inside her that I began wondering if my body was being emptied of all of its fluids.

   Squelch- Shoot- Shoot- Squelch- Splash- Squelch-

  The witch’s hip movements, however, didn’t stop, even though I was cumming inside her.

  The continuous and relentless back-and-forth movement of hers, and her tightening vagina wringing my rod, was very cruel to my now sensitive shaft after cumming.

  “Haah, I have to do it quickly~ Hurry up and stock it~ I can’t waste any time~ Belnus~ Kramagus~ Apopeipii~”

  The ceiling began spinning as the witch began muttering in a language I couldn’t understand. 

  The last thing I could see, with my fading conscience, was her large watermelon-shaped breast and red hair swaying before my eyes as her erotic cat-like moans tickled my ears prolonging my euphoria before everything gradually blurred — the intensity rising before I blacked out completely.




  “As expected, it’s not ripe yet~ Maybe I harvested it too early~ Ah, it’s about time you woke up, my friend~ Wake up~ It’s morning already~”

  “D-Damn it!” 

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  I began trembling, like a rooster flapping its wing in surprise, at the voice that was calling out to me.

  “H-Help me!”

  “Huh~? What do you mean~? You looked tired, so I let you sleep here~? Did you have a bad dream~?”


  “Yeah, a dream~ You must have had a bad dream~ Well, The room is full of dreamcatchers and cursed totems~ It wouldn’t be weird for you to have one if you fell asleep here~”


  On the ceiling, where Nemea was pointing, I could see mobiles, akin to what could sometimes be seen hung on children’s beds, swaying in the wind while making a clear jingling sound.

  “I fell asleep? When did it happen?”

  “Well~ It was after you massaged my back, I guess~”

  Dream? Was all of that a dream? 

  I got up from the soft-leather-covered chair I was sitting on~ I was properly dressed, and nothing was missing from my pockets after a thorough check.  

  “Here are the two silvers I promised for finding Whitey~ And one more silver for the massage~”

  The witch handed me the 3 silvers and they fell into my palms with a cling sound. The sound of the silver coins rubbing against each other was enough to make me completely awake.

  Unlike imaginary and intangible fairy tales, the sound of the silver coins hitting each other was very real. It was so beautiful it was no different than the masterful tune of a musical maestro.

  Hehe, I hit the jackpot!

  “T-Thank you!” 

  “What are you thanking me for?- You’re just getting your deserved due~ That aside, my friend~ I really enjoyed your massage yesterday~ Would you mind coming back to do it another time~ I’ll pay you 1 silver per session for it~” 

  “So you’re asking for a business trip massage?”

  “You can say it that way~ I think once a month is just right~ It will also let us avoid unwanted attention~ What do you think~?”

  Once a month. So, I was getting a fixed income of 1 silver per month by simply massaging her for a bit? 

  Did I have any reason to reject it? I was in no way in a comfortable position that would permit me to refuse this great offer. 1 silver was equivalent to 20 bowls of soup. I’d be set for at least 10 days with this amount.

  “That would be great.”

  “I’m glad you agreed~ My friend, I have a lot of work to do today~ I have to give Whitey a bath too~ So busy~ I also got a good harvest~” 

  “Ah, well, sorry then. T-Then farewell.”

  I walked out of the store after slightly bowing my head. My body felt very light, I slept rather well it seems.

  I felt the familiar feeling of getting out from the barber. My head felt lighter and my neck cooler, after having my hair cut by Nemea. Wait, having my hair cut by Nemea?


  My heart then suddenly froze when I put my hand on the nape of my neck and could directly touch the back of my head, shortly trimmed hair lay there instead of the long locks that I used to have. 

  In addition to not feeling anything on the nape of my neck, I could feel that I didn’t have much hair on my head too. And when did I cut my nails this short?

  “See you later, my friend~ You can sleep here the next time too if you want~ Of course, don’t think of being a tattletale~ No one would believe you anyway~”

  My whole body trembled when I heard Nemea talking to me from behind.

  I blitzed from the scene as fast as I could, without looking back, as soon as I heard her speak. I ran like no tomorrow until I thought the store wasn’t visible anymore. It felt like my life would depend on this moment, on how fast I could remove myself from that accursed location.

  …Damn it, it wasn’t a fucking dream! I knew it!

  Running like no tomorrow, I ended up at the Temple of Mars, the God of War, that also doubled as the Mars Guild’s building.

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  Just as I was about to go in, I stopped at the sight of a familiar face sitting on a bench.

  Dangling pink twin tails, who could it be other than Luna? What is she doing here, though?

  Although I wanted to talk to her, I stopped myself as she was now surrounded by a group of women and I was no way near brave enough to jump into a group that was exclusively constituted of women. More so after the events that happened with the scary witch last night.

  Were they her friends? It was a little difficult for me to imagine that Luna had friends.  

  “Hey- Are you ignoring me now? Come with us. We’ll let you be our porter.” 

  “Don’t you want to join us, the Sword Maidens? If you join us, you’ll have a smooth sailing ride right into the Bronze tier.”

  Of course, that wouldn’t be possible. It was a fucken cult invitation. Luna had no friends as expected.

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    In Greek mythology, Spartoi are a mythical people who sprang up from the dragon’s teeth sown by Cadmus and were believed to be the ancestors of the Theban nobility.
Pseudo Resident’s Illegal Stay in Another World

Pseudo Resident’s Illegal Stay in Another World

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