Pseudo Resident’s Illegal Stay In Another World Chapter 34

Hassan — The Swamp Local (1)

༺ Hassan — The Swamp Local (1) ༻   


  The women surrounding Luna were all wielding swords and shields while adorning shiny armor that looked durable at a mere glance.

  Unlike the usual street hooligans and the baseline iron-rank adventurers, their armor looked clean, well-maintained, and ready for undergoing combat at any moment. Their weapons were also sharp and exuded a dangerous glint.

  The more area strong metals, like iron and copper, covered in an armor, the higher its price went.

  It seems roman-style armors were the most popular among adventurers of these lands.

  Wearing expensive and sturdy armor was a sign of prosperity among adventurers. It meant that its wielder completed a lot of quests and that in itself meant they were a great adventurer with a lot of experience under their belt.

  Great adventurers could cut people, animals, and even demonic monsters to death without a single shred of remorse. Most of these lots were cold-blooded killing machines with no heart or conscience to hold their morality in check.

  “Hey, Luna. You know the kind of people we are, right? We’re the best. It will be of great assistance to you too.”

  “Y-Yeah but… I never asked for your assistance though. You’re just doing whatever you please.”

  “Look at this little bitch. You’re going to cut us off now, is it? You keep avoiding us lately. Perhaps, it’s because you have some money to give food to your belly now, right?”

  They were surrounding Luna while speaking in a hushed voice.

  From afar, it would seem like a normal discussion between a group of women, but from up close anyone could clearly see the pitiful Luna shaking and trembling at their intimidating words and gestures.

  I think I have already seen this somewhere before, it was probably in a documentary. A gazelle was surrounded by a group of lionesses — the hunters looking down on their prey with a condescending gaze of bloodthirsty savagery.

  “Even if it’s not to one of the twelve gods, you still made an oath of chastity to a goddess — Lady Knox, the Primordial Night. All conditions for joining the Sword Maidens have been met. What could a weak girl like you do all alone?”

  “I-I have a fixed adventuring party now! So, I kindly refuse.”

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  “Fixed party? You still don’t know your place, do you? It seems like you’ll have to be educated. Oi, Oi, Hold it! Give us everything you have!”

  Damn it, what kind of pseudo-religious cult solicitation is that? When I looked around, I noticed that most people were just glancing at the scene and then going on their own way as if not wanting to get involved in this troublesome situation.

  Well, I would have probably done the same if I didn’t know her. The only thing you’d gain out of picking a fight with that Sword Maiden gang is a blade stabbed in your stomach, sending you into the everlasting embrace of death.

  Wouldn’t my intervention just increase the number of victims by one? Damn it, they’re all bronze-rank too. This is fucking scary!

  “What is this? Why are you trying so hard to hide it?”

  “No, don’t do that! My heartworm elixir! Give it back!”

  “Throw it away, throw it away! Why are you even carrying something like this?”


  Tears began falling down Luna’s pale cheeks. It made me indescribably angry, giving me a reminder of the times Elfriede and her goons would bully me for their sick sense of pleasure.

  My anger surged, making me impulsively move in their direction without giving much thought to the consequences of this action.

  “Oi, damn it. Why would you throw such a precious thing away? If you’re just throwing it away, then give it to me, ya’ll bitches.”

  “W-Who’s this huge punk? Damn, I thought I was getting attacked by a troll for a second there.”

  I stole the bamboo water bottle from the speechless woman. Opening the cap, I promptly gulped all of its content without taking any time to note its taste or scent.

  “D-Damn it, you crazy bastard!”

  “Damn, how the hell is he drinking that so fast? Does he not have any tongue to obstruct the water flow or something?”

  The women began making a fuss about my height. Honestly, I wasn’t really that big, they were just too small.

  Also, I was rather scared of what effect the elixir could have but I had no choice but to gulp it down quickly, lest this precious potion might go to waste.

  Now that I had gulped it for some time, I could tell that its taste was akin to a tea with strong spices thrown into the brew mix. Compared to the weird juices my father used to make me drink, this was child’s play, like drinking coke or sprite.

  Well, it tasted more like Tejava milk tea rather than carbonated water, if I had to be specific about it. It really tastes exactly like that tea. How on earth did the people of Ideope reenact its subtle taste?

  “Tastes better than I thought.”


『Temporary increase of Stamina by 1.』

  What the hell is this? Doping? Never mind, there are more urgent matters to focus on for now.


  Luna looked at me with a face full of tears, her eyes trembling with water brimming in them. I suppose it’s the same kind of expression someone would make at the sight of their last lifeline.

  However, unlike Luna’s hopeful expression, my and the other sword-wielding women’s expressions were turning grimmer with each second that passed.

  “Hassan? Ah, the Samaritan everyone has been talking about the last few days. He does look as strong as I heard.”

  “So he’s the reason Luna is refusing us? She’s gonna join us if we beat him, right?”


  The way they immediately unsheathed their swords was extremely scary. These bitches meant business.

  I was in a similar crisis not so long ago.

  It was three iron-rank adventurers, and I was able to go against them somehow with some luck and the timely protection of my gear and Luna.

  But I had to deal with seven people this time. Moreover, these were all bona fide bronze-rank adventurers.

  There’s no way for me to deal with seven bronze-rank adventurers at the same time. I wasn’t even sure if I could deal with even one much less seven. Damn it, I’m going to die here, aren’t I?

  I had no intention of getting beaten up, however. With that thought in mind, I held a sword in each hand and then loudly screamed with a roar.

  “Fuck it, I’m gonna kill whoever strikes first! No matter the cost! Bring it on!!!”

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  I roared out loud in a voice that was loud by even my own standards. Thanks to it, the front of the guild, which had been previously bustling with people and all kinds of noises, abruptly quietened and fell into complete silence.

  It didn’t last for long though.

  “Look at that spirit. That passion for battle. That sheer will. So cool!!!”

  “What are we supposed to do when he says something like this? Hey, Renee? Wanna go first?”

  “You’re leaving it to me? Thanks, then!”

  “Well, he said he was going to kill the one that attacked first! He was kind enough to warn us!”

  Despite my sincere warning, they showed zero signs of shrinking back, rather they oddly seemed fired up. I clenched my teeth at the confirmation of the loathsome fact that there were only crazy bastards in this barbaric world.

  Should I attack first? Or should I just run away? Just when I began evaluating my options with my back soaking in cold sweat… |


  At that dire moment, someone appeared in between me and the women warriors to mediate the situation. It was a woman with a pretty tall stature for these world’s standards.

  The first thing I saw at her arrival was the fluttering of her long brown hair, followed by her healthy tanned skin glistening with a brown sheen under the sun.

  She had a protruding chin, perhaps a showcase of her stubborn nature, and her tight lips formed gave her an air of indifference and superiority. She was honestly unlike any woman I’ve ever met, be it her features or the vibe she exuded with her mere presence. Nevertheless, her brown eyes that were blazing like a fierce fire, set on burning everything asunder, didn’t fail to plunge me into fear, almost making me lose my ground.

  Was she a Samaritan? Probably not. The Samaritans of this barbaric land had a skin tone that looked paler than hers, similar to my skin complexion. That was also one of the main reasons for me to be labeled as a Samaritan, along with my trademark size. This woman looked like she was more of South American descent, rather than being Asian like me.

  And why were her defenses so lacking? She only had a bronze breastplate, ankles, and wrist protectors for armor. Everything else was left bereft of any protection.

  Wouldn’t leaving your belly and thighs exposed be dangerous in combat? Was this protective gear even a little effective?

  Just when I was wondering about her armor’s efficiency, I finally noticed the metallic plate hanging from the woman’s neck. I turned as white as a sheet when I recognized what it was and the significance it held.


  Damn it, a fucking silver-rank adventurer? It was the same rank as Elfriede, the Wild Flame. A veteran among veterans.

  The difference between an iron-tier adventurer like me and a silver-tier adventurer was like the difference between an injured trainee and a sergeant of the special forces. 1관심병사 훈련병과 – A more exact translation would be: a soldier that was mentally unstable and would thus need extra help!

  I’m fucken doomed!!!


  “…It’s none of your business. We’ll take care of it.”

  Like a ravenous dog, the bravest and most scary-looking female warrior, among the group of bronze-tier adventurers, stood up to the sudden appearance of the silver-tier adventurer that seemed to be the superior of this group. She spat out words of anger, warning her to not meddle in this issue.

  Step- Step-

  The silver-ranked adventurer women, however, came directly toward me without even sparing them a single glance.

  Despite her body being a head smaller than mine, I still felt a lot of pressure coming from her whole being. This was definitely a woman who was strong enough to contend with Elfriede or even the witch, Nemea.

  Looking at her body closely, it was rather tough, full of compact muscles, and riddled with countless scars — small and big. It was pretty unusual for a woman. I couldn’t help but feel like my life was in danger while facing such an astounding female warrior.

  Honestly, this is the first time I’ve seen such a good fit for the term ‘female warrior’ in this world. The silver-tier female adventurer interrupted my trailing thoughts with her sudden words.

  “Samaritan. Recklessness and courage shouldn’t be confounded. I haven’t seen someone so interesting like you in a while.”

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  Her voice could be said to contain a lot of spirit. Her face up close was very attractive, bewitching even, if I had to be honest. I couldn’t help but feel slightly nervous facing such a ravishing woman.

  “Are you the Samaritan that was said to have beaten a lion and slaughtered a hundred goblins with his bare hands?”

  “W-Well… That would be me, yes. It’s not that accurate though. What happened is that…”

  I’m going to kill that bastard. I’m going to pummel his big nose with a rock and end his puny life.

  “You look as tough as I imagined. You smell like my father. The scent of courage, struggles, and barbarism, like a savage roaring lion standing in front of an army of millions with its head held up high. A warrior born for WAR. You must be cherished by the gods, Samaritan. Very cherished, indeed”

  The woman took a deep breath, then began shouting again after exuding out a long sigh.

  “I am Hippolyte, daughter of Mars, the God of Courage, the one who holds dominion over War. What is your name, oh mighty Samaritan?”

  “First of all, my name is not Hassan of Samaria…”

  “Hassan of Samaria. I, Hippolyte will watch over you from henceforth.”




What could a small flower do in front of a raging tempest? It could only tremble and sway in tune with the storm’s whims. 

  That’s exactly what happened now.

  It felt like being lifted by the wind and being tossed all around until the wind finally dies down, and you find yourself being flung so far that you don’t even know where you are anymore.

  I had no choice but to sit on the bench until my weak legs recovered a little. I needed some time so that I could gather myself again.

  “That was close.”

  I can’t believe I nearly got done in by a silver-ranked adventurer. Damn it, this matter is so big, it could have ended with us having to leave the city to keep our lives.

  “I’m sorry, Hassan. Getting caught by the sword maidens was my fault.”

  Luna began apologizing next to me. I nearly got angry at her until I remembered that she wasn’t at fault in the least. It was all on the Sword Maidens this time.

  I’m not Hassan of Samaria, but the cultured Hassan of the 21st century. I had to be clear about who I was directing my anger at…

  “It looked like you knew them. Who are they?”

  “The Sword Maidens? They’re very dangerous people. They’re a regular adventurer party organized by the youths from the Amazon islands.”

  Amazonesses, is it this world’s version of women’s associations?

  You’re telling me those female warriors were legally able to run around while holding swords and shields? This is hell, god-damn it.

  “Oi, how come you have anything to do with this bunch?”

  “When I first arrived here I got some help from them. I thought working with them didn’t suit me, so I decided to leave.”


  “Their leader, Hippolyte, is a very scary girl. S-She tore people to death with her bare hands. Rumors has it that she’s Lord Mars’ real daughter.”

  “You’re saying she’s the daughter of a God?”

  I’ve met many who claimed to be the children of some god.

  Didn’t the guy with M-shaped hair whose name I can’t remember say that too?

  Either because they got blessed or because of their reverence and fear of the gods, people in this world always liked to claim that they were the sons or daughters of a particular God. 

  Of course, I was well aware that most of them were just bluffing.

  It was a different matter when a silver-rank adventurer claimed to be one though.

  “I fucked up.”

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  “W-Well what you did earlier was kind of cool. How could you gulp something so bitter so easily? I can’t do that. Nor can most people, in fact. It’s common practice to dilute the elixir with water before drinking it.”

  “Oh, that. Now that I think about it, 6 silvers were wasted just like that. What a shame.”

  Perhaps because of the elixir’s effects, I suddenly felt a certain part of my body spring up with vigor.

  At that moment, I remembered that time in middle school when blood suddenly rushed into my third leg after being pranked by a friend and swallowing a pill he secretly brought.

  I have to sit on the bench until it goes down again, but it showed no sign of doing so. Damn it. Do I really have to walk with my hands in my pockets now?

  “That aside, Hassan, you cut your hair again. You smell a little bit strange too.”

  Luna began sniffing me. I immediately pushed her away, afraid that she’d discover the shameful things that happened yesterday.

  “Oi, why are you smelling me? Are you a fucking dog, now!?”

  “It’s alright. I like your smell, Hassan. It’s a lot like the smell of boiling and weaving. It smells a lot similar to back in Ideope.”

  “Y-You like my smell? Don’t say things like these again. Men are creatures that easily misunderstand things like these.”

  “But you’re the smartest man I know, Hassan!”

  Should I be happy that she was trusting me so much or sad because I was stripped of my dignity as a male mere moments ago?

  Now that I think about it, wouldn’t my image in Luna’s mind change for the worse if she knew what I was doing with the witch yesterday?

  “Oi, I’m curious about something.”

  “What is it?”

  “Do you know how babies are born?”


  Luna’s now scarlet cheeks wore a hesitant expression as she avoided gazing toward me. Well, that was a sufficient answer in itself.

  I internally raised Luna’s IQ by a notch. She was at least on the standards of a normal human now.

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    관심병사 훈련병과 – A more exact translation would be: a soldier that was mentally unstable and would thus need extra help!
Pseudo Resident’s Illegal Stay in Another World

Pseudo Resident’s Illegal Stay in Another World

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"Where the fuck I am?"   One day, he suddenly fell into a world of barbarism and superstitions.   "Fuck, I ain't a savage!"  


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