Pseudo Resident’s Illegal Stay In Another World Chapter 47

Little Night (2)

༺ Little Night (2) ༻   


  “Then just go to the corner room on the top floor.”

  The innkeeper gave me a brief explanation of the directions, and then handed me the key to a room on the third floor, the highest floor in the inn.

  There were only five rooms on the third floor. They were akin to the hotel suites back in my world, costing a minimum of 2 silver per night. I never thought I’d get to experience staying at one of these luxurious rooms in my life, be it in this world or my previous one.

  1st floor.

  2nd floor.

  3rd floor.

  I could see signs hanging on the handles of the tightly closed doors, my head fumbling every time I read the words written on them. Leaving that questionable musing aside, we had finally reached the corner room the innkeeper had pointed out to us.

『Interlude Room1Also known as Romantic Interlude Rooms, these rooms are kind of like honeymoon suites, just smaller and consisting of a single room only. This seems like a french thing. Hassan doesn’t seem aware of it though. Maybe because he is Korean and lived most of his life in the middle of nowhere, lol.

  “Ah, here it is. The last room.”

  Click— Creak—

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  Immediately, I could see a rather spacious room after unlocking the lock and opening the large door to the room.

  Following that, I noticed the sight of curtains swaying and fluttering with the gentle breeze, A distinctive soft and slightly sweet scent of incense candles overflowed the entirety of the room, even the chairs and the work desk looked luxurious at a glance. There was even paper and a pen on said desk, damn…what the fuck!!

  Holy shit, I didn’t think he’d send me to such an expensive room. And… Wait, why was there only a single bed in the room?

  I’m sure I had asked for a room with two separate beds. We somehow ended up with a room with a single double-sized bed instead.

  Did the innkeeper mess up again? Or was I too drunk and asked for a single-bed room instead of a two-bed one? No, I’m sure I wasn’t drunk enough to make such a rudimentary mistake.

  The innkeeper was definitely the one who messed up here. I decided to go down to the first floor and complain, annoyance started filling up my mind at the blatant mistake of the innkeeper; my tipsy mind and the thought of the subsequent journey down in this intoxicated state didn’t help my temper either. All of a sudden, I heard a whimper from behind my back, halting me in my tracks.

  “What’s wrong? Why are you not going in?”

  It was Luna, questioning me in an intoxicated tone. Her body and clothes were drenched for some odd reason.

  “What? Why are you all wet?”

  “I-I heard it was good to bathe before going to sleep.”

  “Didn’t you already go to the bathhouse earlier today?”

  “…I usually bathe twice a day.”

  Wow, Luna had better hygiene than I thought she would. I could even smell some kind of fragrant incense scent wafting from her body when she came close. Her damp pink hair slightly sticking to her beautiful face gave her a very enchanting look.

  For someone wearing clothes that expose so much, her skin was very smooth without any kind of blemishes. Damn, what’s her secret to this amazing look. I feel like I’m growing older every day, looking at the state of my body.

  “Anyway, l-let’s go in. I-It’s pretty cold around here.”

  “You should have dried your body properly, you idiot.”

  I scolded the trembling Luna just like I used to scold my little sister.

  Maybe because of the hardships we shared together and the multiple interactions we had these days, the awkwardness between me and Luna decreased a lot. Now, I could confidently consider her a dear friend of mine.

  Well, that’s just how I feel, I don’t know if it was the same for Luna.

  “There’s only one bed though, Luna. You okay with that?”

  “It’s big. We can share it just fine. One bed is cheaper than two, after all.”


  Luna was right. Having one bed was cheaper than getting two. And wasn’t there a sense of camaraderie between us? I mean, we both slept in a cramped tent already, sharing a large bed shouldn’t pose much of a problem for us.

  Sleeping in the same room should be fine, in that sense.


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  Sleeping in the same bed as a girl didn’t leave me completely unaffected or unfazed; the heart and the lower body of the inexperienced me were raging violently.

  Even my inebriated state, which was fully displayed on my completely flushed face, seemed to lessen a little at that thought.

  Now that I think about it, wasn’t this a great chance to experience the suppleness of her body again?

  I could feel my schlong almost visibly stiffen as I remembered the softness and smoothness of her incredibly lithe body. I felt like the damn rascal was going to tear through my pants even though I had yet to do anything.


  With the muffled sound of something falling, Luna let herself sink onto the bed that was covered by a blanket while I was lost in my inner turmoil. 

  She buried her head in the pillow while swinging her legs in the air like an overly excited young girl.

  “It’s very dusty in here.”


  Luna didn’t reply back. It was weird. The usually excited and parrot-like blabbermouth that was the being called Luna had suddenly turned so quiet. Was she tired, perhaps?

  Owing to that silence, the atmosphere suddenly became stiff and awkward. Meanwhile, the hopeless me didn’t know what to say anymore. I was all out of dialogue options. It was so quiet, I could even hear the sound of the breaths coming out from my nose.

  “Well, let’s get done with this quickly and go to bed early. I’m so tired, I have a lot to do tomorrow too.”

  Having said that, I slowly approached Luna, who was lying on the bed face-down, still not reacting to any of my words.

  Was she asleep already? We had quite a lot of drinks today, and this journey has been very tiring for us, she was probably as tired as me.


  Well, seeing that her emerald eyes were peeking at me from the side of her pillow, she probably wasn’t completely asleep at least.

  “As usual, I’ll start by checking your pulse.”

  I gently lifted Luna’s wrist, which was lying on the blanket, to trigger my ability and observe her stats and conditions. Although I had touched her hand many times already, I was always dumbfounded by how thin her wrists were.

  How could such a thin wrist produce enough power to swing that heavy-looking Silence Totem? This is probably the main cause of her growing muscle pains.   


Name: Luna Knox Dotty
Level: 8
Strength: 2
Agility: 5
Stamina: 1
Status: Fluttering Heart 》Bad Meals Lover
Conditions: Curse of Knox 》Curse of Erebor 》Mild Growing Pains 》Mild Excitement

  What the hell is this?    

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  There was a lot more information than the last time I checked her stats.    

  I was a little surprised that, instead of just seeing her level and condition, I could now see her other stats such as strength and agility too. 

  Now that I think about it, weren’t her stats just as detailed as the time when I accidentally touched Elfriede’s wrists for the very first time? 

  Is there any reason for the sudden differences? Is it because I’ve grown more skilled in handling this ability of mine after going through various experiences? I can’t know for sure.  

  Pondering a bit more, I realized that there was no need to waste time thinking too deeply about it. Hence, I shifted my attention to the floating letters again.

  What immediately caught my eye was the ‘Mild Excitement’ condition she was afflicted with. Was it, perhaps, because of the tension of the expedition and the gift she received earlier?

  I also noticed that her pulse rate was pretty high. Simultaneously, her skin was very warm despite the fact that she just washed herself with cold water. It looked similar to the early symptoms of high blood pressure.

  “Well then, I’ll start by putting some pressure around your wrist area.”


  Luna didn’t answer this time either. I interpreted her silence as consent and touched a spot about 5 centimeters below her wrist. Stimulating this spot, known as the Inner Pass Acupoint, should invigorate her blood flow


  I heard that pressing here lowered stress and helped to calm down strained nerves.   

  I didn’t actually believe in any of this acupuncture bullshit. But honestly, I had no choice as putting pressure on these red spots has shown results far too many times already for it to be a fluke. 


  “Tell me if it hurts, okay?”


  Since a woman’s body was very fragile, I have to be exceedingly thoughtful and attentive with each and every touch of mine. I gently, and as carefully as I could, pressed the area around Luna’s wrists and slowly began doing round motions with my thumbs.

  Then Luna’s body, which was previously as rigid as it could get, maybe because of her nervousness, finally loosened a little. 


  Luna leaked out a small sigh, probably from the relief she felt due to my massage. Soon after that, the usual letters appeared in my sight with that familiar noise.  


『Healed Luna Knoxdotty’s Mild Excitement condition』
『Task Points + 10』
『Current Task Points: 27』

  Oh, nice, I finally got my hands on some task points. I really needed those. I am now able to use task points to raise my stats, strengthen my necklace, or even borrow the power of Gods. They were now paramount for my future growth, so the more points I earned, the better.

  “What do you think? Feeling any better?”

  I asked Luna after dealing with – what seemed to be – the early symptoms of high blood pressure she was showcasing. She then answered with her face still buried in the pillow.

  “A little?”

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  “Then I’ll move on to your shoulders, back, and then the rest of your body.”

  Luna was still suffering from the ‘Mild Growing Pains’ condition.   

  Our last massage session had been cut short before I could deal with her growing pains condition. The way she’s been experiencing them for such a long time, which shouldn’t have lasted more than a day at most, is really unusual.

  So I gently climbed onto her thighs and pressed on the dented area near her shoulder blade with my thumbs. Gently pushing my thumbs in, I began rotating them in a circular motion.

  What was important for massaging this particular area, below her shoulder blades, was to put proper force while keeping up a firm revolution with your thumbs.


  And just like that, Luna’s body relaxed completely and went limp as though her whole body melted into the blanket-covered bed.

  The human body had certain parts that one normally wouldn’t be able to reach by themselves and, if one were to stimulate these spots accurately, they would make the whole human body relax. I don’t know what causes this phenomenon but that’s just how it is.

  “Ah, Euuh…”

  “Does it hurt?”

  Even if I do my best not to press too hard, it might still be rather painful on her already feeble body due to the chronic muscle pain. Thus I made sure to frequently ask Luna if the amount of power I was putting in was appropriate or not. 

  “Tell me if it hurts. Don’t hold it in.”

  “I-It’s okay. I can put up with it…”

  So it’s hurting, huh?

  Hearing her words, I made sure to use even less force than I had planned initially. Due to that, the presses of my thumbs, on her shoulders and sides, turned more into sweeping strokes.

  Well, just sweeping over her skin was already good enough as it stimulated the blood vessels and promoted blood circulation.

  Swish— Swoosh—


  My hand which was gently stroking her back and shoulders, then went in the direction of her armpits.

  As I mentioned the last time, stimulating the lymph nodes was very important and beneficial to the human body. It was a rudimentary part of full-body massaging. And… I admit… I also held the desire to touch her soft and smooth armpits.

  I wanted to experience that mesmerizing soft feeling I had felt back then in the cramped tent. I wanted to go for a sniff too but I’d probably get slapped right in the cheeks, so I abstained from that degenerate act.

  “Euuh… Haah, Hahhahaha. I-It tickles, Hassan-!”

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  Luna was shaking as she was feeling ticklish. She was reacting much more than I thought she would. Was she the kind of person to be extremely sensitive to external stimuli?

  “Heuheuh, Heuheu!”

  She kept trying to close her arms and cover her armpits, so I had her put both of them on her head like an arm pillow.

  “You need to bear with it even if it’s ticklish. Just like the last time, okay? Alright! You can do it!”

  “Heu-Heuuh. B-But, Heuheub…”

  Press— Press—

  And so, I kept pressing her lymph nodes with a moderate force while rotating the area of applied force in clockwise motions.

  I didn’t know whether it was me or Luna, who was sweating so heavily, but my hands were now drenched with sweat.


  Although I was just pressing on the soft skin of her smooth armpits, that mere act was enough to make my schlong so hard that I felt like it was almost about to explode.

  My hard and stiff rod would sometimes rub between Luna’s thighs and buttocks but she didn’t seem to notice that. Whether that happened because she was naive or because she was too absorbed in the massage, I didn’t know for sure. I was just glad that I didn’t get accused of molestation already.

  My actions, however, were more geared toward wanting to experience Luna’s supple body than giving her a proper message. I didn’t know before that a man’s sexual desire could give him such a frightening drive— a drive that would force him to do such daring and immoral acts.

  “Ah… Hang… Aaah…”

  After rubbing her shoulders, with stroking motions, for a long time, Luna couldn’t hold it in anymore and began grabbing the blanket with her hands while producing sweet and sultry moans.    

  I didn’t notice before, as I was too absorbed in my own actions, but this didn’t sound like what people would make as they were enjoying the refreshing feeling of a massage. Not for a single bit…  

  “Ah… Haang… Haaah…”

  My hot and hard rod rubbed frequently against her soft and springy buttocks while she kept producing those obscene sounds. My mind had almost fully succumbed to that sweet sound as thoughts of depravity kept churning in my head.

  Rub— Touch—

  She was completely oblivious to my inappropriate advances.

  While I kept feeling guiltier and guiltier inside, I also wondered how something that felt so exciting, thrilling, and jubilating could exist in this world.

  Holy hell, my only regret, at this moment, is that my alligator pants are too thick. How good would it feel if I was wearing thinner pants or maybe even underwear?

  What would it feel like without anything on?

  What if I unleashed my overbearing lust on Luna’s soft bare skin? What if I forgot all my restraints and ravaged this lithe body of hers to my heart’s content? And just as my hip movements were getting faster with such savage thoughts…

  “Ha-Hassan, euh, Hang…o-on… T-That’s enough… I think you can stop now…”

  “Uh, uh… Ah! Hmm, yeah…”

  I hurriedly lifted my hands from her shoulders and stealthily stopped my waist movements at the sudden call of my name. I was so shocked by the sudden call that I unconsciously raised both of my hands up into the air— akin to a criminal who was caught in the act and was left with no choice but to surrender with raised arms.

  “D-Do you want me to massage you anywhere else or should we end today’s session?”

  “M-My ankles…if you can…”

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  “Ah, yeah, you had a sprained ankle. I almost forgot about that….”

  I’d have to go further down her lower body to touch her ankles, and I, thus, lost the opportunity to furtively get a rub or two more using her heavenly and supple body.

  It was very regrettable but I had no choice as I had already been asked to stop. Fuck, I’m gonna have to rub one, two, or maybe a dozen or so out today before going to sleep.

  Pushing those hazy thoughts to the very back of my head, I went down to the other side of the bed and gazed at Luna’s ankles. I was thus greeted with the sight of her slender toes, and tiny and cute soles. 

  Thin anklets hanging around her thin ankles like a hula hoop caught my attention in particular. They looked really cute on her thin ankles.

  Luna’s ankles were so thin that I was made to wonder how they could support the weight of her body. A single hand was more than enough to grab both of them and still have a lot of leeway left to grip some more.

  They were, however, slightly thicker than the last time I saw them. Maybe, they were swollen after being overtaxed during the arduous journey?    

  I never told this to anyone before due to the fear of getting teased, but I actually had a kink for thin ankles. Seeing the area from the thin ankles slowly widen until the calves was an extremely delightful sight to me. 

  “I’ll start by slightly rotating your ankles, tell me if it hurts, okay? Again, don’t hold it in like before.”

  “Euh, Hmm…”


  It is important to not put too much pressure on a sprained ankle since it could lead to the worsening of the injury.   

  Keeping that thought in mind, I carefully held onto Luna’s feet and rotated them as meticulously as I could to check the functioning of her joints.    

  I don’t feel like there’s anything wrong with her joint movements…doesn’t seem like the blood flow is blocked either. This area didn’t need any treatment at all. It would most probably get better after she wakes up tomorrow from her slumber.

  Having confirmed the state of her ankles, I stopped taking care of them and directed my attention to her wide and cute soles. Every time I gaze at her bare feet, I couldn’t help but wonder how someone’s soles could look so adorably cute. 

  Suddenly, I had the feeling that I could now understand the desire to protect and cherish cute things that some men were said to experience in their lives. Slowly, my face got closer to Luna’s toes and then…  


  “W-Why are you suddenly smelling me? Do I smell weird?”  

  “No, you don’t smell weird, don’t worry.” 

  “I-I washed up already, after all… Anyway… B-Be gentle when you press on them, will you…? A-And don’t… just don’t smell my feet like that… p-please….”


  Although I agreed to her request, it was actually better to put a lot of force into pressing the feet for an optimal outcome.

  I then clenched my fists, like a person doing a dutch rub, with a slightly raised middle finger. With that raised point, I applied pressure on the Bubbling-Well acupoint in the upper part of Luna’s soles.  

  The spot I was aiming for was the bent part of the feet forming a (人) shape on the soles.



  Luna’s body bounced up high, as soon as I accurately pressed the acupoint, like a slug that had been sprinkled with salt. 

  I heard that pressing on the Bubbling-Well point was so stimulating that even the dead would spring back to life. Well, that’s just what my father used to blabber on, at least, when he imparted me with his weird medical practices. 

  Stimulating this acupoint had various positive effects on the body and mind, ranging from fatigue recovery and relieving insomnia to strengthening the heart and dealing with edemas and swelling. It sounded very vague and unrealistic, but that’s what alternative medicine was all about, wasn’t it? 

  “Haugh! I-It hurts, Hassan, it hurts! So much!!” 

  “Foot massages have better effects on the body the more they hurt. Don’t worry, you’ll be begging for it soon. I promise!”  

  “It hurts! It hurtsh! Geyagiiigh!” 

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  Such a vivid reaction of pain and agony! This reminds me of the first time I used this method on Elfriede. She was twisting in pain just like Luna, and I soon joined her, in her twists of pain and agony, after she slapped me in anger. 

  Although she slapped me the first time around, she later would get mad if I didn’t press there strong enough, even going as far as to order me to put more strength in my massages. There was no coming back for someone after experiencing such a stimulating and effective massage. Your body would only keep begging for more and it would feel more and more refreshing every time you received it.  


  While it might feel better in the future, Luna was right now struggling in pain. Seeing her struggles full of anguish, I decided to stop pressing her on that spot, which left her in a heavily breathing state. She looked like she was about to pass out any moment. At least, her screams had stopped this way.

  My hands never stopped massaging her, however. They even climbed from her calves to her thighs, I really wanted to touch Luna’s smooth and soft thighs at least once today. 

  Wouldn’t it be fine to get a rub or two with my thick and hard meat-stick if I blame it all on me losing concentration during the massage? 



  Luna didn’t say anything after I began rubbing her thighs. Her body just began twitching and shivering like she was being electrocuted.

  This was my golden opportunity. Capitalizing on it, I began moving my hand higher and deeper inside her thighs.  

  I’m gonna touch her smooth and squishy parts as quickly and as much as I can so that I can remember this exhilarating sensation later when I relieve myself before going to sleep.

  “Euh, Heung, Euuh…”    

  “T-Tell me if you are feeling any pain.”

  I forcibly reminded myself again that this was just a simple massage and not an obscene act of molestation by asking her if she was feeling any pain or not. This way I could lessen the perpetually gnawing guilt that was building up inside me.

  “N-Not there, Hassan… A-A little higher…”   

  “A-A little higher…? H-Here?”


 The reply didn’t come…

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    Also known as Romantic Interlude Rooms, these rooms are kind of like honeymoon suites, just smaller and consisting of a single room only. This seems like a french thing. Hassan doesn’t seem aware of it though. Maybe because he is Korean and lived most of his life in the middle of nowhere, lol.
Pseudo Resident’s Illegal Stay in Another World

Pseudo Resident’s Illegal Stay in Another World

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