Pseudo Resident’s Illegal Stay In Another World Chapter 48

Little Night (3) 🔞

༺ Little Night (3) ༻   


  Swish— Swoosh— 

  It felt surprisingly cramped in the king-sized bed— placed right at the center of the spacious inn room.

  The only thing that was getting registered in my head was the fleeting sounds of me slowly stroking Luna’s body along with the occasional sound of the wind passing through the window, shaking it with a soft rattle.

  The drunkenness I had felt was now all gone, hence the truth of the situation was that— I was fiddling with Luna’s body with a clear and conscious mind, fully aware of all my actions. No, this is a massage! I repeatedly told myself about that fact, trying to pull myself together.

  It was enough, I had my share of fun already. I was able to massage Luna’s thighs, groin, hips, and oh-so-soft buttocks to my full enjoyment. It was time to call it quits already.

  Lymph nodes were not only situated under the armpits but also in the hip joints, essentially around the hip flexors. So, they were extremely important areas that a professional masseuse would take note to stimulate in order to help blood circulation and get rid of the accumulated waste permeating in those nodes.

  The reason I didn’t try to go for them earlier was because…few women would normally allow someone to touch those rather sensitive areas. Despite what my not-so-innocent actions may look like to an observer, I was doing my utmost to avoid massaging any of the secretive and sensitive areas of Luna’s lithe body.

  I never thought, for the life of me, that Luna would take the initiative and ask me to massage her in that spot, stimulating it and invigorating it.

  Well, that just went to show how much pain she was feeling there, suffering from intense muscle aches. Seemingly, the massage I had given her the last time around must have felt really great, probably relieving her from most of her pains at that time, which prompted her current controversial decision…

  The pleasure and refreshing feeling of receiving a butt massage couldn’t be explained properly without experiencing it firsthand. I even heard a few people would get injured on purpose just to experience it again. Which is honestly nuts, at least to me it is!    

  “Euuh, heuuu. Haeuuuh…”

  Luna began exhaling hot, steamy breaths and throaty moans after I rubbed my thumbs over her smooth hips for some time.

  To be frank, I was already at the very limits of patience and endurance at this point. The only thing revolving in my mind right now was just how much I wanted to tear this thin cloth off and rub my face against this heavenly derrière of hers.

  However, it was a known fact that a first-class masseuse must know how to restrain oneself— that is one of the basic codes of professional massaging.

  Hence, I made absolutely sure to remember the feeling of the soft hip and groin that I’d touched for the first time in my life.

  Swish— Swoosh— 


  What was bothering me the most was the knowledge I had once learned. Many people said that this area right here was connected to the secretive areas of a woman’s body. As a result, massaging this area would probably make her feel a lot of things one shouldn’t feel during a massaging session.

  “Ahh, Hang… Heuahh…”

  Was this the reason Luna was moaning so much? Instead of enjoying a simple massage was Luna actually craving a man’s touch instead?

  Damn, what should I do?

  My stiff schlong was filling my brain with useless thoughts along those lines.

  Should I try brushing along Luna’s legs with my hands and check my theory? I can still say that it was an accident if Luna complains about my dubious movements.

  I decided to sneakily run the back of my hand and fingers across Luna’s soft butt while pretending to stretch out.


  “M-My shoulders are feeling rather stiff.”

  “Heu, Hiik…!”

  Luna quivered visibly. I was a little afraid— nervous and almost certain that she might say something, pointing out my sudden movements, but she didn’t and just buried her head further in the pillow.  

  Should I move to the next step?

  With this idea in my mind, I directed my hand toward Luna’s butt and grabbed it with a firm grip. Her lovely buttock could fully fit in my palms. My hand was moving as if intent on devouring her smooth rear like a starving man finally given a proper meal after years.

  Soft— Squish—  

  The skin was soft and supple enough that it would form into the shape of my palms with the slightest push, but it also felt pretty firm at the same time, retaking its well-rounded form the moment I removed my palms. How could such a conflicting feeling even exist?

  And this warmth… If just her butt feels like this, how would her breasts feel?


  “Huh, yeah?”

  My hand movements became slightly hesitant as she addressed me with a shaky tone.

  “I… I’ve actually been thinking of going back to Ideope for a while now.”


  “I’m not good at completing requests… I can’t even afford to eat… Everyone looked down on me… Then I decided I’d do one last quest before heading back to Ideope. That’s when I met you, Marco, and Plato.

  “I see.”

  Although I stated as such, I was completely clueless, not understanding where she was trying to go by mentioning these things. The only thing still latched on my mind was the softness and warmth of her supple skin. I was really a pathetic existence of a human being…

  “Hassan, that day… you know, the day we drank together… When you swore by the great river Styx… What actually happened was…”

  “You made me drink so that I would invoke the Styx’s oath, right?”    

  “Y-You knew…?”

  “Only an idiot wouldn’t notice that. I’m not the kind to recklessly make promises anyway, so it was easy to figure out.”

  “As expected… you don’t look angry at all. You’re so nice to me. But I can never repay you for that kindness… I’m such a horrible person, aren’t I?”


  Being unexpectedly put in such a sober situation I couldn’t find any way to answer her. Luna’s voice was trembling as if she was on the verge of tears, making me even more solemn with each passing moment.

  As if taking the hint, even my excited little brother, down there, lost a little of its raging vigor. Luna then began sniffing and her voice was cracking the more she spoke.

  “I’m such a horrible person…”

  “Don’t be so harsh on yourself. Everyone lies. And it wasn’t that bad, was it? We did end up succeeding in our adventures. We make a great team.”

  “N-No… I’m a horrible person. Because… Although Lady Knox should have already occupied the entirety of my heart… Holding dominion over all my love, affection, and devotion…”

  Luna paused for a moment, probably because she was bawling out the words. She finished her sentence soon after that.

  “… I think I like you a little bit more than her now, Hassan.”

  She mumbled a few more words after that shocking statement, but my brain didn’t register any of them. Because what I just heard was occupying the entirety of my mind.

  She…liked me?

  It was the first time in my life that I got confessed to by the opposite sex. Until now, I could only imagine and wonder in my dreams about how it would feel to receive a confession from a woman and how I’d respond to it. But now, it was happening to me in reality.

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  Contrary to what I had expected, my mind completely blanked out while confronted with the real deal. At the same time, my heart was pounding a mile a minute, so ultimately I was unable to respond and remained speechless for some time.

  “… You can do whatever you want, Hassan. Although I dedicated my body to Lady Knox… I’ll be all yours for tonight…”

  My head emptied of all thoughts as if I was hit with a hammer to the head, rattling my brain off all of its capabilities.

  I just kept silently staring at Luna’s trembling body.

  Although my mind was currently unresponsive, my body was still very much responsive and up to the task— the proof being my fingers excitedly latching onto her buttocks and hips immediately with a mind of their own. 


  Did Luna notice that my touches were different than usual? Her body which had been previously loosened and relaxed by the massage tensed up again from nervousness and perhaps excitement. 

  I was, in fact, just as nervous. It wasn’t going to be a massage from now on, everything after this was venturing into unknown territory for me.

  What should I do first? 

  I thought that the knowledge I had amassed through gossip and audio-visual stimulations would come in handy, but I was completely clueless as to what to do right now.

  Guess I’ll start by taking off her clothes first. Surely, I can’t go wrong with this one… I think…

  Rustle— Rustle—

  My movements were a little hesitant since it was my first time doing something like this but I was somehow able to accomplish the task, revealing Luna’s white and smooth skin as a result.

  But because she was lying facedown to hide her embarrassed appearance, all I could see was her back, waist, and bulging buttocks.

  That was obviously good enough but what I wanted to see the most was her front.

  “S-Show me your boobs, Luna.”

  I gathered every ounce of courage I could muster and uttered those shameful words. My embarrassment went through the roof, my heart beating so fast it was almost dizzying.

  “Let me take a look at your front.”


  Luna flinched and trembled intermittently. In the end, however, she slowly turned her face, and in turn the front of her lithe body, toward me.

  She covered her chest and inner thighs, mainly covering her sensitive areas, with her hands but that made it even more exhilarating for me. But what made me the happiest was the fact that Luna actually did as I requested of her.


  After climbing atop Luna’s body, touching her belly, sides, and armpits on the way, I could finally get a feel of her chest which I had only taken a peek at previously.


  Luna’s chest sunk under the pressure of my hands as she moaned out loud. I can proudly and confidently say that this soft and tender flesh, under the confines of my hands, was the softest and warmest thing I’ve ever touched in all of my life.  

  Soft— Squish—

  Then as if it was a matter of course, I grabbed the other one with my remaining hand. No matter how much I touched them, I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of this intoxicating feeling.

  But what caught my attention the most right now were Luna’s nipples which were as pink as her beautiful hair.

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  Luna’s body jerked up every time I touched them with my thumb and index fingers. I was very excited since it meant she was responding to the stimuli that my hands were providing to her body.

  “…Heu…aah… Euaahh…”

  Her thin lips, which were letting out sultry moans, couldn’t look any more lovely to me. So I tried overlapping her lips with mine, kissing her for the first time.

  The first thing I felt was the indescribable softness of her lips and her firm and smooth teeth that tasted like peppermint, then, at last, I felt the soft sensations of her cute tongue that was quietly sitting inside her oral cavity.

  Chu— Chu—

  I shoved my tongue into Luna’s mouth and began moving back and forth like a thirsty man— given the water he desperately needed. It was a clumsy and monotonous kiss even by my standards.

  “Heu, Slurp, Eup, Heu.. Ha-Hassan… I-I can’t breathe…”

  Luna who was on the receiving end wasn’t any more skillful than me, so we ended up having a short and clumsy smooch that soon ended with both of us left panting for air.

  However, how sloppy and clumsy the kiss was didn’t really matter, my heart was already floating like it was attached to 20 balloons and I couldn’t calm it down at all.

  How could a kiss feel so good?

  So, I took a deep breath and kissed Luna again, but this time, even Luna made clear efforts and readily accepted my tongue.

  “Chu. Chuu. Chuuu…”

  Only the kissing and slurping sounds of saliva overlapping and being exchanged remained in the room. Then I grabbed Luna’s chest again and began rubbing her firm nipples with my fingers.

  “Has-, heu… Hassan…”

  Luna would repeatedly call my name from time to time as if my name was the only thing left on her mind.

  I obviously liked that fact a lot. To think it was me and no one else who got to take the first time of this pure and lovely woman.

  She would be all mine for today. Mine and mine alone. With these ravenous thoughts, my possessiveness soared to an all-time high and my schlong rose even higher and was definitely…harder.

  I’ll taste everything before the end of this night. And I’m gonna engrave it anywhere on her body that she is mine. Mine and mine only for however long I desire.

  I then took my mouth off Luna’s lips, then went on to lick her ears, neck, and collarbone, and finally headed toward her tits.

  I couldn’t understand why, but the only thing on my mind right now was how much I wanted to lick her firm nipples clean. Wasn’t this an instinct naturally embedded in men since they were born?

  “Euh, euuh… euuuh, haaaah…”

  Bite— Bite— Lick— Nibble—

  I kept stimulating Luna by biting her nipples and licking them thoroughly with my tongue.

  While her firm and stiff nipples unexpectedly didn’t have any taste to them, I oddly still liked the feeling of biting and licking them.

  “Has, heung, eu… Haang…”

  Her body would tremble and flinch every time I did so, and the way she was moaning was so responsive to each of my actions that I didn’t feel like stopping any time soon.

  What Luna seemed to like the most was when I’d lick around her areolas rather than when I directly licked her nipples or bit them with my teeth.

  With that, Luna’s waist couldn’t stop trembling and saliva that she couldn’t swallow was leaking out from her mouth in steady lines as though she was drooling.

  “Heu, ha, ha…haah, haah…”

  While I didn’t mind licking and touching her nipples like this for longer, my sexual desire which was at its all-time high was asking for something more direct and sensational.

  So I slowly moved my head toward Luna’s lower body. Sensing my actions, she covered her private parts with her hands and clenched her legs in shame.

  When I lifted her obstructing wrist, I saw pink pubic hair, sticking out from her pelvic region, which was short and tidy…as if it had been recently trimmed. I thought she might not have any pubic hair at all but I got excited after seeing their existence.

  As expected, she was an adult. I can be relieved of some of my worries now…

  Putting that thought aside, I reached out to Luna’s body and then, slowly and gently, tried to open her clasped thighs to reveal the sight that I was dying to witness.

  “S-So embarrassing…”

  Luna lifted a pillow atop her head and tightly pressed it against herself as if she was feeling extremely ashamed due to my brazen actions.

  It was the first time she was showing her private place to another person, of course, she would be ashamed, I thought in my hazy mind.

  But even though she was embarrassedly hiding her body, her pale and pink skin and clenched thighs were infinitely cute. And here I thought I had been numbed to women’s charms after the blatant exposure to various audio-visual media.

  How could something in the shape of a straight line feel so pure and clean? Pretty? Beautiful? Could it be described this way?

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  It felt, in a way rude, to refer to this as female genitalia or pussy. It didn’t matter to me right now as I just reached out to it with my shaky hands.

  “Haeu, euuh…”

  Carefully, I widened Luna’s quivering snatch, which was closed shut, and revealed her trembling pink depths. Widening it further, I could already see further along her leaking pussy, revealing more of her pale pink depths.

  I could clearly see her labia minora, labia majora, and the pale pink skin covering her cute clitoris.

  I could see some blood trickling due to the sexual tension she was feeling and with that, I could now attest to Luna’s purity.

  Her wide vaginal hole and the reddish-pink membrane wall covering and blocking the way to her very depths were clear proof of it.

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  I felt sympathy for our common lack of experience, making my heart beat even faster with thrill.

  “D-Don’t spread it so wide…”

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Pseudo Resident’s Illegal Stay in Another World

Pseudo Resident’s Illegal Stay in Another World

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