Pseudo Resident’s Illegal Stay In Another World Chapter 49

Little Night (4) 🔞

༺ Little Night (4) ༻   


  With utmost admiration, I just kept blankly ogling the previously tightly clenched snatch of Luna, not unlike a typical lecherous bastard, that was now opened wide and quivering in front of my heated gaze. Soon, I heard Luna’s small and shrill voice, leaking from under the pillow she had used to cover her face.

  “Please… Hassan… D-Don’t spread it so wide… I-It’s very embarrassing for me…!”

  “Ah! A-Ahem, sorry… It’s my first time seeing something like this, so I was a bit too intrigued there… Sorry…”  

  Then, following a desire that I didn’t know the origin of, I started sniffing and whiffing out the smell of Luna’s trembling honeypot. Needless to say, Luna’s body started quivering violently as though she was utterly horrified.

  “Hey, What the hell are you doing? D-Don’t smell it like that-!!”

  “You smelled me too, you know… Besides, this is the first time I’ve seen a vagina, so I’m a bit curious, you see… “

  “H-Huh? D-Did you just say that this is your first time…?”

  The subtleties underlying Luna’s sudden question slightly disturbed me. If her question had been along the lines of seeing a naked woman for the very first time then I would have to answer with a resounding no, the constant intake of audio-visual stimuli had practically made me a veteran in that field. However, if we were to just talk about the experience in itself, then wasn’t it safe to say that it was my first time?

  But then wouldn’t the event that transpired between me and Nemea count too in that case? Personally, I definitely believed that it can’t be counted in any way. For all that had happened, one thing was sure and it was that…there was not even a single iota of affection between the two of us.

  All in all, I believe there would be no problem in saying that this was my very first experience. Thinking till here, I immediately capitalized on that decision.

  “Huh, hmm. Yes, It’s my first time too.”

  “T-Thank god. I was so afraid… So very much afraid that you wouldn’t feel satisfied by just how clumsy I was… B-By the way, there… I mean… It didn’t look too weird or anything below there…..right?”

  “Of course not. Why would you think that? If I had to be honest, you’re so pretty down there that I can’t help but have thoughts of licking you clean. In fact, now that I think about it, that’s pretty much been the only thing on my mind for a while now.”

  “H-Huh, what are you talking about? L-Lick it…?! Wha- Euh, heuaah, e-euh…”

  Slurp— Slurp—

  Sticking out my tongue, I wantonly began carrying out all my inner desires as I constantly lapped around the raised labia of Luna’s beautiful pussy. That and the cute pink-colored bean, that was her cute clit, atop it was basically my primary focus here.

 Even though I was a full-fledged virgin and had zero knowledge in the arts of pleasuring women, I still knew for a fact that this region around the pussy lips was extremely sensitive and stimulating for womankind. It was basic human biology, and you certainly didn’t need to be a casanova to know about that.

  Gently, I placed the flat upper part of my tongue over the pink quivering skin and began twirling around the sensitive parts in semi-round, clockwise motions. No sooner had I started my ministrations, Luna immediately clenched the inner side of her beautiful thighs and began rocking back and forth with violent trembles. Due to that sudden action, my head was practically sandwiched between the confines of her legs and I was literally stuck shut in that spot. The pressure was too strong, I was seriously experiencing a lot of pain as a result. I couldn’t for the life of me, understand just how such feeble-looking legs could generate enough pressure that it would hurt so much. 

  “Aaah, whoa… Hang!”

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  Slurp— Slurp—

 And as if I had tasted the most delicious thing, my tongue kept scouring Luna’s pussy, getting a taste of every inch of it.

  Like a moth being drawn to the flickering of fire, the redolent scent of Luna’s intoxicating pheromones and the slight minty note that permeated from her pussy lips, and possibly her vagina too, attracted more and more of my attention and senses towards her secret depths.

  Moreover, the physical and vocal responses that Luna’s body was showing me were more than enough to make me agitated, excited, and happy from deep within. It seriously boosted my self-confidence and stroked my ego. 

  “Hang…! Heeuh, haaah…” 

  Well, even though Luna was giving out such a wonderful and strong response to my ministrations, I wasn’t nearly deluded enough to have the thoughts of me having an innate skill or instinctive knack for this sort of thing. What I think truly happened was probably Luna’s innate physical disposition coming into full play here. From what I had seen, she was quite easy to tickle. That basically meant that she was quite sensitive, far more than other people. Women were usually a very sensitive bunch, but Luna felt special even among them. At least that’s what I remember reading in one of my father’s books.

  “Hiss, so d-deep, Hassan…”

  I, who was enjoying the feeling of licking around the region of her hymen inside her fully-spread-open vagina with the tip of my tongue, heard Luna’s voice colored in the slightest notes of pain and the calling of my name, prompting me to stop my actions. I retracted my tongue out of her quivering pussy and inquired her about her condition.

  “Does it hurt, Luna? Are you feeling uncomfortable…?”

  “No, not really…”

  “Well, I’m glad then if that’s the case. Speaking of pain, can’t you loosen your legs a little, please? It’s a little uncomfortable being constantly squeezed by your legs like this. Why don’t you just hug your thighs and spread your legs open, you know… maybe like a frog or something…” 

  “B-But, that position is very embarrassing…”

  “Hurry up, please!”

  Hearing my urging words, hesitantly, Luna hugged the underside of her wonderful thighs and spread her legs in an M-shape as I had asked of her. 


  Her lovely thighs and cute and thin calves stretched out wide, creating a perfect symmetry with her ankles and the soles of her feet. In this position, I could clearly see the slightly widened pink-hued pussy right in the middle shyly quivering under my gaze.


  Soon, underneath her beautiful snatch, I noticed her shyly closed anus fluttering with the quivers of her pussylips.

  Absentmindedly, with a sudden desire straight outta nowhere, I tried to reach out towards the small puckered hole, but…

  “Noooo-! N-Not there! Don’t touch me there-!”

  With a shrill scream and a shout of rejection, Luna closed her legs in a panic so I took my hand back with a sudden instinctive jerk. I was positively surprised by her reaction and was also curious about her sudden and firm rejection.

  “What’s wrong? What’s wrong?”

  “J-Just don’t touch me there…Hassan-! Please, I beg you-!”

  “A-Alright, I understand. I won’t touch it, I promise.”

  Well, it wasn’t like I didn’t get where she was coming from. I’d be way more than just being flustered and embarrassed if someone suddenly went on and touched my anus too. Probably, it would be way better if I took the gentle and caring approach with her since this was her first time. It was my first time too, but that’s beside the point here…

  Leaving that trail of thought, I resumed by using my thumb on Luna’s clitoris, gyrating around the small bean pole and caressing it with soft touches. 

  The feeling and texture of her glistening love juices, that were sprouting out of her body, along with the saliva that I slathered her snatch with was simply incredible in a word.

  Can it even be compared to anything?

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  Well, if I were to really try then the closest thing should be akin to stroking a warm mollusk? Maybe, maybe not. Obviously, it should be very different from that, obviously, her pussy could never be comparable to a disgusting mollusk, but that was the only thing I could think of right now, comparison-wise.

  “Haah, huu, haeuu, Haang…”

  To reiterate, this was no mollusk but, in actuality, Luna’s most secretive spot. 

  Luna’s small body trembled and shuddered with every move I made with my thumb, her nipples which were previously standing firm, stood up even higher and harder than before, after my careful and arousing ministrations.

  “I-It feels weird down there… Ha-Hassan… I-It’s hard to describe… T-Tell me the truth. I-Is it really your first time?”

  Luna just spoke some strange words. Did she mean that my moves felt experienced because of how pleasurable it was for her? This feeling, of having my skills recognized, felt oddly good. Did <Imperfect Dexterity> affect my bedroom skills as well?

  The voice in the back of my head was screaming at me to slide a finger inside her tight vagina and stimulate her quivering insides. To immerse myself in the soft and sensual feeling of her inner walls.

  Oddly enough, or maybe not, that felt extremely wrong to me. For Luna, who was experiencing her first time, it would be a disgrace if I used my fingers at the very start. She deserved better than the ministrations of my fingers, she deserved my thick and hard cock.

  With that thought in mind, I decided it was time for me to undress and join Luna in her nakedness. So, I removed my shirt and proceeded to remove my pants after untying the belt around my waist.

  Soon after, my hard and pulsating dick, which was previously contained inside the confines of my tight pants, sprang up high with a crazy momentum, nearly surpassing my navel.

  “Sure you’re okay with this, Luna?”

  I made sure to ask again just in case. There was no coming back after this. As stupid as that might have felt, I was basically giving the shaman girl one last chance to back off from this experience. Though, to be frank, I’d be extremely disappointed if Luna withdrew at this moment, after everything we’ve been through.


  Luna’s face, which was previously buried under the confines of the blanket, slowly turned in my direction, facing me at last. Her cute and lustrous emerald-hued eyes were sparkling, not unlike real gems, under the dim light of the candles.

  Soon, she inquired in a quivering tone…

  “W-Will this thing go all the way inside me…?”

  While my little brother was rather thick and hard, it was only slightly larger than the average size, at least that was the case by my previous world’s standards.

  But I had to agree, for the short and petite Luna this must look far too big and intimidating, definitely not her cup of tea.

  Honestly, I was unsure how I should go about this. To begin with, I doubted whether my hard dick would even be able to fit inside Luna’s tight and stiff body. It felt like I wouldn’t even be able to make it enter her small hole. And even if I did, it might just reach her belly button, maybe even go above it, which honestly made me worried and anxious.

  “I-I’m scared…”

  Luna stammered as she spoke, she seemed genuinely afraid about the whole ordeal. Even her pink twintails were shaking in anxiety.

  “But, I-I’ll try putting up with it since it’s you, Ha-Hassan…”

  But in the end, Luna gave me her consent, much to my joy and delight. So, without even wasting another second, I grabbed my thick rod and kneeled near Luna’s widely spread thighs.

  I didn’t forget to rub and stimulate Luna’s clenched pussy, labia, and clitoris with my bulbous glans like I had seen in those ‘educational videos’. It wasn’t like I was forcing myself to do this, to be frank, I genuinely liked the sensations I felt from rubbing it alongside her sticky and wet genitals. 

  Slosh— Slosh—

  “I-It’s so h-hot…”

  My hard and raging boner must have become quite hot from all the blood that rushed to that menace all along. Moments after, I placed my hands on Luna’s thighs and opened them wider to position myself in the middle. Firmly grabbing my rod by its roots, I slowly and gently tried to push it inside.

  I could feel something very soft and slippery envelope my sensitive blood-filled glans, as it was, to my surprise and astonishment, sliding inside Luna’s pussy, unimpeded. Honestly, I never expected that I would be able to slide inside her this easily.


  Luna couldn’t contain her groans of pain from leaking out of her tightly clenched mouth.


  From her reactions, She was seemingly in much more pain than I had expected her to be. I thought I did more than enough to soothe and prepare her pussy for insertion during the foreplay session. Was I lacking in my ministrations?

  Anxiety colored my mind, making me think it might be better to delay the intercourse. Having decided that, I promptly started pulling back my throbbing cock out of her vagina, but…

  “I-It’s alright, H-Hassan. I-I can take it…”

  As though she read through me, Luna spoke with a tone of reassurance. Her words and tone of concern and care, even though the pain and suffering she was going through, were enough to touch my heart. I thought that I may even shed a few tears at this rate from how touched I felt by her small act.

  Although, right now, instead of tears, there was something else that was probably going to shoot out from my body any second.

  Holding back that urge, I hastily added a pillow under Luna’s waist to make it easier to adjust her position and height. What this did was that it created an angle that would make it easier for my penis to slide inside without barging into her vaginal walls, helping her to accept my thing inside of her.

  “I’ll put it in slowly from now. Take deep breaths, it will help. Like this… Whoo- Whoo-…”


  I took ahold of Luna’s waist and hips with my hands as she continued taking deep breaths just like I asked, slowly penetrating her tight flesh with careful movements.

  Penetrated— it felt like an odd word to say. Was there any other fitting expression? My mind was not really in a state to come up with one so I just went with that.

  Despite how tight and moist her vagina felt, my raging, stiff schlong was, for some odd reason, able to easily penetrate her small hole. I could already feel the distinct sensations of pleasure as my girthy rod was now wrapped by the soft, sticky, and supple walls of her narrow cave.

  “U-Ugh… W-Whoo… Heuu, heuuu…”

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  Lying under my large body, Luna was deeply breathing out loud just like I had instructed her. Even the love that had been lost between two estranged lovers would surely get reignited after seeing your significant other endure so valiantly for you. 

  “I-It… It’s all in…? Whoo… Tell me, it’s all in, H-Hassan-!”

  The petite shaman girl never stopped breathing as I instructed, not even once. Looking down from my position above, I could clearly witness tears forming around the edges of her eyes. Truthfully, only about half of my dick had actually made it inside of her, but she wasn’t aware of that as she was unable to see that due to being distracted by the pain. So, I did what any other man would do— I lied. 

  “Yes, it’s all in, Luna.”

  “I-It’s in! I-I did it…”

  “Yes, you did well. Good girl!”

  I softly spoke, smiling warmly while gently stroking her hair. Her hair was warmer and far softer than I had expected it to be. But I wasn’t surprised much


  Suddenly, the ribbon tying Luna’s hair was undone, probably it became loose from all the back-and-forth movements we did. Due to that, her bundled hair fashioned in twintails was let loose, letting her hair messily fall over and cover her breasts and collarbone.

  It was an unexpected event, but it didn’t matter to me. Even with her hair untied, she remained just as cute and pretty as the first time I saw her. I am always surprised by her beauty, and more so by the fact that such a beauty had become my companion and now even my partner in bed. If it was back in my world, I don’t think I would have even been able to talk with a girl of her caliber, much less be as intimate with her as I was now.

  “Ha-Hassan… K-Kiss me…”

  Hearing her passionate and longing plea, what else could I do but comply… So, I slowly lowered my head and tenderly kissed her for the third time today. If I were to be asked whether I liked it the third time around or not, then the answer would still be a resounding yes. I fucking loved kissing her. Who wouldn’t?

  Slurp— Gulp—

  Our tongues embraced one another as we kissed slowly and softly, we were both moving our mouths vigorously as though we wanted to consume the other. 

  Seemingly, the shy Luna also had an unexpectedly passionate side to her. I felt moved by that thought and decided to slowly push my now stiffer rod deeper inside Luna’s depths.


  “Euugh, geuuh…”

  The next moment, Luna was groaning in pain again. She was waving her arms wildly as though she was about to fall into a pit of never-ending void. Her movements were so wild and exaggerated that the blanket covering us was crumpled up everywhere. Hastily, I held her hands with mine, trying to comfort her and assure her that she would be alright.



  Luna’s sharp fingernails dug into the back of my hands as she tightly clenched my hands for support.

  That fucking hurt. But I was sure the pain I was feeling right now was nothing compared to Luna’s who was getting impaled by my stiff and searing hot shaft.

  My schlong finally went all the way inside. Reaching there, I stopped my waist from making any more motions, I even stopped the act of stimulating Luna’s sensitive spots to stop her pain. I stopped everything and just focused on tightly hugging her slender body, keeping her, all of her, in my passionate embrace.

  I did it on my own initiative, Luna didn’t ask that of me like she had asked to kiss me the previous time around. Perhaps because my lower body was penetrating her tight and narrow insides, I felt as though it was my whole body that was wrapped in something warm and moist rather than just my stiff cock.

  “Ha-Hassan… Thank you… I-I like you…”

  “M-Me too… Luna, me too…”

  Holy shit, couldn’t I have come up with a better response? Still, it felt really embarrassing and this was the best I could do right now. And with that response, I put more strength in my hold and hugged her lithe body close to me. We remained in that peaceful state for a long while.

  That simple action was enough to make me feel as if I had ascended to the highest realms of the heavens. I could have never imagined that holding a soft and slender girl in my embrace could make me feel so pleasant and happy.

  Compared to that, what happened with Nemea could only be considered a better form of masturbation, at best.

  Having shared our warmth with each other for a while, we were interrupted by Luna’s whispering voice.

  “Whoo… You can move now.”

  “Sure you’re gonna be okay?”

  “Heuh, hung. Yes, I feel much better, now. It feels less painful when you hug me tightly like this…”

  “Then I’ll start moving.”

  “Eu, hung. H-heu, heuu…”


  Faint moans leaked out of Luna’s lips as I slowly pulled out my hot shaft from her depths. Undoubtedly, she wasn’t feeling as much pain as she had felt during the insertion of my penis inside her honeypot. It should feel much better now. 

  Slosh— Rub— Slosh—

  Luna’s pussy, which was now drenched with saliva and love juices, with my precum added into the mix, had some blood flowing out of it now. The sound of my dick rubbing with her vaginal walls was so delightful that I nearly cummed from that alone. 

  “Heu, e-euhh…”

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  I lowered my head and went on a crusade to kiss every sensitive part of the petite beauty’s body, starting from her neck, then slowly transitioning further down along her collarbones, upper breasts, and thin shoulders.

  My actions were done with the explicit intention that stimulating and caressing her other sensitive areas would somehow lessen the pain she was feeling and maybe even make her feel pleasure instead.

  What I was doing seemed to be effective as Luna’s nails which were fiercely piercing my palms began to loosen little by little.

  Seeing that, I decided to let go of her palms and decided to focus on her navel instead. Gently, using my thumbs, I rubbed and stimulated the area around her navel where I surmised my thing was penetrating her the deepest.

  I did that because I thought that the pain might lessen somehow if I massaged that area. It was a blind guess but it didn’t hurt to try. Unexpectedly, Luna’s reactions intensified as I started my caresses.

  Rustle— Rustle—

  “Whoo… Ah, aaah, hang… Aaaah… Hang… Hah…! Euuh, S-Stop… S-Stop d-doing that-!!”

  Gush— Rub— Rub— 

  Whether the massage was effective or not I didn’t know for sure. What I noticed, however, was that her voice would reach a higher and higher tone each time I accelerated my waist movements.

  “Heu, haah, Ha-Hassan… Eu-Euuhh..”

  Luna’s previously wide-opened thighs were now tightly wrapped around my waist and hips, sticking our bodies closer together.

  I stayed quiet after that, my main focus shifting only to ramming my dick deep inside her snatch. I particularly focused on the feeling of my dick rubbing against the walls of her narrow hole. 

  Splash— Splash— Rub— Slosh— Slosh—   

  The warm and humid air, that could only be produced when two bodies exchanged their warmth, along with the stench of sweat and bodily fluids filling the entirety of the inn room.

  The feeling of our sticky flesh rubbing against each other was making my spinal cord tingle with pleasure. No words were exchanged between us, only the groans of pleasure remained in the inn room.

  “Hak, haah, hang, aaaah… H-Haah, heuuh, haaa, hang, hang, hah, hang, hang, hang, hang-!”

  Sosh— Sosh— Sosh— Rub—

  My hard shaft and enlarged glans kept scratching and poking Luna’s smooth insides. I could feel her insides clamp on my throbbing dick as if they never wanted to let it go. It made me feel like I was about to cum at any moment, the pleasure was just that intense.

  These thin and slender shoulders, small but reasonably sized breasts, that felt oh so soft and supple in my palms, her waist that was thin enough to fit in the confines of my large hands, smooth thighs, and pinkish pubic hair of hers.

  Most of all, her beautiful calves and cute soles were mine, all of her was mine and mine alone. The speed of my thrusts kept getting faster and faster as more and more possessive thoughts filled every corner of my mind.

  Rub— Rub— Squelch— Slosh— Rub— 

  “Hah, hang, hah, euh, hah… A-Ang, Ha-Hassan….

  Luna suddenly hugged me tighter, even more than before, even her legs and thighs tightened around me further and further. Finally, her vagina began contracting as though it wanted to suck everything out from my balls. Thanks to that, I could feel even more of her soft chest and smooth skin, raising our shared corporal warmth even higher.

  While it became a little harder to move, my arousal had gone through the roof. I didn’t care anymore whether she was feeling pain or if she would feel good enough to cum or not. The only thing on my mind was how much I wanted to shoot my seeds inside her womb.

  Rub— Rub— Rub— Squelch—

  “Heuaa, Aeuu, euuuh, ang, aah, heeuuh, heuaaah…”

  I could feel Luna’s pussy tighten more and more with each of my movements. She was probably feeling more pleasure than pain right now.

  I could see tears falling from her eyes, saliva flowing down from the sides of her mouth, and small beads of sweat flowing down her collarbone and thin neck.

  I lowered my head and licked them all like a thirsty dog, moving my waist even faster with each passing moment. I have never done something like this before as I practically had no experience whatsoever, but my instincts were screaming at me to move along this path, so I obliged.

  “S-So tight… You’re sucking me in… You’re sucking me in so tightly.”

  “Aah-, aeeuuh, euang, haah, ang, aaah, euuuh, haaang, haaah…!”

  Rub— Rub— Rub— Slosh— Splash— Splash— Splash—

  Luna didn’t seem to be even able to speak anymore. Her insides were tightly undulating around my schlong, keeping me completely inside her. Well, even if they didn’t, I didn’t have nearly enough restraint to pull out and finish outside.

  Wanting to feel more of her damp and soft warmth even a little more, I clasped her slender body even more tightly inside mine and pushed my stiff rod inside as much as I could, completely crushing the entrance of her womb with my repeated thrust.

  Shoot— Shoot— Shoot— 

  “Heuu!!! Euuh!! Euuhh-!!!”

  As though in complete sync, Luna’s body began trembling at the same time I came inside her. Her insides were throbbing and repeatedly contracting as if it was going through a violent seizure.

  “E-euu… Heuaa, heeuh, euuuh… Hah, haaang…!”


  Damn, that was much faster than I expected it to be. I could do nothing but blame my lack of experience and the tightness of her pussy for my early release.


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  I then slowly pulled my rod out of her vagina which was still tightly latching onto it, as if unwilling to let it go out of her. A loud popping noise was made as a result. My schlong was naturally covered in a bit of her blood, proof of her recently lost purity, it looked kind of scary if to be completely honest about it.

  At the same time, Luna’s slightly open pink pussy was overflowing with my semen which was mixed with a bit of her blood to form a pinkish puddle below.

  The manly sense of accomplishment along with the desire to completely conquer filled my body and soul at this scene.

  So I used my fingers to push my flowing semen back into her vagina and tried to keep it there.


  I didn’t mean anything by this gesture, I just felt like doing it, so I did. Regardless, the situation right now was that Luna was silently trembling and I was completely clueless as to what to do now.

  “Heuuh, Ugyeeuuh…”

  With nothing coming to mind, I just thought up about doing what I could do best in this situation. I had Luna lie face down and then massaged her back and waist with my hands. I could feel a lot of tension in them after staying in the same position for a long time throughout that strenuous sex session.


『Luna Knoxdotty’s growing pains have been cured.』
『Task Points + 10』
『Current Task Points: 37』


  Luna began slowly panting out loud.

  I wanted to ask her if she was feeling alright or if she was feeling any pain, but I, myself, was feeling so muddleheaded that I couldn’t even formulate those words with my mouth. So, I just let my mind drift to the nearest thought that I could find and enacted it by hugging Luna’s body under the warm embrace of the blanket covering our naked bodies.

  Nothing could feel better than the warmth and softness of her body right now.

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