Pseudo Resident’s Illegal Stay In Another World Chapter 68

Sun and Moon (2) 🔞

    ༺ Sun and Moon (2) ༻   


  Luna sniffed me out and immediately frowned because of the smell that lingered on my body.

  “It’s not only that you smell like nymphs but I also could smell another scent from you. What’s this smell…?”

  Luna already stopped struggling and started sniffing out my shoulder and chest.

  “It feels like I’ve smelled this kind of smell before. Where did I smell it? I think someone from the guild has a smell like this….”

  I didn’t know why but somehow I got the creeps for no reason. It felt as if I had been caught doing something wrong, so I released Luna from my embrace and tried brushing off her doubts.

  “What kind of smell could I have? Maybe it’s just your imagination.”

  “Really? Is it just my imagination?”

  “Yeah. You’re probably confused because you are working until late at night instead of sleeping.”

  “I usually work better at night though. I guess I’m good at staying awake at night because I eat a lot of owl meat!”

  “What does eating owl meat got to do with working better at night?”

  “Did you not know, Hassan? If you eat rabbit meat, your legs will get faster, and if you eat bear meat, your arms will get stronger.”

  It felt like she was talking about something from the totemism era. But in this bizarre world, such superstitions were naturally spread far and wide, so refuting them would only result in being called a fool.

  “Forget that, here, look at this. Ta-da!”

  Luna moved on from the topic we were talking about and showed me the totem she had carved instead. However, unlike the horrible Moai totems she made last time, what she made today was quite well-made.

  But the shape was the same as the Korean Moai statue I made last time. I wondered if she liked this kind of shape. Well, it was true. Korean Moai statue had a quite distinctive shape, after all.

  Luna grabbed the dagger again and started to dig into the wood while speaking.

  “I feel quite alright, even though I haven’t gone to sleep tonight. Isn’t this situation quite strange? Is it because my name is Luna? My senses become sensitive at night, and I can hear all kinds of sounds really well, even the tiniest of sounds.”

  “Ah, yeah.”

  Luna became more sensitive at night. Hearing this piece of information didn’t surprise me since I had a slight idea about why she was like this.

  It was probably because Luna was the daughter of the goddess of the night. So becoming nocturnal was something that was inherited from her mother. It was certainly not because she had consumed a lot of owl meat.

  Still, I slightly touched Luna’s wrist, just in case. Then her stats came to my mind, followed by the usual ding sound.

Name: Luna Knoxdotty
Level: 8 → 11
Strength: 2 → 3
Agility: 5 → 6
Stamina: 1 → 2
Status: Fluttering Heart 》Bad Meals Lover 》Nocturnal Nature
Condition: Curse of Knox 》Curse of Erebor

  What the fuck was this? Somehow it was like… her stats had changed a lot. How could her level go up by three while I had been away from her?

  I was really surprised that all of her stat points went up by 1. If we were in a game, she would already be reported as using a hack. I couldn’t believe she’d already overtaken my level!

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  “Why, what’s wrong, Hassan? I’m holding a dagger, so it’s a bit dangerous.…”

  Luna blushed, not knowing what to do in this situation. She was feeling shy because I was holding her wrist.

  “Luna, what did you eat while I was away? Or what did you do?”

  “Huh? I was just carving the totem, these Moai totems. I’ve collected a lot of Karma by doing this. Is there any problem?”

  Was Luna unaware of the changes that happened to her body?

  Increasing three levels in such a short time could be seen as something unusual, even for me, who was unfamiliar with how this world really worked.

  “Speaking of this, Hassan… You asked me to make a Moai totem for you before, right? Here… I should have one for you here.

  Luna started to rummage around the corner of the cabin after sneaking her wrist out of my grasp. Soon she held out a wooden statue similar to the one she had given me last time.

  Of course, the shape was very crude, but I was slightly able to recognize it as being in a human form.

  “It’s better than last time, right? I also made it so it resembles your face, Hassan.”

  Luna said proudly, but to be honest, I thought this totem just looked like a weird-looking wooden doll. Was I this ugly in Luna’s eyes? That would be a bit of a shock.

  I accepted the Moai totem anyway.

『You have received a wooden doll filled with Little Night’s Affection.』

『You can increase the value of one of the following attributes by 1 after consuming 100 task points.』

『There is a 40% chance of obtaining additional points.』

『1. Strength +』

『2. Agility +』

『3. Stamina +』

  I felt like my eyes almost popped out of their sockets when I read the additional words in the information that appeared.

  I had predicted that this notification would show up because I had already experienced it once before. But I only knew about the option of strengthening my ability by consuming task points.

  Where did this 40% probability of gaining an additional point come from? Was it because of my newly acquired Shining Hand? No, Probably not

  Even my dumb brain could guess that it wasn’t the case.

  The most plausible reason I could come up with was that Luna had improved, consequently improving the quality of the totems she made.

  This time, the words 『You have received a wooden doll filled with Little Night’s Affection』came together with the other pieces of information.

  Huh, what the hell was this 40% chance? This felt neither likely nor unlikely.

  I know I would be livid if it failed. But considering my record with such things, I couldn’t call myself lucky at all.

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  Luna was my lucky goddess at the moment, so should I leave this choice for her to make?

  “Luna, choose between 1, 2, and 3, which one is the best?”

  “Then I’ll pick number four.”

  “No, choose a number out of one to three.”

  “Hmm… I cannot understand what you’re talking about all of a sudden. Hasan, I’ve been thinking about this for a while, but you say and do a lot of weird stuff. Is it because you are from Samaria?”

  It was quite a shock hearing that I was weird when it came from someone like Luna. It felt like the pot calling the kettle black here.

  “Then I’ll choose number three. No, no, choose number 2. Ah, no, let’s just go with the number one.”

  Luna ended up choosing the number 1 in the end. Strength, huh? This was also what I wanted to choose. I decided to trust Luna and slowly moved my head toward the button.

  Whoo, damn it. I am so nervous. Choosing correctly means I get to level up two times.

  I then pressed the『1. Strength + 』button that was floating in the air with my finger.

  Ding— Ding—

  With a clear sound, the level-up notification appeared twice. I overcame the 40% success probability and had a successful gacha roll.

  “Holy shit! Damn!”

  I was so happy that I grabbed Luna’s waist again and started circling her around in the air while in my embrace.

  This reminded me of the puppy I used to own back home, It would struggle, just like Luna was doing right now, whenever I did this.

  “Why, what happened? I’m holding a dagger! It’s dangerous!”

  I buried my face in Luna’s soft and smooth belly.

  Sniff— Sniff—

  The smell of her sweet flesh and the strong mint flavor emanating from her had never smelled this good before. My lower body also showed its presence by expanding in my pants as if it was extremely happy.

  “Ugh, i-it tickles. S-Stop it.”

  I put Luna on the carpet made of deerskin leather and kissed her exposed stomach.

  “Ugh, y-you’re tickling me…!”

  Luna kept pushing my head away.

  However, I didn’t want to let go of this petite body because of the joy and all kinds of other emotions brimming within me that had taken control of my mind.

  So I slowly stuck out my tongue and licked her gently on the lower abdomen near the navel area.

  “Uh, hh, Hassan, no…! You will break my chastity vow this way…!”

  Luna blurted out carefully, just in case anyone out there could overhear us. However, after meeting with Diana tonight, one thing I had been curious about for a long time had been resolved.

  According to Diana, as long as it was not a form of direct penetration, it wouldn’t be counted as defiling one’s purity.

  It was a clear fact because the Goddess of Chastity said so herself. Thinking about it this way, the experience of meeting that hateful Diana seemed to have had its own benefit.

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  “Hhh… ack…!”

  When I licked her navel, Luna couldn’t help but moan. She could never stand it whenever I put my tongue on that specific rounded area of hers. The body underneath me was getting hotter with each one of my licks. It felt good that I could immediately know her reaction like this.

  However, she looked pitiful because she was shaking and shivering a lot. It looked like she was feeling scared due to my actions.

  Forcing myself on someone who didn’t want to do it with me didn’t fit my sentiment as a modern man from the 21st century. So I took my mouth off Luna’s stomach and explained to her in a low voice.

  “I heard from Lady Diana that It’s okay to do things as long as it’s not direct penetration”

  “L-Lady Diana? Penetration? What do you mean…Ugh!?”

  My tongue, which was slowly licking Luna’s stomach, now moved to the area below it, to the area between the pelvis, hip, and legs.

  A thin piece of cloth that was covering the secret and most important part of a woman’s body. When I tried to bring my face near it, something soft grabbed me tightly on both sides of my face.

  It was Luna’s thighs. I couldn’t believe there was such a soft trap waiting for me at this place. I wanted to stay like this forever.

  “D-don’t do this…!”

  Even though we had already done it once before, Luna was still strongly holding on to her chastity.

  To be honest, I already thought of Luna as my girlfriend or something like my lover at this point, but I wasn’t sure what to do after seeing her reject me to this extent.

  Then suddenly, I remembered reading a famous article on social media about a woman’s heart when I was a freshman a long time ago and was still interested in dating.

  Men tend to take a woman easily when they think they have already had her once. However, things were drastically different from the woman’s side. The woman would only allow that situation to happen once, and it was unclear whether she would let the man have her again.

  I also thought that if I had a girlfriend someday, I would understand that feeling, but I forgot about it altogether because I had been single for more than five fucking long years.

  “You really don’t want to do this?”

  “L-Lady Knox is watching over there….”

  Luna extended her hand to point at Knox’s statue that was sitting in the corner.

  I didn’t realize it before because of the blood rushing to my head, but now that I saw goddess Knox’s statue, I could feel like she was watching over me.

  I slipped out of Luna’s soft thighs, took off my raincoat, and covered the statue with it. IT looked nearly identical to someone covering the CCTV cameras.

  “Now we are safe.”


  Luna hesitated a lot. I decided to ask Luna carefully.

  “Do you hate me?”

  “It’s not like that… To be honest, I’m a little scared… Uh, y-you’re too big and thick… it was painful as well…”

  Ah, I didn’t realize that her mind started to develop a fear of men after her first experience with me.

  Now I remembered hearing somewhere that many women started becoming afraid of men after a painful first experience.

  Of course, I thought that it would have nothing to do with me then, so I didn’t think much about it when I heard that. Damn it, what did they say there?

  I think they recommended something like stimulating her and letting her gain some experience so that she is no longer scared of sexual contact.

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  So I made up my mind to untie the knot in my pants in front of Luna. Soon, my firm and stiff schlong that had risen inside my loose pants were now exposed to the cold air.

  I was a little embarrassed, but Luna’s round eyes immediately became wide open after seeing me do this. She was feeling so awkward and embarrassed that she didn’t know what to do.

  “…Why did you suddenly drop your pants?”

  “Here, look, this is the thing that went inside you last time. It’s not that big, right?”

  Luna covered her face with her palms and blinked her emerald eyes through the gaps of her fingers, perhaps because she couldn’t bring herself to see it directly.

  “I-It’s big…”

  I felt like my pride as a man was soaring up with just that one sentence of hers. On the other hand, looking at the fear brimming in Luna’s eyes somehow started to make me anxious as well.

  Fuck, did the plan fail? Of course, if I gave up at this point, the chances to be brave enough to do this again would also be gone for good.

  So I pretended to act indifferent to her emotions.

  “Try to grab it. Just do it as you did during yesterday’s massage.”


  “Yes, massage. It’s nothing unusual. It’s just a massage. There’s nothing wrong with it.”


  At the word “massage”, Luna’s eyes showed that many thoughts had flashed inside her mind simultaneously.

  Sometimes she took a peek at me every once in a while looking very anxious as if fearing that she would hurt my feelings if she didn’t respond.

  “Hassan, d-do… you want me to do that to you?”



  Luna just blushed very hard at my reply without answering me back. She was looking like she’d pop if I poked her with a needle.

  After lifting Luna’s body so that she would sit on her knees, I brought my solidly raised rod right in front of Luna’s face.

  Her eyes shook nervously as if they were at a loss for what to do right now. So she chose to direct her gaze to the ground. Her trembling hands slowly approached my thing.


  Soon, my mind felt open to a sense of achievement, including a kind of desire for conquest, when her finger completely wrapped around my thing.

  “How does it feel when you touch it…?”

  “I-It-s hot… and also very hard…”

  Luna muttered softly and then sniffed me out. The sudden action made me feel rather embarrassed. Because I suddenly remembered that I didn’t wash after rolling in the dirt ground and massaging Hippolyte.

  “There’s nothing to smell.”

  On the contrary, I was about to fall into a brief agony while thinking, “This is too embarrassing. Should I quit?”

  “B-but Hassan, your smell….”

  But Luna put her nose and face on top of my stiff stick as if she liked the smell and kept smelling it for a while. Her soft breaths and nostrils keep touching my hard meat rod.

  “Huuu… This smell….”

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