Pseudo Resident’s Illegal Stay In Another World Chapter 69

Sun and Moon (3) 🔞

    ༺ Sun and Moon (3) ༻   


   Sniff— Sniff—

   Luna kept sniffing me like that for a while.

   She looked like a small beast trying to get a feel of the other person’s feelings or identity through smelling, or was it maybe something akin to a greeting?

   Anyways, Luna’s emerald-colored eyes, which until now, were filled to the brim with a mixture of fear, dread, and unbridled shame, had now a strange glint of curiosity to them.

   “This part of you… Smells like my hometown…”

   My stuff down there smelled like Luna’s hometown? Was there something wrong with my schlong or did Luna’s hometown really smell like cock or something? I felt my head spinning for a while after hearing Luna’s words, but I quickly regained my wavering senses.

   Well, isn’t it good news that Luna became interested in my thing now? She isn’t afraid of it anymore, at least.

   Luna then gripped my schlong hard enough to make me instinctively pull back my hips. How was her grip so strong?

   “Hey, you shouldn’t hold it so tightly.”

   “R-Really? It was so hard and solid that I wanted to check if there was a bone inside.”

   “Why on earth would there be a bone inside?”

   While it felt like an absurd assumption to me, it might not be the case for Luna who saw a man’s solid schlong up close for the first time in her life. 

   And with that out of the way, Luna kept pressing and pulling my thing for a while. It was similar to the acts of someone checking out a toy they received for the very first time.

   Even as someone who had sworn a vow of chastity, it wasn’t weird for her to be interested in sexual subjects. It seemed that her curiosity about this body part that she didn’t possess overcame any feeling of fear and shame she was previously riddled with.

   As for me, I couldn’t really describe the scene of the pink-haired petite girl sitting on her knees in front of me while holding my thing and fiddling with it as anything but a pleasant sight.

   Seeing her flushed face look up at me as if to check for my reaction every once in a while was incredibly cute. Unfortunately, what Luna was doing right now gave me little to no sexual relief.


   I almost screeched in pain when she scratched my sensitive glans with her fingernails. Dammit, it really fucking hurts!

   “Hey, y-you can’t do that!”

   “…R-Really…? Then how…?”

   Luna was restlessly gazing my way when I told her off like that. She probably turned passive after realizing just how much pain I was in.

   It was then that I realized that I could fill this empty canvas-like girl with all the knowledge I wanted.

   “T-Try using your mouth.”

   “Mouth?… Should I bite it…?”

   “No, d-don’t bite it! Just lick it with your tongue or something…”

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   Luna then slightly nodded her head as if understanding what I meant to convey to her. There, however, seemed to be a big gap between knowing what to do and actually doing it.


   Luna’s cute tongue slowly stuck out of her tiny mouth and was hesitantly approaching my shaft. It was such a slow movement that it almost looked like a still image.

   Just as the tip of her extended tongue touched my glans, I felt a strange tingling sensation along with a subtle feeling of pleasure and achievement going from my tailbone straight to my brain through my spinal cord.

   “Yeah, keep licking it like that, or try holding it inside your mouth.”


   I gave Luna some additional directions but she seemed completely absorbed in the taste of my meat stick that she had just touched with her tongue.

   And then, without even waiting for me to say anything more, she began eagerly licking my shaft and glans as though she was licking ice cream.

   Lick— Lick—

   I couldn’t really tell if she was doing a good job or not since it was my first time getting such a thing from someone.

   Still, I couldn’t help but feel touched by the fact that the girl I liked was doing something like this for me. Of course, those feelings only lasted for a moment.


   Luna then began nibbling on the tip of my schlong with her small lips and made me wonder just how could anything in this world feel so pleasant.


   Oh lord, I can’t believe a woman’s mouth can feel this good.

   Soft tongue and cheeks, moisture, warmth, and just the right amount of pressure. It was as if all the elements to make one feel good were combined together to give birth to this ecstatic experience.

   “Hauuu… Ha…”

   Luna kept leaking out hot breaths while repeatedly licking and sucking my dick with her small mouth.

   She was now doing well without me having to tell her anything. Did she have a knack for it because she was the daughter of the goddess of the night?

   I then kept watching Luna licking my schlong for a while. Her pink hair was shining and gracefully swaying under the soft light of the candles. Seeing this, I had a sudden urge and began to gently stroke her lustrous hair with my hand.


   Luna shivered as if stimulated by the strokes of my hand.

   Because of that, her teeth slightly brushed against my meat rod, which was rather annoying, but she soon retracted them and continued stimulating my schlong by using her lips, cheeks, and tongue.

   Slurp— Sluurp— Slurrrp—

   It felt better than I ever imagined it to be. Back when I watched porn, I used to skip all the fellatio scenes every single time without exception.

   Why did they keep this scene in? Why do people even like this? These were the questions I used to have but I finally understood them after experiencing it for myself.

   The act of a woman serving a man this way was nothing short of blissful. I won’t skip the fellatio scenes from now on, I’ll watch it all! Damn, who am I kidding? Can I even do that anymore?

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   Slurp— Sluuurp— Slurrrrp— Slurp— Sllurp—

   An obscene sound of saliva was resounding in the air while I was lost in my thoughts.

   I couldn’t help but grow even more excited when I remembered that these sounds were coming from the ever-nonsense blabbering Luna.

   Actually, what I wanted to do the most right now was to insert my schlong between her legs. I, however, couldn’t do that, as sad as that may be.

   So I laid down on the deerskin carpet and put Luna’s small body on top of me with her butt pointing toward my face.

   I really like the feeling of her small and warm body weighing down on me like this.

   With such blissful feelings in my mind, I pulled down the fabric that was covering the most secretive spot of Luna’s body.

   “Huu, Ha-Hassan…?”

   “It’s okay. I won’t put it in, I’ll just lick it.”


   I could see a viscous and sticky liquid stretching like a thin thread from the cloth I just pulled. Was Luna also excited despite not receiving any stimulation from me?

   “That, ah, you can’t…”

   “It’s okay. I’ll just take a look.”

   I could see Luna’s wet pussy appear again between her legs which were softly illuminated by the candlelight. I felt like I could cry at witnessing this beautiful sight.

   My brain was melting in the delicate smell of a female.

   “I-It suddenly got bigger…”

   Luna, who was stuck to my lower body, seemed to be saying something to me. However, I couldn’t care any less about it at the moment.

   I began opening and closing my right hand, activating my newest skill, Shining Hand and then brought it close to Luna’s dripping wet pussy.

   What met my fingertips was a smooth and soft sensation.

   As I began rubbing Luna’s thin skin-covered clitoris with my thumb, she closed her legs back after letting out a moan.

   My hands then reached out for Luna’s small and round buttocks and stretched them sideways.

   “D-Don’t spread it…”

   Even though we already went through this before already, Luna was still grumbling with an embarrassed tone.

   She raised her body as if trying to free herself from my arms, but I was already holding her butt close to me and she couldn’t move at all.

   Not caring about her protests, I stared at Luna’s gaping pussy, her pretty little labia along with the clear droplets dripping from her hole.

   Because my hands were shining due to my skill, I could still get a nice view of everything despite being in the dark.


   I then slightly lifted my head and neck and approached her wet pussy with my tongue out.
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   I then placed my tongue on her love-juice-soaked clitoris trying to make slurping noises that were as loud as possible.

   Luna’s waist and hips began shaking more and more as I was rolling her clitoris clockwise with the use of my tongue.

   “Huuh, ang… uuh, haa, Hassan, t-that’s no…”

   I had finally succeeded at bringing out her lustful voice once again. While I knew about this trait of hers already, I was once again, surprised by how sensitive Luna was.

   “Uh… Hang…! Has-, uuuh, I-I feel weird…”

   To have been able to give her such sexual pleasure to the point where I could actually see it clearly despite my obvious lack of sexual experience made my confidence rise so much that I felt like my schlong was about to soar through the roof.

   I, however, couldn’t help but grow tired from repeatedly raising my head and neck to stimulate her honeypot so I ended up removing my face from her wet cunt and started stimulating her vagina with my fingers.

   I wanted nothing more than to put my fingers in her soft, moist hole.

   While it wasn’t direct penetration, I was afraid it would still be considered as copulating, so I only touched the area around it.

   Not knowing when I’d have such an opportunity again, I played around with her labia with my fingers as if strumming a guitar, trying to make as obscene of a sound as I possibly could.

   “Huuh, uuh, ang…”

   Luna, who was holding my schlong, stopped moving and simply started shuddering in pleasure. Had she finally lost it?

   Then, with a feeling of wanting to experience all she had to offer, I lubed my finger with her love juices and approached her buttocks, wanting to reach out for her butthole. Luna reacted rather sensitively the last time I tried to go for it.

   And just as I was stroking her clean pink hole with my thumb.

   “N-Not there…!”

   Luna seemed rather startled by my actions. She was struggling very hard, trying to escape my restraint. Looks like I have no choice but to give up on it for now.

   Ending it like this, without ejaculating, would feel quite a bit frustrating. Luna didn’t seem intent on sucking my schlong right now so I had to do something about it.

   Suddenly, a very crazy thought went through my head. I then got Luna off my body and made her stand up straight.

   Luna was very surprised at the sight of my determined gaze.

   “Ha-Hassan, y-you can’t put it in… gonna get punished…!”

   “Don’t worry, I won’t.”

   Intimacy between men and women wasn’t just about penetration. Through the 100,000 years of evolution, human beings developed multiple techniques when it came to sexual relief.

   I then slightly lifted Luna who, perhaps because she was feeling afraid, was trembling slightly, then put her groin atop my solid rod.

   My schlong which was already pretty sensitive, could now clearly feel the thick flesh of Luna’s pussy. The feeling of Luna’s hot breath along with her wrapped hands on my neck and shoulders also felt very good.

   While simply feeling its weight was very pleasurable already, I decided to try slightly moving it back and forth.

   Splash— Squelch—


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   Even if it wasn’t direct penetration, such a subtle pleasure did indeed feel good. Most of all, our close contact made me feel a great sense of fulfillment and satisfaction.

   So I ended up removing every piece of clothing left on me and Luna, making every inch of her flesh, including her soft breasts, press on my body while I was moving my hips back and forth.

   Rub— Rub— Splash— Slurp— Squeeze— Sqeulch— Splash—

   The feeling of Luna’s soft and smooth flesh rubbing against mine felt so good that it couldn’t simply be described in words.

   Splash— Splash—

   It kind of felt like I was literally buried in soft flesh. Is this why so many people liked this position?

   “Hah, huuh, it’s weird… I-It didn’t go in… Hah, uuuh, huuuh, ang…!”

   Luna seemed to be enjoying this ‘Sumata’ a lot too.

   “How is it? Is this not too bad?

   “Huuh, that, I-I don’t know… ang… uuuh…!”

   I heard women would initially feel pain or even feel afraid of direct insertion, and that this was a nice way to gradually increase their experience.

   As expected, all this miscellaneous knowledge that I had filled my head with so far wasn’t completely useless after all.

   “Huuuh, ang… uuuh, haang… Has-… ang!”

   Most of all, the immorality I was feeling from having our bodies close to each other like this, enough to share each other’s warmth while secretly rubbing each other’s private parts, had no equal.

   I was feeling very guilty as if I was doing unspeakable things to a naive and innocent child. These subtle feelings of guilt were slowly transforming into a feeling of ecstasy that was coursing through my veins and reaching my head and back, giving me so much pleasure that it was literally overwhelming my senses.

   I then clasped Luna’s buttcheeks with both hands and kept rubbing them. It was as soft and sticky as a rice cake.

   “Uh, huaa, ang, aah, huu, hang, ang…!”

   Splash— Splosh— Squelch— Splash— Squelsh—

   My schlong, which was now rubbing against Luna’s thighs and labia, was so wet, due to her leaking juices, that my movements couldn’t be any smoother.

   Sliding through her soft skin was giving me pleasure that couldn’t be quantified.

   That aside, the sight of her nipples sturdily sticking out of her cute breasts and rubbing against my body, excited me a lot. The fact that they were poking out like this even though I haven’t touched them much until now just added to my excitement.

   So I lowered my head towards Luna’s soft and perky breasts and took them in my mouth intermittently switching between sucking and licking her stiff nipples as hard as I could.


   Luna’s body shuddered as if she was screaming her heart out. I noticed her nipples hardening and thought I could easily get addicted to this sensation.

   Slurrrp— Slurrrrp—

   “Hassan, huu, aah, haaa… S-Stop… M-My stomach is tingling… I need to go to the, to the… Let me go…”

   After rubbing my schlong on her pussy and licking her nipples for a while Luna began struggling between my arms as if trying to escape from my grasp.

   “Haaang, ang, anf, aah, ang… Q-Quickly…! Haaah, ang!”

   Conflicting feelings of wanting to let her go and watching what was going to happen collided inside of me.

   Of course, I, who was very heated up at the moment, didn’t let go of the little Luna from within my arms.

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Pseudo Resident’s Illegal Stay in Another World

Pseudo Resident’s Illegal Stay in Another World

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