Pseudo Resident’s Illegal Stay In Another World Chapter 70

Sun and Moon (4) 🔞

    ༺ Sun and Moon (4) ༻   


   Splash— Splash— Splashh— Squelch— Rub— Rub—

   “Ang, ang! Haah! Ang! Q-Quickly! R-Really! Has— Ang…!”

   The faster my waist was moving back and forth, the stronger the moans Luna was leaking out became.

   So strong, in fact, that I started to become worried that someone passing by the back alley might hear her sultry voice leaking out of the cabin.

   But that worry was nothing compared to the arousal and the feeling of ejaculation, getting increasingly clearer with each passing moment, that was filling my mind.

   Splash— Squelch— Splash— Rub— Rub—

   Just a little more and I’ll come. Really, just a little, just a little bit.

   “Huuuh, Ha— I said no, Hassan…!”

   Suddenly, Luna began pushing my body back with all her might.

   Luna’s pushing strength was much more significant than I thought it would be. Was it because her overall level was higher than mine? She was actually pushing off my body, nearly separating it from hers.

   But my burning hot body refused to separate from hers. So I leaned over and brought my head right next to Luna’s and pushed my mouth against hers.

   Splash— Splash—


   Luna’s body trembled as soon as I took a taste of her lips and inserted my tongue inside her small mouth. Soon after that, I could feel her lower body convulsing as well as my schlong suddenly getting warmer.

   Did she just orgasm? I can’t believe I just made a woman orgasm like that. A sudden feeling of excitement along with a sense of accomplishment took over my body, with that realization.

   Moreover, the friction between my schlong and Luna’s increasingly tightening thighs increased further, getting me even closer to my eventual release.

   Splurt— Splurt—

   And just like that, hot and thick semen spilled out of my throbbing shaft and slathered all over Luna’s smooth thighs and puffy labia.

   “Uuuh, Has—… Huuh, aaah… Aaaah…”

   Luna, who had been rigidly holding onto my body till now, suddenly slumped down on the bed as though she was melting.

   * * *

   There really was no stopping me after I got excited, and because of that, the post-nut clarity I was feeling now was strong enough that I felt like all of the universe’s secrets were within my reach.

   In a way, the higher your excitement and pleasure were during orgasm, the clearer your thoughts would become after the deed was done.

   And once again, post-nut clarity didn’t fail to take over my mind.

   The first thing I worried about after regaining my reason, was whether this act of ours could be considered as tarnishing Luna’s purity and if the gods would appear to punish me as a result. And after a few minutes of waiting in agony, fortunately, no such thing happened.

   It seems that Dianna, the goddess of purity, didn’t lie to me when she said that only direct intercourse counted as the defilement of a girl’s purity. That was a huge relief for me. But this relief that had washed over me didn’t last long as I now had another troublesome matter to take care of.

   “I-I’m sorry.”
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   Luna silently glanced at me and then went back to her totem carving.

   After I calmed down from the high of the ejaculation and came to my senses, I was able to realize just how harshly I had treated her. I forced myself on her and prevented her from going to the bathroom.

   Even for Luna, this must have been disgraceful and embarrassing enough to anger her. Her anger was justified. But her struggling figure was too cute and I just couldn’t bear to let go of her in the heat of the moment.

   Of course, saying this out loud would be very embarrassing and shameful for me so I refrained from doing that.

   “D-Don’t be angry. I’m sorry, it was my fault.”

   Because of my life as a slave, I got used to dishing out apologies without thinking much about them. But it somehow felt very difficult to apologize to Luna this time around.

   A lot of complicated and indescribable emotions were swirling inside of me. Even apologizing felt very shameful for some reason.

   Luna simply continued carving the totem with her dagger, seemingly uncaring about my inner turmoil. She looked really scary when she behaved like this. I didn’t think she’d be this upset. I’m starting to panic for real now.

   How can I ease her anger?

   In my original world, I’ve had a lot of friends who suffered from relationship problems or often fought with their girlfriends.

   How the hell did they reconcile with them? Did they give them something delicious to eat? I don’t know, dammit. I’m feeling too embarrassed right now to think things through!

   “…I-I’ll buy you something delicious tomorrow morning.”


   My desperate attempts finally prompted a response from her.

   “What did you just say? What ‘Me’?”

   “…Buy me some meat.”

   “Meat! Yeah! Don’t worry! I’ll buy you some meat!”

   How much money do I have right now? Buying meat to relieve Luna of her anger is gonna cost quite a lot. I began rummaging through the pockets of my leather jacket for money with such thoughts when…

   Ting— Ting— Roll—

   A coin fell out of my arms and rolled on the dirty floor. The floor had become dirty again after we removed the deer skin to get it washed.

   Anyway, that one copper coin rolled down on the floor for a while and was heading toward Luna. Luna’s eyes which were frowning while staring at the totem she was carving, suddenly lit up and widened when she gazed at the rolling copper coin.

   “Hassan! Where did you get this?”

   I jumped out in surprise at Luna’s sudden shout. I wasn’t joking at all, I really jumped. Was this the same Luna that was sulking moments before?

   “The coin I lost!”

   Luna picked up the one-copper coin that fell on the ground while jumping up with unbridled joy. I felt like I couldn’t keep up with this unexpected change of mood.

   I remembered that it was the one-copper coin I had received from Knox and suddenly became curious about what it actually was.

   “What’s that?”
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   “This is the first-ever amount of money I made on my own! Look, there’s even my name written here!”

   Luna then flipped the coin and showed it to me.

   I wondered what the hell she was talking about, and when I looked closely at the coin, I could see the word “Luna” engraved on the hero’s face that was on the surface of the coin.

   Damn, what the fuck is going on here?

   “Where did you get this? I lost it a long time ago and just considered it to be a tribute to Lady Knox.”

   Her reaction was so grave that I was about to tell her that I got it from Knox herself. However, I soon recalled that Knox was hiding the fact that she was Luna’s mother, so I kept my mouth shut.

   I didn’t know why she was doing it. Was there some kind of family history that wasn’t supposed to be revealed? Could I really just blurt out something like that?

   No, I can’t risk it, someone might just pop up to punish me for it. It wasn’t my place to stick my nose in other people’s family business anyways.

   “I just, well, uhm, picked it up.”

   “Really? Ha-Hassan. Do you mind giving it to me? I’ll give you another copper coin in exchange.”

   Luna began to rummage through her own pockets. She seemed to not have any copper on her right now as she just picked up a silver coin out of her pockets. She wasn’t gonna trade a silver coin for a copper one now, right?

   “I-I’ll give you this silver coin. I’m all out of coppers.”

   Luna was holding a silver coin with trembling hands as if it couldn’t be helped. One silver is a lot of money, equivalent to 100 coppers.

   Based on my two years of experience in this world, if I were to compare it to my old world, 1 copper would be about 1,000 won, 1 silver being 100 coppers, would be equivalent to 100,000 won.

   There was obviously no way to exactly compare them, but even taking that into account, how could one exchange 100,000 won for a measly 1,000 won? It was a completely ridiculous deal. Damn, even the second-hand resellers from the flea market might criticize me for being too malicious.

   “I-I’ll give you two silver then. Deal?”

   “Wait, why are you trying to spend so much on it?”

   Seeing her being so excited about it, going as far as to offer two silver coins for that measly copper coin, I began wondering if this one copper coin had some special ability I was unaware of.

   It’s only natural to wonder what the heck was happening if someone suddenly offered a hefty price for a random antique stored in your house.

   “What’s so special about this coin?”

   “It’s because it’s the first money I made on my own. I was even going to give it a name… I was really sad after I lost it. I never expected to see it again!”

   “Well, you can just keep it, then.”


   “Yeah, take it.”

   I gladly gave the coin to her.

   I just couldn’t find it in me to take away 2 silvers from someone I liked so much. It was also kind of commendable to see her attach so much meaning to the first copper she made in her life.

   She was the kind of girl to greatly cherish her firsts, even when it was just a single copper coin. I also began to feel anticipation about how she would treasure me, her very first man.

   “Thank you so much, Hassan!”
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   Luna then hastily ran up to me, tightly wrapping her hands around my waist as if her earlier sulking was an illusion.

   It was a very wholesome hug with no mood or lewdness mixed within. It was warm and comforting, which felt good in its own way.

   * * *

   When morning arrived, we went to a nearby restaurant and ate a small piece of bird meat.

   The bird was fist-sized at most so there really wasn’t much to eat, but perhaps because it was roasted on an open fire, it still tasted quite good.

   That aside, we finished our meal and then headed out towards the guild building as usual.

   “Hurry up! Come on!

   “Report the damage!”

   I couldn’t help but feel like something strange was going on when I entered the noisy interior of the guild. Of course, the guild being busy and swarming with people was nothing unusual in itself.

   But, it felt a bit different today.

   With that feeling in mind, I spoke to the tired-looking Daphne.

   “What the hell is going on here?”

   “Oh, Mr. Hassan. We’re in big trouble. Apparently, some Pluto cultists set fire to the east and west gates and kidnapped the guards there.”

   I remembered the black-robed necromancer whose necklace I was wearing now at the mention of the Pluto cultists.

   Were they really just a group of psychos who went around and casually killed people and offer them as sacrifices?

   It was kind of scary to see such a group of psychos actually break into the city and set the city gates on fire.

   “So what do we have to do? Do we have to deal with the cultists too?”

   Luna popped her head from behind me and spoke to Daphne. Daphne hid her serious expression and then began rummaging through the request book placed in front of her.

   “Silver-tier adventurers will take care of that so you won’t have to do anything about it… I do have a perfect request for you two, however. Where was it—”

   Daphne, who was flipping through the paper book with her fingers eventually stopped on a page and pointed toward a certain request.

   “Here it is. Mr. Joseph said he needed help at his lumber yard. I heard you opened a workshop, right, Luna? You probably need a lot of wood to make furniture. You can get it from there for cheap. The reward is pretty high too, 40 silvers.”

   “Should we accept this quest, Hassan?”

   The image of a landscape with densely packed trees and tree stumps everywhere appeared in my mind at the mention of a lumber yard.


   It’s trees.

   Luna’s workshop certainly looked rather empty at the moment, like an empty warehouse, getting some wood to make some furniture for cheap would be really nice.

   I only grew aware of that fact after buying some wooden planks to repair the cabin, but, wood was a very expensive commodity in this world. Were trees more valuable than I expected?

   Then Luna said.
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   “I think it would be great if we made a furnace, a shelf, a table, and some chairs as well. Jars can be separately made using clay.”

   Now that I think about it, why don’t I secretly receive customers and raise my task points after we’re done with the workshop?

   It would be like an illegal massage parlor, where Luna would sell weird potions and I would give massages. Sounds like a great plan to me.

   It was actually more efficient for me to just gather huge amounts of task points instead of swinging a sword or doing some senseless physical training till my body couldn’t move anymore.

   Anyway, Luna and I accepted the request and began waiting for our party members at the west gate of Sodomora.

   Daphne mentioned that me and Luna aside, some other people were needed too to take on this mission. Seeing how many people are required, this quest is shaping out to be rather difficult.

   I hope I’ll get proper party members this time.

   Just as I started growing nervous about what kind of guys I had been matched with for this quest, I could hear a vaguely familiar voice calling out to me from afar, “Oi, the strange couple over there.”

   Her blonde hair that was neatly tied in braids, healthy-looking tanned skin, and worn-out bronze armor looked pretty familiar.

   “What, Renee? Are you our party member?”

   The girl was Renee, a squad leader of the Sword Maidens group led by Hippolyte.

   I couldn’t say that my first impression of her was very good, but she was still a force to be reckoned with.

   I don’t think Luna liked her much too. I glanced toward Luna to see if she was okay with this and was surprised to see that she wasn’t reacting much to her presence.

   Did her guts grow bigger with her increase in levels?

   “I’m gonna be in charge of the party’s arrangements as well as its leader. Why are there only two of you? I guess the other one has yet to come?”

   Me and Luna began looking around when she said that one member was still missing.

   Luna then asked curiously.

   “Who’s the remaining one?” 

   “I don’t know, I heard it’s an elf mage from another city. Anyway, elves really can’t keep their promises. They aren’t even as cute as nymphs.”


   I immediately felt goosebumps running down my back at the mention of an elf mage from another city. Damn it, I have a bad feeling about this.

   “…D-Does that elf mage use fire magic?”

   Renee frowned at my cautiously asked question.

   “Fire magic? No, fire magic is high-level attack magic, why would someone of that caliber work in a lumber yard? What did he say his powers were again? I think he said that he dealt with mysterious things.”

   “What this little monk does is revere nature.”

   “Damn it, you scared me!”

   I was started by the sudden appearance of a presence behind me.

   I saw a shiny bald head as soon as I turned my head. Who’s this baldy again? He had a shaggy beard and his ears were pointy and long, giving him a rather comedic feel.

   Damn, it was just a bearded bald elf. It, fortunately, wasn’t Elfriede, the Flame Witch, but his appearance was just as shocking in its own way.

   “Ladies and gentlemen, pleased to meet you. This monk is called Khalidur, servant of the World Tree.”

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Pseudo Resident’s Illegal Stay in Another World

Pseudo Resident’s Illegal Stay in Another World

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