Pseudo Resident’s Illegal Stay In Another World Chapter 76

The Descendant of Pluto (3)

    ༺ The Descendant of Pluto (3) ༻   


  All of a sudden, only this strangely tied-up Nymph and I were left inside the basement prison.

  Perhaps, after realizing that everyone other than the two of us had left the room, Paranoy, the cultist Nymph, started pulling on her handcuffs and started struggling to get out.

  “Ugh, uh-!”

  Was she now asking me to remove the gag from her mouth?

  She appeared to be no different from an adolescent girl, so seeing her inhumanely restrained like this seemed quite pitiful to me. However, I reminded myself that I shouldn’t be fooled by this sight as she was actually a psycho-cultist.

  I wondered what the hell this psycho girl wanted from me for her to call me in this place. So, I removed the gag from her mouth to try and figure that out.


  Then Paranoy gasped loudly as if she breathed out the air that was stuck in her throat for a while.

  “Uwah, those stupid people. I almost suffocated to death because to them. Those Mars’ dogs don’t know how precious a Nymph is! You have to handle a nymph with utmost care.”

  Paranoy continued to breathe in and out like that for a long while. After her breathing became steadier to some extent, I opened my mouth to ask.

  “You asked to see me. What do you want from me?”

  “How come you are still asking me why? Of course, I called you here to free me from this place. Hurry up, remove these shackles. I can’t scratch my back because of them! There seems to be an ant stuck behind there! Hurry up already!”

  She asked me to release her so naturally that I almost thought about letting her go for a second. Damn it, no matter how immoral I was, I wasn’t crazy enough to release this cultist.

  “Why on earth should I release you?”

  “What, how long will you pretend even though there’s no one around us anymore? You’re our comrade, aren’t you? Didn’t you go undercover to infiltrate the city?”

  “I’m not.”

  I thought she had mistaken me for someone else. Moreover, it was the first time I heard that a comrade of theirs was hiding among us.

  Now I felt anxious about the inevitability that I might be falsely accused because someone misunderstood that I had a connection with these guys. Moreover, this would just end up in me getting locked up in this underground prison and getting slapped once again.

  “You must have mistaken me for someone else, but let me be clear here, I have nothing to do with you guys.”

  “Alright, just keep lying like that, even though I can clearly tell that you’re full of Pluto’s magical power. I had already noticed your powers when I first met you in the cave.”

  Paranoy was moving around while sniffing me.

  “I could sense such powerful mana emanating from you. Now, I may not be able to see you, but it feels like Lord Pluto himself is standing in front of me.”

  Just when I was thinking, “What the hell do you mean by you can feel Pluto’s mana emanating from me?” I remembered that the necklace I was wearing around my neck was actually taken from someone who might be a comrade of these guys.

  The Eyes of Pluto…

  Perhaps this girl’ misunderstood me because of this necklace? I realized that I could use this situation to teach these cultists a hard lesson.

『Hassan, Sodomora’s hero, wiped out all the cultists! 』
『Received the gold-tier adventurer necklace!』

  Attained Luna’s mother— Knox’s recognition and got married to Luna!

  Wa—! Wa—!

  How should I propose? Would she like it if I secretly put candles in our room and did a special romantic event? I could also prepare a handwritten letter for her too.

  Wouldn’t Luna just go crazy out of excitement if I prepared a special event using the know-how of a modern person? However, she shouldn’t be so moved that she cries throughout the event, right?
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  Amidst my delightful imagination of the wonderful future ahead, Paranoy cut me off by speaking out loud.

  “Why are you laughing strangely like that? Anyways, release these restraints quickly! Those stupid people can’t escape after failing to raid Mars’ temple.”

  “No, I can’t let you go. If I do that, I’ll get in trouble.”

  “Alright, it’s not the time yet, is it? Then, do me a favor, will you? Scratch my back for me. I feel so itchy like an ant is crawling on my back!”

  Scratch her back? I don’t think I can release her, but that much should be fine, I guess. Not being able to scratch her back even if it was itchy when being tied like this, made sense.

  Moreover, feeling itchy while your hands and feet were tied was a very painful experience.

  Elfriede often tied me to a chair and tickled me all over my body with feathers as a punishment. She was truly unrivaled when it came to viciousness. I’m starting to get pissed off just thinking about it.

  I hope that bald monk will catch Elfriede and teach her a real lesson.

  Anyway, I grabbed Paranoy’s shoulder and made her show her back to me since this cultist nymph complained that her back was feeling itchy. However, I was greatly shocked to see what was stuck to her back.

  “W-What the fuck is this?”

  There… a spider with eight legs and hair all over its body. It had the size of a palm. Fuck, of course, she would feel itchy if this kind of animal was stuck on her skin!

  “Why, what’s wrong? Is there a problem?”

  “There’s a fucking spider attached to you!”

  “S-Spider!? T-Take, take it off! Take it off!”

  Paranoy, whose entire body was restrained, began moving around violently as soon as the word “Spider” left my mouth.

  Because of this, the black spider attached to her back now jumped from its spot and landed on my shoulder. I screamed so loud that it was as though bubbles were really going to form in my mouth out of shock.

  “Holy F-!”

  Eventually, after I slapped it away with my palm, the spider yelped twice and hid inside a small hole in the basement prison.

  Damn it, I still can’t get used to spiders that make creepy sounds like that. Luna would be delighted if she saw it though. Luna liked spiders, toads, and stuff like that.

  “Spider, spideeeeeeeer!!”

  However, Paranoy, the cultist nymph, was still struggling hard and trying to fight back without knowing that the spider that had stuck to her body had fallen from there already.

  “There’s a spider stuck to me!!!”

  Her arms were handcuffed, chained, and hung on the wall. She was probably unable to grasp the current situation because her eyes were also blindfolded.

  Serves you right, you wicked cultist bitch!

  I thought it might be an opportunity to resolve my grudge against this cultist, so I slowly moved from my spot and put my hand on her thin ankle.


  Paranoy shivered as soon as my fingers touched her body.

  “T-There’s a spider on my ankle! Take it off! Hurry!”

  Spider? Did she think my hand felt like a spider? Indeed, when I put my nails down and moved them around slowly like this, it might feel like a spider was standing there for someone like Paranoy, who couldn’t see anything at the moment.

  I slowly moved my fingers from her ankle to her thin calf and thigh to mimic the walk of the spider.

  Slide— Slide—
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  It was quite exhilarating to see her slowly getting anxious and scared to the extent that she didn’t even know what to do.

  “H-Hurry up! Take it away from me! Come on! I-I’m scared of spiders—!”

  Ssk— Ssk—

  Ignoring Paranoy’s pleading voice, my hands still moved back and forth between her thigh and calf and gently pressed her soft flesh with the tip of my fingernails.

  “Hiiik! Hiik!”

  Seeing her trembling like she was going to shriek every time my nails touched her was a pretty funny sight.

  “H-Hurry up, take it off me—!”

  However, seeing her about to burst into tears also seemed quite pitiful to me, so I took my hand off her thigh and walked away from her.

  “Here, I already took it off. There is no spider here now.”

  “Y-You’re not lying, right? Damn it, I was almost scared to death—!”

  “There’s no spider on you anymore, don’t worry. I already took it off.

  “Comrade—! You’re such a nice guy! I will not forget this favor, once I escape from here, !”

  Was she a fucking idiot? It was just me pretending to be a spider.

  I was a little scared because she was part of a terrible cult, but Paranoy seemed to be lacking in the brains department. At this point, I even felt bad for her.

  It seemed kind of crazy to me that even in this world where most people were lacking in the brains department, cults still existed.

  You wouldn’t fall victim to a cult if you were a smart person, to begin with. Wow, how could I come to this wonderful conclusion? I’m smart, indeed.

  “So, other than asking to release you, is there anything else you want to say to me?”

  “Yes, I have one more favor to ask of you. Comrade, I’m only asking you because I trust you. This is a really important request.”

  It was a really important request?

  That made me swallow my saliva, thinking that I might be able to make a high achievement with the information that she would be providing me from now on.

  “—What is it?”

  “I-I’m in a hurry. Uh, please help me out… Those Mars’ bastards have locked and tied me up so I can’t do my business. I really cannot hold it in anymore—”

  Wow, it was a completely unexpected request. If she was tied up like this, it’s natural that she would need to go to the bathroom sooner or later.

  “I-I was able to endure it till now, but I cannot hold it in anymore because of the spider… I think it’s going to come out soon—!”

  I also became very nervous after hearing the urgency in her voice,

  If I witnessed a nymph urinate like this, I thought it might remain an unforgettable trauma that would be imprinted on my mind for the rest of my life.

  So I looked around and found a small wooden barrel rolling around on the basement floor that was probably used as a trash can.

  I held it with my hands, emptied the contents within, and put it between the nymph’s wide-opened legs.

  “Y-You can pee here!”

  “Ugh, you need to take off my underwear first—!”

  What? Did she just ask me to take off her underwear?

  For a moment, I suspected that this cultist was acting like a fool and was actually trying to mislead me and manipulate me as she wanted.
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  However, seeing that she was twisting her whole body as if she was in a real emergency and even twitching every now and then, it seemed to not be the case.

  “T-Then I have no choice but to touch you. Don’t complain later!”

  “Alright! Hurry up!”

  Then, I grabbed the soft, black cloth and pulled it down between her thighs and calves.

  However, I thought it would be difficult to urinate if the wooden barrel sat on the floor, so I had to lift it between her legs and hold it in the air.

  “H-Hurry up, relieve yourself.”


  Then, with a sigh that seemed to come out from deep inside her—


  The clear, muffled sound of streams rang through the underground prison. The sound was very loud, like a water bank bursting out.


  Fuck, what the hell was I doing right now? I got a sudden reality check. The world had shed blood, been destroyed, and was in chaos due to the cultists’ attack, and I couldn’t believe that now I was helping a nymph pee.

  “—Euh, you have saved me, Comrade. You’ve done me such a weird favor. I will never forget this favor, even after hell arrives here. I’m really sorry for making you do something weird. But now… Can you dress me up again? My lower body feels cold.”


  Sssk— Slide—

  Paranoy then talked to me as if nothing, in particular, had happened when I put her underwear back up.

  “Then, will you continue to pretend to be an adventurer, Comrade?”

  “Shouldn’t I?”

  “Alright, then if we talk any longer, you could be misunderstood by those Mars’ bastards. You can go up now. Just lie to those stupid dogs that you have tortured me to find out information.’


  “Yes, it would be good to leak false information at this time. I have already planted a mole, so now is a good time to use them after so long. As expected, I’m smart. Let’s see, what kind of false information can we spread? Yeah, let’s tell them that the marked houses will be the target of the attack.”

  “The target of the attack?”

  The word “mark” made various thoughts flash in my head. The first thing that came to mind was the X-shaped mark I witnessed as we left Luna’s cabin this morning.

  “You mean the X-shaped mark, right? The one on the front doors.”

  “As expected, you know about it as well. In fact, the unmarked houses will be the target of an attack three days later. What do you think? At that point, the fear of chaos and death will spread further, right?”

  They were trying to start a terrorist attack, huh… Cultists, indeed, would always act like a cultist.

  “There will be total chaos by then.”

  “I know, right? Haha, I’m smart, indeed. At this point, my priesthood may go beyond bronze to silver tier.”

  Paranoy’s words gave me a lot of information that I needed to store in my mind. First of all, pluto cultists were trying to launch indiscriminate terrorist attacks inside the city.

  And the target would be mainly houses without the X-shaped marks.

  Didn’t I also find out that the Pluto cult’s organization system also consists of classes such as bronze, silver, and so on, just like the adventurers guild?
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  However, when talking about cults and levels that were named after minerals, what came to mind right away was not the adventurer’s guild but the multi-level marketing.

  In addition to all the information she gave me about the cult’s structure, she even went on a tangent about how nymphs don’t grow hair. A very vital piece of information indeed.

  “Comrade, I’ll be calling you again. So, the next time you come, sneak in some sugar for me. I-I can’t calm down unless I eat something sweet. Also, it’s so dark and desolate here—”

  “I got it.”

  That ended the weird conversation I had with this odd cultist. As I climbed up the basement prison, Baltma awaited my arrival with his one remaining eye shining brightly.

  “I heard that nymph screaming back there. It seemed like you used some violence thereDid you torture her?”


  Did he misunderstand that her scream about the spider actually resulted from torture instead?

  “Is it not allowed?”

  “It’s not that it’s not allowed. No matter how much I hit and yelled at her, she didn’t even budge. I wonder what kind of torture you did that made her scream so loud throughout the basement like that.”

  “I just used my hands to do several things—”

  “Well, it seemed like you used some terrible torture method from Samaria’s wilderness. With the addition of your dexterity blessing, the taciturn cultist must have been unable to endure the suffering without screaming, right?

  Baltma seemed to have misunderstood the screams and my lack of explanations for something else, brewing a story of his own in his mind.

  What kind of expression would he make if I said that I just tickled the nymph’s thighs and even helped her urinate in the basement?

  Damn it, no matter how I thought about it, it seemed like it would be better if I kept this a secret.

  I felt Luna might look at me with a chilling cold gaze once she heard this story.

  “On top of that, there’s something else I’ve found out from her. I heard that there will be an attack from the Pluto cultists inside the city in three days.”

  “Attack? You said there will be an attack?”

  Baltma’s expression became extremely serious at the word “Attack”.

  “Tell me more about that.”

  So I briefly explained what I heard from Paranoy. Like about the houses with and without markings.

  “All unmarked houses will get attacked— So if we put a mark on every house, we can disrupt these cultists’ operations. Samaritan, this is a great piece of information! Not any of our vicious torturers could even discover such an important fact!”

  What the fuck did he mean by a vicious torturer. Was it a compliment? Since I first met him, I had felt that this man had been lacking a lot when it came to complimenting others.

  “Where is Luna anyway?”

  “Oh, that pink-haired lady is in the training ground with Hippolyte.”

  Luna was on the training ground with Hippolyte?

  I suddenly began feeling uneasy after hearing that. Even I, who was strong, had a hard time dealing with Hippolyte. Furthermore, would the fragile Luna survive the power of the female warrior?

  That aside, this damn Hippolyte! Why did she take Luna to the training ground like that? Was she a grinding-obsessed gamer? That girl is addicted to training!

  So I rushed to the training ground site. Then, among the murmuring crowd, I saw who overlapped her body with Hippolyte’s.


  Luna was breathing heavily. Then, she hugged Hippolyte’s body tightly, put strength to her legs, and bent her waist back to make Hippolyte’s face crash on the ground below with an overhead throw.


  Hippolyte let out a desperate scream after being hit by Luna.

  Just what in hell was going on here?

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Pseudo Resident’s Illegal Stay in Another World

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