Pseudo Resident’s Illegal Stay In Another World Chapter 77

The Descendant of Pluto (4)

    ༺ The Descendant of Pluto (4) ༻   



  A scream full of agony leaked out of Hippolyte’s lips as her face planted squarely on the ground.

  It was hard to believe that the one screaming like this was actually Hippolyte. Although this was something that was uncharacteristic of Hippolyte, it had truly happened in reality and I had no way to explain how.

  Furthermore, the fact that Luna had performed a suplex on Hippolyte was more than unbelievable to me. I almost thought that I was seeing things, for a second, but it had truly happened.

  It seemed that I wasn’t the only one who couldn’t believe in this situation. The passers-by and adventurers who surrounded me also thought the same.

  “Oh, my God, how could this happen?”

  “Even though it’s a bare-handed match, how could Hippolyte not even be able to use her hands and get beaten so badly?”

  After getting everyone’s attention, Luna flexibly broke away from the suplex move’s bridge state, released Hippolyte, and then raised her hands high in front of the gathered crowd and exclaimed out loud.

  “Holy Shh—! I managed to beat a silver-tier adventurer—!”

  It felt like witnessing the scene of a young and energetic newcomer managing to defeat an old defending champion in a championship title match. This scene was enough to make my heart swell with excitement.

  It turned out that Luna had leveled up quite a bit. Wait, that shouldn’t be the case. Even if she had leveled up, how could this situation possibly happen?

  “Ugh— t-this doesn’t make—”

  At that moment, Hippolyte rose from the ground while bleeding from the orifices of her face— like her nose and mouth. She, too, seemed to be greatly shocked and was unable to accept that Luna had defeated her.


  Seeing her usually confident brown eyes trembling violently with uneasiness and anxiety made her look quite pitiful.

  “P-Please, let’s have a rematch—!”

  “No, thanks!”


  Hippolyte bit her lower lips as if she was at a loss as to what to do with Luna’s firm refusal.

  Soon, however, she shouted at the buzzing crowd that had flocked them from all sides, seemingly wintending to silencethem.

  “Y-You done watching already!? Hurry up and go back to your business!”

  Although the Pink Chikorita had defeated her for an unknown reason, Hippolyte herself was still a strong warrior. So, it was not strange that her shout was so powerful and threatening that it was able to intimidate the gathered crowd.

  Sensing the wrath in her shout, the crowd quickly dispersed like rats running away after getting hit by a stone.

  I almost peed in my pants like the nymph that I had helped out in the basement prison. I’m glad that my bladder is rather strong. Was it because of Luna’s elixir?


  “Yes, I also have something else to do.”

  Just like that, only Luna, Hippolyte, and I remained in that spot.

  “Knoxdotty, i-if you don’t want to have a barehanded rematch, then how about we do an arm wrestling match instead?”

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  I could see that Hippolyte was your typical sore loser who couldn’t just accept losing in a game. Though I would have done the same if I lost to Luna like that too. So, I was able to understand her reaction to a certain extent.

  “Arm wrestling—?”

  Luna reacted slightly as if her interest was picked up by the word “arm wrestling”. But then she opened her mouth wide enough to reveal her pointy snaggletooth and then shouted out loud once again.

  “No, thanks!”

  “Ugh— i-if you win again this time, I’ll give you my belt!”

  “Your belt?”

  “Yes, this is not an ordinary belt. As much as—”

  “I don’t need it! Wow! I beat Hippolyte! I’m going to brag about it!”

  “—Damn it!”

  Luna was clearly dominating Hippolyte, both in the confrontation and post-conflict conversation between them.

  Holy shit, wasn’t Luna used to be at the bottom of the food chain? Did Luna have a hidden type? Or was there some type of affinities I wasn’t aware of?1Pokemon reference. Some types are stronger/weaker on others. Here Hassan is wondering if Luna had a hidden type that was actually super effective on Hippolyte’s type. This is basically just random nonsense lol.

  I never thought that things such as type affinities would matter in front of Hippolyte who could fling a stone with her fingers like it was a bullet.

  “I beat Hippolyte! Holy shh—!”

  Luna started yelling around as if she was really excited about Hippolyte asking her for a rematch like that. If I had beaten Hippolyte myself, I couldn’t really blame her as I would have done the same if I beat Hippolyte.

  If I had to make a comparison of the current situation, it was like a BSG from the low tiers won the first blood solo kill against Faker, the pro player, in his heyday in a line match. What the fuck did she do?2League of legends terminology. Along with some players.

  “Ugh… then, what should I do for you to have a rematch with me? O-Okay, I’ll even lick your feet!”

  Now, Hippolyte even kneeled in front of Luna and bowed her head just to make her have a rematch. It was a relief that there was no one around, otherwise, what she was doing now would have subjected her to teasing and ridicule for the rest of her life. Yet, looking at her, I could see that she was determined to face such a fate.

  Indeed, unlike the Minerva Guild, which valued the honor and glory of a battle, what really mattered to Hippolyte, who served Mars, the God of War, was merely victory and defeat, not the method or honor behind the battle.

  Being a loser would be more hurting to her pride than anything else.

  “W-Why do you want to lick my feet? I hate it even more.”

  “T-Then what—!”

  Hippolyte lowered her head and lifted her body as if she was really about to lick Luna’s feet. Luna pondered for a while as if feeling lost and confused due to Hippolyte’s actions.

  “Well, then, if I win again this time, please promote the elixir I will sell in the future.”

  “Y-You said elixir? Uhm, if it’s an elixir—”

  Hippolyte hesitated for a moment. She had been thinking for a while, but soon she nodded after coming to an understanding within herself.

  “Okay, if that will allows me to pay back the disgrace of previous defeat then I am willing!”

  In the first place, Hippolyte was ready to lick Luna’s soles if she could pay back the disgrace of losing the previous match. Though, I wondered if getting revenge on someone still held any meaning if your honor and dignity had been trampled to the lowest ground already.

  “Alright, then, let’s do a single round of arm wrestling.”

  “All right. Samaritan, please help us out. Be the judge of this match.”

  Thus, a match to decide who would become the slave and the king took place above the flat platform of the guild ceiling wall that had fallen apart due to the terrorrist attack.
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  My back started to sweat just by looking at both women’s dead serious expressions as they held each other’s right hands.

  “Well, then, the person whose hand touches the surface first will lose. So let’s—”

  They tightened their grab on each other’s hands. Hippolyte’s solid upper arm was hardened enough for her muscles to become visible.


  The women’s power struggle began with the signal from my lips. To be honest, I thought it would be just a one-sided beatdown.


  Yet, what happened in front of my eyes was something that was hard to believe, even if I was directly witnessing such a scene. Hippolyte and Luna were struggling to overpower each other’s arms!


  No, on the contrary, Luna’s side seemed a little more dominant in this confrontation! Luna was actually pushing Hippolyte with her strength!

  What the fuck is going on here?

  Had Luna become much much stronger than before?

  No, I don’t think that’s possible. Even if Luna was leveling up rapidly these days, it was still not enough to beat Hippolyte.

  Luna’s level was 11 and— according to her own words— Hippolyte’s level was over 40.

  If we were looking at the situation now, it was more likely that Hippolyte had become considerably weakened rather than Luna becoming incredibly strong. What was the reason? It was not night yet. So, there was no moonlight to weaken her.

  “I—I will win—!”

  With a shout of determination to win this bout, Luna began pushing Hippolyte’s hand toward the flat surface.

  “Ugh, hooah!”

  With the fierce momentum generated by Luna, the back of Hippolyte’s hand was gradually leaning toward the surface. Shocked and taken aback, Hippolyte clicked her tongue and yelped in fury and frustration due to the sudden turn of events.

  And then, a surprising change occurred.

  Sssk— Tightened—

  Hippolyte’s other hand casually shot up from under the platform and broke into the game which helped her to start pushing back Luna’s attack! How could she use both hands like that? Damn it, wasn’t this cheating?

  “Miss Hippolyte, I know you take victory and defeat very seriously but isn’t this a bit too much?”

  “T-The only rule is to make the back of your opponent’s hand touch the surface! All that matters is to win!”

  “T-Then I’ll do it, too!”

  Luna also pressed Hippolyte’s wrist to the surface with her other hand.


  “Wow! I beat Hippolyte again!”

  The game was a perfect defeat for Hippolyte, despite her already using a dirty trick to try and snatch the win from Luna.

  Luna hopped around like an excited rabbit, intoxicated by the joy of her victory.

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  “I won!”

  Of course, I was glad too. Even worms had the skill to wriggle out when they were stepped on. Yet, Luna was a vicious scorpion. Not only could she wriggle out, but also had the skill to strike back!

  “Wow, Luna, you won! How did you do that?”

  “I don’t know, too!”

  “Uh… that—”

  Unlike Luna and I, who held each other’s shoulders and rejoiced, Hippolyte, who had even used a dirty method, began to tremble as if she just could not accept that she had experienced another defeat.

  Her reddish skin became even redder to the extent that it seemed like her head started fuming, perhaps because of embarrassment or anger.

  “Since I’ve won against a Silver-tier, does it mean that now I’m a Silver-tier too? Just like this?!”

  “Hic— Hic—”

  “I’ve heard that some people, after getting too angry can’t control their anger and end up crying instead. Hipholyte seemed to be that kind of person, as she was now sniffling with tears in her eyes.

  Somehow, seeing Hippolyte crying like that started to give me the chills, and my smile quickly disappeared.

  “I’m so happy! Now Hippolyte will also promote my elixir around!”

  However, Luna could not hide her joy, not caring at all about how her opponent was shedding tears.

  This was how cold it was in the world of competition. However, looking at the female warrior’s burning red face, which looked like it was about to burst, I poked Luna’s side to get her attention.

  “Hey, Luna, s-stop it.”

  I got an ominous feeling that something irreversible may happen if Luna kept teasing her or celebrating her joy like this. Of course, Luna, clueless as she was, was busy jumping up and down and kept teasing Hippolyte without a care for her feelings.

  “Are you crying? I even made Hippolyte cry! Whoohoo!”

  Hippolyte clenched her fist and trembled violently as if she was finally unable to bear Luna’s teasings and bizarre behavior anymore.

  Goosebumps spread on the nape of my neck as I had an ominous feeling that things were about to turn for the worse.

  As I anxiously watched the situation unfold, Hippolyte spoke in a restrained tone, seemingly trying to take control of her violent emotions.

  “I’ll use magic! I-I’ll make it so that it never happened!”

  Magic? Did Hippolyte know how to use magic? However, Hippolyte, who shouted in a mysterious tone, clenched her fists and shouted once more.

  “Memory erasure magic!”


  Then she swung her fist with all of her might.

  Luna lowered her head, letting out a short, surprised scream as Hippolyte’s iron-like fists fell on her. Luna let out a ‘Hyuk-’ at the sudden attack and agilely dodged.

  The problem was that Hippolyte’s fist, following along the wind-up, accurately landed on my stomach since I was standing right behind Luna.


  This fist that hit out of nowhere hurt a lot and even prevented me from breathing, and with that, I just fell forward and lost consciousness.

  * * * * *
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  When I opened my eyes again, the first thing I saw was the unfamiliar ceiling above, followed by walls, a bed, and the blanket covering me.

  I thought that this would be the afterlife, but the bandages and medicines wrapped around my body seemed to be indicating that my life had been prolonged somehow.

  I really thought I was going to die there.

  Did she say that it was memory erasure magic? More like terrible beatdown magic.


  Damn it.

  But where am I? A treatment center? No, rather than a treatment center, this placed looked more like a warehouse, I guess.

  Armor and weapons were lying all over the place. It was cramped, just like Luna’s cabin. In addition, there was a lot of exercise equipment, such as barbells or dumbbells with heavy weights.

  Looking particularly closely, this looked like the supply room of a gym, or a training center. Just where the hell was I?

  “Is there anyone here?”

  Left with no other choice, I shouted at the surrounding area to find out where I was. However, there were no signs of movement around me

  When I stood up, I realized that my body was completely naked and only wrapped in bandages.

  Who took off my clothes? What about my gear and money bag?

  Fuck, did I just lose the money bag that was more valuable than my life? There were about 50 silvers in it!

  It felt like the blood in my body suddenly turned cold, and a terrible sensation wracked through my body. So, I forcefully moved my body, which wasn’t even able to move around well due to my injuries, and began rummaging through the room’s drawers.

  Push— Thud—

  But I couldn’t find my belongings anywhere in this room. All I could see were women’s black underwear which probably belonged to someone.

  Was this something like a bra?

  It was big enough to cover my face.

  Sniff— Sniff—.

  When I smelled it— just in case— I smelled something strange, along with the smell of clean, washed textiles. That smell made my lower body hot and hard.

  The scent was also spread throughout this warehouse-like room. I felt like I couldn’t calm down because of that.

  What was this? Where and when did I smell something like this?

  While I tried to remember just where I had smelled this scent before, and was finally coming close to remembering it, someone entered the room following the sound of the door being opened.

  “Have you come to your senses?”

  “M-Miss Hippolyte.”

  “I was worried because I thought you would never open your eyes anymore—”

  Hippolyte quickly creased her brows. What her sharp eyes were looking at was none other than my lower body.

  My magnificent towering schlong was peeking out through my lower region’s bandages.

  As if that appearance felt burdensome for her, Hippolyte murmured in a low tone, just enough that I was able to barely hear it, while diverting her gaze to the side.

  “—The first thing you did after coming back to your senses was to go through my underwear? You must be quite healthy after all.”

  “Y-Yeah, h-haha.”

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  • 1
    Pokemon reference. Some types are stronger/weaker on others. Here Hassan is wondering if Luna had a hidden type that was actually super effective on Hippolyte’s type. This is basically just random nonsense lol.
  • 2
    League of legends terminology. Along with some players.
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