Pseudo Resident’s Illegal Stay In Another World Chapter 81

The Descendant of Pluto (8) 🔞

    ༺ The Descendant of Pluto (8) ༻   


   “Uh, uuh, w-what…?”

   Luna’s body shuddered, as though she was greatly embarrassed by this situation.

   Was it because the unfamiliar feeling of something hot brushing against her damp soles made her feel uneasy?

   Of course, it was also my first time getting a footjob from someone. So I was inwardly glad that both me and Luna were sharing this sensation for the very first time together.

   The warmth, softness, and smoothness that were enveloping my cock sent shivers down my spine and gave rise to emotions that I simply couldn’t express with my limited vocabulary.

   How much better would it get once I started moving?


   Wet— Rub— Rub—

   Obscene sounds could be heard in the room as I moved my waist back and forth while firmly holding Luna’s gooey liquid-soaked feet with my hands.

   “Hah… I-It tickles! Hahaha!”

   Luna still seemed to be feeling ticklish and would occasionally burst out into innocent laughter every now and then. I know that the feet can be considered an erogenous zone, but would rubbing my schlong against them really make her feel good too?

   I wasn’t really sure about that.

   Shaking those thoughts out of my head, the only thing I wanted to do at the moment, was to move my waist back and forth. It was like an electric current was going through my head.

   When I slightly lowered my head toward Luna, I could see the enchanting sight of her lying on the floor with her barely covered feet in an O-shape, completely revealing her inner thighs.

   Swish— Swoosh— Rub— Rub—

   Just as I began enjoying this otherworldly sensation of Luna’s soft soles even more, while sometimes sliding a finger between her toes.


   Little by little, the small laughs that were leaking from Luna’s mouth began turning into faint hot breaths and steamy moans.

   Her white skin along with her face began turning redder and redder.

   Rather than just feeling good by myself, I was happy to see that Luna was enjoying herself too. This somehow filled me with a sense of deep satisfaction, making my movements even more eager and vigorous.

   “…Oh, I’ll remove your clothes for you. They will get dirty if some semen gets on them.”


   Luna looked ashamed and unsure of what to do at my words. She probably found it difficult to refuse my touch when her body was so heated up and meekly submitted to my actions.


   Her pure white body, along with its soft and smooth curves was soon revealed before my hungry eyes. While her breasts couldn’t be described as big, they weren’t really small either. They were just the right size.


   My eyes went all over her thin waist, wide hips, and pink areolas and nipples that were firmly standing despite not being touched at all.
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   My heated gaze finally settled on her slightly separated soft thighs and the pink pubic hair peeking out from between them. Below that, I could barely see her closed hole that was flowing with a clear liquid.


   I slowly pried her pussy open with my fingers.
   “That, d-don’t spread it up…”

   Luna then lifted her arms toward her face, covering it with her hands, and began trembling with a mix of shame and embarrassment at my deeds.

   It’s not the first time I’ve done this to her but Luna didn’t seem to get used to my actions at all.

   Well, I wasn’t used to this pretty and bright pink thing between her legs either. It felt as new and exciting as the first time I had witnessed it.

   I gave up rubbing my dick with her feet, and went for her clitoris and started lapping it with my tongue, after laying down between Luna’s thighs and burying my face in them.

   Swish— Swash—

   “Aang… I-I didn’t take a shower yet…”

   Luna rested her hand on my forehead, trying her best in an attempt to push me away from her leaking hole.

   She had a neat and clean personality and seemed to be reluctant in showing me her sweat-drenched lower body after coming back from quests.


   I, however, couldn’t help but enjoy her scent. It would always turn my lower body rock hard, send shivers down my spine, and make my hair stand on end whenever I took a whiff out of this wonderful spot.

   I was almost wishing her smell was stronger inwardly. Maybe, I’ll prevent her from washing up the next time too. I was already looking forward to how Luna would wriggle and squirm in shame when I made her do that.

   Slurp— Slurrp— Slurp—

   “Aaang, aaah, haaauuu…”

   I tasted Luna’s labia, clitoris, and gaping vagina with my tongue.

   As I slightly inserted my tongue into her vagina, Luna would go “Hah~” and “Hicc~” with each of my stimulating touches. It made her look incredibly adorable and equally arousing.

   How would Luna react if I inserted my cock inside her right now? During our first time with each other, Luna was in pain for most of the time and didn’t get to feel much pleasure.

   I was confident I could do a little bit better now but I sadly had to put off such thoughts for today.

   Still, being able to touch her pussy was amazing in its own right.

   Luna is such a beautiful girl that I would normally be nervous just talking to someone like her. Her exotic pink hair also attracted a lot more attention than necessary.

   She was an exotic-looking beautiful woman. No man could possibly dislike her.

   Just today itself, while we were working on engraving houses in the east district, she caught the attention of two men.

   They both had nice clothes and neat haircuts. They were likely to be high-ranking adventurers or sons of nobles.

   They also had enough confidence to show interest in Luna without caring about my presence at all.

   Did they just not care about me? Maybe they thought I was her servant or her slave or something. Samaritan slaves are quite popular in this world, after all.

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   I was very well aware that me and Luna were not very compatible, appearance-wise.

   Even by taking everything else into account, Luna was the owner of a lot of land in her hometown, she even was the daughter of a great being.

   What about me then?

   I was just a foreigner. What could I even possess? Nothing, not even scraps. I was honestly quite insecure about whether I was fit to be with Luna or not.

   But wasn’t I still the only one who had the privilege of burying his head between her legs at the end of the day?

   Slurp— Slurrp—

   “Uuuhm, haang… Aang… Uuuuh!”

   That fact was enough to make me extremely satisfied and boosted my self-esteem as a man. Luna was mine and mine only.

   Thoughts of putting my cock inside her pussy, filling her belly, and impregnating her were invading my mind.

   Slurp— Slurp— Swish— Swash—

   “Uuuuhm, hauuuh…!”

   Soon, Luna wrapped her legs around my head, with her toes slightly digging into my skin. Thanks to that, my head was now fully wrapped in her soft and smooth flesh, and there was no way left for her pussy to escape the clutches of my mouth.

   “Aauu, uuuh, H-Hassan…!”

   Luna’s breaths were becoming noticeably rougher, her pussy leaking even more fluids that were falling down, and soaking her butthole.

   Her body was also sweating a whole lot, emitting the pungent and musky smell of a female in heat. It only served to make me lick her womanhood with even more intensity and enthusiasm.

   I then inserted my tongue even deeper into her wriggling folds, enough to feel what remained of her hymen, making Luna convulse and twitch even harder.

   “Aaaah, ang… Haang, aaah, uuuh, uuung…! Ang!”

   Using those obscene moans of hers as a stimulant I began stroking my rock-hard cock.

   “S-Stop… Hauu, my, back, is going to break…”

   I didn’t know much about women but even I could understand that Luna was getting close to reaching her climax.

   Wouldn’t Luna dirty the deerskin like she did last time if this goes on any longer? She was really upset about it too the last time around.

   So I begrudgingly removed my mouth from between Luna’s legs and started rubbing my cock between her soft soles again.

   “Aauung, uuuh, huuuuu…”

   Rub— Rub— Rub—

   Luna’s toes were curled up, increasing the tightness I was feeling on my erect schlong.

   I, who had already been close to ejaculating from the excitement and earlier strokes, couldn’t hold back anymore and spurted semen on her soft soles and toes.

   Shoot— Splurt— Splurt—

   “H-Hot, aah, aang, haaah…!”

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   Luna’s soles, which were previously red hot in color, became stained in white, as if cloudy cream sauce had been sprinkled on top of them.

   Perhaps because she was surprised by the hot temperature, Luna crouched down, like she had a stomachache, and began shivering.

   “Haaung, uuuh, haaah, aaang…!”

   Did Luna climax by only using her feet?

   I heard that unlike men, whose erogenous zones were concentrated on their dicks, women could be aroused no matter where they were touched.
   “Huuuh, hauuu…”

   Luna continued trembling for close to a minute then limped out as if her stamina was completely exhausted.

   Her lower body was still stained with love juices, but it didn’t seem like she was going to urinate this time around.


   “Are you okay?”


   After answering me, Luna grabbed the deerskin on the floor and used it to cover her breasts and face with an expression of shame.

   The shy look on her face made my heart swell, so I gently laid Luna down and pressed my hands on her waist and shoulders to relieve her.

   “Hauu, r-refreshing…”

   Luna, after looking nervous at first, accepted my massage, and melted down like a cat resting on a hot roof.

   “I think I’m starting to get addicted to this…”

   Luna kept wincing and squirming with each of my presses as I was massaging the muscles on her hips, which were probably tense after a full day of walking and intense spasms from reaching an orgasm.

   Obviously, I couldn’t avoid getting hard again after looking at her fully exposed damp ass and pussy.

   “Huu, that’s good…”

   But as I listened to Luna’s voice, relieved of tiredness by my massage, I felt a twinge of guilt and decided to hold off on using my cock until the next time.


   Is it just me or was she enjoying this massage more than my cunnilingus?

   As it was already late at night at this point, Luna asked me to sleep in her cabin tonight too.

   Cultists were roaming the streets, and you could never tell what might happen to you in these slums, so she was understandably afraid to sleep alone.

   While I felt bad for Luna, I was still happy that I got to sleep with her once again.

   Even just sleeping together under the same blankets with our arms touching was enough to make me feel warm and fuzzy. I was sure to have good dreams tonight.

  * * * * * * * * * *

   I had a terrible nightmare.

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   In it, a giant rabbit, many times the size of my body, sat on top of me, preventing me from breathing and leading me to die by suffocation.

   A dream with a rabbit? What kind of dream is that? My father would have probably explained it if he was here right now. Was it an omen of luck? Maybe I should buy a lottery ticket, though I doubt there’s such a thing in this world.

   Just as I was going back to sleep with such thoughts.


   My stomach and chest felt heavy as if I had yet to wake up from that dream. It felt like something heavy was pressing down on me.

   I slightly opened my eyes wondering what it was, and I almost screamed in fright.

   It was actually none other than Luna.

   She was lying on my stomach with her face lifted up, directly staring at me.

   Damn it, what the fuck is happening? Is she sleepwalking or something? What was happening to me at the moment was as frightening as it was surprising.

   “W-What are you doing Luna?”


   Luna didn’t answer. She just slid down next to me with a soft thud and fell asleep once again.

   What the hell was that?

   Wondering if Luna had developed sleepwalking from all the hardships she’s been through lately, I touched her wrist.

Name: Luna Knox Dottty
Level: 11
Strength: 3
Agility: 6
Stamina: 2
Status: Fluttering Heart 》Bad Meals Lover 》Nocturnal Nature
Conditions: Curse of Knox 》Curse of Erebor

   I couldn’t see anything that could allude to sleepwalking or any similar behavior on her status board. I didn’t know what the effects of ‘Curse of Knox’ and ‘Curse of Erebor’ were anyways to begin with.

   And because I couldn’t see any red spots on Luna’s body, I was clueless about how to get rid of those curses.

   What the hell?

   Did all the work we have done lately, from opening a workshop along with our adventurer work take a toll on her mental? I started feeling a little sorry for her.

   The next morning.

   “So refreshing! My body is full of vitality!”

   As usual, Luna cheerfully woke up. On the other hand, I felt like my body was made of lead, probably because of all the fatigue I’ve experienced lately.

   While I tend to have rough mornings, I didn’t think my stamina was that bad. Well, I’ve had a lot to do these days, could it be affecting my body?

   “Why do you look so weak, Hassan?”

   “No clue. Rather than that, do you remember climbing on my stomach last night?”

   I asked Luna if she remembered what happened last night. Her eyes just widened with an incredulous look.

   “I did what last night?”

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Pseudo Resident’s Illegal Stay in Another World

Pseudo Resident’s Illegal Stay in Another World

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