Pseudo Resident’s Illegal Stay In Another World Chapter 80

The Descendant of Pluto (7) 🔞

    ༺The Descendant of Pluto (7)༻   


   After leaving during the night, Hippolyte didn’t return, even as the sun rose above the horizon during dawn. She definitely went somewhere, but I had no way to know where.

   Most importantly, I wasn’t able to lie down and sleep at all because of what happened last night.

   I would vividly remember the thick texture that I had felt on my shin and the wetness that slathered my big toe each time it dug into her crevice whenever I closed my eyes in an attempt to sleep.

   Alright. Should I try sleeping with one leg out of the covers then?

   I was barely able to sleep only after rubbing one out on someone else’s bed. I used one of the bandages wrapped around me to wipe my semen off and then threw it into the trash.

   And with that incident behind me, I somehow woke up the next morning.

   Hippolyte showed no signs of coming back, so I got up and began searching for my things. Where were they though?

   As I was moving through the room to look for my stuff, I saw a scroll with something written on it hanging on the wall.

   You’ll find your belongings in the bottom right compartment of the corner drawer. There’s also some medicine for your injury. Put it on later.

   Was that a note Hippolyte left behind for me before going out yesterday?

   Her penmanship is as good as her swordsmanship, it seems. Her words were crisp and without errors as if they were printed straight out of a computer.

   It was in a whole other league compared to Luna’s crooked and cute handwriting.

   I then went to the mentioned corner drawer and opened the bottom right compartment as instructed. There, I could see my clothes and other items neatly stacked inside.


   After a quick count, the money inside the bag totaled 47 silvers and 25 coppers. I felt relieved as this was exactly how much I remembered having.

   Done with the checking, I packed my swords, clothes, necklace and then went outside.

   What immediately registered in my eyes was how my surroundings were different from the landscape of the west slums of Sodomora that I was used to.

   The road was well-paved with evenly laid bricks, probably so that wagons could pass without any bumps. Street lamps were also placed to illuminate the still-dark alleys.

   It looked so much like a real electric pole that I couldn’t help but stare intently at it for some time. Inside the lamps. I could see some bugs flapping around while emitting light.

   Of course, the fact that something like this existed on the streets was amazing in itself.

   The attires of the people walking on the streets were also impeccably neat, like that of aristocrats or successful adventurers.

   Unlike the slum gangsters who usually just stare blankly at the ground or glare at the passersby, these individuals had plump faces and carefree expressions.

   Wherever I currently was, it felt like a place I didn’t belong in.

   People actually even started gossiping after noticing me.

   “Hey, isn’t that a Samaritan? What’s he doing here on East Street?”

   “Isn’t he a cultist? I heard Samaritans are the descendants of Pluto. That’s why they have dark hair and eyes.”

   “It must be a slave escapee from some noble house.”

   “Shh, be quiet. He can hear us.”

   From the way they were whispering to each other, I didn’t seem to be very welcome on this street.

   I thought I had settled well in Sodomora, but it seems that I was only welcomed in the vicinity of the guild building and the slum area where I had set up my residence.

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   Of course, I’ve been receiving this kind of stares for nearly two years now, and I wasn’t bothered much by them anymore.


   When I turned my head toward whoever was calling me, I saw a cute girl running toward me. As expected, she was quite the eye-catching spectacle in this old-fashioned-looking place.

   Her pink hair would obviously stand out no matter where she went, but now I was starting to find it endearing.

   “Luna! What the hell happened!? I was in Hippolyte’s house when I woke up!”

   “You’re finally awake!”

   Luna suddenly hugged me and began sniffing me.


   But she soon began frowning and furrowing her brows and then, all of a sudden, she grabbed my arm and sunk her teeth into it.


   “Ouch! W-What!? Why did you bite me?!”

   It was nothing like an affectionate bite or a cute nibble, it was the real deal. I felt like she was going to rip my flesh off, and it was so painful that my eyes started tearing up.


   Luna, who had been biting my arm for a long time, finally slowly let go of my arm after noticing that I was in real pain.


   I could see a string of saliva stretching between her mouth and my arm. But what caught my attention the most was the bite mark left on my arm after she had sunk her teeth into it.

   I was so surprised and hurt by this sudden action of hers that I didn’t even find the time to be angry.

   “Oi, why did you bite me out of the blue, like that?”

   “Marking my territory.”

   “What the…”

   I was going to ask what that was all about until I realized that my body was probably reeking of Hippolyte’s smell and I suddenly shivered on the spot.

   I thought I had washed well enough in the simple shower booth at Hippolyte’s place.

   Wait, am I just reading too much into this? Maybe Luna’s hometown had the tradition to bite people as hard as you could to welcome them. Damn it, I don’t even know at this point.

   “Did it hurt, Hassan? Did it hurt?

   “…Ah, of course, it hurts.”

   “Good then.”

   I thought she was going to apologize, but she was smiling with a satisfied expression and even snorted like she was upset about something.

   Damn, this is bad. She is definitely onto something. But nothing really happened. No, something definitely happened, but it wasn’t something that crossed the line, right?

   However, looking it at from another angle, would I be able to keep my calm if Luna did something similar with another man?

   That’s impossible, goddamn it. I’d be so angry that I’d smash and destroy everything around me without even realizing it.

   Having come to the realization that no matter what happened, I had still made a terrible mistake, I opened my mouth in embarrassment and shame.

   “I-I’m sorry…”
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   I would usually find it easy to prostrate in front of others and apologize.

   But it was strangely difficult today when I was facing Luna. My voice was very low, almost akin to a whisper.

   I thought that my sense of pride had been trampled flat during the past two years, and even reduced to atoms at this point, but I guess I still had some of it left in me.

   “I’m sorry!”

   “It’s good that you apologized. But be careful from now on. Because as a daughter of Ideope, a shaman, I have unique instincts and will be able to figure out if you do something bad like that.”


   Luna had become quite scary this morning. She had a higher level than me and easily subdued Hippolyte with a suplex. Of course, she’d look scary in my eyes…

   Today, I saw another side of Luna, who usually only smiled and seemed somehow to be mentally challenged, which sent chills down my spine. She was indeed the daughter of the Goddess Knox.

  * * * * * * * * * *

   I then began working on putting X marks on the houses of the wealthy east district.

   “What are you doing in front of someone else’s house? Why are you carving that there? I’m going to call the guards!”

   We would occasionally meet people who didn’t understand what we were doing, but we managed to explain the reason behind our actions and move on.

   It was late afternoon and the sun was setting down when we returned to Luna’s cabin after going around most of the eastern district.

   “Whoo, It’s finally over!! We can take a long break now. I heard the guild building was in too bad of a shape, so we won’t be able to receive any requests for a month or two.”

   Luna’s words were quite worrying.

   “How can we survive without work? This is a huge problem.”

   “Shouldn’t we stay at home anyways since the cultists are about to attack? In the meantime, I’ll make a lot of elixirs to sell.”

   Was it something like self-quarantine season? Well, it would be a good idea to stick by Luna and raise my task points by massaging people.

   As said earlier, it will be a while since our next guild request, so all I can do is collect task points so that I can convert them into stats later.

   “Whoo…anyways, my legs are hurting a lot and the soles of my feet are sore as well.”

   Luna grumbled while sitting down on the carpet of the second floor.

   Of course, her feet would hurt after spending the whole day going around the city like that. Even I was a bit tired.

   “I think I got blisters on my feet too. The soles of my feet would have been peeled by now if it wasn’t for the shoes you bought me, Hassan.”

   I was immediately scared when the word ‘blisters’ was uttered by the teary-eyed Luna. Blisters on Luna’s soft and smooth soles?


   “Lemme take a look.”

   “H-Hmm? I-It’s not that bad… Stop… I-I didn’t wash them yet…”

   Luna’s face turned pink as if terribly ashamed by my words.

   However, the sight of her feet slowly stretching forward, revealing more and more of her soles was so enchanting that I couldn’t look away from them.

   “Don’t smell…”

   “Don’t worry…”

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   I held Luna’s ankle that a full day of walking’s worth of sweat on it.

   Then probably because she was wearing flat sandals, only the part that had direct contact with the floor was red, making her soles look very weird.

   “There doesn’t seem to be any blisters.”

   “Really? What a relief. My feet won’t look as pretty if I have blisters.”

   Now that I think about it, didn’t the women of this world value their feet and their appearances a lot? I suddenly began to wonder why and asked Luna about it.

   “Luna, do you take care of your soles too?”

   “Hmm? Of course! I even take very diligent care of them. I make sure to bathe them in healing mineral water once per day, apply medicinal ointment on them at least once per week, and put on moisturizer—”


   Luna began muttering various terms that I didn’t understand.

   I actually never saw Luna putting on makeup or taking care of her body so I didn’t know about this side of her. It seems she was taking good care of her body in ways I wasn’t aware of.

   Luna’s feet were actually very pretty— slightly curved, thin, and tiny.

   I wasn’t aware of it before meeting Luna, but I really liked her pretty feet. Just touching them was making my lower body heat up like a volcano.

   It was so damn hard to force myself not to take a whiff of her lovely feet.

   So, I gently pressed my thumbs against Luna’s small soles while holding them in my hands.


   I applied a moderate amount of force on them, making sure not to press too hard. Luna trembled and couldn’t help but let a little “Aang…” sound escape from her mouth.


   “You walked a lot today. I’ll give you a massage to relax your feet and avoid you getting plantar fasciitis or something like that.”

   “P-Plantar…? Hah, huuaa…!”

   Press— Preess—

   What I was specifically pressing was the arched part between her heel and inner foot, known as the Baihui acupoint.

   Pressing on this part of the body was notoriously said to relieve foot swelling after long periods of walking.

   All I had to do was press there while doing round motions with my hands. Luna was shaking and groaning with each of my moves like she was about to convulse.

   “I-It hurts.

   “It’ll feel better soon.”

   “Can’t you let me wash them first? T-This is s-so embarrassing…”

   Luna loudly expressed how much she was ashamed of the fact that she didn’t wash her feet. Feeling a little playful by her words, I directly took a sniff at her cute feet.

   “Wha-Wha what are you doing…? Don’t!”

   Luna was struggling hard, but it was impossible for her to escape my clutches.

   I continued to press on the soles of Luna’s cute feet with my thumbs, all the while bringing them closer so that I could smell them.

   Luna’s body suddenly arched like a bow as I playfully stuck out my tongue to lick the large area.


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   What I learned from this short interaction was that… these lovely feet of hers were a very sensitive erogenous zone to her.

   She seemed to be as sensitive there as she was in her secretive parts. Was it because it was a body part she felt a lot of shame about?

   In that case…

   What would she do if I rubbed my cock there?


   The atmosphere in the room was so hot that I untied the knot on my waist without a single shred of hesitation.

   My hot rod was already near its limit from the moment I sniffed Luna’s soles. It was now exposed, making me feel a little cooler.

   “Hassan, w-what are you trying to do?”

   Luna, who had yet to regain her composure because of my teasing, asked in utter embarrassment after seeing me take off my pants and reveal my cock.

   I then carefully tucked Luna on the deerskin rug, and then folded her feet around my schlong, like two buns wrapping a sausage.

   I could now feel Luna’s soft soles on my hot rod.

   The thought of putting my throbbing cock, in a part of her body that she cherished so much and took such good care of, that she had also shown to no one but me, was very exciting and nearly made me instantly ejaculate all over her cute feet.

   “H-Hot, Hassan— Why did you put my feet on that thing…?”

   Did Luna not know about footjobs? Well, she didn’t seem to be the kind to be knowledgeable about lewd stuff. I honestly quite liked that part of her.

   Swoop— Swoosh—

   I began rubbing my hot and eager rod against the soft soles of the confused Luna. A sense of accomplishment and satisfaction, that was much different than anything I felt while I usually masturbated using my own hand, was filling my body with each stroke.

   Not only that, a strange sense of humiliation, because I was being stepped on by a woman along with the strong desire to conquer her and know everything about her, made this experience ever so slightly more satisfying.

   “Uuuh, h-hot, Hassan…”

   It seems Luna’s sensitive feet were strongly affected by the heat of my schlong.

   Of course, since I was rubbing it on her bare feet, there were bound to be some places I would feel friction along my hot rod, which was kind of embarrassing for me.

   Because of that, I was wondering if there was a better way to do this. Should I just spit on them? It was only then that I suddenly remembered what happened last night.


   I began rummaging through my inner pockets until I found a small glass bottle the size of my thumb that was firmly closed with a cork and was full of liquid.

   It was the spare medicine bottle that Hippolyte gave me. I then applied the sticky and smooth medicine all over my cock and Luna’s soles.

   I carefully made sure to reach every part of her feet— her soles, heels, the arched part, and even the space between her toes.

   Splat— Splat—

   “I-It tickles, hehe—”

   Luna was constantly squirming as if she was really being tickled. What I wanted to hear wasn’t her laughter, but her lusty moans, however.

   I then put my schlong back in between the soles of her feet after applying the ointment in every nook and cranny on them.


   My schlong, after rubbing it on her elixir-soaked thin, and wet soles, made a very obscene sound.

   “Ang…! Uuh, w-what?”

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Pseudo Resident’s Illegal Stay in Another World

Pseudo Resident’s Illegal Stay in Another World

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