Pseudo Resident’s Illegal Stay In Another World Chapter 97

Visiting The Patient and Hassan's Club (3)

    ༺ Visiting The Patient and Hassan’s Club (3) ༻   



  Over the years, as human society and tools evolved in various ways, so did massaging techniques.


  There were a lot of massaging methods that involved not only a simple application of pressure on the acupoints with hands but also the usage of various tools.


  Among them, what I was trying to enact now was a massage using a wooden bar or stick.


  “A-Are you going to use that for a massage? You’re crazy! Indeed, Samaritans are truly an ignorant bunch!”


  However, I could see that Hippolyte’s brows had furrowed while her slender shoulders were trembling somewhat as though she had never expected that something like this could be used for a message. For some reason, I was feeling quite excited to see her in such a cowering form.


  Somehow, it gave me the feeling of being superior to this ridiculously tough woman!


  “Miss Hippolyte, it seems like you have never tried using a wooden stick for massages now, have you?”


  “You’re not going to hit me with that now, are you? I won’t tolerate such rudeness against me!”


  “I’m not going to hit you. I’m just going to roll it like this.”


  I rolled the round side of the club on my arm like a wheel.


  Drrrr— Drrr— 


  Hippolyte’s stiff body loosened while her attitude softened somewhat at that sight.


  “Do you really think I will feel satisfied just by you rolling that stick on my body like that? It seems like this is a Samaritan’s way doing of massages, right?”


  “Well, yeah, something like that.”


  I just vaguely explained it as a Samaritan technique since I didn’t know how to explain it in detail.


  In fact, even though Hippolyte was overreacting like that… the idea of using a club, a stick, or, more accurately speaking, a cylindrical object to stimulate the body was a fairly mainstream massaging technique back in my world.


  Using foam rollers for stretching or bamboo for bamboo massages were some examples of such techniques.


  Since the human body has many curves and linear shapes, these rounded cylindrical objects provide suitable stimulation from an ergonomic perspective.


  I even remember rolling my sister’s foam roller on my back for stretching when she bought it for dieting purposes.


  Indeed, it was undoubtedly the best stretching method for modern people with hunched backs and necks that were caused due to excessive computer and smartphone usage.


  Since Hippolyte said she wouldn’t feel satisfied if I massaged her with only my hands, I reckoned if I used this excellent tool, I would probably be able to break down her tough exterior, right?


  “You’ll definitely feel refreshed. It might even feel better than massaging you with my hands.”


  “Better, you say…?”


  Hippolyte seemed quite a bit hesitant about this but was still interested at the same time.


  “Or is the club just too intimidating for you?”


  “Hmph, just a mere chunk of wood? Intimidating? It’s nothing to me. However, if I’m not satisfied by this massage of yours, I’ll punish you. You dared to raise a weapon against a warrior of Mars, so you have to pay for your crime.”




  The moment I heard the word “punishment” leak out of her lips, I became utterly terrified. I would probably be punished if I couldn’t satisfy her. It never occurred to me that I would see a day when I could hear the words Elfriede used to say to me coming from Hippolyte’s mouth. 




  Soon, Hippolyte laid her arms over the deerskin where I had been lying before and leaned forward. She showed her straight legs and firm and toned muscles; as if challenging me to give my best in trying to please her.


  Now that I had come this far. I would not be a real man if I just ran away right now.


  Anyways, it was another opportunity to touch the perfectly trained body of this woman. My little bro was getting very excited at that thought.


  Hehe, actually, at this point, whatever I did to her was a win for me, wasn’t it?


  Thanks to that, I could leisurely admire Hippolyte’s back, calves, and plump buttocks while she lay before me with her eyes closed.


  “What…? Scared to give me a massage now, are you?” 


  Hippolyte started provoking me; as though urging me to get it done already. 


  “Well then, I’m going to start now.”


  First, I set the club down and grabbed the insides of her shoulder blades with both of my palms.


  Since Hippolyte was now lying down in front of me, I was finally able to make some corrections that only this position allowed me to do.








  With a short burst of strength and pressure that I applied with my palms, the upper back area, near her neck, made a loud popping noise. Accompanying that loud noise were the small groans, leaking out of Hippolyte’s mouth.


  “Ugh… w-what are you doing?” 


  “I’m doing a simple correction. I didn’t notice it at first glance, but after touching your body for some time, I realized that your body tilts slightly to the right. However, your muscles are still holding it up well so it’s barely noticeable…”


  “My body is tilting to the right? Hmph, that’s quite a funny joke there, Samaritan.”


  Hippolyte just gave a snort full of disbelief at that remark I made. 


  However, as I have said already, the human body is actually constantly wearing down in real-time, so it’s natural for someone’s body to start tilting or leaning to one side rather than being in a perfectly balanced state. The nature of the tilt depended on several factors such as whether someone is left-handed or right-handed and even their usual posture throughout their daily life. 


  So, it was extremely beneficial to get occasional corrections like the one I was planning to do for Hippolyte.


  Of course, explaining such a difficult concept to people from this world wouldn’t be an easy task.


  In fact, I also didn’t know much about the theoretical aspect of this myself.


  All I can do is— 


  Ssk— Ssk— 


  —Just adjust the curved part of the spine by pushing it in the opposite direction of the tilt.








  After having laid for some time without saying anything, the female warrior suddenly jerked her head back and twisted her waist at my action. Was she perhaps feeling pain? It was actually natural for some people to experience pain during the correction procedure.


  It could only mean that her body is significantly misaligned which is causing her to react like that.


  “Now, I’ll move to the pelvis.” 


  I spoke, notifying the exhausted Hippolyte, who had been bending her head back for a while and had now collapsed again, probably from the fatigue she felt. She said nothing else except for a “Heu—” noise and a deep sigh.


  I made her right thigh bend into a ninety-degree angle without waiting for her rejection or agreement to my words.


  Her solid and toned thigh, which I had touched very subtly, was quite soft to the touch. It made me feel rather good for being able to feel the soft sensation of her thighs. 


  “Hoo, hhhhh—”


  Regardless of whether my hand touched her or not, Hippolyte continued to leak out heavy breaths from her mouth.


  Therefore, I was able to steal a glimpse of her round buttocks, which were visible through her tight clothing, every now and then.


  Perhaps because her legs were bent and spread out right now, I could see the deepest part of her thighs, which was really an eye-catching sight. Wouldn’t the slightly split part that was protruding like that be that thing?


  But before pressing down on her pelvis to correct it…


  “Um, then I’ll stretch your thighs as a warm-up.”


  Saying so, I grasped Hippolyte’s right thigh, which was bent at a ninety-degree angle by me before, with both hands and squeezed it tightly, pressing and releasing it like I was squeezing out the milk from a cow.




  As I smoothly moved my tightly clasped hands from top to bottom, Hippolyte, lying on the floor, suddenly grabbed the deerskin and squeezed it hard as if wanting to tear it apart with her hands.




  “How is it? Do you feel refreshed now?”


  “No, not at all—”


  Hippolyte denied my question, just pretending to not have found my massage refreshing.


  That was just her pride talking, I was sure of it.


  I might not have many talents, but I had a certain level of pride and confidence in my massaging techniques. 


  Even the strict and picky Elfriede used to praise my massages, at least that was what I could recall in my head.


  Therefore, I did not doubt that this tough female warrior also enjoyed my touch and slowly became more and more comfortable with my massage. 


  Perhaps Hippolyte, with that strong self-esteem of hers, did not want to admit that getting a massage from a lower-level adventurer like me could actually make her feel good.


  Of course, such guests were quite common in my father’s health center. This group of guests consisted of old people from previous generations. 


  They were usually old and experienced customers who would grumble and complain at first, saying, “Oh, this isn’t worth the money,” but gradually got hooked by the taste of the massage and ended up giving my father their money. 


  Ssk— Ssk— 


  Anyways, I continued to stroke Hippolyte’s thigh with considerable care. I had to pour my heart and soul into this first-time guest of mine so that I can make a regular customer out of her.




  Hippolyte’s waist trembled every single time I massaged her.


  Her grasp on the deerskin was tightening further and further.


  Her ankles started to bend and were giving away what she was feeling inside.


  Huh! She actually came inside the house with her sandals on. Damn it! How could she enter someone’s house with her sandals on? What an ill-mannered adventurer!




  Hippolyte jumped as though she was startled due to something. 




  That reaction was actually caused because of my left palm… The palm that had been stroking her thigh from top to bottom accidentally brushed along her groin.


  It wasn’t intentional, but her reaction was so extreme that it surprised the heck out of me. Damn it! Am I going to get slashed to pieces by her sword now?


  I was so scared that I started trembling as I had somehow managed to unintentionally harass her.




  Hippolyte didn’t say a word… She just raised her head slightly and gave me a deathly glare.


  While I was trying to think of what excuse to make to her, Hippolyte snorted and once again buried her face in the deerskin on the ground.


  I wasn’t sure what happened, but it seemed like I had managed to get over this incident somehow.


  “T-Then, I’ll finish up with your pelvis quickly.”


  I placed my hands on her slightly twisted right hip and, as I felt the joints and muscles stiffening, I applied some force there with my arms.






  “Hu, hup…!”


  Although quite a concerning noise had leaked out after I corrected the hip position, surprisingly, Hippolyte, who had been screaming continuously since earlier, let out a fairly satisfied sigh after I aligned her hips in their rightful position.


  “Whooo. Well, it’s nothing, after all.”


  I wondered if she got used to the pain after experiencing my massages for some time.


  “Well, let’s use this thing properly now.”


  I gently slapped the club that I had placed on the floor against my hand.


  When I touched it like this, I could feel the denseness of its inner region, reassuring me again that the club was a really useful and handy tool.


  I placed it on Hippolyte’s back and rolled it around like a chef kneading dough.


  Swish— Swish— 


  “Uh, um—” 


  “Please let me know if the pressure is too strong for you.”


  “Honestly, it just tickles a bit.”




  I kept rolling the club, going down from her back to her waist and from her waist to her round, bulging buttocks.


  As I rolled the club on her protruding buttocks, the muscles on her buttocks started to tremble. 


  “Is there any problem?”


  “Oh, no. None, in fact. It’s just that the tool is indeed better than those clumsy hands of yours.”


  Did she like the massage I was doing with the club? An actual compliment about the club massage came out from Hippolyte’s mouth!


  I thoroughly massaged all over her body with the club to get her used to the hard and round cylindrical shape.


  I paid the most attention to her thighs, buttocks, and groin.


  “Aah… It feels so refreshing.” 


  When I pressed hard on the insides of her thigh with the club, Hippolyte leaked out a satisfied sigh.


  Did she like to be massaged on the lymph nodes? 




  Anyways, I couldn’t hide the strange excitement I felt at the thought that I was able to stimulate this strong woman with my club. 


  Hippolyte wasn’t able to notice it, but my other club, down in my pants, had become so stiff and hard that it felt like it would pierce through the clothing.


  What would it feel like to rub my schlong on this sweaty body of hers? Only wicked thoughts filled my head, thoughts like wanting to bury my face between the crack of her buttocks.


  It couldn’t be helped really. For the past few days, I wasn’t able to satisfy my sexual desires by masturbating as I had been sleeping with Luna. My mind had been aroused by various stimuli, and I had honestly reached my limit already.


  “Well then, let me change the position now. Would it be okay if I massage the soles of your feet for a bit?”


  “M-My feet!?” 


  Hippolyte was taken aback at that request.


  Although I now vaguely understood why women of this world were reluctant to show their feet to others, it was a bit surprising to see that even Hippolyte, who was somewhat masculine in nature, also reacted the same as others.


  “…W-Why do you want to see my feet?”


  “I just want to give you a massage there. It feels really good when you roll the soles of your feet with the club.”


  Anyone who has stepped on a round ball or club with their foot could relate to the sensation I was trying to enact here. It was a really good feeling. The round part of the club… if used on the arched part of the sole of the feet, made for a very stimulating tool.


  “Feet are the part of the body where blood does not circulate well and it is also a part where it is very difficult to relieve muscle fatigue easily. Why don’t you take this chance to relax those muscles?”


  “Hmm, hmm…” 


  Hippolyte, laid on the deerskin, was now deep in thought as if she was struggling to accept this idea of mine.


  “I just want to give you a massage.”


  “O-Okay, then there’s a condition.”


  Hippolyte was proposing a condition?


  This was the first time someone had suggested a condition for a massage, so I was quite intrigued.


  “Huh? What’s the condition?”


  “Well, cover your eyes. E-Even though I want you to give me a massage, I don’t feel comfortable showing you my feet. Will it be okay for you to do it with your eyes covered, or is that not possible?”


  Ah, it was in that sense, huh…


  “Well, I’ll have to find something to cover my eyes with then.”


  As I was rummaging around, Hippolyte slightly raised her body and untied the belt around her waist. Then, she handed it over to me while saying…


  “Tie this around your eyes.”


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