Pseudo Resident’s Illegal Stay In Another World Chapter 98

Visiting The Patient and Hassan's Club (4)

    ༺ Visiting The Patient and Hassan’s Club (4) ༻   



  Ssk— Ssk— Tighten— 


  Hippolyte tied her belt around my eyes. She didn’t forget to check the knot several times to make sure whether it had been well-tied or not.


  “Done. Now I can feel relieved with doing this massage.”


  I couldn’t see anything with my eyes. However, my other senses, like hearing and sense of smell, became sharper because of the restrictions that had been put on my sight.


  I could smell a faint, pleasant womanly scent wafting from Hippolyte’s belt that was tied around my eyes. And it was so potent that it almost made me feel like I was high or something.


  While I was still lost in the thrilling sensations of the pleasant scent, there was suddenly a rustling sound of something being untied and removed that reached my ears.




  Soon, I could clearly feel something as heavy as a person laying on top of the soft deerskin.


  “O-Okay, I’m ready now. Let’s do this.”


  I could roughly locate her position by listening to Hippolyte’s voice.


  A massage without being able to see anything. Damn it! This was truly an amazing and fascinating experience if I say so myself.


  Tap— Tap— Tap— 


  Just like that, my hands groped around in the air trying to find Hippolyte’s body. Soon, my hands dug into the soft, warm flesh of her strong body and fell on top of her smooth skin.




  At the same time as my hand fell on top of one of her softer body parts, Hippolyte screamed as if she was startled by the sudden touch.


  “W-Where are you touching, you pervert!”


  “Where did I touch exactly!?”


  “Ughhhh, you idiot! My foot is over here.”


  Ssk— Slide— 


  All of a sudden, something wide touched my chest. It was warm and had a pleasant heat, and I was oddly sure at that moment that it was none other than the sole of Hippolyte’s broad foot.


  I grabbed the foot that was touching my chest with my hands.


  “…Then, I’ll be touching it now.”




  Although I couldn’t see right now, I was sure that what I held in my hands was the slender, soft, and moist sole of a woman’s foot. 


  Ssk— Ssk— 


  Her ankles were bony, and her toes were rather long. It was her right foot that was being held by my hands right now.


  I thought a warrior’s feet would feel a bit rougher, but it was surprisingly softer than I imagined it to be. Could it be that Hippolyte, just like women from this world, took delicate and thorough care of her feet? 


  “I’ll touch it a little to get a feel…”




  Her toenails were not too long or pointed, and if there was anything unusual about these feet from the ones that I was used to, it was that the thumb was slightly longer than the second toe. 


  Also, maybe it was due to her high metabolism, but her body temperature was quite high. That inevitably made her foot feel slightly sweaty as I held it in my hands. Of course, that was a natural phenomenon since she had been wearing shoes until just now.


  Sniff— Sniff— 


  “…I-If you try to smell me, I’ll choke you to death. Breathe through your mouth, you dumbass…”




  Because of Hippolyte’s strict orders, I quickly changed my breathing method; only using my mouth to breathe. I felt a little disappointed, but I tried to put all my focus on feeling her foot with my hands.


  Slowly— Slowly— 


  For starters, I touched her toes with my fingers to engrave the shape of her feet in my mind.


  I tried putting my fingers between the gap of her toes, stroking them with my thumb, or scratching the arches of her foot with my nails.



I focused on the sound, wondering how Hippolyte would react to my actions, but surprisingly, no sound came out of her mouth no matter what I did.


  Was Hippolyte perhaps different from Luna, who had sensitive soles? If I touched Luna’s feet like this, she would have groaned like a sick cat right about now. 


  Soon, I lightly touched the top part of her foot and my thumb swiftly found the Sham acupoint.


  To be precise, it was the acupoint on the top of the foot where the second toe and the big toe separated and distinguished themselves…


  The reason why I pressed this part was— 




  This spot was a sensitive area that could elicit a strong response just by touching it. It was also an acupoint that was easy to find even in a situation where I couldn’t see anything with my eyes.


  Squeeze— Squeeze— 




  As I pressed on Hippolyte’s Sham acupoint, a sound like a weak moan escaped her lips. This greatly boosted my confidence in my massaging skills.


  So I tested my skills out by pressing various acupoints, including the Bubbling Well acupoint. When else would I have a chance to experiment with pressing the foot of a warriorress like Hippolyte if not now?


  “Ugh, huh—”


  I was excited to hear the moaning noises come out of Hippolyte, which was starting to burst out in frequent streams. It honestly felt like I was being rewarded for my diligent actions.


  Hippolyte’s leg trembled uncontrollably as I used both of my thumbs to press and massage her foot from her heel to her toes.


  “Huh, euck—!”


  Perhaps due to sweat from my hands and her foot, my fingers could easily rub against her skin and precisely apply pressure on the acupressure points.


  Press— Press— 


  “Huaah, euhhaaa—!”


  “Does it hurt?”


  “N-No, it’s not that. Hmm, let’s stop playing with my foot already and try using that club of yours to do some massages or something…” 




  I had forgotten the original purpose of the massage while playing around with Hippolyte’s foot.


  Hence, I started searching for the club by feeling it with my hand, picked it up when I located it, and then started rolling the round end of the club around the soles of her foot. 


  “Huh, haaah—”


  Hippolyte, who had been desperately holding back her moans during the time I had massaged her with my hands, now leake out an unfiltered stream of moans full of pleasure. 


  “How do you feel?”


  “T-This feels quite good. It feels likeee… all of my fatigue is scattering away… Huh, haaah—”


  Honestly, just relieving the fatigue that accumulated on one’s foot could take away half of the body’s fatigue in itself. That was how important the soles of one’s feet were, which suffered the most throughout a person’s daily life.


  Since Hippolyte was naturally spirited and had taken on various strain-heavy tasks as a silver-tier adventurer, her body might have accumulated fatigue without her even realizing it.


  In addition, in a world without many concepts of massage or rest like this one, the fatigue in her body remained without a chance of being relieved.


  This fatigue had definitely piled up on the soles of her feet, which could be considered the deepest part of her body.


  “Ah, ugh, euk… kruk! T-That’s it, please stoooooppp—”


  “There’s still the other foot left.”


  I grabbed Hippolyte’s left foot as she tried to stop the massage. I repeated the massage from the simple acupressure massage to rolling the club on her left foot, just like I did to her right foot.


  Ssk— Ssssk— Press— 


  “Ukh, kuh, huaah, ung—” 


  Every time I rolled the club, Hippolyte made a gasping noise as if she couldn’t stand the sensations she was receiving from her soles.


  Was she now feeling so absent-minded that she couldn’t even resist the sensations anymore?


  “What do you think of my massaging skills now, Miss Hippolyte?”


  “Euh, uh… “


  I slowly moved my hand, which was holding her foot, and rubbed the soft muscles of her calves in a squeezing motion.


  “Heung, akh, aah…!”


  As I held her leg, it began to twitch and spasm, and I could feel the excessive strain that was being put on those muscles. 




  A certain artificial sound effect was suddenly heard in my head. Since my vision was obstructed, I couldn’t confirm what letters had appeared with the sound effect.


  Should I take off the blindfold?


  While I was entertaining those thoughts— 


  Kong— Kong— Kong Kong—!


  The loud noises of a dog’s barking drifted over from the first floor. 


  Of course, there couldn’t be any dogs or puppies in this cabin. It must be Luna’s pet, the wolf spider, making this noise.


  “W-What is it!?”


  Hippolyte stammered, surprised by the sudden noise. 


  Ssk— Ssk— 


  The sounds of something being tied were made and then she promptly removed the blindfold that had been blocking my vision.


  Only then did I see Hippolyte’s face, which was burning red as if it was about to burst, enter my vision… Was that a tear stain that I was seeing around her eyes? 


  Kong— Kong Kong—!  


  “There’s a sound coming from the first floor.” 


  “It must be the wolf spider.”


  “I see. Why is it suddenly barking?”


  “I have no idea—”


  I couldn’t even begin to understand why a spider that could bark like a dog existed in the first place. So, there was no way in hell that I would be able to answer why it was barking right now.


  Maybe it just wanted to bark?


  “Hmm, w-well, you’re more useful than I thought, Samaritan. You seem to have at least one useful skill under your belt.”


  As the barking continued for a while, Hippolyte smoothened out her clothes and hair with her hands. She took a deep breath and spoke again in a calm tone. 


  “It’s still lacking something, however. It probably has to do with your lack of control over your magical powers. That’s why, no matter what you do, you’re only half-baked at best. I can’t help but p-provide special guidance to you from now on.”


  “Are you saying you’ll teach me how to massage?”


  “Yes. Once a week from now on—”


  As Hippolyte was about to say something—


  Kong— Kong Kong—!  


  The barking on the first floor became even louder, and a clanging sound like a lock being opened could soon be heard from the floor below.


  Hippolyte and I both shut our mouths tight as if we had made some kind of agreement at that moment. Then, the air became still and silent.


  Creak— Clank— 


  Kong— Kong—! 


  “Why is Kong-Kong barking so much all of a sudden? I’m here, Hassan!”


  With the sound of the first-floor door opening, a bright voice entered my ears. Yes, Luna had just returned to the cabin.


  Ssk— Ssk— 


  As I heard the sound of shoes being taken off and being placed on the shoe rack on the first floor, I couldn’t help but become flustered and quickly started looking around in a hurry.


  Soon, I made Hippolyte, who was in just as much of a hurry as me, get out of the way before I laid down on the deerskin and covered myself with a blanket.


  Thud— Thud— 


  “Hassan, you were waiting for me, right!?”


  As I heard Luna’s bare feet stepping on the stairs leading to this floor, I was soon able to see her head filled with bright pink-colored hair at first followed by the wide grin on her face that came into my vision with the advancement of her steps.




  Luna, who was smiling from ear to ear, suddenly narrowed her eyes.


  “Huh, you are here, Hippolyte! When did you come?” 


  “I-It’s you, Knoxdotty. I was waiting for you. I just arrived here not long ago.”


  Hippolyte sat beside me with her legs and arms crossed and acted as if nothing had happened before. I also pretended to lay quietly on the floor like I did before Luna had left.


  I didn’t know why we had to act like this, but I felt like if we didn’t do something like this, Luna would notice something troublesome. Hippolyte might have also felt that way and was fidgeting around in nervousness beneath the calm exterior she was putting on before Luna.


  “What’s wrong? Why is Hippolyte sweating like this?”


  Sniff— Sniff— 


  Luna wrinkled her nose to sniff around.


  “Well, I was bored while waiting for you to come, so I did some exercise. Uh-hmm, hmm.”




  Roll— Roll— 


  Luna’s emerald eyes started scrutinizing each and every corner of the second floor. 


  When her eyes passed over my face for a moment, I felt a shiver of fear run through my spine for reasons unknown. Damn it! Why was my heart racing like this when I hadn’t even done anything wrong?


  “Huh! The earthenware broke!”


  At that time, Luna, who was at the entrance of the second floor, rushed in as if she had discovered something and started shrieking as she looked at the floor.


  “I worked hard on it!”


  Crunch— Crackle— 


  Luna shrieked further as she picked up the white pieces of the earthenware scattered on the ground. It seemed like it might be the item Hippolyte had broken when she was swinging my club around.


  “Hippolyte, it must be you who broke it! How could you break someone else’s stuff like this?”


  “Well… I’ll pay you for it. How much is it?”


  “Three silvers!”


  Hippolyte’s brows furrowed at those words.


  “That doesn’t seem to be right. For such a crude earthenware jar, you are asking for three whole silver coins!?” 


  “Three silvers!”


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


  Hippolyte left after saying that she would bring the money soon.


  “I earned three silvers! Wow!”


  Seeing Luna’s happy expression after earning that money, I was finally able to breathe a sigh of relief.


  The thought of Hippolyte and Luna being present inside such a small space made me feel immensely uneasy.


  I wondered if Hippolyte had left because she was feeling just as uncomfortable as me at that thought and just used the money as an excuse.


  “Three silvers! I earned money without even working today!”


  “W-Wasn’t it a precious jar of yours?”


  “No, I just picked it up from the garbage dump. Don’t tell Hippolyte, though. Okay?”


  Luna pressed her index finger against her lips and gave me a subtle warning to not be a tattletale. Huh, damn it! How could she ask three silvers for pottery she found in the garbage dump? Was it really okay for her to do that?


  Anyways, Luna was so excited about earning three silvers that she twisted and jumped as though her soles were itchy. After dancing around alone for a while, she suddenly frowned as if something suddenly came to her mind. 


  “But why did Hippolyte come to our house?”


  “Well, she said that she had something to talk with you about your elixir’s promotion or something like that.”


  “Oh, that’s why… So, have you been alone with Hippolyte until now?” 


  Luna looked down at me while narrowing her eyes. It was unlike Luna to have such an expressionless face without any hint of emotions. Since Luna usually smiled a lot, the contrast was so big that it was simply terrifying.


  I couldn’t help but twitch like a deer targeted by a hunter because of that expression of hers.


  “How could we be alone? Kong Kong was also here.”


  “Ah, that’s right!” Luna’s complexion brightened as she said that. Indeed, I felt like I was now trying my best to avert a crisis and trembled in terror inside. Then, Luna suddenly asked in a cold tone.


  “So, what did you two talk about when I wasn’t here?”


  “We didn’t really talk about anything in particular. I think she mentioned that the cultists were taken to the prison city… but that’s about it.”


  “…If you lie to me, I’ll bite.”


  “W-What? Bite what? Bite me?”


  “Your club.”


  Luna ended the conversation with that. Fucking hell! What kind of nonsense was she talking about? Biting my club? Why would she even bite a club in the first place, dammit! 


  Step— Step— 


  Suddenly, Luna went downstairs with swift steps.


  I thought that was the end of this weird situation.


  But Luna came back with a colorful wolf spider on her palm. A huge spider on someone’s palm, that was a really unbelievable sight… 


  “W-Why did you bring that spider here? You know that I’m afraid of spiders, right!?”


  “Right, I forgot. Anyways, Kong Kong, did Hassan and Hippolyte do something strange?”


  Kong—! Kong—! 


  Luna’s eyebrows furrowed as she listened to the wolf spider’s wailing. I felt perplexed and unjustly accused, at those words.


  “Why are you asking that to a beast?”


  “Wolf spiders are smart animals. If you raise it with affection, it can understand a few words that people say.”


  “I know, but no matter what—” 


  “Okay, let’s do this. Kong Kong, if Hassan really did something bad without me knowing, you bark, and if he really didn’t do anything wrong with Hippolyte, then just let me know by howling.”


  No matter how convinced she was that something happened between me and Hippolyte, using an animal to punish me was just way too much. 


  “Hey, i-isn’t i-it only able to make a barking sound? It’s just a wolf spider—”


  “Shh… Be quiet, Hassan.”




  The eight red pupils of the wolf spider, that perched on Luna’s hand, shone as they looked at me. It was so unbelievable for me to look at my own reflection in eight different pupils like this!!


  Thump— Thump— 


  The tension kept building on as the creature’s big front teeth clattered, and it seemed like it would cry out at any moment. 




  “I told you to be quiet, Hassan.”


  Damn! She didn’t buy it.


  My heart raced as I realized that this eight-legged creature held the fate of my life in its grasp. I guess I always had a terrible fate in store for me whenever spiders were involved.




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Pseudo Resident’s Illegal Stay in Another World

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