Right-Hand Man

Chapter 20 -Right-Hand Man

  “…Then, see you at the next meeting.” 





  I bid farewell to the Saintess after stroking her hair for a while and confirming that there wasn’t a single trace of dark mana remaining in my hand. 



  The Saintess smiled brightly, then gave me a slight bow before heading towards the classroom. 


  ‘…As expected, Ferloche’s risk factor is low. Besides her unpredictable nature, I can be rest assured.’ 



  Ferloche, who not only has a pure heart but also a pure mind, would waste her time on her own chasing after the wrong clue, even if I don’t do anything.  



  To begin with, the Church of Sun God should have have brainwashed her thoroughly by strictly teaching her about the dangers of warlocks, but seeing her act so friendly towards me… made me feel like she needs help to avoid danger.


  ‘…In addition to that, I need to be wary of rest of the girls.’ 



  First and foremost, in the case of the Princess, her destructive ❰Solar Mana❱ is indeed problematic… but her political influence is overwhelming as well. 



  She has already begun to gather her own entourage behind the scenes, and she is expanding her sphere of influence in more daring and diverse ways compared to the previous timeline… In the near future, the power structure of the Imperial capital will change dramatically.



  So, when the Imperial Princess comes into power, she will soon launch an all-out attack on Young Master.



  If that happens, even if the Starlight family which has withstood the influence of the Sun God Church, the Moonlight family, and to a certain extent, the Imperial family, will soon reach their limits. 



  ‘Irina is currently mana exhausted, so she won’t be a danger for now… but in the future she will be a problem.’ 



  The future Archmage Irina Philliard is currently in a mana exhausted state for some reason. Perhaps she failed to cast a complex curse on Young Master, and is suffering from side effects as a result of that… Thanks to it, she won’t be a danger for now, but she will still be a serious threat in the future.



  ‘Finally, Lady Serena. I… I don’t know how to deal with her.’ 



  According to the facts I discovered in the subconscious space, the person who Young Master had the most trouble deceiving in his previous life was Lady Serena. 



  Indeed, that person deserves to be hailed as the greatest genius of the continent since she for several years single-handedly prevented the withering Empire from falling apart in the ‘previous timeline,’ and personally led the wounded and worn-out soldiers to fight against the Demon King’s army until the bitter end.     



  So, when she returns from her trip, I need to cast a black magic spell to manipulate her mind.  



  If I don’t do that, the Young Master will be in danger. 






  After I finished planning, I approached the window in the hallway and gazed outside. Just then, I saw the Young Master come out of the backyard with his followers. 



  As I quietly watched the Young Master haggardly deal with his followers, who were constantly trying to suck up to him, my gaze soon drifted in deep thought.



  ‘As expected… there are too many annoying flies buzzing around the Young Master.’ 



  Based on my experiences from the previous timeline, all the people around Young Master have different thoughts inside their minds. 



  Half of the people around Young Master are opportunists who have no choice but to somehow make a connection with the Starlight family who wields tremendous power in the Empire.  



  And the other half are aristocratic ladies who fell in love with the Young Master or coveted him after seeing his striking appearance. 



  Although Young Master himself doesn’t seem to be aware of it because of his tendency of self-loathing, but Young Master’s status is actually quite remarkable amongst the young aristocratic ladies of the academy. 



  Even if people call him trash and the worst ruffian of the Empire, there is a reason why women are drawn to him like moths to a flame.



  However, whenever a woman tries to get close to Young Master, he misunderstands that it’s because she is coveting his status and authority. Perhaps that’s how he must have reacted in the past as well.

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  Since he is a man, who in order to save everyone else, intentionally commits evil deeds and is willing to be hated, it’s hard for him to believe that there are people out there who see him in a favorable light.  



  Still, you never know what’s in their hearts.



  So, as the Young Master’s butler and aide, I’ll always have to be on guard. 






  With such thoughts in my head, I was about to move away from the window when I saw a familiar face in the distance at the entrance to the backyard. 





  Irina was supporting her sobbing friend, while glaring at the Young Master with eyes that exuded killing intent. It seems that Young Master has committed another evil deed. 



  ‘…Master, you’ve always been hated like that.’ 



  Earlier this morning, as I supported his frail body on the way to the classroom, I couldn’t manage my facial expression well enough. 



  Whenever the Young Master coughed, staggered or complained about the pain in his back… It was so hard for me to bear the guilt.



  ‘…I’m the one who should be hated.’ 



  The Young Master who forgave me once for possessing the cursed mana created at the expense of his mother’s life has now forgiven me once again for gnawing away at his life force and life span. 



  Besides, he even took care of me so that I won’t suffer from guilt and lied to make himself a bad person, all for my sake… Every time he looks at me, his eyes are filled with guilt and regret.



  Every time that happens it becomes really difficult to manage my expression.



As Young Master’s aide,


I resolved myself to silently follow his back as he walks on the solitary path he has chosen for himself…


However, sometimes I feel the urge to tell him the truth right away.


I already know everything about you.


I’m the one who should be hated



  But if I say that, I no longer would have the confidence to stand next to him. 



  Therefore, even if it’s cowardly, I will still continue to serve Young Master as his aide and watch over his back treading two steps behind.



  ‘…But only in the final hour, I will stand by his side.’ 



  After making such a vow, I set aside the guilt I felt about Young Master, and began to contemplate about the new concern that suddenly came to my mind. 



  When I fell asleep after receiving life force from the Young Master last night, I possessed the cat doll once again. 



  Honestly, it’s not because I wanted to… but because I forgot to disperse the channel I initially set up as a medium. 



  Anyway, while I was quietly watching the Young Master after possessing the doll.. in the middle of the night he suddenly woke up groaning in pain.


  Young Master, who was checking the alarm clock with fuzzy eyes, sighed and lifted the doll I was possessing. 



  My first thought was to dodge his approaching hand… but I couldn’t do so after glancing at his desperate expression.



  As such, for a while the Young Master complained while holding me in his arms as he kept pressing my belly, and I who had vowed to not make cat noises just for today, had no choice but to meow when master aggressively began to press my belly.



  I had to do this because the Young Master was almost in tears. 



  But the next thing I knew, You Master began to press my belly repeatedly… this caused a big problem.






  Just like right now, my stomach became so sensitive that I would respond to even the slightest breeze or contact.  



  Perhaps when Young Master pressed my belly while I was inhabiting the cat doll, some stellar mana was infused just like how a slight amount of stellar mana would blend in with the life force, when he would place his hand on my belly and transfer his life force at night… Now, no matter what I do, this condition just doesn’t get any better




  Thanks to this, when Young Master gently touched my belly throughout the night, or when I was supporting him, his clothes grazed my belly. I felt a bit… sensitive…



  ‘If I don’t pretend to be a cat, the Young Master will be disappointed…’ 



  As a butler and an aide, relieving Young Master’s stress is one of the key virtues. 



  If I can make him feel better by pretending to be a cat… I can pretend to be a cat a hundred or even a thousand times.  



  But if my current abdominal condition continues, it will be quite difficult. 



  Besides, the sensitivity seems to be worsening. Until before, I could somehow endure by gritting my teeth… Now, just a mild breeze grazing me is enough to make me lose strength in my legs. 



  ‘…I need to consult with Young Master about this later tonight.’



  After organizing my thoughts like that, I walked with longer strides and headed for the training hall.



  Now is also the time to train my strength in preparation for the upcoming event.  










  “…Frey Raon Starlight, and Irina Philliard. Is it true that you two mutually agreed to be each other’s sparring partner?” 







  I have been caught by Isolet again and was summoned to the staff room.


  The reason for this is that I had just informed her that me and Irina are going to sparring partners. 



  “Was there really no threats or any kind of tricks involved?” 


  “Of course. Just what sort of guy do you think I am?”


  “…Yes, there wasn’t.” 



  When I replied calmly to her question, Irina quietly answered with her fists clenched under the desk.

  As I glanced at her, I thought to myself.  



  ‘ …I’m glad I used the oath of death on her.’ 



  Of course, due to Irina’s prideful nature, it’s unlikely she will ever mention the truth with her own mouth… but there is always a possibility.

  That’s why I used the ‘Oath of Death’.



  All the parties involved in the oath of death can’t reveal the truth to anyone other than those who have witnessed it. 



  In other words, Irina, sitting next to me, wouldn’t be able to tell Isolet the truth, even if she wanted to.






  Isolet, who looked at the two of us suspiciously, sighed and opened her mouth. 



  “…Just so you know, if I find even the slightest oddity, I will immediately stop the duel.” 


  “You worry a lot. So can I leave now?” 


  “…No, you stay. Frey.” 





  I nodded my head in panic when Isolet suddenly instructed me to stay back. Meanwhile, Irina, who was sitting by my side, got up from her seat and spoke to me in a cold voice. 



  “Then… I’ll see you on the day of the duel, Lord Frey.” 





  Having said that, she quickly left the staff room. Perhaps if she had been in her prime, everything within a 50-meter radius would have melted by now.



[Acquired False Evil Points: 500pts! (An Irrefutable Proposal)]



  While I was immersed in my thoughts, a system window appeared in front of my eyes notifying me of the false evil points I just earned.



  I was stunned for a while by the amount of points I earned, which was more than I expected, but soon the system window popped up in front of me again.



Store Alert
[Elementary Skills Store Level 2 Unlocked!]



[Accumulated points: 1200pts]






   It seems that I have unlocked a new skill store while accumulating false evil points.

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  While I was about to open the store, out of curiosity, I found Isolet still glaring at me sitting in front of me as she slowly opened her mouth. I decided to check the store later and started listening to Isolet’s words.  



  “…Frey, are you all right?” 




  “Last time… at the auction house… that incident…”


  As it turns out, after Irina left, Isolet just held me back because she was concerned about my well being. 



  Isolet clearly told me the other day that she won’t treat me privately as acquaintances anymore. But here she is talking to me casually without even realizing. I stared at her for a while and then soon opened my mouth.  



  “Oh, in the back alley?” 





  As I spoke about the back alley in a calm manner, Isolet yelled at me, which caused some of the surrounding teachers to flinch and glance at us.



  “Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone about the date we had at that time…” 


  “…Don’t force me to draw my sword in the staff room, Frey.” 





  Isolet returned to her cold stiff state, when I poked her chronic disease condition, then I began to speak calmly. 



  “Back then, a strange aura engulfed the auction house, so I escaped the auction house while exuding stellar mana.” 


  “…Is that so?” 


  “Hmm, are you mad because I left you behind? You should know very well how much of a selfish bastard I can be, don’t you? And even if I possess stellar mana, it’s the size of an ant… I couldn’t afford to protect you, Professor.” 




  “And in the first place, the Professor has surpassed the level of a mere swordsman… Shouldn’t you be able to withstand that aura on your own to a certain extent? So don’t be too angry at me?” 



  In order to be hated by Isolet, I spoke in a tone that was as cold as possible, and then used my ⟦Mind Reading⟧ skill hoping that her emotional state might have changed… However, a moment later I had no choice but to sigh. 



[Isolet Arham Bywalker’s current emotions: Disappointment/Concern/Doubt/Regret/Pity]



  ‘The contempt and rage are gone… but the concern is still there. If she stays like this, she will be in trouble…’ 



  I was wondering what I could say to make her hate me, since if this situation continues, Isolet’s life will be in danger. But soon I opened my eyes wide when I discovered one particular emotion standing out amongst the others.  






  According to my ⟦Mind Reading⟧ skill, Isolet is currently ‘doubting’ me. I’m not even sure what in the world that means. 





  “What is it?” 

  “Well, is there something you want to ask me?” 



  In the end, after contemplating for a while, I decided to ask her. 



  “…Yes, I do want to ask you one thing.” 



  Isolet hesitated for a moment, but then soon glared at me and asked.



  “What’s your relationship with Kania?” 





  I flinched and asked her what she meant with an absurd expression on my face.  



  “…What do you mean by relationship?” 


  “Literally what it means. Remember unhealthy relationships are forbidden in the academy.” 


  “…I’ve never heard of that before. You will be shocked if you knew what has been going on behind the scenes of the academy.” 

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  When I responded shamelessly, Isolet glared at me with a cold expression on her face and said. 



  “Frey, I’m not in the mood for jokes. I stopped by the dorm earlier this morning, and while I was passing by the hallway… I saw Kania grabbing her stomach when she came out of the dorm with you.”

  “…Is that so?” 


  “Of course, it was when you were distracted and looking elsewhere.” 



  Having said that, Isolet momentarily paused, then soon opened her mouth with a blush on her face.



 “Whe-When a man and a woman come out of the same room… and the woman is holding lower abdomen… The only possibility that I can think of… is that…” 




  “…Am I wrong?” 



  As I stared at Isolet with a puzzled look, when she shyly asked that question and turned her gaze to the side.



 “…Have you ever considered the possibility of Kania having a stomachache?” 


  “That’s… but then her reaction at the cafe… as expected…” 


  “…Professor, are you having trouble with your urges?” 



  I was getting annoyed listening to her ignorant delusions any longer, so I raised my voice a little and asked irritatingly, Isolet momentarily shut her mouth and muttered shyly.



  “Anyway, unhealthy relationships are forbidden. Next time something like that happens in front of my eyes…” 


  “…I’ll take my leave then.” 


  “…Yes, goodbye.” 



  Judging that further discussion will just be a waste of time, I got up from my seat feeling a slight headache.  





  “What is it again?” 



  However, just as I was about to head out of the staff room, Isolet suddenly called me in a low voice. As I slowly turned to face her, wondering what else she was going to say, I found Isolet looking at me with a serious expression on her face.

  “…A sword’s purpose isn’t to slay people, it’s meant to protect them.” 



  Eventually, she caressed the sword beside her and spoke words that were quite familiar to me.



  I stopped for a moment and let those words sink in, as they are the ideals I wield my sword for. But a moment later I retorted. 



  “So what?” 


  “… Don’t treat her too harshly in the upcoming duel.” 


  “Well, you don’t need to worry. It’s a duel between two losers anyway.” 



  After giving her a vague answer with a smirk, I walked out of the staff room and muttered inwardly. 



  ‘…Sister still remembers those words.’ 



  Feeling somewhat better, I walked down the hallway humming to myself, but when I recalled what I had done to Irina, I began to feel depressed again as I trudged back to the classroom


  Maybe I should go for a drink today. 













  Meanwhile, Isolet, who had been carefully examining Frey’s expression, muttered while sitting in the staff room with her hand on her chin.



  “…Was it an illusion after all?” 



  Frey’s life was being threatened in more ways than he had expected.










  “Ugh, my head…” 



  I was feeling restless, so after class and a few drinks with some aristocratic students, I returned to the deserted dormitory and threw myself on my bed. 



  “…Did I drink too much?” 



  In my previous life, I used to drink a lot to relieve my stress of committing evil deeds, and since I felt a bit depressed today, I decided to drown my sorrow in liquor like old times.

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  Thanks to this, my body feels exhausted on top of being severely wounded and my vitality and lifespan being massively reduced. 



  However, because of my high mental strength, I can’t help but feel a little better whenever I drink to my heart’s content.



  I’m known to the world as a lightweight who gets drunk after drinking half a bottle.   



  “… Let’s check out the newly acquired skills, shall we?” 



  Grabbing my throbbing, aching head, I opened the newly unlocked skill store window, and a large window appeared in front of me 




[Store / Elementary Skills Level 2]

Life Force Recovery (1000pts)
Description: Permanently slightly increases the life force recovery rate.
(Total amount does not increase)

False Evil’s Deception Lv2 (700pts)
Description: Permanently slightly increases the persuasiveness of lies.

Inspect Lv3 (1000pts)
Description: The Inspect skill numerically displays the degree of how good or evil a person actually is.



  “…I definitely need to buy the first skill.” 



  Since I’m already in such a state after only getting penalized once, I think I need to buy the first skill as soon as possible. 


   Of course, it won’t increase my life force or lifespan that has already been depleted… but it will still be quite helpful to have my life force recover faster, since when I infuse life force into Kania at night, my body remains languid for the rest of the day.



  ‘…The rest of the skills would be nice to have as well.’ 



  After giving the second and third skill a brief glance and rating them as useful in my heart, I tried to close my eyes to get some rest before Kania arrived…



[There is an important change!]






  As soon as a notification window popped up, I stretched out my hand with a bewildered expression. 



Main Quest: Hidden Route!

Achievement Method: In the ❰Performance Evaluation❱ scenario, make a bet with Irina and force her to take the ‘Oath of Death’ while maintaining lower favorability with her.


Quest Content: Win the duel against Irina!



  “…Oh, this.” 



  And as I was reading the contents displayed in the prompt, I soon lost interest and swiped it away without even glancing at the reward.



  My ancestor, who already mastered the game, mentioned this particular hidden quest in the prophetic book.   


  And according to the prophetic book, this hidden quest shouldn’t be accepted. The rewards are great, but if I accept this quest, the probability of Irina discovering my true nature as False Evil will skyrocket.


  It’s a hundred times better to be a mana supplier than blowing my cover. Because if I get penalized once more, I really don’t know what will happen. 



 – Thud 



  Thinking like that… I was about to close my eyes this time, but the dormitory door was slammed open. It seems like Kania has returned. 



  ‘…Ha, it can’t help it.’ 



  Since now that I have skill to increase my life force recovery rate, I was about to rest for a while until my body recovers… but seeing Kania return; I was about to get up from the bed to share my life force.



  “Y-Young Master…” 


  “.. .Kania?” 



   For some reason, I found Kania holding her belly and gasping for breath as I hastily rushed to her side. 



  “…Kania what’s wrong all of a sudden?” 


  “M-My stomach… the stellar mana… the side effects…” 




  “Ha…! Don’t touch me…!” 



  Since she complained about serious abdominal pain, I put my hand on her stomach, but Kania fiercely shoved it away. 



  “I-I’m sorry… But… I can’t stand it any longer… I-If you don’t do anything… my stomach… Ugh…!” 


  “…Kania? Kania!!” 


  After struggling to continue her words in a trembling voice, she soon grabbed me and shivered.



  “No more… it’s unbearable… I know it’s a shameless request, but… please help me before it’s too late…” 





  As I silently watched Kania, who began to look at me with tear-filled eyes, I eventually heaved a sigh and carried her to bed


   I’m afraid tonight might be a little long.



The Main Heroines are Trying to Kill Me

The Main Heroines are Trying to Kill Me

메인 히로인들이 나를 죽이려 한다
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To save the hopeless Dark Fantasy World, I held back my tears and destroyed the world, then killed the Demon King and returned.   Now, I'm trying to save the world using the 'System' I gained as the 'Regressor's Privilege'...   But the Main Heroines have also awakened their memories of the previous timeline.   God dammit.


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