A Perfect Crime

Chapter 19 -A Perfect Crime

  “Young Master, would you like to be my sparring partner?” 


  “Oh, I think I’d be more suited to be Young Master’s sparring partner?” 



  When Isolet class was over and it was time for break, the aristocratic students clung to me and asked me to be their sparring partner. 



  So many flocked to me that if someone else witnessed the scene, they would’ve thought that I’m a true villain getting persecuted for my piled up Karma.  



  Of course, it’s true to a certain extent, but… that’s not the reason now. 



  “…I will act to the best of my abilities and take responsibility for raising your score!” 


  “I have learned the art of socializing, and the act I will put on will even deceive the invigilator. Instead, Young Master Frey, please ‘remember’ my face.” 



  In reality, these guys aren’t trying to make an example out of me because they hate me, instead they’re trying to curry favor. 



  Over the past few days, when I was dealing with these aristocratic students gathered around me appropriately, they judged my actions as a sign that they had entered my fold and formed a faction on their own.  



  And presumably they decided it would be suitable to carry out ‘facilitate the grades’ as the first mission of the Frey faction. 



  In view of that, it seems that they also thought that my duel with Isolet last time, when I overpowered her, was also a magic fraud. 



  Indeed, the reason they couldn’t recklessly go after Isolet was because of her status and ‘strength,’ so it’s only natural for them to believe that I had used that magic brooch to defeat her back then.



  Of course, I was only demonstrating my true skills‌ back then. 



  “I appreciate the gesture, everyone, but I already have someone in mind I’ve decided to pair up with…”

  “Young Master Frey, if you don’t mind, why don’t you pair up with me?” 



  Anyway, while I was turning down the students’ proposals, suddenly one female student approached me with an alluring smile on her face. 



  “Didn’t you hear what I said? I told you I have already decided on my partner…” 


  “…I can be your sparring partner for the night.” 





  As I shut my mouth at her words, several female students approached me and winked at me.


  Apparently, these guys are trying to show their hospitality beyond just facilitating my grades. 



  ‘…Crazy Bitches.’ 



  Perhaps those girls did that because they heard rumors that I’m a ruffian obsessed with women. 



  Well, rumors about me are widespread throughout the Empire that it would be strange not to know about them.



  Of course, I didn’t take any actions to suppress them since such notoriety will help me defeat the Demon King. However, sometimes when I hear such a ridiculous rumor, deep inside I want to scream my lungs out that it isn’t true. 



  As for what rumors are circulating around…

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  There is a large assortment of sex slaves being kept in the cellar of the Duke Starlight’s Mansion with minimal food provided.

  I’ve been in relationship with each and every one of the daughters from noble families below the rank of Marquis, and so on.

  The reason why the Imperial family can’t treat the Starlight family recklessly is because I have a secret relationship with the princesses, which would cause a continental scandal if a word ever leaks out.

  Because of these kinds of weird rumors circulating about me, I often found myself in situations where I get involved with women who flock to me because of these rumors.  



  Of course, I have no desire whatsoever to form a relationship with these women who approach me simply because they see me as a way to forge their careers.



  “How about it? If you wish, we can even do it right now or later tonight…” 


  “Later, let’s do it later. I’m not feeling well right now.” 


  “Oh my, you mean you’re choosing me as your partner?” 



  So when I expressed my firm rejection with a frown, most of the female students scampered away on their own. But the woman who was first to seduce me in the beginning clung to my arm and began to wag her tail. 



  “No… I didn’t mean it that way…” 


  “Thank you so much for choosing me as your partner, Silver-haired Young Master.” 


  “…Silver-haired Young Master?” 


  “Yes, it’s the nickname given to Young Master Frey by the female students at the academy after they saw your silver hair and stunning appearance. Oh, you didn’t know, Young Master Frey?” 





  I don’t know what the hell this girl is talking about right now. The nicknames the academy students use when they talk about me behind my back are ‘moron’ and ‘Shame of the Starlight Family’. It’s not a cool nickname such as ‘Silver-haired Young Master,’ which inspires a sense of awe the moment people hear it.



  “Anyway, please take good care of me. My name is…” 


  “…I apologize, but the Young Master has a different partner in mind.” 





  I tried to hold back my frustration and laugh it off, wondering how I could get out of this situation, when suddenly Kania interrupted our conversation. 



  “…Excuse me, but who are you?” 


  “I’m Kania, the butler of the Starlight Household and Young Master Frey’s aide.” 


  “Ah… are you that orphan?” 





  Kania responded with her teeth clenched, when the girl who had been trying to seduce me until now raised the corners of her mouth as if to mock her. 



  “…By the way, what did you mean when you said there is a different partner?” 


  “Young Master has already decided to spar with me.” 


 “Oh my, is that true? Young Master Frey?” 



  When Kania replied coldly, the girl asked me with a surprised look on her face. 






  “Hmm… I see so that’s what you meant earlier..”

  When I replied firmly, she looked at us with a curious expression and soon opened her mouth. 



  “…The silver-haired Young Master and the black-haired commoner, that’s quite an unexpected combination, if I do say so myself.” 


  “Is that so?” 


  “Will you accept my proposal if I dye my hair black?” 


  “…That’s quite the hassle.” 


  “I apologize. I have a personality that once I make up my mind to achieve something, I will never give up.” 



  Not succumbing to my cold tone, she grabbed the hem of her dress and greeted me with a slight bow.  



  “…Then, I’ll dye my hair later and come to see you.” 





  With those words, she began to head towards the entrance of the classroom.  



  “You, I’ll remember your face.” 





  As I said so in a low voice, she gently turned and spoke with a beaming smile.  



  “It’s such an honor. My name…” 


  “…I already know your name, Isabel.” 


  “Ummm… So this was all a test.” 



  She responded with a look of understanding when I nonchalantly cut her off.   



  “Then, I’ll see you soon.” 


  “…All right.”


  “Oh, then I won’t dye my hair after all. In fact, I absolutely loathe the color black.” 



  Having said that, she momentarily glanced at Kania, then soon threw a few snide remarks before leaving the classroom. 



  “…because it’s a filthy and vulgar color.” 



  As soon as she left, a long silence passed between me and Kania, who remained in the classroom. 



  “Kania, what happened right now was my…” 


  “You don’t have to apologize.” 



  I hastily opened my mouth after confirming that there was no one around, but Kania cut me off with a cold expression.



  “…I just did what I had to do.” 


  “But still… ugh.” 


  “…Young Master?” 

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  I was about to apologize to her, but I had to stop because of the intense pain I suddenly felt in my back. 



  “What’s wrong?” 


  “It’s not a big deal. I just got stressed over that woman, and my head has been hurting for a while. Maybe I should take some rest…” 


  “…I see, then I’ll take my leave.” 


  “Where are you going?” 


  “…I have something I need to take care of.” 



  With those words, Kania walked out of her classroom without looking back.



  After sitting there in a daze for a while, I shook my head helplessly and muttered.



  “…Damn it.” 



  Because of the false scenario I told Kania, she still hates me, though not more than before. It’s still clear from her cold expression and the apathetic gaze she gave me.



  Nevertheless, she still came to my aid in my time of need. 



  It seems that because of my destiny to defeat the Demon King, Kania has no choice but to help me, so she has decided to help the dreadful person she hates. 



  Of course, she has no choice but to help me because if I don’t defeat the Demon King, the world will perish… Still I can see how kind of a person Kania actually is, who decided to help me despite hearing my false scenario, which ignored the pain she has suffered until now. 



  However, while I told Kania that I would do my utmost to treat her well from now on, I couldn’t even utter a retort when that woman insulted her.



  Because I was afraid that if I stepped up for her, that shrewd woman would recognize the fact that I stood up for Kania, and if she discovers my true nature this weak body of mine will be utterly shattered, even though I had only been penalized once. 



  And in the end, Kania gave me a frosty glare and left the classroom without looking back.



  ‘…It’s something I’ve always experienced, but today I feel a little more dejected.’ 



  After being in low spirits for a while, I quietly took out an envelope from the drawer, and pondered on her name that I saw using my ⟦Inspect⟧ skill before she walked out of the classroom. 



  ‘…You seemed to believe that I won’t be able to touch you, but that’s a big mistake.’ 



  Earlier, I wondered what in the world made that girl feel so confident and act in such a manner. But now I recall that she is the daughter of a Marquis family who knew me quite well.  


  If that’s the case, from what I remember, the engagement of the First Prince, who is the first in the line of succession to the throne, and that female student who just left the classroom should be currently underway.


  Of course, as you can see from the earlier situation, she is a woman who changes men like her clothes, so the engagement will soon fall apart. 



  ‘… Now that I remember her face, it’s her turn to fall into the abyss.’ 



  Although I couldn’t help Kania in front of her, I must avenge her for being insulted from behind the scene. 



  Of course, it will be quite difficult to take revenge on that young lady, who is usually revered as the soon-to-be Empress, since she is from the prestigious Marquis household and is even engaged to the First Prince.


  However, I belong to the Starlight family. 



  And, I have already experienced the previous timeline. 



  So, although I can’t expose the fact that the entire Marquis family will be the first to turn to the side of the Demon King when the Demon King’s army invades… I can at least expose their various other injustices and corruption.

  ‘…Even if it wasn’t for this situation, they are number one on the blacklist of people who need to be exiled from the Empire, so I’m just going to shorten the list on my own.’ 



  With that in mind, I began to write a letter anonymously about the injustice and corruption of the Marquis family.  


  Of course, the Empire and the Imperial family have become quite rotten themselves, so they overlook the usual corruption, but these folks have even embezzled the Imperial budget. So, the current Imperial family would surely strike down the Marquis family.



  “…All right, that should be enough.” 



  Soon this letter will be delivered anonymously to my father, and since he is still brimming with a strong sense of justice despite his memory recalibration, he will report to the Imperial family the moment he reads the letter.



  And that will be a suitable punishment for the family that took the lead in the destruction of the Empire in the previous timeline and the young lady who insulted Kania. 



  ‘…Well then, it’s time for me to pick a fight with Irina.’ 



  Having relieved some of the guilt in my heart, I left the classroom to argue with Irina. 



  It seems that the guilt I worked so hard to ease will soon build up again. 










  “…Hey, why don’t you quickly get out of the way?” 


  “Then do you want to get hurt later?” 


  “Hey, leave her alone!!” 


  “Ari… anne…” 



  Finding Irina was fairly easy. 



  Due to her mana exhaustion, she became an easy target for dissatisfied nobles who couldn’t recklessly touch the commoners because of their high strength and mana. As a result, the nobles routinely attacked her in the backyard of the academy.


  The commoners ignored her situation, fearing that it would be disadvantageous for them to confront the nobles, and Isolet was unable to help because the nobles skillfully hid the fact that they were tormenting her. 



  Of course, if Irina had asked for help, Isolet would have surely helped her, but she didn’t because she had the pride of being the greatest Archmage.  



  Therefore, the only one who can protect her from magic attacks is her friend Arianne, who specializes in protective magic.



  So where was I when she was being bullied? 



  “Oh, Young Master Frey. You’re here?” 


  “…You’re a little late today. That damn commoner has already deployed her shield.” 


  “Ha… every time we try to have some fun, that little bitch always gets in the way…” 



  Naturally, I also tormented her, along with the other nobles. Not to mention, I was the one leading them.



  Firstly, the reason I’m doing such a terrible deed is because it fetches so many false evil points.



  Since Irina loathes me to the point of casting an instant death curse in exchange for a year of mana exhaustion, I earn a considerable amount of points every time I torment her,



  In other words, she is a point provider who rivals Kania. 



 Secondly, to minimize the damage she suffers. 



  It may sound funny to minimize the damage suffered by a subject being bullied when I’m leading the harassment, but reality isn’t a joke. 



  Because it’s important to moderate these aristocratic students properly, who see the commoners even more insignificant than ants, and prevent them from using deadly magic spells or their attempts to do something way worse to Kania. 



  So, I deliberately took the lead to torment her by stabbing her with a scabbard. 



  That way, the nobles wouldn’t be able to cast a violent attack spell on her in fear that I will be inflicted by it as well, and I could just buy time until Arianne comes.


  Indeed, one might think that Irina wouldn’t be bullied if I didn’t take the initiative in the first place.



  However, the reason I started taking charge of bullying was because I witnessed Irina walking down the hallway, shivering and staggering with her whole body riddled with scars from the attack of the aristocratic young ladies.



  She was already harshly getting stamped upon by the nobles. 



  So I decided that if I didn’t lead the bullying and lower the intensity, she might get a fatal wound and will be forced to quit the academy, or she might die while I’m in the dark about everything.  



  Of course, it would be easier if I ordered them not to bully her… but if I did so and even one of these dumb nobles began to think I was protecting Irina out of pity and figure out my nature by chance, the penalty would be imposed and that would be the end of me. 



  That’s why I have spent my time standing in front of Irina, tormenting her as painlessly as possible, while at the same time shielding her from all the attack magic spells directed at her without anyone realizing it. 



  ‘…But, that will end today.’



  Yes, it’s just as I stated. I’m going to stop bullying Irina as of today. 


  The first reason for this is that I no longer have enough energy left to keep protecting her from attack magic spells. 

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  The life force penalty was more terrifying than I initially thought. So from now on, I will try to be as careful as possible. In other words, I shouldn’t waste my energy on this pretense to make her suffer while secretly protecting her from the attacks.  



  Secondly, I’m worried about her mental strength. No matter how high her self-esteem and pride are, there is no way she can be in a sane state of mind after facing this kind of bullying all the time.



  So, no matter how many points I could potentially earn, it’s right to end it immediately at the moment I come up with an idea to end her bullying without being found out as a false evil. 



  The third reason is because of the ‘idea’ I just mentioned earlier. 



  I will now take advantage of this situation and become her sparring partner for the upcoming performance evaluation. 



  Of course, it’s a pretty dirty method, but I have no other choice. 



  Because If I were to blindly ask her to be my opponent, she, who is in a mana exhausted state, would think that I’m trying to humiliate her and refuse   



 To be honest, I don’t want to go this far, but… I have no choice but to start the main quest and overturn the scenario in order to save everyone. 



  And naturally, that ‘everyone’ also includes Irina, who was glaring at me with hateful eyes.



  ‘…Somehow, it seems that my ability to self-rationalize is increasing day by day.’ 



  Before starting the quest in earnest, I thought so and smiled bitterly. 




No matter how noble my mission to save the world may be,


The fact still remains that I’m the one tormenting Irina.


Having experienced far too many tragedies in my previous life,


I have developed this habit of self-rationalizing before committing evil deeds.


Perhaps that too, is the fate of a False Evil.




  “…Get rid of that shield, Arianne.” 



  When I firmed my heart and spoke coldly, Arianne, who was glaring at the nobles with her shield deployed, flinched, and immediately began to glare at me with eyes that blazed with fury. 



  To muster such courage to protect her friend from me, who has even more influence in our class than the Princess. Hopefully, someday I will get a chance to make a friend like her. 



  “Stop doing this. What in the world did Irina do to you…” 


  “But that bitch is a lowlife who doesn’t even have the skills. Can’t you see that?” 




  “There is no reason to leave useless trash at the academy. That’s why we are sorting the garbage ourselves… shouldn’t you feel rather honored?”



  When I said a line that a third-rate villain would say with a mean expression, the surrounding nobles began to nod in agreement, while Arianne opened her eyes wide and exclaimed.



  “Irina is a student many times better than any of you! Don’t spout nonsense!” 


  “…Fine, will you move out of the way or not?” 


  “I’ll never move!!!” 



  Arianne shouted and expanded her shield even larger than before, which caused an uproar and forced several nobles to fall over as they approached her.



  “…Is that so? That’s a shame.” 



  After momentarily watching the scene, I looked at Arianne with a cold expression and said. 



  “…Then it can’t be helped. I have no choice but to bully your sister.” 



  “I did some background research since you kept bothering me… And, I found out that your sister is currently working as a maid in our mansion…” 





  There was a tremor in Arianne’s eyes the moment she heard my words, and when I saw that, I raised the corners of my mouth and continued my words. 



  “So you know… soon, your sister’s place of work will be moved to our mansion’s cellar.” 


  “Tha-That means…” 


  “You know what that means, don’t you? Your sister is beautiful… rest assured, I’ll use her well.”




  When I finished speaking, Arianne slumped to the floor with a crestfallen expression, and at the same time Irina jumped out of her shield and grabbed me by the collar. 



   “Aa… this scum!! I’d rather you bully me!! Rather embrace me!! Or rather beat me to death, you son of a bitch!!” 


  “…What a heartwarming friendship.” 



  I raised my hand to restrain the nobles who were approaching me to get Irina away from me, and then I spoke in an apathetic tone.



  “By the way, I don’t like wild bitches like you… so why would I want to embrace you?” 


  “Fu-Fucking Bastard…!” 


  “Still… the courage to curse at the first son of the Duke is admirable. I like that.” 



  I shoved Irina down, who was grabbing me by the collar, and opened my mouth while looking down at her as she fell with her butt on the ground. 



  “I have a proposal for you then.” 




  “Yes, a generous offer to appreciate your bold courage, which I find special.” 



  Hearing my words, Irina clenched her teeth while clutching the dirt on the ground, as I continued speaking while looking at her. 



  “In this upcoming performance evaluation, become my sparring partner.” 




  “Let’s have a bet on who will win or lose the duel.”


  Irina tilted her head with her brows furrowed at the word ‘bet’, as I made an offer she could never refuse  



  “If you win that duel… I’ll hand over a portion of my mana to you.” 



  When I finished speaking, all the surrounding nobles began to murmur amongst each other. Indeed, it’s a natural reaction since ❰Stellar Mana❱ is considered to be the highest level of mana that can’t even be bought with money. 



  “Even a bitch with no magical talent might cause a miracle if she possesses the mana of the revered Starlight family. Of course, in order to do that, you’ll have to defeat me first.” 



  When I threw a sarcastic remark at Irina, her eyes widened, and she asked. 



  “What if I lose?” 


  “Leave the academy and then become my exclusive slave.” 


  “…Exclusive slave?” 



  When she asked with a frown, I replied with a smirk. 



  “Now that I think about it, I think I might have a taste for slowly bringing girls like you who pretend to be strong down to your knees.” 




  “So, what’s your answer? Are you going to do it or not? Decide quickly.” 



  When I urged her to make a choice, Irina shuddered, then soon exclaimed loudly.



  “I’ll do it! I’ll do it!!” 


  “…Fine. Then, let’s take an oath of death.”





  While Irina looked startled, I tapped the black brooch I had earlier picked up from my ornamental storage case during the break and was wearing it on my chest.  



  “Because lowlives like you don’t know the value of promises… That’s why I always have this prepared.” 



  As soon as I was done speaking, the brooch was activated and dark mana flowed out, binding Irina.  



  “What the… Why are you looking at me like that for? You’ve also secretly placed such an oath on your servants.” 



  As the nobles in the vicinity stared blankly at me, I scoffed at them and soon turned my gaze to Irina and asked.  



  “I’ll ask again, are you really going to bet?” 





  Irina, who was biting her lip so hard that even blood was leaking out, eventually answered in a quieter voice than before. 



  “Hey, Irina… Don’t take that oath. I’ll take care of your problem and I’ll figure something out about my sister’s case as well…” 


  “…I’ll do it. Fuck, I’ll do it.” 


  “No! No Irina!!” 





  And at that moment, the dark mana penetrated into our hearts. 



 “…You moron, don’t you realize that if you break your promise, you will die?” 




  “You seem to know very well, then… I’ll see you on the day of performance evaluation.”




  Leaving those words behind, I slipped out of the crowd of nobles, and soon my footsteps momentarily halted as I turned my gaze to the nobles and spoke in a low voice.     



  “…From now on, don’t touch that bitch. Soon she will become my exclusive slave and serve me as a woman… I don’t want her to get hurt.” 



  After hearing my words, the nobles silently nodded and began to quietly follow ‌me towards the exit of the backyard. 



  “Wa-Waah… Irina… I’m sorry… I-I-It’s all because of me…” 



  As I left the courtyard deeply immersed in my thoughts, leaving behind Arianne who hugged Irina while crying bitterly, and Irina, who was silently glaring my way as she caressed Arianne’s back. 



  ‘…I have to accumulate as much mana as possible before the day of the duel.’ 



  It seems like I’ll be busy for a while.










  “…Ms. Kania! Ms. Kania!!” 


  “What’s wrong?” 



  Meanwhile, Kania, who was walking down a secluded hallway at that time of the day, tilted her head and asked what was going on when she saw Ferloche rushed to her. 



  “I’ve uncovered top-class confidential information about Frey…!” 


  “…Top-class confidential information?”



  Then, with a serious expression, Ferloche whispered in Kania’s ear that she had found Frey’s top secret information, as she asked what the information was with a grave look. 

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  “What the hell is this top-class confidential information you speak of?” 


  “Don’t be surprised all right… Frey is… actually…actually—!” 




  “—a woman!!” 





  Eventually the Saintess exclaimed with a nervous expression, as Kania stared at her in a daze and soon replied with a relieved look.  



  “…I see.” 


  “Yeah, I guess Ms Kania knew about it as well!!” 



  Kania nodded quietly as she recalled her vow to never get involved with this creature after witnessing her stupid look with her head tilted until the end of the last meeting, despite Clana’s five-hour long explanation that whales are mammals and not fishes.   



  “Yes… Frey was actually a woman all along! I guess we’ve got one of his… no, her weaknesses!” 



  So in the end, the Saintess, who eventually became convinced of the fact that Frey is a woman, clenched her fists and rejoiced at her own achievement. Soon after, she suddenly looked at Kania and asked. 



  “Um, by the way… do you know where the infirmary is?” 


  “…Why the infirmary?”


  “Ah, that’s… I heard that earlier Isabel suddenly collapsed with a stomachache… I was wondering if there is anything I could do to help…” 


  “If that’s the case, then I don’t think you need to go.” 




  “A cat that keeps wagging its tail unnecessarily… needs to be scolded so they keep their tails curled.” 





  Ferloche tilted her head, not understanding what Kania was saying, while Kania added her words in a low voice. 



  “…and besides one cat is more than enough.” 



  Having said that, Kania gently stroked Ferloche’s head, who was still tilting her head, as the dark mana that remained in Kania’s hand until then slowly got purified.   



  Indeed, it was truly a perfect crime.


The Main Heroines are Trying to Kill Me

The Main Heroines are Trying to Kill Me

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To save the hopeless Dark Fantasy World, I held back my tears and destroyed the world, then killed the Demon King and returned.   Now, I'm trying to save the world using the 'System' I gained as the 'Regressor's Privilege'...   But the Main Heroines have also awakened their memories of the previous timeline.   God dammit.


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