Starting The Quest

Chapter 18 - Starting The Quest

  “Master, it’s time for dinner.” 



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  In the evening, Kania entered the room with my dinner.    



  “What’s today’s menu?” 


  “It’s Young Master’s favorite, sandwiches and coffee.” 


   “Is that so?” 



  If there is one thing that has improved since Kania discovered I’m a false evil, it is that I can relish the meals she prepares for me without leaving any leftovers.  



  Kania is an excellent chef. 



  She has been an excellent chef since she was a kid, and she studied many different cuisines to suit my palate, which would make most chefs faint because of my pretense of being picky.



  “…Could it be that it doesn’t taste good?” 


  “No, it’s delicious.” 





  When I unconsciously praised her, I noticed that Kania had an awkward expression, as if such treatment was strange.  



  “…Kania, you always had a talent for cooking since you were little.” 


  “I had?” 


  “Yes, it was a shame whenever I was forced to leave food behind in order to commit evil.” 


  “…Isn’t it because the food didn’t taste good you would always leave the dishes unfinished?”



  Kania asked with an absurd look when I showered her with praises.



  Her look was so funny that I almost burst out laughing as I picked up the sandwich on the plate in front of me and said.   



  “You really don’t know? If you had just tasted it yourself, you would have realized I was being unreasonable.” 


  “I did try it myself, but the Young Master kept saying it was tasteless, so I also thought that the food I cooked was bad.” 


  “Have you ever cooked for anyone else?” 


  “I wasn’t very confident in my cooking, so I only cooked when the Young Master ordered me to do so.” 


  “I see…”



  I felt a pang in my heart when I thought of Kania, who must have continued cooking while in a depressed state.


  I tried to put on a cheerful expression on my face as I drank the coffee placed in front of me. 





  “Does it taste bitter?” 


  “You’re skilled in brewing coffee as well, Kania.” 





  When Kania asked with a look of disbelief, I responded with a bitter smile. 



  “All the harsh words I said to you were lies. Keep that in mind.” 


  “…Then, my sister’s words about my food being delicious weren’t just false comfort, but the truth instead.” 


  “Yes, that’s right.”



  I finished the sandwiches, relieved that she had regained a bit of her self-esteem, but then I suddenly remembered the first day of my regression and cautiously opened my mouth.  



  “Oh, do you remember the day I threw your sandwich?” 




  “I also lied back then. I’m truly Sorr—.” 



  I felt bad for her, so I was about to apologize to her, but quickly stopped myself from doing so. Because, based on the scenario I explained to her, I don’t even deserve her forgiveness. 



  “You’re sorry?” 



  As I kept my mouth shut, Kania asked with her brows furrowed. 



  After staring at her in silence, I finally decided to abandon my presumptuous attitude I had initially resolved to adhere to and began to speak with my head bowed. 



  “As I promised you the other day, I won’t ask for your forgiveness because of what I did to you.” 




  “Instead, I will do my best to treat you well from now on.” 


  “…Treat me well?” 


  “Yes, I still have no choice but to treat you harshly in front of other people… But when we’re alone, I’ll do whatever you want.” 




  “Yes, anything.” 



  Hearing my sincere words, she observed me quietly as I stared back at her and carefully strung my words together. 



  “You can think of it as an atonement for what I did to you. Of course, if you feel unpleasant, you don’t have to force yourself to accept my gesture because I’m solely doing it for myself.” 



  Having said that, I waited nervously for her response, as Kania opened her mouth with a deep frown.  



  “…Suit yourself.” 


  “I appreciate it, Kania.” 



  As I noticed the fact that she replied with an unwilling expression on her face, it was clear she agreed reluctantly, but… even if it’s like this, I still wanted to treat her nicely.



  Of course, I also wanted to treat the other ‘Main Heroines’ well, but the person who I tormented the most was Kania because she was the only one who was always by my side.   



  Even when she took her own life, she probably didn’t die voluntarily, rather it must have been so painful for her that she had no other choice but to commit suicide while hurling curses at me.  



  So, I’m glad she is willing to let me treat her well even in this way. 



  “By the way, Kania, why don’t you eat?” 



  As I was about to continue dining with a subtle smile, I suddenly realized that I had never seen Kania eat her meal.  

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  “…I only prepared dinner for the Young Master.” 


  “Then, when do you eat?” 



  So when I asked Kania what she usually eats, she answered as if it was obvious.  



   “Until now, I just ate whatever I could while preparing your meal.”


“Since I’m always making an effort to satisfy Young Master’s tastes.. Before I knew it,that became a habit.” 



  Hearing that, I got up from my seat and said. 



  “Let me cook for you.” 




  “I can at least cook for you. I just need to cut the ingredients with a knife and sprinkle a bit of salt… Ugh!” 



  But as I boldly tried to act upon those words, I felt a pain all over my body and I had no choice but to sit down again. 



  “…Are you all right?” 


  “I’m fine. I’ll recover soon.” 


  “But the recovery rate seems too slow for that.” 


   “I’ll get better after some rest.” 



  As I slumped down and struggled to put strength in my voice to utter a reply, I watched her in silence when she picked up her cat doll that was lying on my desk and asked in a cautious tone. 



  “Oh, Kania.” 




  “Can I get something like that black cat doll over there?” 




  “…Because I actually like cats.” 



  Then Kania gave me an intense glare. Well, it’s understandable since I suddenly claimed to like cats who I labeled as bad luck a few days ago. 



  “Unfortunately, this cat doll was handmade by my sister, so there is only one of these in the world.” 


  “Is that so? Then there’s nothing I can do about it.” 



  I said so, but when I couldn’t hide my disappointment, Kania momentarily pondered and soon said. 



  “If that’s the case, then I’ll give this to you, Young Master.” 


  “No, you don’t have to…” 


  “I can just ask my sister to just make me another one.” 



  With that said, Kania handed me the cat doll with a deadpan expression. 



  “…Thank you.” 



  I tried to refuse her offer, but after much consideration I accepted the cat doll because I was grateful to the doll since it raised my mental strength figure by 0.3.


  “Huh? Why is there no sound?” 




   “Originally, this doll would make a cute sound when I pressed its belly…” 





  Hearing my words, Kania suddenly frowned. As I tilted my head, wondering why, she grumbled in a low voice. 



  “…Why on earth would you touch its belly?” 




  “No, I mean… When did you touch the doll?” 





  I accidentally blurted out the fact that I had previously touched her doll without even realizing. 



  As I examined her complexion while breaking out in a cold sweat, I noticed that her face was flushed red. It’s probably because she is extremely furious at the fact that I had touched her favorite doll behind her back.



  “Uh… I’m sorry I touched it without your permission, but it was so soft…” 




  “And the cat’s meow sounded so cute that I touched it without even realizing…”



  As my voice faded when I saw her glaring at me with a flushed face, she eventually spoke in a stiff tone.  



  “I’m using that doll for my black magic experiments.” 


  “…for black magic experiments?” 


  “Yes, I’m experimenting to create dolls that can automatically move on their own without much effort once they’re set up as their own individual forms.” 


  “…Oh? There was also such a black magic.” 


  “Dark mana is consumed only when creating the doll using black magic for the first time, and normally it moves by automatically interacting with the dark mana around me… In other words, it’s a form that moves without using dark mana. ” 


  “Wait, isn’t that amazing?” 


  “Of course, currently it’s in the experimental stage, so it often malfunctions. Originally, it could move by itself… but now, it’s probably malfunctioning.”

  “I see.”

  Hearing that the cat doll was malfunctioning, I pressed its belly with a sullen expression on my face. Kania hesitated for a moment and then opened her mouth. 


  “…If it’s during the night when my dark mana becomes stronger, it might get fixed.” 


  “Is that so? I’m glad to hear that.” 


  “Well then, I’ll see you later at night. Young Master.” 



  With that said, Kania walked out of the dormitory. 



  ‘Didn’t she leave earlier to take care of something… is something going on?’



  After worrying about her for a moment, I soon lay down on the bed and hugged the cat with a sullen look, assuming that she would often leave the dormitory because she didn’t want to see my face, the person who she couldn’t help but loathe.



  “…That’s right, I need to give Kania some life force tonight as well.” 



  When I visit my home next week, I will have to put everything else aside and focus on giving Kania’s sister the elixir first.










  Time passed by and soon it was dead of night. 





  “…Are you all right?” 

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  As I trembled, drenched in cold sweat, Kania, who had lifted her own top to expose her tummy, asked with a stiff expression on her face. 



  “No, not yet…” 


  “…Are you really fine?” 



   The reason Kania is doing this is because currently, in order to infuse life force into her, I need to place my hand on her belly.



  When transferring life force, it’s most efficient to infuse it into a person’s vital parts such as heart or stomach through direct contact. 


  So now that my life force has been considerably depleted, I asked for Kania’s consent to maximize the efficiency of the transfusion by placing my hand on her skin.   



  Of course, I can’t touch an embarrassing area like her chest, so I put my hand on her belly instead, which is comparatively less embarrassing. 






  I sneaked a glance at Kania’s face and noticed that she remained stiff and had a rather unpleasant expression on her face. After all, it’s only natural for her to shudder and gnash her teeth when someone she didn’t even want to look at put their hands on her belly. 



  “… Young Master, I think you can stop now.” 


  “Cough! Cough! Sigh… I also think so.” 



  However, If I don’t do this, Kania would die, so I clenched my teeth and continued infusing my life force, but after one minute I reached my limit  



  Originally, there was no problem even when I slowly and gently infused my life force for about 5 minutes, but once again I realized how dreadful the penalty actually is.



  “There is blood at the corner of your mouth.” 


  “Originally, this happens sometimes when I try to restore your dark mana with my Hero’s power. It’s only like this when I heal you, so you don’t have to worry.” 




  “…Well then, good night, Kania.” 


  “Good night to you too, Young Master.”



  After wiping the blood that leaked out of my mouth, I said good night to Kania and headed to bed. 



  ‘…It still isn’t moving.’ 



  After looking regretfully at the cat doll that had been by my side for a while, I went to sleep, hoping that my body would recover to some extent tomorrow morning. 










  “…Cough! Cough!” 



  Far from recovering, my condition seems to be getting worse. 



  I woke up in the middle of sleep, coughing and feeling pain all over my body. 






  I checked my alarm clock with dazed eyes and found that it was still dawn. However, seeing as how my body aches so much, I think I’m done sleeping for today. 



  “Kitty… I’m having a hard time…” 



  In such a bleak situation, I groaned and cried out to the cat next to me. 



  “Whether it’s the system… or the Sun God… they’re all shameful bastards… don’t you think?” 




 “Is it still malfunctioning?” 



  I cautiously posed the question to the doll, but there was no response. So I moaned as I lifted the doll and began to press its belly.



  “When you’re quiet, there’s no one to talk to…” 




  “I should have just told Kania the truth… Then I could have confided my grief… No, I can’t do that. Then that pitiful girl might wallow in guilt…” 







  As I continued to lament, while pressing on the doll’s belly, the cat doll suddenly made a noise. 



  “Are you fixed?” 





  When I asked with my eyes wide open, the cat doll tilted its head and mewed, and in the next moment, I cheered by aggressively pressing its belly. 





  “Meeww… Mew! Meow!” 


  “Now don’t break down!” 


  “Meow! Ahh…!” 





  Then, suddenly, I heard a faint moan from somewhere. 



  I panicked and quickly scanned the room while tightly pressing the cat’s belly. However, suddenly the cat growled. 






  Startled, I dropped the doll, and the cat that fell on my gut quivered and began to glare at me fiercely. 



  “…Ah, she originally said it could move on its own, didn’t she?”



  Having remembered what Kania had said earlier, I cautiously asked the cat, who began to gnaw at me. 

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  “Perhaps you are acting like this because I touched your belly?” 



  Then, the doll, who had been glaring at me fiercely, nodded quietly. 



  “…I see. I apologize, I’m really sorry.” 



  When I apologized for not realizing how the cat doll would feel having its belly touched, the cat doll turned its head sideways and pouted. 


  ‘…I can’t believe she achieved to induce such a sophisticated look by only setting it up as its own individual form once? After all, black magic is amazing.’



  I was seriously considering learning black magic from Kania if I’m able to free up some time later, but soon I remembered the fact that dark mana and stellar mana, which are at odds with each other, could possibly put my life in jeopardy. So I gave up thinking about that and called out to the cat again.

  “…Kitty, will you not let me touch your belly from now on?”


  Then the cat doll nodded with its head turned to the side. I guess it’s sulking. 



  “…Can’t I touch it lightly?”




  “I’ll rub it gently without pressing too hard… Please let me touch it… Hmm?” 





  Eventually, after being disgraced by the cat doll, I was able to regain the right to touch its belly again.

  I felt slightly defeated, but I don’t mind being defeated time and time again by the cat doll who I’m grateful to for my mental health.    




  “Hehe… It’s soft…” 



  I stroked the cat doll’s belly for a long time, and before I knew it, the pain stopped as my eyelids drooped, and I fell asleep while hugging the cat tightly with a bright smile on my face.  



  That day, I had a pleasant dream of being surrounded by cats. 










  “…Young Master, be careful.” 





  When I woke up in the morning, my mental state was considerably stable, as if playing with the cat was worthwhile since it healed my mind.  



  However, my condition still wasn’t good, and in the end I had no choice but to head to class supported by Kania. 






  But, something is strange. 



  Kania keeps twitching and moaning every time I stumble or my hand rubs against her belly. 



  “Kania, what’s wrong with you?” 


  “The-There was an error in synchronization, so the sensitivity…” 




  “Oh, no… it’s because I have an upset stomach.” 


  “…Oh god.” 



  After looking at her with pity for a moment, I moved away from her and opened my mouth. 


  “From here on, I will go alone.”




  “I can’t let you force yourself when you have an upset stomach.” 




  “I told you I would treat you well from now on. I’m fine, so go ahead first.” 





  As I said this, she suddenly bit her lip and began to glare at me. 


  “…What’s wrong, Kania?” 


  “You don’t look fine at all.” 



  Saying so, she pointed to my quivering legs as I struggled to stand still. 



  “…I can handle this much. After all, I’m a Hero.” 


  “You’ll be fine because you’re a Hero?” 



  Then Kania retorted with her fists clenched. 



  “Have you always risked your life with such idiotic thoughts?” 


  “Shh, someone might hear you.” 


  “…I’ll go on ahead first.” 



  As she said so in a cold voice, she increased the pace of her strides and went on ahead.



  ‘…I feel a little sad.’ 



  It seems I’m doomed to be hated by Kania. It doesn’t matter whether she finds out I’m a false evil or not. 



  However, I need to firm my heart. Because from now on I’ll be facing the main quest, which is the most important key in order to overturn the scenario. 



  ‘…By the way, was there one skill that I haven’t purchased yet?’



  I opened the skill store and carefully examined the last remaining skill, knowing that I need to be fully prepared in advance since I would be starting the main quest in earnest today.



[Store / Elementary Skills Level 1]

– False Evil’s Deception Lv1 (250 pts)
Description: Permanently slightly increases the persuasiveness of lies.



  ‘…This is absolutely necessary, right?’ 



  Even though my deception and acting skills are considerably great because of my experiences in the previous timeline, the permanent buff that increases the persuasiveness of lies can’t be ignored. 



  And since I will deal with the cunning Princess Clana and my fiancée Serena, who is hailed as the greatest genius on the continent, this skill is a must buy. 



  “…Actually, I’m a woman.” 


  Having thus purchased ⟦False Evil’s Deception⟧ with enough points left to buy ⟦Elixir of Potential⟧, I lied to test the effectiveness of the skill.




  “…I don’t really notice anything different.” 



  After tilting my head for a while, I came to the conclusion that it must be because it was just too outrageous of a lie to be particularly believable, as I tried to reach the classroom before it was too late… 








  I soon discovered Saintess Ferloche standing in front of me with her mouth wide open as I exclaimed in panic. 



  “Wait, I’m not going to the cathedral!”



  As I shouted urgently, the Saintess stuttered, and I wondered if the ⟦False Evil’s intuition⟧ would be triggered in vain today… However, for some reason, the system warning window didn’t appear. What the hell is the meaning of this? 






  “—are a woman?” 





  I was puzzled when I heard Ferloche’s dumb statement and was about to ask her what the hell she was talking about, but she turned around and ran away with a stupefied look on her face.



  I didn’t even have the strength to yell at her to stop, let alone chase after her, as I muttered and slowly made my way to the classroom. 



  “…Did it work?” 



  I don’t know if the effect of the skill is good or if the Saintess is just an idiot. 










 “Today, there is one announcement.” 



  After entering the classroom, as I was sitting in my seat and moderately dealing with the aristocratic students, Isolet entered and made an announcement.  



  “Soon, there will be a performance evaluation.” 



  As the students began to murmur at those words, Isolet pounded the blackboard to silence the kids and opened her mouth.



  “Recently, the frequency of the appearance of unidentified monsters has soared throughout the Empire. Therefore, the Imperial Family has issued a decree to increase the importance of combat education at the academy.” 

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  As I listened to her, I swallowed my saliva, realizing that the Demon King had finally begun to exert power over the Empire in earnest. 



  Meanwhile, Isolet glared fiercely at the students and continued her speech. 



 “So, the performance evaluation you will be taking part in this time around is a 1:1 spar between the students.” 



  When she finished, there was pin drop silence in the classroom for a moment. 



  “Make sure that there is a mutual agreement between yourself and the partner for your spar. If you can’t find a partner, I’ll arbitrarily assign one.” 



  Eventually, when she decided on the partner selection method, the student began whispering to each other, as I looked around while overhearing the conversation between Irina and her friend Arianne, who were sitting next to me.



  “Irina, let’s pair up for the spar. I’ll use my strength in moderation…” 


  “Arianne, I told you I don’t want your pity.” 


  “Then what if your grades suffer as a result? Then you’ll be kicked out to the lower class, and even your scholarship will be revoked…” 


  “Well, I told you I don’t need it, didn’t I!?” 





  After the conversation ended, there was an awkward silence between Irina and Arianne for a while, as I quietly sat there pensively observing them.



  ‘…How do I force Irina to become my sparring partner?’


  In order to start the main quest ‘Raid on the Commoner’s Dormitory’ in earnest, I have to face Irina Philliard in the performance evaluation. 



  The reason it is ‘start’ rather than ‘clear’ is because confronting her is the bare minimum condition for the quest to be completed. 



  And in that spar, I need to lose to Irina, who has a strength stat of only 3 and couldn’t even use basic magic well due to mana exhaustion.


  I must lose. 



  That should be possible. 



  After all, it’s a dog shit game.


The Main Heroines are Trying to Kill Me

The Main Heroines are Trying to Kill Me

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To save the hopeless Dark Fantasy World, I held back my tears and destroyed the world, then killed the Demon King and returned.   Now, I'm trying to save the world using the 'System' I gained as the 'Regressor's Privilege'...   But the Main Heroines have also awakened their memories of the previous timeline.   God dammit.


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