The Academy Heroines Remember My Death Chapter 17

Chapter 17 - Yu Ha-eun (3)

༺ Yu Ha-eun (3) ༻


  ‘Indeed, that’s it.’


  She really didn’t go an inch beyond what I had expected.


  Maybe it was because we already knew each other, but it was rather easy to read her thoughts.


  “Uhm… Ha-eun!”


  Seo-ah also remembered that, so she called out to Ha-eun in a hurry, probably thinking that something bad might happen.


  Her shout made Ha-eun stand upright, talking to her as if she were genuinely concerned.


  “You can’t cheat! Understand…?”


  “I-I-Isn’t that obvious?! I-I am the Dark Flame Dragon! C-Cheating doesn’t exist in my dictionary!”




  As soon as she heard Ha-eun’s words, Seo-ah was at a loss for words.


  Perhaps she determined that this was a lost cause, so she let go of Ha-eun’s arm again.


  I could feel it, and so would Seo-ah.


  ‘It’s obvious she’s going to try to pull something again.’


  There was no way Seo-ah hadn’t felt that Ha-eun would cheat.


  Absolutely not; impossible. It was so easy to tell with the girl shaking like that as she talked.


  She had always been like that, talking about dark flame this, dark flame that, and saying how it didn’t befit her.


  ‘Well, that’s kind of cute.’


  If she cheated without letting others know, that would be one thing, but it was funny how obvious she made it when she was cheating.


  I knew she didn’t act like that with genuinely bad intentions, and she only cheated for trivial child’s play like this wager. She knew to be serious when the situation warranted it, so it didn’t anger me.


  ‘It is what it is.’


  ‘I don’t think it’s that big of a deal to cheat as long as you don’t get caught, but shouldn’t you at least be prepared for the consequences?’


  Seo-ah and Lee Hyun were both soft.


  The lesson was that if you tried to deceive someone, you’d pay the price.


  ‘Yeah, I’m just teaching them a lesson.’


  One could think I only did it because it was funny to see Ha-eun’s reaction. 


  ‘Still, I made a promise to Seo-ah, so I’ll just keep it light at first.’


  She was a first-time offender in this timeline.


  I could just punish her lightly for now.


  “Then I’ll toss it.”


  After making my decision, I got ready to toss the coin Ha-eun had handed me.


  So far, Ha-eun agreed with everything I did without any hesitation.


  ‘Heads, I win. Tails, Ha-eun wins.’


  On the surface, it might appear to be a game where the outcome was entirely random, and therefore you had to accept it.


  ‘I knew it.’


  As soon as the coin was tossed, a flow of mana surrounded it.


  Now that I had the Eye of Greed, I could clearly see that a skill was being used on the coin.


  And the skill being used right now was…


  ‘Telekinesis. A B-class skill, is it?’





  In other words, she was going to secretly use her Telekinesis to ensure the coin landed on tails.


  Even without the Eye of Greed, the skill’s influence on the coin was so crude that you could notice it with the naked eye, and you couldn’t help but laugh at the sight.


  And of course…


  ‘You think you got this?’


  I couldn’t just stand and see her win like that.


  I wasn’t stupid, so there’s no way I’d fall for such an obvious trick.


  ‘Lesser Telekinesis.’


  I made the decision to use the same skill in retaliation against Ha-eun’s coin manipulation.




  As if she hadn’t expected her cheating to get caught, as soon as the same Telekinesis was cast on the coin, Ha-eun looked surprised.


  ‘There won’t be a big problem if I just beat her like this.’


  ‘However, there’s not much I can do on a lesser level.’


  The skill I had was just D-class, while Ha-eun’s was B-class.


  Essentially, the biggest problem was that there was too much of a gap in power.


  And, as if she had noticed it, Ha-eun immediately put on a proud expression.




  Had she forgotten that the bet was on a coin toss?


  Anyone could see that our match had become rather strange, but Ha-eun enjoyed it because she was winning through sheer power.


  Her use of Telekinesis became more and more blatant.


  ‘Aren’t you too simple?’


  How could a person be so one-dimensional?


  I couldn’t believe she just openly used her skills after I had responded with the same skill.


  It was common sense that she should pretend she wasn’t using any skills.


  Before I came back in time, Ha-eun had garnered a lot of experience, so she wasn’t this simple. 


  Maybe because I came back in time, she returned to that simple version of herself.


  ‘Should we… start then?’


  The more I tried to use my Lesser Telekinesis to turn the coin to heads, the more Ha-eun tried to use her Telekinesis to turn the coin to tails.


  Of course, my skill was of a lower level, so I was slowly but surely getting pushed back, but Ha-eun was also expending a lot of energy to turn the coin to tails completely.


  All of a sudden, I canceled my skill without any prior warning.




  Amid Ha-eun’s bewilderment, the coin started spinning uncontrollably in the air, as the force that had been pushing it from the other side had disappeared.


  The coin was spinning clockwise, the direction Ha-eun had been forcing it in through her skill.


  Looking at the spinning coin, Ha-eun panicked.


  For a split second, I could see her canceling her Telekinesis skill through the Eye of Greed.




  This was the perfect time.


  I didn’t miss the opportunity and immediately activated a skill on the coin.


「Large Explosion」


  I controlled its power to make it so weak that it wouldn’t break the coin.


  I wanted to use those weak explosions around the coin so that it would go flying somewhere.


  To be precise, toward Ha-eun’s forehead.




  Its speed was reminiscent of a railgun, the difference being that it wasn’t fired using electricity.


  Still, the coin flew so fast that it was hard for Ha-eun to react.


  She herself probably felt that it would be hard for her to avoid it because this short exclamation was all of her reaction. 




  As soon as the coin collided with Ha-eun’s forehead, a sound that was probably hard to produce by a human body rang out of her forehead.


  Along with the thud, the girl was knocked back from the impact.


  ‘This should be enough.’


  Still, this was pretty light.


  I adjusted the power so that she would only get a slight bump on her forehead.


  If I had been serious—like I had used to be—it probably wouldn’t have ended like this.


  ‘I can’t just relax until the end.’


  The coin bounced off Ha-eun and went flying.


  Of course, I couldn’t let my guard down.


  I could only copy her skills if I won this bet.


  I immediately used my Lesser Telekinesis skill to adjust the coin so that it landed heads up.


  The shock of getting hit by the coin prevented Ha-eun from coming to her senses.


  “It’s heads.”


  The coin landed on heads.


[Complete victory. Choose a skill you wish to copy.]


  As soon as Ha-eun saw the coin toss’s result, a system window showed up in front of me.


  Of course, this was important too.


  After all, the reason I had made this bet in the first place was to copy her skill.


  But there was still one thing as important as copying Ha-eun’s skill. 


  I slowly approached the girl.






  Hit by a coin flying straight at her.


  Ha-eun’s eyes were filled with tears after getting hit like that.


  She had, of course, never been hit like this.


  She couldn’t help but let some tears out, feeling a pain she had never felt in her whole life.


  “A-Are you all right, Ha-eun…?”


  As soon as she saw what happened, Seo-ah went to Ha-eun, asking if she was all right.


  She was about to burst into tears any second now, but…


  ‘T-The dragon’s pride…!’


  No matter what, the first person to cheat had been her.


  If she were to burst out crying here, she’d lose face as a dragon.


  She somehow forced her tears back and quickly nodded her head to indicate she was okay.


  Of course, she doesn’t look fine at all considering that all that came from her mouth were sounds like “ow” or “ugh.”


  “Yu Ha-eun, the next candidate, please come to the exam hall right away.”


  As Ha-eun was trying hard to hold back her tears, the announcement calling for her resounded throughout the academy. It was time for her to take the second exam.


  As soon as she heard this, Ha-eun tried to get away, but…




  A man blocked her.


  With a smile that looked more evil than Ha-eun’s, he didn’t let the girl through, his face twisted into a shit-eating grin.


  “We have unfinished business.”


  As he continued speaking, shocking words came out of his mouth.


  “Ha-eun, I told you I would tell you my true name if you won, didn’t I? Then what if I win? What do I get for my victory?”


  His tone was blatantly threatening, and his aura declared he could get anything he wanted out of the situation. 


  Ha-eun couldn’t help but feel threatened by this overwhelming presence which made her feel he really would get “anything” out of her.


  It was just that…




  Maybe she instinctively felt in danger, but Ha-eun could only think about covering her chest with her arms and trying to get away from this threat.


  The threat to her virginity, to be more specific.









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The Academy Heroines Remember My Death

The Academy Heroines Remember My Death

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100,000 deaths and rebirths to save the heroines. The heroines start remembering those deaths.   "I like you. So please, please don’t die."   ...I’m not dying anyway


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