The Academy Heroines Remember My Death Chapter 7

The Bet

“…What are you doing? Did you not say you wanted to make a bet?”


“Wait a second. I just need to check this.”


Before starting the game with this guy,

I check the rest of my skills in case they might be useful.



‘So, Magi Manipulation…, maybe I can use this?’


The skill I copied from that guy, Magi Manipulation.


Since it is an S-class skill,

It will surely be good.




‘It’s kinda ambiguous.’



A concept that is the complete opposite of magic.


Compared to humans, who’s magic is an essential element that allows them to breathe,

Magi is an essential element for demons to be able to breathe.


However, on the contrary, Magi is a deadly poison to humans.


Not only gaining resistance to such Magi,

I feel like if I use this skill well against demons I can get something out of it but…,


‘It’s hard to find dungeons with Magi, in the first place. And they’re hard to get through.’


The issue is that dungeons with Magi themselves are so hard to find they’re considered rare.


Actually, dungeons with Magi shouldn’t even appear in the first place.


The meaning of a dungeon with Magi is that this dungeon is at minimum S-class, and this in turn means that it is a dungeon that’s catastrophic.


A catastrophic dungeon that can only be beaten if dozens of S-class hunters participate,

Even if I want to use this skill, it would be best if such a dungeon doesn’t appear due to the casualties it would cause.


And actually, the dungeon that appeared 15 years ago had Magi, and it was a catastrophic one.


After all, a lot of people died due to the Dungeon Break that occurred from it not being beaten in time.


And on top of that,


“Magi Manipulation.”


Even if I try manipulating this new skill,



[There is no Magi in the current location. You cannot use Magi.]


I get a notice that it can’t be used.


Since there is no Magi,

It says that the skill itself can’t be used.


‘As I thought, this one is on hold. I won’t be able to use it for the bet.’


Right now it’s as good as not existing.


Since I can’t use it,

It’s best for me to think I didn’t have it in the first place.


Well, even if not for this bet, I guess a situation where I need it will arise later.


“Good. Let’s start. If you want, you can ask first.”


Since I’m done with what I have to do, I talk to the guy.


Incomplete victory, and complete victory.

I still don’t know what the criteria is but,


‘I will have to absolutely get an incomplete victory here.’


Unlike a complete victory, which allows me to copy a skill but goes on cooldown for a day,

Incomplete victories let me copy skills repeatedly, even though they might be random skills.


I’m not completely sure, but I think complete victories come from winning in a real duel.


And I think incomplete victories are other kinds of victories apart from those.


I beat the assignment this guy gave me by defeating the monsters he made,

So it seems that these kinds of victories are considered incomplete victories.


Of course, this is just a guess…,


‘If it works it will be great.’


If this bet is also considered as an incomplete victory,

That means I can keep on copying this guy’s skills.


And on top of that, even gaining some experience from it, even if small.


“Good. Then I shall start.”


“As you want.”


“Then first, do you have a parent?”




I thought it wouldn’t matter, so I let him ask his question first,

But as soon as I hear what he says, I ask back if I heard correctly.


I mean, I thought of the various questions I might get from him but,


‘He suddenly BMs1The Korean word used here is slang for talking badly about one’s parents/family and is considered the worst kind of insults in Korea me like that and talks shit about my parents…?’


It was such an unexpected question that I’m in a daze.


I just think it’s ridiculous.


So I immediately raise my middle finger and answer.



“I don’t. You dick.”


I don’t know if he is after this,

But I don’t even have anyone I can call a parent.


I don’t even know if they abandoned me or what.


Just from the moment I began having memory,

There was no parent in my life.


“…I see.”


“What do you mean “I see”, you crazy fucker? Stop BMing so casually.”


I thought he was just an innocent and stupid guy, but I realize he’s just a crazy asshole.


If he wasn’t, he wouldn’t be able to say something like that so casually.


“…Is it my turn now?”


I’m flabbergasted but I continue the game.


I didn’t lie, after all.

So now I can ask a question.


“I know you’re just a possessed puppet. So tell me, where is your weak point?”


If he’s a possession there is bound to be a weak point somewhere.


Robbing the body of another monster,

And using that as it is, this is a very burdensome process.


There is bound to be a spot where it’s fatal for him to get attacked.


I don’t know where that weak point is, but


‘I started this game to find that out.’


If I don’t know where the weak point is, I just need to find out.


It’s also easy to find out if he is lying,

Since he just needs to point out where it is.


If he doesn’t die, it means he lied.



‘Of course, usually it wouldn’t work.’


Common sense is that this wouldn’t work on anyone else.


But that guy.


I have no idea why he’s using a puppet,

But this method works on him because he’s using a puppet.


I can’t kill this guy through strength,

And he has a restriction which doesn’t allow him to kill me directly.


But I’ve shown him that the monsters he could summon to kill me are useless against me.


No matter how much this guy thinks about it,

He doesn’t have any good escape anyway.


“…How did you find out this body is a puppet?”


And, as expected, he changes the subject.


If I had more time, I might have entertained him a bit, but…,


“That’s none of your business. Just hurry up and answer.”


I don’t have time to waste on such things, so I just don’t explain.


Anyway, I have no obligation or need to answer him.


So I just hurry him up to answer.


But it seems he thought this was wrong,


“No. Do you think I’m stupid? Telling you my weakness would mean leaving my life in your hands, and I can’t do that, can I?”


He immediately rejects.


“Then hand over the Eye of Greed, I won.”


“No, I don’t want to.”


And on top of that he comes out acting very stingy.


Look at that audacity.

He knows I can’t kill him, so he just starts being stubborn.




[Complete victory. A selected ability will be copied.]


[There is no way to check the opponent’s ability list. A list of limited abilities will be shown.]

[1. Large Explosion(B)]

[2. Empowerment(A)]

[3. Ice Sculpture(C)]

[Please select an ability.]


As soon as the guy said “no”,

The reward for the Ability Copy skill shows up in front of me.


As if the god of luck is helping me, something that could help me shows up at the perfect timing.


‘There’s a lot I’m bummed about, but….’


Contrary to what I expected, it is a complete victory, and the skill I want to copy can only be chosen from a limited range.


There’s quite a bit of parts I’m not completely happy with.




“Large Explosion.”



As soon as a skill I needed right now shows up,

I choose the [Large Explosion] skill without even needing to think about it.


Of course, the skill called Empowerment is much better rated,

But I don’t think there’s anything better than this to solve the current situation.


[Skill : Large Explosion(B) has been acquired.]


[Skill : Large Explosion]

Class : B-An explosion is caused. The strength of the explosion is proportionate to the Magic attribute of the user.

-The size of the explosion can be reduced.


And as soon as I choose a skill, I acquire it.


“Well, if you don’t want to I guess there’s nothing I can do.”


As soon as I check it, I look at him casually and agree with what he said.


And with that,


“All points into Magic.”


All the points I have.

Exactly 27 points invested into Magic.


As soon as I do, I can feel in my body that I have more magic that I can use.


I feel enough magic that makes me feel.


As soon as I realize that the amount of mana in my body has increased,


“Large Explosion.”


I use the Large Explosion skill.


So that there’s a strong explosion in his body,

I directly hit him with the skill.


“W-What are you doing?”


“Why? You said you don’t want to tell me your weak point. Then what can I do? I’ll just look for it myself. It will probably take a few years to find a new body, but it’s up to you.”


“What are you….”


“Large Explosion.”


The situation has changed.


It might take a long time,

But I found a way to definitely cause him damage.


Although it might take quite some time to find his weak point,

I will probably find it if I keep causing explosions.


“You have gone too far. Do you really think I cannot kill you?”


And as soon as he receives my attack, Malmaimon summons monsters.


Monsters that are incomparably stronger than before are summoned but,


“Of course. And guess who’s the fucker that took it too far first? Talk about double standards.”


I am also much stronger than before.


I don’t know what restrictions he has, but the monsters he summons are just as strong as me.

And if they have the same attributes as me, their stamina is probably very low.


On top of that, if they use the Large Explosion skill, their own would get caught up in it.


Even if they have the same skill as me,

They will find it hard to use it well…,



“Large Explosion. Large Explosion. Large Explosion. Large Explosion!”


I continue causing explosions.


Due to its wide range, the monsters continue getting caught up.


With a notice telling me my level has gone up every once in a while,

The monsters get swept away.


And if I feel my mana getting low as I kill the monsters,


‘I can drink a stamina potion.’


Although they’re potions that boost stamina, the amount of mana they recover is quite insignificant.


However, that’s enough for now.

I have prepared so many stamina potions after all.


“Let’s take this to the end if that’s what you want. Don’t you think?”


Until this situation is finalized, I repeat the act of using the Large Explosion skill and drinking stamina potions.




“Large Explosion.”


“I-I asked you to stop!”


“Large Explosion. Large Explosion.”


“I will give you what you want, so please stop!”


“You should have said that from the start.”


As soon as he realizes he’s in a situation where his body is about to get destroyed,

He throws in the white flag.


He seems to give up quickly, probably realizing there is no way for him to win this.


“…If you are indeed that person, we will meet again anyway. Then…,”


“You’re great at dragging this out until the end. Just hand it over.”




The guy keeps talking so much until the end when he hands me over the Eye of Greed artifact.


But when I threaten to use my skill again, he immediately stops talking and hands over the artifact.


And as soon as I hold the artifact in my hand, my vision wavers.





And as soon as my shaky vision comes back to normal,

I can see underlings 1 and 2.


If they had run away, I was going to chase them to the end of the world,

But they must have felt that it was much more dangerous to run so they stayed put.


And with that,


[Incomplete victory. A random ability will be copied.]


[Skill : Magic Manipulation(E) has been acquired.]


[Skill : Continuous Slash(D) has been acquired.]



Suddenly, in front of my eyes, a notice saying I acquired skills appears.


…But I didn’t do anything this time?

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    The Korean word used here is slang for talking badly about one’s parents/family and is considered the worst kind of insults in Korea
The Academy Heroines Remember My Death

The Academy Heroines Remember My Death

아카데미 히로인들이 내 죽음을 기억해낸다.
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100,000 deaths and rebirths to save the heroines. The heroines start remembering those deaths.   "I like you. So please, please don’t die."   ...I’m not dying anyway


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