The Academy Heroines Remember My Death Chapter 8

The Protagonist of the Entrance Exam

The day of the academy entrance ceremony,

Inside the auditorium where the entrance exam is taken.


A girl starts talking facing something that looks like a broadcasting camera.


“Hello, all my Twotch1Obviously meant to be Twitch, but intentionally spelled as Twotch by the author viewers! It’s your streamer, Mane! This time, we’re back with the official Pi Academy stream!”
– Hi
– hi
– How long has it been T.T
– Stream more often! Stream more often!
– What kind of official stream is this?


Her number of viewers is 13,123.


Considering that her streams usually have around 2,000 viewers,

This show how powerful and official stream is.


The girl called Mane continues speaking when she realizes that enough viewers have gathered.


“Of course, it’s an entrance ceremony broadcast! A lot of students that will become my hoobaes2Hoobae is the Korean word for people with less experience in something, or underclassmen or junior; similar to the Japanese kohai will come here, so like last year, this year we will broadcast this live!”



She slightly tilts the camera to the side and shows the academy.


In front of the auditorium where you watch the academy entrance ceremony,

A large crowd of students is gathered.


Students with serious expressions.

Looking at the scene, Mane makes a very pleased expression.


– whats up with her expression
– fr looks like a perv lol
– she looks like she’s gonna eat up her hoobaes not like she finds them cute
– This isn’t an official broadcast but rather one done for in self-interest lol



And the viewers start teasing her as soon as they see this.


Mane’s pleased expression actually gave off sexual vibes.


Since her body itself was quite sexy,


Mane had a knack for making even the most trivial of actions feel erotic.


“Wait, when did I ever make such an expression?! I’m just looking at my hoobaes!”


And as usual, Mane refutes her viewers’ comments.


This was almost a regular exchange so Mane was quite used to it.


She just waited until her chat had calmed down a bit and then,


“Anyway! Still, this is an official stream! Everyone be quiet and take your hands off the chat! If I don’t stream the entrance exam properly, I’ll get fired!”


Mane starts saying what she needs to say.


Of course,


– yh
-I dunno know about that?
-mane’s viewers don’t listen!
-frfr lol


Most of the viewers show her that they won’t listen to her.


“Sigh…, everybody? Can you please focus?”


Mane sighs as her chat doesn’t calm down.

And with that her eyes glow a dark red for a split second.


Literally in the blink of an eye.

None of her viewers noticed her eyes change color for that split moment, but,


-hurry gogo


With nobody feeling it’s out of place, the chat calms down.


As she notices her chat calm down,

Mane smiles brightly again and continues speaking.


“As you all know, the entrance exam for Pi Academy is known as the hardest everyone! The competition is 40 to 1!
…And me, who you always make fun of, made it through this entrance exam too.”


While talking about the academy entrance exam, she takes time to compliment herself.


As if Mane herself seemed a bit embarrassed, she immediately continues the explanation of the academy entrance exam.

“The first test that will be conducted is the classification test! It is said that if a student places his hand on the magic ball, they get a rating based on their potential and current abilities!”
– So Mane’s class?
– must be painful to get dropped from that lol imagine getting eliminated because you have no potential
– fr you get eliminated before trying anything
– This is… the Pi Academy?


“Don’t worry! The first one is just a simple test. They don’t eliminate anyone here! They are just getting a rough idea of the students’ abilities!”


Mane answers to her chat who complain about this being unfair.


In fact, the first test is just done to see the students’ abilities.


It also is an element that makes students with low potential give up early,

But officially, it’s a test with no eliminations.


After Mane answered, the chat calmed down a bit.


As chat flowed how she wanted it to,

She put on a satisfied smile and pointed to a girl.

“Obviously, there’s always a star at events like this! They say that that girl over there is the most promising candidate for this entrance exam! There’s rumors that she’s already a 3rd Stage Awakener….”
– ? she hasn’t even entered school but already a 3rd stage Awakener? how does that make sense?
– her talent is crazy omg
– cuter than mane
– lmaoo
– so whats her name?


As the camera turned to show her, different reactions come out.


There are compliments on her looks, and also on her talents.

And the occasional question asking about her name.


“I think her name…, was Yoo Ha-eun?”


With long golden hair and deep blue eyes.


Due to her looks standing out more than others,

She has an impressive appearance that makes her hard to forget.


As if she too realizes that the spotlight is on her, she seems to be paying attention to her surroun…,




And even before someone could finish their thoughts on her appearance,

A loud noise and the sound of a door breaking were heard.


And beyond the door was 3 men.




Inside the cluttered auditorium all eyes turn towards them.


It was a grand entrance, however you thought of it.

Attention focused on who the hell came in so loudly.


“Are they crazy?”

“Isn’t that going to break the door?”

“Who the fuck are they?”


Naturally people talking about them begins to spread around the auditorium.


In an instant, the interest in the auditorium

Is focused on the three men and not the girl called Yoo Ha-eun.


But, if there is something strange it’s their relationship.


To say that all three were applicants,

It feels like the person in the middle is the center of the group.


And soon,


“Hyungnim! We have arrived! We pray that you pass the entrance exam!!”

“Sir Si-woo! If there’s anything you need, please feel free to call us! We will take care of it right away!”



The two men on the sides,

They bow deeply, at 90 degrees to the man in the middle.


No regard for shame,

The two bow to the one in the middle very politely.


The sight of two men with very robust physiques so politely bowing to a man who was by far smaller than them was truly a rare sight.


It was enough to arouse the bewilderment of the viewers and,


– whats with that guy lol
– wtf is he a gangster or smth
– am i the only one who thinks its cool? lol


As soon as the scene was shown on camera,

Chat went completely crazy.


Even if they don’t know who he is or what he does, he is definitely attracting attention.


“Please enter, hyungnim!”


It was the grand entrance of a man who will be the star of the entrance exam.






‘Hmm…. It’s definitely an eye catching entrance.’


The way all eyes are on me as I open the door.


Certainly, as I intended, it’s a situation where most people are looking at me.


‘Of course, I’m not just an attention whore.’


This is just a strategy.


Stopping the guy who killed me from doing it again, and at the same time,

This is to test the skills and artifacts that I studied all day yesterday.


To test those,

I deliberately drew all the attention to me.


“Hyungnim! We have arrived! We pray that you pass the entrance exam!!”

“Sir Si-woo! If there is anything you need, please call out! We will take care of it immediately!”



And with that, underlings 1 and 2 greet me so loud the roof of the auditorium might be blown out.

It seems their loyalty has multiplied many times overnight.


Well, naturally,


“Do you like money that much?”


“Is it not obvious?! The stocks rose 20% in a single day! I made an additional 2 million won overnight!”


The stock I told them about.


I knew it will triple in two weeks,

But it seems it is already slowly rising.


So they each put in 10 million won with a bit of doubt.

When it became 2 million won in a single day, their attitude changed completely.


And since they even heard me tell them it would go even more up,

Underlings 1 and 2 interact with me with very happy expressions.


“Anyway, you have to prepare what I asked for properly. And tell me if you need money. I’ll give you information on stocks right away.”


“Your wish is our command! We will prepare the items you have asked for as soon as possible!”


Underling 1 and 2 promised me to get everything ready as quickly as possible.


Although I asked for something that’s quite hard to get,

Considering their loyalty, they would probably get it right away.


Well, now I have to perform.




I look around the auditorium.


A very diverse group of students is here.


‘Ha-eun was getting attention, after all.’


And among all the students, Ha-eun was getting the most attention.


After all, in my previous life, Ha-eun passed the entrance exam as top student.


She is a bit childish,

But is still a girl with great ability.


However, this time she won’t be the top in the entrance exam.


Since I’m going to do all I can for this entrance exam.


‘The others should be here too.’


Since Ha-eun is here, Seo-ah and Lee Hyun should be here too.

All four of us were in the same grade, after all.


Since I came back in time, they won’t remember me,

So it would be best to build up a friendship with them now.


‘Found them’


As I tried locating Seo-ah and Lee Hyun as well,

Not long after, I saw Seo-ah in the distance.


Since Seo-ah is the nicest.


She will be the easiest to get close to, so I tried approaching her to do it when,




Seo-ah in this period should definitely not know me,

But her gaze met mine as if she knew me.


For some reason, she rapidly approaches me with tearful eyes.


And in an instant, she was right in front of me.




“Why…! Why did you do that?!”


Seo-ah talks to me, with a tearful expression.


…I did what?

Translator’s Note

In this chapter, in case it wasn’t clear already, the silver text was the Twotch chat and the Streamer Mane, with Mane just having the silver text, and the Twotch Chat having it in a box.

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  • 1
    Obviously meant to be Twitch, but intentionally spelled as Twotch by the author
  • 2
    Hoobae is the Korean word for people with less experience in something, or underclassmen or junior; similar to the Japanese kohai
The Academy Heroines Remember My Death

The Academy Heroines Remember My Death

아카데미 히로인들이 내 죽음을 기억해낸다.
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100,000 deaths and rebirths to save the heroines. The heroines start remembering those deaths.   "I like you. So please, please don’t die."   ...I’m not dying anyway


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