The Academy Heroines Remember My Death Chapter 9

“Why…! Why did you do that?!”




What is this?

At this point, Seo-ah and I should not know each other.


In fact, Ha-eun over there is just looking at me with strange eyes, but she isn’t acting like if she knows me.


So why,


“Why in the world did you do that…!”


Why does Seo-ah act like she knows me?

And on top of that, with such a tearful expression.


‘Is this not Seo-ah?’


This would make sense if it wasn’t Seo-ah and instead this was a monster that uses hallucinations.


To confuse me and then attack me,

It might have come up to me with Seo-ah’s familiar face.


Just to be completely sure, I use the Eye of Greed artifact which I learned to use all night yesterday,


[Status window]

Name : Han Seo-ah

Level : 23 (2nd Stage Awakener)

Status : Confused

[Strength : 20] [Stamina : 21] [Agility : 16] [Magic : 11] [Luck : 3]
(Remaining attribute points are 0.)

Skill :
Magic Manipulation(E) Forceful Offensive(C) Increased Defense(D) Furious Blow(B) Ground Strike(D) Self-recovery(C) Chaotic Slash(B)


The status window clearly shows Seo-ah’s name.


The [Eye of Greed] was not only able to read a person’s approximate emotions,

But it could even see through the opponent’s status window itself.


To be precise, it doesn’t allow you to see the status window but rather enhances your observation skill.

So far, I haven’t fully realized what this artifact can do, but for now it shows me that the person in front of me is actually Seo-ah.


‘If she’s actually Seo-ah, then what is this? I don’t get it.’


I understand that the girl in front of me is really Seo-ah.


But the Seo-ah that I know is a very reasonable and calm woman.


She’s not someone who would come to me so emotionally from the start.

No matter how much I think about it, I’m even more confused as I don’t think I did anything wrong yesterday.



But this is not the only problem I need to solve.


“Hey, hey, look over there. That guy made that girl cry, but he’s not even batting an eye.”

“They definitely seem to know each other. Why is he pretending not to know her?”

““That”…? What in the world did he do to her….”


The several conversations that start throughout the auditorium.


I did intend to call attention,

But it wasn’t this kind.


Slowly more and more strange gossip begins to spread out beyond control.


And the gossip,



“C-Could she be pregnant?”

“Pregnant…? Isn’t that too farfetched? I don’t think she’s pregnant…?”

“Listen! I know this stuff because I watch a lot of movies and dramas! He gets her pregnant and runs away from the responsibility, eventually meeting her by chance! It really looks like that!”


Increasingly gets distorted.


In this fragmentary situation, gossip that makes me look like trash starts coming out.




‘And what’s that?’


A camera looking at me.


A camera that seems to be on air, broadcasting, is shooting me and Seo-ah.


Actually Si-woo himself had no way of knowing but,


-wtf, how does a fkr like that get a girl? i’m so fkin jealous
-A girl is approaching him crying, he’s our enemy from now on.
– [Banned by a moderator.]- Kys
– i hope that guy fails fk


Even in the stream, an outpour of curses about him.


Of course, more than Seo-ah crying, the viewers were angry that a girl was obsessed over a guy like that,

But his reputation was going through the ground in an instant.


‘What the fuck?’


What in the world is this situation?


I would be able to solve this if I understood the situation,

But I feel like I’m going crazy since I don’t.


Seo-ah, in front of me, is unable to calm down when her tears started flowing.


“C-Come with me.”


I feel like stranger rumors are going to spread if I stay like this,

So I quickly lead Seo-ah to a place where people aren’t usually around.


Of course,


“What the hell is he going to do dragging her to a deserted place…!”

“D-Don’t you think he’s going to hand her an envelope full of money and tell her to get off him1This is a cliché used in Korean dramas…?”

“You…. Stop watching so many dramas.”


People talking between themselves,


– diediediediediediediediedie
– me 2! i wanna grab! a girls hand!
– damn it even a goodfornothing like that has a girl…!
– Mane, can’t we stop with the academy entrance exam broadcast and just follow that guy to see what he’s going?
– fr


Leaving behind a stream that has already increased to 20,000 angry viewers as if the link was posted somewhere.





“…Are you calm?”





A long time later.


Without getting a proper explanation of what was happening,

Seo-ah has finally calmed down after my continuous comforting her.


‘Yeah, it’s Seo-ah after all. There probably is something going on.’


If it was Ha-eun or Lee Hyun I wouldn’t have tried to comfort them.


Ha-eun is kind-hearted,

But due to her childish personality there would be no end to it.


And as to Lee Hyun…, I just don’t want to.


Just because Seo-ah has a mature image,

Just because she wouldn’t usually act this way, I was patient about it.


And after some time, the now calm Seo-ah opened her mouth.


“I…, I remember everything.”




“Actually, I am not completely sure, but I remember everything you, Si-woo, have done, and I remember all 6 years we spent at the academy.”




“…You do not? Do not tell me you cannot remember either. I know you think this is strange…. But certainly…, I have memories in the academy. And memories of you, Si-woo, continuously dying to protect me, Ha-eun and Lee Hyun.”




This is the most shocking thing I’ve ever heard.


In response to Seo-ah’s unbelievable words, I unconsciously ask back.



‘She remembers…?’


How can I not be taken aback?


The Return from Death skill I’ve had so far.

That is made so only I can remember the time before I was about to die.


Apart from only one person.

The only exception was the bastard that killed us.


However, even that guy, the only thing he knew was that I returned from death.


However, Seo-ah’s words seem to insinuate that she is not only aware of the fact that I could return from death, but that she actually has real memories about my deaths.

I had never been this astonished in my life.


‘Could it…, related to that error?’


I saw it, but I didn’t know what it meant.


Right before time went back six years,

A notice that an error occurred together with the sign saying the rebirth is starting.


Honestly, back then I thought I had just seen wrong,


‘I can’t think of anything else but that.’


But now, I have no other way to explain this extraordinary situation other than that.


Something unusual definitely happened as time was getting reversed.


‘But why only to Seo-ah?’


I haven’t found Lee Hyun so I don’t know about her,

But it didn’t seem that Ha-eun remembered anything from the academy like Ha-eun.


Considering Ha-eun’s personality, she would have immediately rushed to me if she remembered.


However, since she didn’t, she probably doesn’t remember.


Seo-ah had also asked me “You don’t remember either?”,

So Lee Hyun probably doesn’t remember either.


Then, why had this situation only occurred to Seo-ah?

What is this error and why only to Seo-ah….


‘What should I tell Seo-ah?’


I have no idea what I should tell her.


Of course, at the beginning I wished they would know about my actions.

But as time passed, I naturally gave up.


There was no way they would believe me if I told them I died.


May not if [Return from Death] was a really well known skill,

But it’s ridiculous that it ignores basic humanity in the first place, so it would have been harder to believe.


But Seo-ah, right in front of my eyes, remembers everything.


All the things I did so far.


All those things that I worked hard on to achieve an ending that would be even a tiny by better,

She tells me she remembers it all.




A complicated mix of emotions.


I wondered why only Seo-ah remembers all of this,

And at the same time the fact that someone remembers everything I’ve done makes me feel something I can’t put into words.


I really have no clue about how to react.



“…So you do remember. If you are thinking about lying, please stop. I have known you for so many years so I can tell when you are lying….”


And Seo-ah talks to me, having noticed my emotions.


So that I couldn’t think anything else,

She blocks all my escape routes and asks me for an explanation.


‘Okay, I’ll tell her.’


After all, I wanted to befriend them again,

To try to get revenge on the academy together.


Rather than avoiding an explanation,

I might as well tell her what I’ve been through and what I have done.


Or maybe this could be much better.


Anyway, Ha-eun needs to know the truth, so that it will be much easier to solve all of this.


“Okay. But it won’t be much of a story.”


After saying this, I calmly explain to Seo-ah about all the situations that we experienced so far.


How Seo-ah died,

Why time was reversed,

And why I’m back at the academy, all of it.


I tell everything I know to Seo-ah.


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    This is a cliché used in Korean dramas
The Academy Heroines Remember My Death

The Academy Heroines Remember My Death

아카데미 히로인들이 내 죽음을 기억해낸다.
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
100,000 deaths and rebirths to save the heroines. The heroines start remembering those deaths.   "I like you. So please, please don’t die."   ...I’m not dying anyway


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