The Demonic Hideout

Chapter 27 -The Demonic Hideout

  “…What should I do?”



  There is a saying, ‘Beyond mountains, there are mountains.’



  There is no other saying that could describe my current predicament more accurately than that.



  No, now that I think about it, I don’t think it’s an accurate expression since before I could even cross the first mountain, another mountain presented itself. 



  I don’t even know the outcome of the duel, but here I’m along with Irina teleported to the middle of the ‘Ashen Forest,’ a demonic hideout that should only appear in the middle to late stages of the scenario. 



[Acquired False Evil Points: 500pts! (Battle of the third-rate villain)]





  As soon as I swiped away the false evil point acquisition system prompt that appeared in front of me, I heard Irina’s moan. It seems she will soon regain her consciousness.






  Because of this, my brain froze for a moment. It seems things would spiral out of control if I stayed still, so I punched myself in the head to force my brain to work.  



  ‘…Should I disguise myself?’



  Disguise is probably the most effective method in the current situation. I always carry the ‘Mask of Deception’ and a black robe in case of an emergency. 



  The mask of deception will at least cover my face, although the stealth effect is still on cooldown, and the black robe will hide my hair and figure.

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  In other words, If I wear these two and forge my way out of the ‘Ashen Forest‘ while protecting Irina, I will be able to deceive her and safely leave this demonic hideout.  






  ‘…There is a high risk of getting exposed.’



  Both of us together were engulfed in a spatial teleportation magic. And there were quite a few who witnessed this scene. 



  So.. if Irina finds out the whole story after safely getting out of here, she’ll naturally suspect me of being the masked guy without batting an eye.  



  ‘…Then, should I just openly use my powers?’



  It will be easier if I could openly use my powers.



  Of course, by the time we get out of this forest, my physical condition will be dire… but at the very least, we’ll be able to get out of here safely.



  However, Irina will be suspicious.



  Obviously, Irina now believes that I’m a servant of the Demon King, so I can deceive her by claiming that my source of power originates from the Demon King. However, I need to actively shield her from harm while we forge our way out of this place.  



  And, if I protect her, even Irina, who despises me, will begin to doubt my intentions.



  “…Shit, damn system, at least give me an item that can make me peerless.”



  It would be great if I could get my hands on a peerless item or a weapon. But unfortunately, this is a cavern infested with quite a few high-tier demons and monsters, who possess considerable strength second only to combat oriented ‘Executives’ of the Demon King.



  And apart from their individual strength, their overwhelming number is quite troublesome. To make matters worse, my condition is also dire. 



  If it was before my lifespan and vitality were drastically depleted, I would have been able to hold out, but because of the penalty, my combat power has also degraded, not to mention I was even hit by six of Irina’s fireballs.



  ‘The only weapons I have right now are a sparring sword and the whip of false evil… What should I do…’



  With a tattered body, a sparring sword and a whip, there is no way I could slay them effortlessly.  

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  So, what the hell am I supposed to do?






  After agonizing over this dilemma for a while, I pulled out the whip from the inner pocket of my garment and began to approach Irina. 



  “…I guess I have no choice.”



  From now on, I’m the kidnapper who abducted Irina.

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   A familiar scene appeared before my eyes.



  The scene I experienced in the previous timeline which I wanted to erase from my memory, yet at the same time I must never forget.


  “Ru-Run away… I’ll block the path… and buy time for you…”



  Arianne, who was in my arms, was muttering while looking at me with dimmed eyes. 



  “…Stop being so melodramatic and come at me. I’m done messing around with you lowlives.”



  Meanwhile, the Demon King yawned and provoked me from afar in an indifferent tone.



  “Kill you, I will kill you… I will kill you!!”





  As I glared at the Demon King, I began casting the grand magic spell by pouring in all my mana, rage…. and the magical knowledge I acquired throughout my life.

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  No matter how invincible the Demon King is… this grand magic spell will surely deal a fatal blow.



   “No, no Irina… Y-You have to live…”



  When Arianne noticed what magic spell I was trying to cast, she gathered her last bit of strength in her body to grab my arm and stop me…



  “You have to live—”



  In the end, she couldn’t finish her words as she slid into the embrace of death and her body went limp. 



 – Rumble!



  And at the same time, the grand magic spell that no one has ever been able to reproduce for the past 1000 years was gradually materializing in my palm.



  “…Interesting, that could really hurt me.”



  However, the Demon King simply analyzed the magic circle with an intrigued look.



  The legendary grand magic spell of the Archmage, who was the Hero’s companion, was nothing but mere entertainment in the Demon King’s eyes.



  “…Shut up.”



  However, even if it’s just mere entertainment… even if it leaves nothing but a small scar… I resolved myself to cast this magic spell on the Demon King. 






  Because I will leave hope behind for my childhood friend’s family and the people of the Empire




  “But you know what…”



  When I activated the magic circle, the Demon King smirked and concentrated mana on the fingers.



  “…I can’t let you hit me with that, can I?”



 – Ziiing!!



  And, in the next instant, a dark ray of light flew towards me.



  Many knights and warriors collapsed in vain in the wake of that attack. 



  And it wouldn’t be any different for me.



 – Thud…!





  However, the attack was unsuccessful.



  Because the strongest shield, which my cherished childhood friend summoned by pouring all her life into just before she passed away, was protecting me.




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  As the magic circle began to emit light, the Demon King looked anxious. 



  It must be difficult to deal with the grand magic spell that left the former Demon King in a dire physical state a thousand years ago. 



  “Take this!!!”



  Yet, nevertheless, I didn’t stop casting the spell.



  May this magic spell slow down the Demon King’s march even a little, so that even one more imperial subject survives… so that even one more hope of the Empire lived to see another dawn. 



 – Ruuumble!!!



  The grand magic spell I invoked with such a will began to devastate the surrounding area within a few moments of being cast. I muttered under my breath before the aftermath devoured both the Demon King and myself.



  “If I had known this would happen…”



  As I thought of him, who I believed was different from the other rotten and corrupt nobles, but overtime became more and more like them and eventually destroyed the Empire.  



  “…I shouldn’t have helped that piece of shit back then.”



  Soon after that despondent murmur, darkness devoured me.



  As I stood there in a daze, surrounded by darkness, I soon realized all of this was just a nightmare, and it reproduced the last moments of my previous life. 






  I felt my scar burn when I reminisced about the time I saved him. My brows furrowed at that thought, and I soon opened my eyes. 



  Because I wanted to get out of this wretched dream as soon as possible.






  However, something is strange.



  For some reason, I can’t seem to wake up from this nightmare.



 Usually, when I open my eyes wide, I can wake up from my nightmares… What’s going on?






 Besides, for some reason, my body doesn’t even move. No matter how hard I try, my body doesn’t move.



  “Um, Ummm..!”



  And when I soon realized that I couldn’t utter any sound, it was only then that I was able to comprehend the current situation.



  ‘Do-Don’t tell me… kidnapping…?’



  I was abducted.










  “Ummm…! Eummm…!”


  “…You’re awake.”



  Irina winced and moaned. Apparently, she seemed to have regained her consciousness.



  “Uuumm!! Ummm!!”



  Seeing Irina tied up with a whip, her mouth gagged, and her eyes covered with an eye patch ripped from my clothes… I felt guilty and sad. 






  But now is not the time to wallow in sentimentality.



  “…Damn it.”



  This is because we were surrounded by a pack of ashen fenrirs, who were drooling at the sight of us. 



  These guys are ranked quite high amongst the monsters residing in this cavern. 






  Irina stopped struggling and cowered when she heard the horrifying howls of the fenrirs.






  Then, the fenrirs, who were slavering, rushed at us in tandem. 






  And at the same time, I drew my sword and swung with all my might.






  The pack of fenrirs, who almost reached the tip of Irina’s nose, were sent flying after letting out a grotesque screech.  






  However, at the same time, my body felt strained.



  It seems the aftermath of the penalty and Irina’s fireball were quite strong.






   While my shoulders slumped forward gasping for breath, a fenrir that had been prowling around the grass behind Irina suddenly jumped at her.








  As I dashed towards her to shield her from harm, the fenrir mercilessly sunk its teeth into my shoulder. 






  Before it was too late, I executed the strategy I used often in my previous life and hastily concentrated stellar mana into my fist and punched the fenrir’s jaw with an uppercut.   







  ‘…Are these beasts behaving like this because they got the taste of human blood? We need to run for our lives.’



  We immediately fled for our lives.










  “Gasp… Gasp…”



  After fleeing from one place to another, while being chased by the pack of fenrirs, I was able to find a grotto suitable for lying low. 



  I entered the small cave along with Irina, then barred the entrance and held my breath. The fenrir pack soon disappeared after wandering around the cave for a while. 



  Fortunately, I was able to save Irina, but my body was severely wounded because of the many strong demons I had to face on my way while being chased by the fenrir pack.



  By the way, while fleeing, I encountered demons who will soon lay siege on the academy.



  I thought about killing them and getting rid of that future disaster in advance. However, I decided otherwise because I was being pursued in the first place, not to mention I was also worried about the potential alteration it would have on the scenario. 



  “Umm…! Umm…!!!”



  As I was gasping for breath trying to endure the pain I felt in my shoulder, suddenly Irina began to struggle in my arms.



  Well, it’s understandable since she is held by a stranger while being tied up. 



  “Mhmmm… mhmmm…”


  “…You’re noisy.”


  “Mhm— Gasp… gasp!”



  I carefully laid Irina down on the floor and removed the gag that was covering her mouth. 



  “Y-You… who are you…! Where am I…!”





  Then Irina inquired in a trembling voice.



  “Who am I…?”



  I put on the mask and wore the black robe then faked my voice with stellar mana, fearing that, even though she had her eyes covered, the eye patch might not hold up by the way she was struggling. 



  “…Well, why not take a guess.”



  Then Irina pondered for a moment, then asked in a low tone.



  “…For now, I’m well aware that you’re the kidnapper who abducted me.”




  “Perhaps the Demon King’s orders… No, that bitch doesn’t know me right now…”



  After muttering to herself for a long time without bothering to ask a question, Irina soon opened her mouth with a distorted expression.



  “…Then, it has to be Frey.”





  Looking at her like that, I fell into deep thought.



  ‘…I don’t know for sure, but maybe this is Arianne’s fault. Of course, she didn’t do it intentionally.’



  In the back of my fading consciousness, I recalled Arianne screaming ‘recovery scroll.’ Then the magic scroll she tore might be the cause of this incident.  



  So, why was the recovery scroll replaced by the spatial teleportation scroll?

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  I’m not sure about that either.



  However, the important thing is that this situation can be used in my favor.



  From now on, I will be the mastermind behind the spatial teleportation incident.



  If I do that, I’ll not only be able to hide my identity but also earn false evil points.



  “Don’t speak of Young Master’s name so casually.”





  When I spoke furiously, Irina cursed with a distorted expression.



  “Frey… that son of a… Hrrkk…!”


  “…Don’t speak of Young Master’s name so casually.”



  I grabbed Irina by her throat, then whispered in her ears.



  “It’s late, but let me introduce myself. I’m the Shadow Servant in charge of the dark affairs of the Starlight family.”


  “Shadow… Servant…?”


  “Yes, I brought you here to this secret hideout in order to teach you what it means to belong to the Young Master. And, for your information, this secret hideout is situated in a rather remote location and is infested with all kinds of monsters and demons, so don’t even think about escaping.”


  “Just… what do—”


  “If you want to dedicate your body and mind to the master… Don’t you need education for that? Here, you will receive such an education professionally.”



  Having said that, when I gently stroked her cheek, she screamed as her whole body trembled. 



  “I-I’d rather leave the academy…! The oath we took…”


  “…If you leave the academy, I can’t guarantee the safety of your cute little friend and her sister, but is that really fine?”


  “I… I don’t know who you are… but I’ll definitely kill you… I’ll definitely…”


  “As expected, just as the Young Master said, you’re a fierce woman.”



  I whispered once more while stroking Irina’s head, who was grumbling in tears.



  “Actually, both the Young Master and me personally… love to subdue people like you the most.”



  Hearing my creepy altered voice, Irina lowered her head helplessly. While I was leering at her, I suddenly turned around.






  Because I heard groans coming from the inside of the cave. 


While I was staring at the depths of the cave frozen stiff by this sudden unexpected situation, the groans soon turned into screams.



  “Wha-What…was that sound…?”



  Irina, too, began to panic at that sound. I eventually left Irina behind and cautiously headed deeper into the cave.


  Shortly after, I reached the deepest part of the cave…






  Truly, it was a grotesque scene.








  The interior of the cave was filled with human skeletons, goblins, monstrous spiders, black slimes, and so on… numerous monsters and demons gathered together and were chomping away the human bones and lumps of flesh.








  While I was absentmindedly staring at that scene, I heard someone’s voice from below. I flinched and stepped back. 










  However, I soon realized the voice belonged to a woman at death’s door, gasping for her last breath.








  Numerous insect-type monsters and goblins were clinging to the woman’s half-dead body and gnawing away at her flesh.



  I immediately got rid of those monsters, closed my eyes shut and reached out to share my life force with her, as she seemed to be on her last breath. However, soon I had to stop. 



  “Please kill me…”





  Because she implored me to kill herself. 



  “If I apply first aid…”


  “The village I lived in was razed to the ground… my friends… my husband and children… and my neighbors… they’re all dead…”




  “So… just kill me… adventurer… I don’t want to live anymore…”



  After briefly observing her in silence, I slowly tried to persuade her. 



 “Still, if you survive, you could start a new life somewhere else. So…”



  However, I soon stopped talking.



  Because this is the current situation of the whole Empire. 



  At least in some areas like the Imperial capital, which are well fortified, a fresh start is possible, but… it’s common for backward, rural, and remote areas to be ravaged and wiped out by demons.  



  It’s a dreadful situation that will never end until the nobles try to kill the Demon King rather than caring about their own well-being.



  So, it would be too cruel to ask her to start a fresh life elsewhere in such a despondent situation.



  However… if it’s after I defeat the Demon King.. when I earnestly begin reforming the Empire… maybe. 



  “Sir adventure… It looks like you’re severely wounded … you don’t need to help me… I just want a painless death…”





  Immersed in such thoughts, I tried to reach out to the woman again, but once again, she refused to take my hand and pointed to my tattered body. 



  Only then did I recall the fact that I lacked the life force to even get out of this place, let alone the life force needed to save her. So I placed my hand on the hilt of my sword.



  “Thank… you…”



  Seeing the change in my expression, the woman thanked me in tears, then soon closed her eyes.



  “…Let me ask you one thing.”





  However, I didn’t take her life right away and asked her a question in an icy voice.



  “…Did those demons kill your husband, children, and neighbors and dragged you here?”





  The woman nodded with great difficulty. 



  “…I see.”



  And the next moment, I raised my sword with a rueful smile.



 – Schwiiiiing!!



  Eventually, when I swung my sword in full force, the woman closed her eyes, sensing the approaching death.






  However, no matter how long she waited, death didn’t come to her. The woman slowly opened her eyes as her eyelids trembled. She was left speechless when she witnessed the sight in front of her.








  This is because the countless demons and monsters that nestled in the deepest region of the cave were all falling on the floor one by one, dying in agony.






  The woman who had been staring at the scene for a long time began to weep bitterly. I quietly looked at her, then soon opened my mouth.



  “…Unlike those demons, I’ll make sure you pass away in peace.”


  “Thank you… Thank you so much…”



  Then the woman extended her neck out to me with a relieved smile, and a few moments later, her body fell limp on the floor.

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  After staring at her lifeless body for a while, I heaved a deep sigh and walked away with heavy steps. 






  And wiped the blood seeping out of my mouth. 









  “I-I just… heard a voice…”


  “…Oh, you mean that?”



  When I returned to Irina, she began to inquire urgently.



  “Surely… It was a woman’s scream… What the hell… is going on…”


  “You are not the only one here. There are quite a few women who are being educated to be embraced by the Young Master.”


  “You’re Crazy… you psychotic bastard…”



  Upon hearing that, Irina, who looked resentful, soon stiffened her expression and asked me another question.



 “Wait… there is a scent of blood…”


  “…You noticed.”


  “Ma-Maybe you…”


  “If she ever escapes from this place… there is a high chance she will betray the Young Master. That’s why I dealt with her on my own.”


  “Die! Die!!! You piece of shit!!!”





  I sighed as I looked at Irina, who began to struggle with all her might. Seeing her like that, I soon spoke in a cold tone.



  “…Don’t worry. The Young Master ordered me to finish your education without killing you.”


  “Shut up! Frey and you… I’ll definitely kill both of you!!”


  “Education will start tomorrow.”



  As I approached Irina, who was still struggling and shouting, I whispered in a creepy voice.



  “…Let’s see how long your struggle will last.”



  After saying so, I gagged her mouth again and sauntered to the corner of the cave and began to contemplate. 



 Now it’s time to get her out of here.










  ‘I’ll kill him… I’ll definitely kill him… I’ll definitely…’



  I don’t know how much time has passed. If I was able to sneak a peek at the scenery outside, I could have at least guessed whether it was day or night, but I can’t judge because my eyes are covered.






  I’ve already tried to gather mana several times to get out of this desperate situation, but no matter how much I struggled, I couldn’t muster any mana at all. Perhaps I failed because I overdid it in the duel earlier.  







  “Crackle.. Crackle…”





  Furthermore, even if I somehow succeed in mustering mana and free myself from this bondage, I will still have to deal with Frey’s scumbag servant and probably the countless monsters lurking outside.



  ‘Still… I will never give up…’



  Even in this hopeless situation, I kept trying to muster mana over and over again. 



  Even if I have to fight his servant, even if I get mangled by the monsters and demons… I had to get out of here and kill Frey.



  This is because I need to save the Empire, the Imperial subjects, and Arianne. 






  As I felt an excruciating pain all over my body while struggling to gather mana, my gag suddenly came off.








  I was perplexed by the abrupt situation, when suddenly someone blocked my mouth.



  “I don’t have time to explain…! We need to get out of here first…!”



  After a while, an unidentified person who urgently spoke to me in a high-pitched tone began to drag me somewhere.



  While I was being dragged along like that, I quietly muttered to myself.



  ‘…Yes, I can’t die in a place like this even after regression.’



  It seems that the Sun God is helping me.



Translator’s Note:


1. ‘Beyond Mountains, there are mountains.’ is a Haitian proverb which means as you solve one problem, another problem presents itself. We could have localized it but we decided to stay faithful to author’s initial frame of writing.



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