An Accident

Chapter 26 -An Accident

  “…Well, I’ll be on my way.” 


  “…All right.” 



  It was only in the morning when I finally calmed down I sent Kania, who had been comforting me until then, off to class first.



  In fact, it would be great if she could support me because my body is still not in good shape, but that could raise doubts among the people.   



  So, even if it’s a little hard, sending her away is the right decision because hiding our relationship would be beneficial to our future plans. 






   With that in mind, I opened the skill store and began to browse the skills I would need at this point. 



[Store / Elementary Skills Level 2]

Life Force Recovery (1000pts)
Description: Permanently slightly increases the life force recovery rate. (Total amount does not increase)



  “…I should buy it now.” 



  Today is the day of the long-awaited performance evaluation duel. 



  Therefore, I need to buy this skill so I can endure Irina’s beating to some extent.






  Thinking as such, I pressed the skill to buy it, and soon energy coursed through my veins.



  I didn’t expect much since it was supposed to be a slight increase, but it seems to be worth the price of 1,000 points.



    “…I hope Irina shoots the fireball right at me.”



  I closed my eyes for a while and felt the energy coursing through my body, then I began to rummage through my bag while worrying about Irina.



   “…All right, this should be enough.” 



  Eventually, I took out three of the highest grade mana potions I had bought from the back alley on my way back to the dormitory from the cathedral yesterday. I didn’t hesitate to open the lids and gulped them down one by one. 






  I thought they would taste fine since they were the highest grade mana potions, but they were surprisingly bad.  



  Thanks to this, I felt nauseated, but if I threw up, tens of thousands of gold would be wasted, so as I forced myself to gulp them down, I soon felt a fiery mana swirling in my belly. 



   ‘…This should be enough.’ 



  After briefly closing my eyes and feeling the mana in my belly. I soon smiled when I realized the right amount had been concentrated.



  Perhaps this amount of stellar mana will be of help to Irina.   


  Of course, Irina is after my life, but if I don’t give her mana, her grades would gradually worsen… which could cause problems in the scenario.


  There are already many twists, even though I have tried to avoid the variables as much as possible, but if Irina is demoted to a lower class or gets expelled from the academy, who knows what might happen. 



   Therefore, for now, I need to proceed according to the contents written in the prophetic book.

  ‘…written in the prophetic book?’



  As I was organizing my thoughts and preparing to head to the classroom, I briefly stopped while pondering about the prophetic book. 






  I heaved a deep sigh, as I tried to calm my anxious mind, and then muttered inwardly with a serious expression on my face.

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  ‘Two prophecies written in the book have already proven to be wrong… Must I follow it blindly?’ 



  There was clearly no mention of a penalty where all Main Heroines will gain the memories of their past lives as a result of my regression. 



  Of course, I did find the situation quite bizarre, but up until now, I had been trying to rationalize that the penalty must have been incurred due to some unexpected variables that even my ancestor couldn’t foresee. 



  However, now I discovered that even Ferloche’s setting is wrong. 



  According to my memory and the setting mentioned in the prophetic book, Ferloche has always been a naïve and stupid girl since time immemorial.



  When I was young, she drank the potion I handed to her without a hint of suspicion, and even when I told her to go to the cathedral, she didn’t doubt my words and went there.



  But in yesterday’s dream, or rather nightmare, she confidently exclaimed to my younger self that she would ‘expose’ his atrocities.  

   The same Ferloche, who asked a grammatical question in the blackmail letter because she couldn’t differentiate between the words ‘captive‘ and ‘expose’.



  Of course, it wouldn’t matter if the dream I saw earlier was just a silly dream… but after noticing how my sword’s tint has faded in a day, I’m certain that the spirit residing in the sword must have intervened. 

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  If the dream is indeed true, and if my ancestor, who I believed knew everything was wrong… what am I supposed to do if even the prophecy I devotedly followed turns out to be wrong in the end?



   Is it really fine to believe the prophecy, the system, and my memory? 






  I stood there contemplating about it for a long time, but in the end my mind couldn’t weave an answer. 



  Because, to deny the prophecy and the system.. is to deny every single deed I’ve ever done.



  And if I denied it, I felt like I won’t be able to hold on to my sanity any longer… In the end, I decided to put aside my concerns for later until I find more concrete evidence.   



   ‘…It’s still within control. I can still make things work.’ 



  As such, I barely self-rationalized like that, then heaved a deep sigh and left the dormitory. 

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  “Everyone pay attention. I will now explain the precautions needed for the performance evaluation.” 



  All the students of Class A were assembled in the training ground. 






  And soon, I sensed an immense killing intent.



  I looked around to see what was going on, and soon discovered Clana, Ferloche, and Irina were glaring at me.



  Aside from Clana and Irina, I never expected Ferloche to glare at me with eyes filled with such murderous intent. 



  “…Focus! All of you, concentrate!” 



  When the girls who had been glaring at me like that heard Isolet yelling, they averted their gaze from me, then turned their attention to her. 

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  I began contemplating about my future plan after thanking Isolet inwardly for letting me have a breather.



   Today no matter what, I need to lose to Irina. 



  After my defeat, I will play the role of an egomaniacal ruffian with high pride who was forced to hand over his mana to a lowly commoner because of the oath of death.



  Obviously, while handing over my mana, I will only transfer the amount required for Irina to not flunk for a year. 



   Otherwise, my mortality rate will soar. 



  “…Also, lately mysterious monsters have been appearing all over the Empire.” 



  While I was immersed in such thoughts, Isolet’s voice resounded throughout the training ground with the help of a loudspeaker magic artifact.



  “The knights are still blocking them to some extent, but if the current trend continues, the Imperial capital we live in will be in danger someday.” 



  Indeed, her statement is true. 



  By now, due to the aftermath of the Demon King’s awakening, demons must have been appearing throughout the Empire.  


  And those demons will ravage the barren land devastated by the ‘Great Famine,’ wreaking havoc and inflicting massive casualties throughout the Empire. 



  And because of that, half the imperial subjects of the Empire will starve to death, while the other half will be preyed upon by the demons. 

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  Of course, the lords will be busy protecting their own property, ignoring the pleas of the subjects they ought to protect. After all, it is a desolate world. 



  “So, as per the changed imperial policy, I will raise you to be the shield that protects the Empire. And the first step in that regard is this performance evaluation.”


  While I was contemplating about this filthy rotten Empire, Isolet observed everyone with an icy gaze and continued to speak.  



  “So, performance evaluation will be conducted in the form of ‘Full-scale real life combat’.” 



  When the students looked confused at those words, Isolet added briefly.   



   “…and with the determination to kill each other.” 



  With those final words, Isolet finished stating the precautions and sat down, and a heavy silence descended upon the training ground. 



  “Then… the first pair, Clana Solar Sunrise and Ferloche Astellade, come forward.” 



  In this heavy atmosphere, Isolet announced the start of the performance evaluation in a solemn tone.  



  “Saintess Ferloche. Once again, this isn’t a game…” 


  “…I know.” 




  “…No longer will I be fooled.” 



  The two of them talked to each other as they stood on the sparring ground with a serious expression. 



  Normally, one could hear Clana and Ferloche’s humorous banter. However, now Ferloche is prepared to fight as she stood there in a battle ready stance with a cold expression.  






  Seeing her like that, my heart felt disgusted, drowning in the guilt of corrupting a pure and innocent child like her. The grotesque visage of hers that I saw in my dream, and the image of her past that differed completely from my memory, blended together into one.

   – Whistle 

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  As I shook my head in an effort to clear my mind of the distractions, I heard Isolet’s whistle and, in the next moment, the Princess and the Saintess clashed. 



  For a moment, my heart pounded at the thought that she was going to use the ⟦Blessing of the Sun God⟧, but upon closer inspection, I saw that the Imperial Princess’ attack imbued with solar mana was blocked by a white shield.



 – Swoosh… 



  Clana then stepped back with nimble movements and began concentrating ❰Solar Mana❱ on her fingers, while the Saintess concentrated ❰Holy Power❱ in her fists. 



  ‘…Are they planning to end the duel with an all out attack?’ 



  The amount was so vast that I was wondering if they were trying to end the duel with a single all out attack, but when their two attacks collided mid-air in unison.



  ‘…Ah, so you were aiming for this.’ 



  And at that moment, massive mana fragments that collided in the air flew towards me along with debris.



  Perhaps, if I get directly hit by them, I’ll suffer from an injury that will take 10 weeks to cure.  






  Astonished, Kania quietly concentrated dark mana in her palms, but I shook my head to restrain her. 



 – Swchwiing! 



  This is because I had predicted in advance that Isolet would obliterate those mana fragments and debris with her sword slash before they even reach me.



  “… I can control unexpected situations like this, so you can use advanced techniques without worrying. Then, let’s proceed.” 



  After Isolet’s calm remarks were over, the girls, who looked disappointed, resumed their duel.

  It seems to be a battle strategy formulated with the intention ‘it will be fortunate if it worked, else there is no harm if it didn’t.’ However, it was rather threatening nonetheless.



  ‘…By the way, it wasn’t a fatal attack. Looking at that, it seems that Kania’s words were correct.’ 



   The primary purpose of the ‘Heroine Alliance’ that Kania spoke of was my ‘Downfall.’ 



  When I asked her what the reason was for such a decision, she said they decided that it was far too generous of a treatment to just kill the person who has destroyed the world. 



   Truly, I’m sincerely grateful for giving me time. 

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  As I watched the battle in silence with such thoughts in my mind, Clana’s attack imbued with solar mana hit Ferloche, and the duel was blander than I expected. 



  If it had been the former Ferloche who hated pain, she would never have allowed herself to get hit by such an attack.



  However, for some odd reason, Ferloche allowed herself to get hit by a fatal blow while trying to force her way to Clana. 






  Ferloche, who quivered while gripping her belly for a long time, clenched her teeth and struggled to get up somehow. 



  “Just, why the hell…” 


  “I, I… I won’t let anyone… take advantage of me anymore…” 





   However, she couldn’t withstand the shock of the blow with her mental strength, and soon lost consciousness.  


  Watching the scene, I lowered my gaze under the weight of the guilt for making a pure girl like her that way.  



  “… The winner of the duel is Clana Solar Sunrise. Then, the next pair.” 



  Eventually, Isolet’s calm voice resounded, and the unconscious Ferloche was carried away by the assistants. 



 “Young Master, are you all right…?” 





  When Kania who was beside me spoke to me, I nudged her away and remained silent struggling to control my expression. 



  When I saw Kania biting her lip, it seemed my expression must have been quite distorted.










  Since then, several pairs have faced each other, but most of the duels ended with a single exchange. 



  This happened because the commoners were too skilled for these incompetent nobles to handle.



  Still, the showdown between Kania and Arianne was worth watching. 



  Although the winner was Arianne, who succeeded in trapping Kania completely using her barriers, but the result would have been hard to predict if Kania was able to use her black magic.

  By the way, it’s a bit disappointing that Serena isn’t here. If she had been here, we could have witnessed her ability to predict all her opponent’s attack routes and overpower them with just a finger…    



 ‘…What a shame, No—.’ 



  On second thought, if Serena was in this situation, she would have been after my life as well. Now that I think about it, I should be glad instead of disappointed that she isn’t here right now. 



   However, it is now time for Serena to return to the academy. So… it seems that I must somehow figure out a countermeasure to deal with her. 



  “…The next group, Frey Raon Starlight and Irina Philliard, step forward.” 



  While I was busy organizing my thoughts, before I realized it was already my and Irina’s turn. 



  “…Are you ready to be my slave?” 





  I approached Irina’s side and threw a sarcastic remark, as she glared at me fiercely.  



  I calmly accepted Irina’s gaze, then whispered quietly in her ear. 

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  “Oh, I’m thinking about embracing your little friend next time… Can you give me some advice later?” 


– Chomp…! 



  Then Irina bit her lips tightly. 



  “…Then, are you willing to take care of me?” 



  As I looked at her with an expression of ridicule, I wiped the blood that began to ooze out of her lips with my hand, then soon walked over to the sparring ground while lost in thought.  



  ‘…This should be enough, right?’ 



  Irina Philliard gets stronger the more angry she gets. 



  It’s not just a metaphor, rather an ‘official setting’. 



  Because the grand magic that dealt a fatal blow to the Demon King, an otherworldly being, was also a magic born out of grief and burning rage over the loss of her friend Arianne. 



  So even if she is in a mana exhausted state, she could at least land a hit on me with a fireball if she is that infuriated.



 – Whistle!! 



  While I was immersed in my thoughts, I saw that Irina had already entered the sparring ground and was glaring at me, and at the next moment, Isolet blew her whistle.






  And even when the sound of the whistle still lingered, seven fireballs appeared above Irina’s head. 



  “Now, wait… Se-Seven?” 


   “What… How can that failure…”



   In such an atmosphere where people were whispering amongst each other, Irina glared at me with a hateful expression and spoke. 



  “Although… I’m not strong enough to kill you… I’ll make you suffer as painfully as possible…” 


  “Um…seven is a bit…”

  “I will kill you in a year when I regain my strength. Until then, I’ll leave you with burns that will make you squirm in pain.” 


  “No, you won’t be able to manipulate all of them anyway… sigh.” 



  Summoning seven fireballs in a mana exhausted state is something that if reported to the tower, mages would flock to her to study the phenomenon with their eyes ablaze. 



  Irina has achieved such an amazing feat, but looking at her made my heart anxious. 


  Because to control seven fireballs in her current state would be nothing short of suicide.






  Sure enough, Irina, who was trying to manipulate the fireballs, fell to her knees. 



  “Fu-Fuck.. Cough…”


  ‘No, if you just shoot a few shots in moderation, I’ll lose on my own… Why are you messing around?’

  As I stared at her with resentful eyes, I then noticed that Isolet and Clana continued to look at me with strange eyes because of the fact that I was standing still. Noticing their gazes, I began to approach Irina while gritting my teeth. 





  “…Ha, I knew it. What the hell sort of fireball is that bitch?”


  As soon as I arrived in front of her, I knocked her down on the dirt floor with a kick. 



  “No matter how much you struggle… there are some things that will never change… Irina.” 


  “With that filthy mouth…don’t…don’t ever call my name…you bastard…” 


  “You bitch, you’re going to become my pet soon… you lowlife.” 





  As Irina was muttering curses while glaring at me with hateful eyes, I grabbed her by the hair and slammed her on the ground.





  “Look closely. This is the soil of the ground that suits you.” 




  “What’s the matter? You’ll swallow more of these in the future.” 



  Eventually, I opened the flask of purified mana I kept in my sleeve and spilled it on the ground without anyone noticing, then I provoked her by grinding her face on the soil damped with mana.





 “What happened? Do you feel bad because your face is being rubbed on the ground?” 


  “Cough, cough…” 


  “By the way, no matter how much I think about it, I think this dirty ground looks less repulsive than you…” 




  “No matter how much worms and filth roam this ground… Isn’t it natural to feel repulsed when something as vile as you touch it?”



   After saying that, I muttered inwardly as I began to walk out of the sparring ground, leaving her behind, who was still clenching her teeth. 



  ‘…Please, just hit me with one shot.’ 



  As I trudged along, praying fervently that she would land a fireball on me, I sensed the rising heat behind me and turned with a contented smile on my face.  



 – Whoosh!! 



  And at that moment, the first fireball hit me. 






  After getting hit properly by her fireball, I immediately stumbled back, feeling the relief that Irina could beat me rather than the confusion due to the burn being worse than I expected.



  ‘…Why does it burn so much?’ 



  Although ❰Fireball❱ is a fatal magic spell, a single fireball isn’t really threatening. 



  Unlike ❰Meteor❱, which boasts considerable power individually, ❰Fireball❱ is a magic that competes with rapid fire and quantity. 



  But this.. this isn’t a fireball, it’s more like a meteor. After all, even if she is in a mana exhausted state, she is still the Archmage of the future. 



  “Aargh, it hurts!!” 



  With such thoughts in my mind, I rolled on the ground with tears in my eyes, and at that moment, two fireballs flew straight at me. 



  “Aargh! It’s hot, it’s hot!!” 



   I greeted those fireballs with joy, and I once again rolled on the ground and began to recite the lines of the third-rate villain I prepared in advance.  



  “You, you dare… you filthy lowlife… bitch…!” 



  I felt like dying from cringe. However, each of these dialogues is highly effective and brings immediate results. I can tell just by looking at the commoners’ faces as soon as I uttered this line.



  “…How does it feel to roll around on the ground after being beaten by a filthy and lowly commoner?” 


  “Cough… Cough…” 


  “…Get up, there’s still more.” 


  “Ugh… Huh…?” 



  After rolling on the ground for a long time, I staggered up hearing Irina’s words, but soon I froze at the sight before me.  



 – SIzzle! 






  This time, three fireballs were flying at me. 




  Although I was in pain, I pretended to be unconscious, in honor of her, who managed to manipulate three fireballs simultaneously in a mana exhausted state. 



  “Get… up… still… one… more left…” 



  When I heard her despiteful voice, I smiled bitterly and staggered up with my tattered body. 



  Despite the fact that my life span and vitality have been massively reduced, I’m still a hero, so I’ll be able to endure one last attack.

  Of course, I might really lose consciousness if I get hit by that one.



  However, the false evil deeds I have committed against Irina… No, from her point of view, they were true evil deeds full of malice, so it’s only justifiable that I face her hatred and wrath head on. 



  “Ah, it’s not over yet… bitch…” 



  And so I finally stood on my feet, spouting repulsive lines until the very end, as I clenched my teeth and waited for the last fireball she would cast. 



   “Take… this… and go to hell…” 


   “Let’s end this once and for all…”



 – Thud 






  Irina, who was about to send the last fireball flying at me, staggered and immediately collapsed.






   And at that sight, heavy silence lingered for a long time. 



  “I’ll count to 10. 10, 9, 8…” 



  ‘…Damn, now that this has happened, I have no choice.’ 



  Eventually, I panicked when I heard Isolet counting, so I tried to wake her up with the remote life force transmission brooch while crying inwardly.






  Suddenly, a large mysterious magic circle appeared on the floor of the sparring ground where me and Irina were. When it began to glow, I straightened my sword while frowning at the abnormal phenomenon.


  And in the next moment, a bright light erupted from the magic circle and devoured both me and Irina in an instant.



  “Bu-But what I bought was supposed to be a recovery scroll…!?” 



  After hearing Arianne’s bewildered cry while covered in that bright light, I soon lost consciousness. 













  I grabbed my throbbing head and slightly opened my eyes. Soon I saw numerous trees standing before me.






  I was bewildered by the fact I couldn’t find the students and supervisors watching over us in the training ground. However, when I scanned the surroundings, there were gray trees as far as the eyes could see.



  “…Fucking crazy.” 



  I looked at the scene in a daze and immediately spat out a curse.   


  It was because I realized that the place where I was standing right now was the ‘Ashen Forest’, a hideout infested with all kinds of demons, which should only appear in the middle to late stages of the ‘game’ according to the scenario mentioned in the prophetic book. 



  “This… just what the hell is going on…?” 



  As I stood up, still not yet grasping the situation, I lowered my gaze when something got caught up in my feet.  






  I found Irina’s unconscious self, who was gasping for breath. 



  “… This is driving me insane.”



  It seems that both me and Irina had passed out in this demonic hideout after getting teleported hundreds of kilometers away from the academy.  


  At this point, I’m anxious about what will happen next.


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