The Main Heroines are Trying to Kill Me Chapter 112

Chapter 112- Your Only Canary

Your Only Canary



  “Where are we going?”


  “Just follow me. You’ll find out soon.”


  Sorry, Frey. You’ll have to indulge my whims for a little longer.


  Frey seemed quite angry judging from his cold expression, but I wasn’t sure what I could do, especially if I didn’t want to cause him more trouble.


  “Oh, there it is.”


  “That is…?”


  ‘But for a few days… No, just today.’


  ‘I want him to suit my fancy just once.’


  “Why are you acting like that? It’s not like it’s your first time seeing a carriage.”


  “No, you said we were taking a walk together. Why are we riding a carriage…”


  “We don’t have to walk. Hurry up and get on.”


  When I said that, Frey just looked at me with a puzzled expression.




  Every time he looked at me with that expression, my heart throbbed. It felt like someone was pushing a red-hot nail into my heart.


  But it can’t be helped. This is my karma…


  ‘No, it’s because of our covenant. I can’t help it because of the covenant. You have to remember.’ 


  ‘Right now, I’m…’





  My hands trembled as I thought about how complicated everything was.


  I wished someone would hold my hand, but all I felt was the chilly night air.




  Thinking as such, I climbed into the carriage and gazed out the window. I listened as the horse cried out vigorously, and the carriage began to move.




  I peeked at Frey as my heart pounded, but he was yawning with a tired look on his face.


  Well, it was late. No wonder he’s tired. I felt even more apologetic.


  ‘I’m so ashamed to ask you this but… even if only for a day, please just stay with me.’


  ‘Perhaps, this might be the last time I could ever spend time with you.’






  “Hmm, hmm.”


  As I thought to myself, Frey suddenly started coughing. Did he catch a cold?




  Oh, it wasn’t a cold.


  With an embarrassed look, he took out a handkerchief from his pocket and covered his mouth. 


  Regardless of how naive and incompetent I was…


  And since my memories were gradually returning, I was sure of that much.


  “Frey, are you okay?”


  “It’s not a big deal. It’s just a cold.”


  “…I see.”


  ‘You’re lying. I’ve already heard from Ferloche. I know that you won’t be long in this world.’


  When I first heard it, I was exhilarated. I thought that the future had changed because the others and I had returned, and you, the villain, was now destined to die. 


  So, every time you went around doing something you hadn’t done in the previous timeline, I became more and more anxious.


  It was perhaps the side effect of you being destined to die due to the butterfly effect. Perhaps someone who hadn’t died in the previous timeline would die this time, or maybe there would be even more victims.


  Afterwards, wouldn’t the Demon King think highly of you and resurrect you?


  ‘I was really scared.’


  ‘So I decided to kill you.’


  ‘Because I thought it was my responsibility to return everything to normal… I tried to end everything with my own hands before you did anything else.’




  ‘I didn’t expect that to happen.’


  ‘No, not yet. Please hang in there for a little longer. There’s still a lot I want to try.’


  Pushing aside the thoughts that had clouded my mind, I shifted my attention towards the peculiar energy in front of me.


  ‘Stellar mana… Lunar mana… and even dark mana?’


  The amalgamation of these energies was rare, and one had to pay a fortune to find them. Despite its small size, I was able to identify them quickly due to their strong presence.


  ‘Where was this mana coming from? I’ll have to find out.’


  “…What are you staring at?”


  “Frey, can you show me that handkerchief for a moment?”


  Following the energy trail for a while, I was able to locate the origin.




  “Thank you.”


  On the handkerchief that Frey handed over, there were colorful engravings.


  A silver cat that spewed out stellar mana, a black cat with dark mana…


  And a moon, from which lunar mana emanated, gently lighting the handkerchief.


  Maybe these were left behind by people who were important to Frey.






  I hesitated to make any engravings on it, since it was probably a precious item to Frey.


  “…I’m sorry.”


  Although I thought that, I couldn’t resist injecting solar mana into the handkerchief. I really was shameless beyond comparison. 


  I wish I could have dyed this little handkerchief with a brilliant light. I couldn’t do it anymore, but it would have been nice if I could have drawn the sun.


  “Here, take it.”


  “…What’s this?”


  But even I wasn’t that shameless.


  So, I carved a small canary next to the silver cat.


  It was a shallow mark compared to the brilliance of the sun, but I wanted to leave a trace of myself on it.




  ‘I’m ashamed, but please look at it and remember me. Frey.’


  ‘I’ll be satisfied with that.’


  “Where we’re going now… is it where I think it is?”




  “Am I right?”


  I had been lost in thought for a long time, but I came to my senses when Frey asked me a question with an urgent expression on his face.




  After a moment’s hesitation, Frey’s face began to turn pale. Well, I would be the same way.


  It was as if a carriage loaded with explosives was heading into a blaze.


  But this was a place I really wanted to go with you again.


  “Ar-Are we going to the woods?”


  “No, the tavern near it.”




  “The bar that I cluelessly entered on the day I barely escaped from the woods with you.”


  When he heard my words, Frey’s expression began to get complicated.


  His expression was a mix of relief and uncertainty.


  It was surprising to see such a range of emotions on Frey’s face, as I had only ever witnessed his arrogant or shameless expressions before.


  “Why are we going to that bar all of a sudden?”




  With such a silly rationale, Frey naturally started asking questions.


  How should I answer? Was it because I lacked courage? Or was it because I was stressed out? Or perhaps was it because I simply wanted to make more memories with Frey?


  “…I want to have a drink.”


  “Then I know a better place…”


  “With you, alone.”




  When I finished speaking, Frey shut up and fell into deep thought.


  Oh, he wasn’t lost in thought, he fell asleep? The natural and steady sound of his breathing made me think he had fallen asleep.




  I moved cautiously to the seat beside him and gazed out of the window. The stars were shining brilliantly this night.


  They were especially beautiful today.








  “Here’s your drink.”


  “…Thank you.”


  A waiter with a sullen look on his face put the drink down where Frey and I were sitting.


  “Can you even drink this?”


  Frey, who looked at the drink skeptically, immediately asked me a question in a low voice.


  “What are you talking about?”


  “Aren’t you weak to alcohol?”


  “…You’re thinking of when I was young.”


  After hearing that, Frey fell silent, turning his gaze away. I realized that I had to change the subject naturally because I was getting too obvious.


  “This was the place we entered without knowing anything. It was just after we made the pledge in the woods and barely escaped with our lives. Initially, I thought it was just a restaurant, not a tavern.”


  “I don’t really remember.”


  “But I remember. Our expensive clothes that cost hundreds of gold had turned into rags, and you, who looked like a beggar, told me something in my wrecked state.”


  When I said that, Frey’s eyebrows began to wriggle.


  “…You told me that I looked like shit, remember?”


  “Did I?”


  “Yes, you did.”


  I mumbled to myself as I saw him start sighing quietly after I finished speaking.


  ‘And you said you would invite me to your upcoming birthday party.’


  You were smiling brightly as you said that.


  Unlike the pretentious aristocrats who calculated and evaluated every action they took, you had a brilliant smile on your face while inviting me to your birthday.


  “Do you remember when we got drunk here?”




  “Because of that, we were chased out of the tavern and slept together in the woods.”


  “What do you want?”


  I recounted old memories, but Frey simply responded coldly.


  Well, there was nothing else he could do but ask.


  Frey tilted his head as I spoke, his concern understandable given that I was an unstable time bomb that could explode at any moment.


  With that in mind, I finished what I couldn’t say internally.


  ‘…I will never forget the memories of that time.’


  During that time, I was very excited about making friends for the first time in my life.


  So, I wanted to visit you whenever I had time.


  However, the Empress wouldn’t leave me alone, and I ended up locked up in a cell. So, I had no choice but to spend time imagining having fun with you again.


  But there was a chance to meet you again.


  The birthday party you invited me to, Frey.


  I earnestly waited for that day, and then I waited some more.


  And on the day of the birthday party, I was so excited to hang out with you.


  But I didn’t expect your mother to die on that day.


– Frey, are you…


– …get lost.


  After that day, you changed completely.


  The pure and upright soul whom I had pledged to serve until my dying breath had disappeared, leaving only a mask-wearing, rage-filled tyrant in its place.


  I guess that was why.


  You also stopped making friends.


  The extent of his transformation was a shock to me.




  ‘But now I know. I’ll serve you. The person I swore to, is still…’




  “…What was that all about?”


  When I suddenly screamed, Frey, who had been bringing a drink to his mouth, was startled by the outburst and dropped the glass.


  “Were you lying when you said you had become a strong drinker?”


  “…I’m sorry.”


  I was sorry, but I couldn’t help it.


  I almost made a big mistake just now.


  Shaking his head with a slightly pale face, Frey frowned and asked,


  “So, why are you suddenly asking me to drink with you?”


  “I told you before. Just the two of us…”


  “Not that, the real reason.”


  ‘The real reason… The real reason is…’




  “It’s because of our covenant.”


  “Our covenant?”


  “Yes. You seem to be under a lot of stress these days, so I bought you out to have a drink. It’s something that is outlined in our covenant. It’s a compulsory duty, so I can’t do anything about it.”


  Of course, it wasn’t because of the covenant.


  The memories of the “Ordeal” were returning.


  As I attempted to use the mind control technique that Serena often used in the previous timeline, I quickly realized that it was too advanced for my amateur skills.


  Well, it was obvious what the result would be.


  I’m not as smart as Serena.


  I can’t use black magic like Kania.


  I’m not as kind as Ferloche.


  And I’m not as good at magic as Irina.


  From my childhood till today, and from my past life to the current one…. I could only do this much, even if I tried my best.


  Attempting to imitate Serena only resulted in an increase in the flow of memories, rather than the opposite.


  How could I even think of trying to manipulate my own emotions by trying to force myself to think that it was all because of the ‘covenant’?


  Fortunately, I managed to bring myself back to reality. However, I think that I will soon be ‘certain’ about him, possibly even today.


  ‘Because of that……’


  ‘I’ll have no choice but to use my final resort.’


  “Frey, do you like animals?”


  “…I don’t hate them.”


  “You must like canaries, right?”


  “What’s the point of all these questions?”


  With a smile, I looked at Frey who was still tilting his head with suspicion.


  “Seeing that you’ve left the canary on your shoulder… you don’t hate him, right?”




  “I’m sure of that much.”


  I’ve turned into a canary and scouted the academy a few times, and saw you petting a cat.


  ‘Not only that, but you’ve always fed and petted Serena’s owl.’


  And you were kind to my canary as well.


  Judging from all that, animals don’t do you any harm.


  So, the answer is simple.


  “Frey, I’ll give that bird to you as a gift.”


  “All of a sudden?”


  “Yes, so…”



‘I’m about to fall asleep forever.’


‘Perhaps, I wouldn’t ever wake up. Because I was going to move my soul and spirit away.’




‘Before the foolish sun’s light swallows that beautiful star…’


‘I will remain by your side and chirp.’


‘And I will be your faithful canary.’




“…Please take good care of me.”




The Main Heroines are Trying to Kill Me

The Main Heroines are Trying to Kill Me

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To save the hopeless Dark Fantasy World, I held back my tears and destroyed the world, then killed the Demon King and returned.   Now, I'm trying to save the world using the 'System' I gained as the 'Regressor's Privilege'...   But the Main Heroines have also awakened their memories of the previous timeline.   God dammit.


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