The Main Heroines are Trying to Kill Me Chapter 113

Chapter 113- There is No Beginning

There is No Beginning





  “…Aren’t you drinking a little too much?”


  I gazed at her, noticing she had been drinking wine excessively, and subtly asked her a question.


  “This much is fine… I’m not even at half my limit yet.”


  “I think your face is too red for you to say that.”


  She responded with a smile, and her eyes slightly dimmed.


  “It’s because of the heat.”


  “But it’s cold tonight.”


  “….Let’s move on.”


  Saying so, she began to reach out to the glass again.


  Seeing that her previously trembling hand had now steadied, it really did seem like booze was the most fitting remedy for personal struggles.


  “What do you think of the canary? Do you like it?”


  While I was still in the middle of contemplation, Clana began to speak, pointing to the canary perched on my shoulder.




  “Don’t say that you don’t like it. That would make me quite sad.”


  Hearing that, I sighed and replied.


  “It’s not bad.”


  “That’s a relief.”


  After having no choice but to reply to her statement, Clana began to look relieved.


  ‘…No way.’


  Seeing her like that really reminded me of how she had been during the ordeal.


  I wasn’t quite sure, but the expression she was making right now… It was so similar to back then.


  “Do you want to make a toast?”


  With the glass in her hand, Clana reached out asking for a toast and I reciprocated.


  “Let’s make a toast.”




  Our glasses met halfway, the contact created gentle vibrations on the surface.




  Noticing the vibrations, I took a sip but soon frowned.


  “Were you drinking something this strong?”


  “Yes, I have something I must do, and only wine may give me the strength necessary to accomplish it.”


  “What are you trying to do?”


  “I’m being forced to serve you because of our covenant… it’s incredibly hard to remain sane without relying on such strong liquor.”


  Clana appeared composed as she spoke, her previously shaking hands now resting peacefully on the desk.




  However, for some reason, something felt strange.


  It was like staring at a calm ocean before a devastating tsunami swept everything away.


  ‘As expected, something is off.’


  Something was definitely wrong with Clana today.


  Suddenly asking me to drink at night, especially in a tavern filled with old memories.


  Besides, her trembling hands could’ve been an indication that much of her memory of the ordeal had already returned.


  But why did she have that serene look on her face?


  It’s as if she has prepared everything to go far away.


  Of course, it could just be my imagination.


  However, she had even gifted me a canary infused with her solar mana.


  And asking me to take care of her after doing that…?


  Regardless of how much I thought about it, it felt like the bad ending from before, similar to the one left by my ancestor’s prophecy.


  In fact, this was the worst ending out of all of them.


  “It’s late, I’m going to go back to the dorm now…”


  “It’s only midnight. It’s not late at all.”




  “Don’t tell me you, the greatest villain of the Empire, would leave just because it’s midnight, right?”


  Looking at Clana pointing to the clock on the wall, I realized she was right.


  A new day had arrived.






  The new day also meant that the cooldown of the ‘Mind Reading’ skill I had used on Ferloche earlier had been reset.


  “Haha, hahaha…”




  As I began to laugh dazedly, Clana tilted her head and looked at me.




  As I looked at her, I sighed and closed my eyes.


  No wonder, she gave me a canary.


  I began to recall a memory from my past life.


  The last memory of her glancing at me with curiosity.



Frey Raon Starlight. If you really want to prove your loyalty to me, cut her heart out and bring hell down on the world.



  The ruins of the Imperial Family, trampled upon by the Demon King’s army, and the massacred soldiers were all that remained.


  There was nothing left of the Imperial Knights but traces of blood and torn armor scattered here and there.


  And you, sitting on the collapsed throne, quietly with your eyes closed, your body growing colder than ever.


  I didn’t know how someone who could shine so brilliantly could become that cold.


  As I walked with Clana towards the magic circle set up by the Demon King, I noticed a canary that vaguely sparked a memory.


  Already emotional due to her body growing colder, the Canary hovering around me made me even more gloomy.


  However, I couldn’t stop there, so I clenched my teeth and headed towards the magic circle.


  Finally arriving, I took a knife out and stabbed Clana in the heart.






  The canary then pecked me in the eye.


  This had opened a wound, causing blood to flow from my eyes. I wielded the knife I was holding in shock.


  The canary flew up quickly and perched on the ceiling decorations as it gazed down from above at me and Clana.


  It seemed it was attempting to capture the sight of hell coming to the world.


  At that moment, I thought that Clana’s pet was grieving over its owner’s death.


– Stab!


  So after stabbing her in the heart, I couldn’t bear to raise my head again.


  It was only after the canary stopped singing that I regained my bearings, thinking that it had flown away.


  As the blood seeping out from the wound of my eye slowed down, I finally realized.


  I had brought hell to this Empire.






  Clana’s call suddenly brought me back to reality.


  “The canary… it seems like you like it?”


  “What are you talking about all of a sudden?”


  “Well… you’re petting the canary.”


  Back to reality, I found myself in a funny situation.


  I had placed the canary on my shoulder and was quietly stroking it with my hands. Then soon after I placed it on the table.


  “I’m so glad that you like it.”


  Clana, who was looking at me, once again spoke with a calm smile.


  “Could I get another bottle of wine…”


– Poke!


  As Clana raised her hand and tried to order another drink, I poked the canary.




  Her reaction was extraordinary.


  “What’s wrong, Clana?”


  “…It-It’s nothing.”


  When I asked her in a low voice, she tried to brush it off and change the subject.




  I quietly tapped the table with my finger, and then reached out to take the bottle that a waitress had dropped off. I carefully poured the drink into the glass and took a sip.


  “Are you still not drunk?”


  “…How about you? I’m sure you’ve drunk a lot too.”


  Clana, who had asked a question earlier, was now breathing heavily, as if the liquor had finally taken effect.


  “Are you… are you tickling the canary?”


  I stared at her silently for a second and then answered with a sharp look in response to her slightly embarrassed voice.


  “So what?”


  “Wh-why? Why would you do that…”


  “You gave it to me as a gift, so I’m free to do whatever I want with it. Don’t you think so?”


  As she listened to Frey, Clana hesitated before replying with a question of her own.


  “Then, are you going to continue harassing it?”


  “…Maybe when I get stressed?”


  “Still, you’re not going to hit it, are you?”


  “I can’t guarantee it.”


  As I spoke, I took a sip of wine, and I saw Clana chewing on her lips.


  “I thought you didn’t hurt animals.”


  “That’s true. However, a pet I own is a little different.”


  “What’s the difference?”




  “Well, you’ll know when you see it.”


  Clana lowered her head quietly and then suddenly began to drink the bottle in front of her rapidly.


  “I don’t care.”




  “It’s your gift, so you can do what you want with it.”


  As I tickled the canary once more, Clana began to tremble.




  “Are you saying it doesn’t matter what I do?”


  Even though I asked her that in the coldest voice possible, she simply responded with a smile.


  “Do whatever you want.”


  When I heard that, I stopped tickling the canary and quietly put it back on my shoulder.


  “…You’re drunk.”


  “No, not yet…”


  “You’re breathing hard and your face is red. Stop making excuses.”


  As she reached out to the glass, Clana froze in that pose.


  “Ugh, uh…”






  Clana, who was shaking and groaning, soon turned pale as her hands began to shake.


  “Do-Don’t touch my hand.”




  “More, before it’s too late… I wanted to spend more time with you.”


  Clana, who was shaking with her head hanging low, soon opened her mouth quietly.


  “I’m slowly reaching my limit.”




  “Let’s get out of here. We can’t let it end it.”




  “Why are you looking at me like that?”


  Seeing Clana standing up from her seat with a pale face, I murmured quietly.


  “…It’s nothing.”


  “Really? Then let’s get out of here.”


  Clana, who barely managed to hear my murmur, slowly rose and urged me up.


  “So, where are we going now?”




  When I asked Clana where she was going next, she smiled quietly and started talking.


  “There were originally many places I wanted to visit, and many things I wanted to do.”




  “Yes, but… I don’t think I have the time for that now. It’s a shame.”


  As she spoke, a fleeting look of melancholy crossed her face.


  “I was going to stop by the dessert cafe, the clothing store, and even the cat cafe…”


  “I see.”


  “…It’s gotten very late, hasn’t it? So I’m going to stop stalling and go to my final destination.”




  When I heard that, I frowned, and Clana grabbed my arm and left the tavern.


  “Right over there.”


  She pointed to a place that I was quite familiar with.


  “…Is it the woods where we made our covenant?”


  “Yes, that’s right. It’s the woods where the two fools made a reckless promise.”


  “Why are we going there now?”


  When I asked her that, Clana slowly stepped forward and began to talk.


  “The Canaria flower you were going to give me last time.”


  “…You remembered that?”


  “I really regretted not being able to accept that flower.”


  Ignoring my question, Clana turned her head slightly and began to look at me.


  “So, give me a new one.”


  “…The flower shop nearby has probably closed by now.”


  “It’s fine if you don’t give me a Canaria flower, but I want you to give me a Sunrise Primrose as a gift.”


  “A Sunrise Primrose?”


  Clana, who nodded quietly when I questioned her back, soon added to her earlier statement softly.


  “…I have to apologize before I go.”




  “Because we’ve made it all the way here.”


  At the end of her sentence, Clana turned around quietly and began to head into the woods.




  And, as I watched her quietly…


  “Not a chance.”


  As soon as it was reset, I used the skill and mumbled quietly to myself, watching the skill window float in front of my eyes.



[Clana Solar Sunrise’s Current Emotions: Love/Sacrifice]



“…After all, that’s my job.”




The Main Heroines are Trying to Kill Me

The Main Heroines are Trying to Kill Me

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To save the hopeless Dark Fantasy World, I held back my tears and destroyed the world, then killed the Demon King and returned.   Now, I'm trying to save the world using the 'System' I gained as the 'Regressor's Privilege'...   But the Main Heroines have also awakened their memories of the previous timeline.   God dammit.


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