The Main Heroines are Trying to Kill Me Chapter 122

Chapter 122- Healing The Subconscious Realm

༺ Healing The Subconscious Realm








  A familiar scene greeted me when I silently opened my eyes.



  “…It is my room.”



  I didn’t know how much time had passed, but first things first, this place seemed real.



  At the very least, I was in a clear state of mind, unlike before.



  Anyway, it looked like I had gone through quite a few amazing experiences while I was unconscious.



  Whether it be the memories of returning to a familiar, warm, cozy, and dark space, where I would crouch down before being forcibly ejected out of it.



  Or the sensation of my body shattering to pieces without experiencing pain, and what it felt like to be connected to someone.



  I faintly sensed those experiences in the back of my hazy consciousness. But when I opened my eyes, what came into view was the scene of my dorm.



  How many weeks have passed this time? Or perhaps, how many months have passed?



  How was Clana doing? If she was worried about me, how would she handle the upcoming Ordeal?



  And the slave market? The overlapping penalty? Ferloche’s secret?



  What should I do next?






  As soon as my mind became clear, I mulled over the numerous worries flooding my head. I sighed and laid back down on my bed.



  ‘I feel a little tired today?’



  If I was being honest, I felt really exhausted.



  From the moment I heard about the prophecy from my father, when I was still a clueless child who lacked nothing and deemed everything in this world as beautiful, up till now.



  I was only ever running towards the goal of defeating the Demon King and achieving a happy ending for the world.



  Of course, while doing so, there was a moment when I wanted to lash out at everything and also almost gave into seduction.



  But I still did not succumb and kept pushing forward.



  Because if I gave up, everything would be ruined.



[Permanent Debuff: The Fate of False Evil]
Description: Every time you are discovered to be a ‘False Evil’, your vitality and lifespan will be massively reduced. (Special Stack only reduces vitality)




Stack: 3
Special Stack: 1







  A thought came to mind and I opened the debuff window, before muttering with a smirk.



  “…I’m getting tired of this.”



  Even if my lifespan had been reduced, I didn’t really feel it. But if it was my vitality that was reduced, I couldn’t help but notice it.



  Because vitality is a force that allows a person to move, think and display our skills.



  So the reason I’m exhausted is because my vitality was reduced.



  Mental exhaustion wasn’t the cause of everything becoming tiring. It was just because of my physical strength dropping.



  So, let’s regain my strength from now on.



  Reduced vitality and lifespan were not problems that could be allowed. There were heaps of things that needed to be done, I couldn’t let my vitality get in the way.



  Didn’t my ancestor say that the game can be cleared with up to 5 stacks?



In theory, I could clear the game until I reach 5 stacks.



  Of course, I remembered that passage. So, there is no problem.



The only problem is the condition mentioned by the developer, and I don’t know if it will be possible in the first place. Even I, the only person who has cleared Dark Tale Fantasy 1, couldn’t clear Dark Tale Fantasy 2. But there must be a record of someone who cleared that in the leaderboard, right? So do your best in preserving the stack…



  Anyway, there was no problem.






  I calmed my mind down and tried to get up from my bed when I felt an ache on my body.



  Perhaps gaining 3 stacks has burdened my body.






  With that thought in mind, I carefully sat up. I then saw a shape with black hair sticking out.



– Thud, Thud



  I looked at the shape and indifferently tapped it. Soon after, I realized that it was Kania’s hair.



  “…Hello, Kania.”



  I smiled slightly at her, before frowning when I noticed the dark circles under her eyes.



  “Are you hurt anywhere?”



  I stroked Kania’s hair with a worried expression. Then, while trying my best not to wake her up, I got out of bed.






  It was obvious that she had nursed me day and night. As I watched her, knees on the floor near the bed, I thought I should let her rest.






  I saw something with my name engraved on it. Almost certain that it was mine, I started walking to a cane placed in the room’s corner.



  “That’s a lot better.”



  I inspected the cane here and there, stamping the ground, before muttering with a satisfied smile.



  “Indeed, it’s because I’m exhausted.”



  I regained my spirit as soon as I hit the ground with the cane.



  Of course, it should be like that.



  Would I become this exhausted when only one more stack was added?



  I was still far from defeating the Demon King.



  Let alone the second and third year, only the main quest in the second semester of the first year had progressed… I couldn’t be exhausted at this stage.



  Right, it was because my vitality was exhausted.



  I could still do this.






  While thinking that, I left the room. Suddenly, I looked over and glanced at Kania, who was sleeping on her belly on the bed.



  ‘She will hurt her waist sleeping like that.’



  In the previous timeline, she suffered from insomnia for quite a long time. I knew because I often saw her sleeping in weird positions.



  If she keeps sleeping like that, of course, she suffer from problems in her waist.






  With that thought in mind, I carefully lifted her.



  It was to lay her in a comfortable position on the bed. She looked extremely haggard.






  But, no matter what, It wasn’t the right time to let her sleep.



  Because, when I checked the clock while I was lifting her, I could tell that there were less than ten minutes left till the start of class.



  “Kania, wake up.”





  Kania hates being late to class, so in the end, I chose to wake her up.



  Honestly speaking, in my heart, I wanted her to have a good rest, but didn’t she have to go to class?



  “Young… Master?”





  With that reason in mind, I woke her up. Kania, who was in my arms, slowly opened her eyes.



  “Have you been well?”





  I smiled at her but she blankly looked at me.



  “What’s wrong?”


  “…Young Master.”





  I tilted my head at those words.



  “If you want to rest, you can tell me anytime.”





  Kania said as she buried her head in my chest.



  “Don’t shoulder it all alone.”



  In the end, she silently held my head and got up, gazing at me.



  “…Me too.”





  Then, the girl who said those unexpected words grabbed my free hand and slowly helped me out of the room.



  “Kania. The work’s report–”


  “Let’s delay it first. I will report them all at once later. For the time being, let’s listen to the class and rest.”







  Why does it feel like Kania has leveled up?



  Why is it?














  – Kiiik






  To be as inconspicuous as possible, I opened the door and walked into the classroom naturally.






  But, despite my efforts, everyone’s gaze immediately focused on me.



  Well, even the entire nation would spare a glance if the scoundrel who, after collapsing and confining himself in his room, suddenly opened the door and walked in one day.






  Of course, I have experienced gazes like these too much to be intimidated by them, so I could ignore it. But Kania quickly distanced herself and disappeared somewhere.






  I felt a little weirded out by that. When I read the look in their eyes, I frowned slightly and muttered inwardly,



  ‘…It somehow feels like déjà vu.’



  Right, it resembled Kania’s first appearance, when she was ignored by the commoners and ostracized by the nobles.



  Of course, the only difference was that the target had changed to me.



  “Frey! Here! Come sit quickly!”





  As I stood there and accepted those gazes head-on, I heard a familiar voice coming from somewhere.





  “Partners should sit side by side!”





  I quietly responded to her words and sat beside her. Those gazes also followed me to my seat.



  The nobles were trying to determine how bad my condition was, having heard the rumor that I was in a critical state, to calculate the gains and losses.



  The commoners were either praising Heaven for serving justice or taking a look at me getting punished.



  It seems like they are diligently conveying those messages through their gazes.



  “Lady Clana, do you have time today?”


  “Lady Serena, I brought a pretty accessory…”



  Then, after they retrieved their gazes, not even a minute had passed before the nobles were divided into the two factions I expected.



  They were the factions of Clana, whose face turned pale in fright when she discovered me, and Serena, who looked at me with a mournful gaze.



  ‘…Wait, already?’



  I apathetically watched that scene unfold, then tilted my head at a rising doubt.



  ‘Why are they divided at this time?’



  I expected the faction split to happen in the second year, but it is still far from now.



  It would be good if I could still have some sort of influence… How did this happen?



  “Young Master, are you okay?”


  “…Your dark circles have even gone below your chin!”


  “Won’t you be in big trouble…”



  I was thinking about that when a few female students started to approach me.



  Unexpectedly, were there still people in my faction?



  “You guys! Disperse!”




  “I’m concentrating on keeping my eyes on Frey! Don’t be a bother!”



  But those girls crawled back to their seats because of Ferloche.



  In a time like this, it appears that Ferloche was also useful to play as a totem.



  “Irina, want to play together?”


  “Let’s eat lunch together later!”





  I was silently watching over Ferloche, who was grinning at my side when the commoner students in the back gathered around Irina and started a conversation.



  But, was Irina always that popular?



  “Frey, do you have time tonight?”





  I looked suspiciously at Irina, who had suddenly gotten popular when Serena ditched her faction to approach me and caught my attention.



  “…Frey, you love me, right?”





  I didn’t know why, but I subconsciously replied with an answer I felt was the truth while tilting my head.



  Somehow the way Serena was acting resembled the way she acted at night.



  During the day, she was unwilling to approach me because she hated seeing me be affectionate with Kania.



  “Everyone, gather.”



  In that messy atmosphere, as soon as Isolet entered everyone’s attention focused on her.



  “Next, open page 168 of the [Sword Art Theory]. Today we will go in-depth on how to wield a sword.”






  I kept thinking about it, but the kids never complained to Isolet.



  As a matter of fact, among the family of marquesses, the most respected one is… the family of the first Sword Saint, the Hero’s party member. She is the eldest daughter of that family. Who would dare to offend her?



  ‘…Ah, it was me.’



  I was staring at the blackboard as I chuckled at a nonsensical thought that suddenly flashed through my mind before my eyelids slowly drooped.



  “Frey! What are you doing!? You can’t doze off!”


  “…Just a little. I will only rest for a little.”



  Ferloche was saying something beside me, but I really couldn’t endure the drowsiness.



  No matter what, I need to close my eyes just for a moment.



  Just a moment.



  Really, a moment.

















  In a dark room, with dense dark mana hovering in the air.



  “Cough! Cough!!”





  And then, the people in the room started to cough all at once.



  “Kania… what’s happening here?”



  Among the people who were coughing for quite some time, Clana lifted her head and, while frowning, asked.



  “You brought us to Frey’s subconscious… and let him dream about something he ‘wanted’ the most, right?”



  By her side was the still unconscious Frey.



  ”That’s right… so I have been bracing myself.”



  On the other hand, Irina who agreed with what Clana had said, frowned and continued.



  “But why is the dream only about attending class?”


  “That’s what I’m saying…”



  Having heard their words, Kania nibbled on her lips and said,



  “At this point, what the Young Master really wants is likely… to be only attending the class just like always.”





  At Kania’s answer, Clana shot a look of disbelief and asked,



  “But, does that make any sense? This black magic, isn’t it to bring out someone’s deepest desire?”


  “…That’s it. The Young Master was exhausted.”



  Kania answered Clana before adding with a worried expression.



  “On the day he was supposed to wake up, the Young Master didn’t. So a few days ago I started this treatment… back then, he would just lie down and sleep all day.”


  “Only sleep… Sleeping?”


  “Yes, I wanted to know just in case there was a problem. So I called Lady Clana and Irina… and only that specific wish came out.”



  Saying so, Kania silently looked at Frey.



  “More than anything, the Young Master and I shared the same mind and body, so I strongly feel it. He wanted to peacefully rest.”



  Having said that, a solemn atmosphere lingered inside the room.



  If the deepest and strongest desire in his heart lately was to ‘rest’, they couldn’t imagine how difficult of a life he has been living.



  ‘…Something’s not right.’



  In the midst of silence that lingered, Kania quietly muttered to herself.



  ‘Serena couldn’t come because she had another matter to deal with, Ferloche couldn’t participate because I was afraid she would find out the truth in the first place…’



  Frey was by her side.



  ‘…Why did they appear in his subconsciousness?’



  She said so with a puzzled look.



  ‘That can’t be?’



  In the end, the glint in her eyes turned into a fierce light.




The Main Heroines are Trying to Kill Me

The Main Heroines are Trying to Kill Me

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To save the hopeless Dark Fantasy World, I held back my tears and destroyed the world, then killed the Demon King and returned.   Now, I'm trying to save the world using the 'System' I gained as the 'Regressor's Privilege'...   But the Main Heroines have also awakened their memories of the previous timeline.   God dammit.


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