The Main Heroines are Trying to Kill Me Chapter 123

Chapter 123- Before it's Too Late

Before it’s Too Late









  I saw Kania in front of me as soon as I opened my eyes.



  No, it was not the normal sight, as she lay entirely on the bed embracing me.



  “Hello, Young Mast…eh.”


  “…Didn’t I tell you not to intrude into my subconscious?”



  I gazed at Kania who was dumbfounded at the situation. Then, I pinched her cheeks while frowning, and said,



  “Didn’t I tell you last time that you didn’t need to do that kind of thing?”


  “I apologize.” 



  I didn’t notice the oddities until I was done telling her off for 5 times. At that moment, I woke up from a long dream.



  I was not the kind of person to tell people off, but to some extent, it had a calming effect on me.



[Passive Status: Blessing of the Stars/Critical Condition/Blessing of Partners/Exhaustion]



  “…Don’t do that next time.”



  Still, I checked the status window for the passive status just to be on the safe side. Then, I said with a sigh.



  In the first place, Kania did that for my sake, so how could I possibly be mad at her?



  And without her help, I wouldn’t have woken up this quickly.



  “Then, the report…”


  “Wait, Young Master.”



  I let go of Kania’s puffed cheek and got up from my bed. But she tightened her arms to hold me.



  “What’s wrong?”


  “A moment, let’s just talk for a moment.”





  Saying so, Kania quietly snuggled up to my chest.



  “Kania, first…”


  “Young Master, don’t you feel more comfortable in this position, too?”





  Kania cut my words off and said with a triumphant voice.



  “I know everything.”




  “Everything about you, everything.”



  Kania somehow looked cocky, so I pinched her cheeks again. She then started smiling cheekily.





  “You’re being kind of weird.”





  In this kind of situation, Kania would usually bow her head and apologize, but she suddenly acted aggressively.



  “So, what do you want to talk about?”



  I was a little flustered because of it. I inquired, and Kania answered in a hushed tone while smiling faintly.



  “Now that I think about it, I probably shouldn’t say it.”




  “Even if I didn’t ask you, I know all the answers to your questions.”



  I watched Kania who continued being an airhead with a frown. I sighed and sat up from my bed.



  “Report to me what has happened so far.”


  “…But, you didn’t take any rest.”


  “I’ve rested to death in the dream you arranged for me, so it’s time to get back to work.”



  Even Kania vented with a sigh after hearing my words. She pulled out her notebook, wearing her piercing businesslike look that I hadn’t seen in a long time.



  “To begin with, It has been two weeks and five days after you collapsed in the forest.”


  “…That was quite short? Last time, although stacked, I was unconscious for 3 months.”



  Kania scowled at my reply but quickly changed her expression and answered.



  “It looked especially long because it was stacked last time. And the special treatment is also in progress.”


  “…Is that so?”



  I asked slightly doubtfully. Kania answered while nodding her head with an unconcerned look.



  “Yes, that’s right.”


  “Well, if you say so. Then… What about the slave market?”


  “The slave market… it will be opened in a few days.”


  “It’s finally here.”



  With the second year’s main quest in front of me, I’m actually a little anxious. Kania then questioned with a concerned look.



  ”Are you okay? It’s not because your plans were disrupted by falling unconscious for two weeks, right…?”


  “…That’s not it. I’ve done this a lot, and for a long time. But even then, an important event like this still puts me under pressure.”



Main Quest: Liberation of the Slave Market

Quest Content: Raid the large-sized slave market that will open soon. Free the slaves and prevent the approaching disaster!

Reward: Increases the Awakening Progress of the Hero’s Armament, Increases Total Mana.

Failure Penalty: Drastic Decrease of Reputation



  While saying so, I opened the mission window of the quest.



  “What exactly is the penalty for failing the mission?”


  “Drastic decrease in reputation.”


  “That’s better than having your vitality and lifespan decreased, right?”



  I answered Kania’s question in a depressed voice.



  “Even though it isn’t a main quest, it is a mission that I must succeed in no matter what.”


  “…Yeah, I guessed as much.”



  Because if I failed this mission, it would be impossible for me to save those slaves.



  Moreover, the aftermath will have a significant impact on the main scenario. It would also become a once in a lifetime memory for me.



  So whatever happens in this mission, I need to complete it no matter what.



  “Is there any class today? Kania?”


  “Today’s a weekend.”


  “Good, I will be going out for a moment… ugh!”



  I lost my balance as I tried to get up. Kania hurriedly caught me and let out a relieved sigh as she said,



  “Why would you suddenly want to go out? You need to get some rest now…”


  “I have something to discuss with Clana about freeing the slave market.”



  Then I added in a whisper.



  “And, there are a lot of misunderstandings between me and Clana.”




  “So… this time I will try to be frank with her.”



  Kania’s expression suddenly began to look frightening. I don’t know why, but she looked like an angry cat, which was pretty cute.






  When I thought so, Kania’s face started to twist.



  “Please take the cane there.”





  I was staring at Kania, who looked especially adorable today when she averted her gaze and pointed at a cane in the corner of the room.



  “Is it the one that appeared in the dream?”


  “Yes, everyone combined their power to create this special cane for the Young Master, who has become feeble.”





  Just as she said, I started to feel the diverse power exuded by the cane.



  I don’t know for sure, but if I bring this cane to the Magic Tower, it seems like it would at least be considered an artifact. This cane might even be the strongest in the world, no?



  Moreover, they even attached cat and moon ornaments that I liked. I wasn’t sure about the other parts, but I absolutely loved these.



  “Then, I will be back.”


  “Oh right, and…”



  I went out of the room while thinking those useless thoughts.



  “…I love you, Young Master.”





  I cleared my throat when Kania abruptly continued her remark.






  After I stroked the cane for a short while, I left the room as Kania muttered under her breath.



  “…You answered ‘me too’ deep inside, I know that.”



  For now, I will pretend not to hear what Kania muttered behind me.










– Knock Knock



  I arrived at Clana’s room way faster than I expected.



  “Are you here?”



  Because we live in the same noble’s dormitory, after all.



  Even among the nobility, only those of the highest noble status can qualify to reside in the top floor, which was limited to dukes and imperial family members.



  “Please come in.”



  I waited for a while in front of her room before I heard her extremely nervous voice.



– Kiiiiiik…



  Then, as I entered the room and gazed over at Clana, who was frozen in her seat, she audibly gulped.






  And so, for a short while, silence lingered between us.



  “…It seems like evening has come, judging by the setting sun.”


  “Ah, yes…”


  “It looks like you knew I would come.”


  “Th, That… Kania notified us in advance…”



  I finally managed to strike up a conversation, but the awkwardness still lingered in the atmosphere.



  ‘Should I try talking to her informally instead…?’



  I sat across from Clana, and a thought abruptly floated across my mind seeing her nervous state. I was tempted by that thought but quickly shook my head to get rid of it.



  In both the last round and this one, I always felt like my conscience was being pricked when I talked informally with Clana.



  She was someone who had struggled her entire life so that she could be treated as an Imperial Princess and an Empress. Speaking informally to Clana would be denying all the effort she had put in until now.



  “The reason I came here to look for you is to talk about something, Princess Clana…”


  “Please drop the honorifics.”





  I endured the awkwardness and talked to her formally but I received an unexpected response.



  “Will that really be okay?”


  “I ask of you.”



  I was dumbfounded and asked her once again. Only after I heard her low reply did I clumsily start talking informally.



  “I-I see…well, let’s get back to the point…”


  “How is your body?”


  “Ah, it’s okay. I slept well for two weeks so I feel very refreshed.”



  But because of Clana’s sudden interruption, I answered in puzzlement. She then started silently biting her lips.



  Did I say the wrong thing?



  “…Anyway, the first thing I want to talk about is your succession.”



  I said, as I gently stared at her eyes. Clana nodded with a pale face.



  “I talked about it last time, but I really will make you the Empress.”





  I proclaimed to her with a serious look and started talking in a low voice.



  “I cannot bring the Starlight Duchy to the forefront. But I will support you with my resources. The same goes for the Demon forces.”




  “If you don’t take the throne, this Empire will have no hope. Aren’t you aware of this?”



  Clana bowed her head deeply.



  “Clana, you don’t need to feel useless guilt. I told you, you did nothing wrong.”



  I was fully aware of her mental state that had been unstable up until now, so I urgently grabbed her hand as I said so. Clana then began to flinch.



  “Let’s completely put the past behind us and make plans for the future. We are in a hurry, right? Don’t you agree?”




  “Good, then I ask for your cooperation.”



  I successfully brought out a positive answer as the result of tirelessly persuading Clana. However, when I let out a relieved sigh and was about to move on to the next topic.



  “The next issue is the slave market. It’s opening in a few days, right? So, what I’m saying is that I need your cooperation… huh?”



  I felt a ticklish sensation on the hand that was holding hers, so I asked Clana with a tilted head.



  “Clana, what is this?”


  “…You can see for yourself.”



  I unfolded my hand with a puzzled look.






  Then I somehow held a bead with a mixture of gold and silver in my hand.



  “What is this?”


  “Something produced from the blood oath.”





  I looked at the bead in confusion. When I heard Clana’s response, I sprung out of my seat and shouted.



  “You, You! Who did you make this oath with?!!”




  “Say it now. No matter how I will find a way to break it.”



  As soon as I said so, Clana’s eyes widened.



  “Who threatened you? Your lousy fucking fiancés? The First Princess that would always show off her body? If not them, then, as expected, is it the Crown Prince?”




  “Say who that bastard is. I will beat them up first and then no matter what I will find a way…”


  “Frey, it is you.”



  I was furiously yelling at her when Clana cautiously replied, pointing at me. I could only stop myself and freeze.



  “You, to you. I pledged a blood oath to you.”


  “…What do you mean?”


  “That time, using the covenant at the ballroom, didn’t you ask me to marry you?”



  With her speaking informally while enunciating every word, Clana reminded me of something from the past.



  “…Not the Empire, not the imperial citizens, and not the sun. I only want to serve you.”



  Clana silently finished her words with a reddened face.



  “So marry me, Frey.”




  “If you want, I’m okay with being the second, or even below that.”



  When I heard that, the hand that was still holding hers trembled. She smiled bitterly, and added.



  “Just, before it’s too late, give me a chance to atone.”



  At that moment, the sight of the sun outside the window completely disappeared.













  “Lady Serena! Is Frey really here?”


  “…Yes, that’s right.”


  “Is that so! Brace yourself, Frey!”



  Serena and Ferloche were currently descending the stairs towards the Academy’s cellar.



  “This time, what kind of wicked nasty plan… woah.”



  Ferloche, who believed Serena’s words without a doubt stepped down into the cellar, quickly feeling ice-cold.



  “Lady, Lady Serena… It’s so dark in here…”



  It was because the Academy’s cellar was obviously engulfed in darkness that Ferloche absolutely despised.



  “Quickly enter.”





  Ferloche, who was frozen and surprised at the entrance, entered the cellar after being shoved inside by Serena.



  “…If we want to block the Western continent, we need to use a trick.”



  Looking at Ferloche, Serena stroked the scar formed on her body.






  She took out a device that resembled the moon ornament on Frey’s cane from her breast pocket and muttered.



  “…What makes you continue to resent my husband?”



  After Serena ended her words and followed Ferloche into the cellar, the door behind her closed.



  And silence prevailed.









The Main Heroines are Trying to Kill Me

The Main Heroines are Trying to Kill Me

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