The Main Heroines are Trying to Kill Me Chapter 124

Chapter 124- Teacher, They're Fighting

Teacher, They’re Fighting





  “…What did you just say?”



  I was so surprised that I blurted out the rest of the words in formal tone.



  What did Clana just say?



  Did I hear that correctly?






  As these thoughts flashed through my mind, Clana’s eyes started trembling as she watched my bewildered response.






  And so, she was unable to voice the words she had in mind, bowing her head instead.



  “…When the hell did you swear the blood oath?”



  I directly asked Clana. She looked into my eyes and started talking.



  “I fed you my blood when you collapsed.”


  “Could that bandage on your hand be…?”



  Her hand was bandaged for some reason. If it really was because of the blood oath, I didn’t even want to think about the fact that she had gotten a scar for my sake.








  With a frown on my face, I stroked Clana’s bandaged hand. She, who had been looking at me, then said in a serious tone.



  “I’m doing everything I can to help you. Because you deserve it.”




  “Didn’t you say you needed my help with the slave market? I will give you all of the information about the slave market and provide manpower for you. What do you need my help with?”



  When she eventually said that, I sighed and answered.



  “This time, I will set all of the slaves in the slave market free.”





  Clana was bewildered by my response. In any case, it seems like she couldn’t think of a scenario where all the slaves could be freed.



  “Is that possible?”


  “…A possibility is enough, and it will be more likely with your help.”


  “What, what do you need me to do?”



  I hardened my expression and said.



  “Please take the credit for freeing the slaves.”




  “I am saying that you need to become the hero of the slave market liberation this time.”



  Clana’s mouth opened wide at those words.



  “The aftermath of this case will be massive so it will be the perfect halo for you to become the Empire’s sun.”


  “You, you…”


  “Of course, I will stay as a shadow. I can’t reveal my identity, you already know that.”



  Clana slowly nodded her head, then asked bitterly.



  “But… will it be fine that way?”


  “Well, it will be known in the future after all. Until then, I will take all the praises wishing for my death.”



  I tried to throw a joke at her, but Clana only bowed her head, her hands beginning to tremble.






  I silently observed Clana before I started talking seriously.



  “Clana, I have something to tell you.”




  “Didn’t your self-esteem fall too low?”



  It started not too long ago. I kept having such thoughts every time I saw her, as it looked like her self-esteem had fallen quite low.



  It was inevitable in the past, but it will be quite difficult if she keeps it up even now, after becoming aware of everything.



  So, at this point, it felt like I needed to address it.



  “I can still clearly remember the image of you exuding charisma as you sat on the throne and commanded the battle against the Demon King.”





  Clana stammered as I spoke with all seriousness.



  “But to speak of the present, you have only shown your trembling and feeble image.”



  Clana was rendered speechless at my words and looked away.



  “…But I am a nobody.”


  “What do you mean?”


  “I’m no more than a third princess, a position I was born with. I felt it in my bones in this life.”



  Clana answered with a depressed voice and said with a sigh.



  “No matter how I tried, there were some walls I couldn’t break. I felt that clearly in the past life.”


  “…Are you talking about the Demon King?”


  “Yes, of course, I couldn’t accept it at the start. So I kept trying my best to break that wall somehow, but…”



  Clana stopped her words abruptly, staring at me with a guilty look on her face, and said.



  “…On the contrary, I instead obstructed the only person who could break that wall and inflicted scars, right?”


  “It wasn’t your fault…”


  “And, I even harmed that woman… ah.”



  As she was muttering in a depressed voice, Clana suddenly closed her mouth shut. I looked puzzledly at her before promptly opening the information window in front of my eyes.



  “Clana, I will read your information window.”




  “Name, Clana Solar Sunrise. Strength, mana, intelligence all on 7 points, 8.1 points of mental strength. And you also have a Monarch’s aura.”




  “A monarch’s aura… it is a really good trait. Your gaze alone will be enough to make someone shiver.”



  Eventually, I recited the content of the information window in all seriousness. Clana then showed a puzzled look.



  “The insignificant Third Princess, who had nothing but her lineage and was ostracized by everyone, rose to this level through her relentless hard work… and you still call yourself a nobody?”


  “I said it before, but with only effort, the limit…”



  I cut off Clana’s quavering words and fixed my eyes on her.



  “Do you know what your inclination is, as reflected in my eyes?”



  I was talking about her ‘inclination’ that I could clearly see.



  “It is Sovereign.”




  “That’s right. That means a supreme ruler. The Monarch of the entire world.”



  Clana’s eyes widened upon hearing those words.



  “Honestly speaking, the system I have is a little unreliable… but it has never played tricks in such matter.”


  “Th-That means…”


  “You have the qualities to be an Empress, Clana.”



  I said with a smile filled with confidence, and Clana looked at me in disbelief.



  “So, have some faith.”




  “So I will find pleasure in worshiping you.”



  I eventually managed to persuade her. Clana’s hand stopped shaking.






  In the end, Clana, who had stopped moving, locked her golden eyes onto me.



  “Is that…so?”



  She started to ask in a low voice.



  “Is that your answer?”



  The light in her eyes had a completely different glint from a moment ago.



  It wasn’t a hollow light tinged with self-deprecation, but the gleam of a lord’s eyes.



  I nodded at Clana and once again showed her a confident look. She smiled innocently and continued her words.



  “I will try my best so as not to disappoint you.”


  “Is that so? That’s good…”


  “I said this before, but from now on, please drop the formality while talking with me.”



  Only after Clana’s expression suddenly turned grave while speaking did I feel relieved.



  Because it was no longer her recent passive appearance, but the Empire’s true sun that had finally revealed herself again.



  “Okay, then… A-About the topic from before…”



  I looked at Clana contentedly. But when I suddenly remembered her earlier words, I brought up the topic with an awkward look.



  “Then let’s end this conversation here.”





  She smiled as she said so.



  “Sorry, what we talked about a while ago…”


  “That’s what I’m saying.”



  I became flustered as a result. When I opened my mouth to say something, Clana, while maintaining her carefree smile, said,



  “It was not something that I said expecting an answer from you.”




  “It was solely my declaration.”



  She answered as such, before pointing to the door and sending me off.



  “Then, see you.”





  Somehow, it felt like something was wrong.










  Frey exited the room with a dazed expression.






  Clana, who had silently watched his back, saw the hand holding the cane tremble. She groaned softly.









  The door opened soon after.



  “I’m sorry for speaking in honorifics…”



  Clana cast off the carefree expression she had been wearing, burying her face in her desk with a sad look.






  She buried her face for a moment before muttering with a tearful voice.



  “Before all of your remaining time was exhausted, I wanted to leave a trace on you…”



  The mumble soon turned into a sob.










  “Young Master, are you done?”





  As soon as I left Clana’s room, Kania’s expressionless face entered my sight.



  “Kania, why did you come here?”


  “…I just followed you.”





  I have no idea why she followed me when I left her alone earlier. And I also don’t know why she was bleary-eyed.



  Did she eat something wrong?



  “Young Master, have this.”





  As I was thinking that, Kania handed me something.



  I tilted my head while observing the somewhat fancy-looking medicine bottle in front of me.



  “It’s a medicine that calms your heart and stabilizes your mind.”


  “Why are you suddenly giving me this?”


  “It’s for your body.”



  Saying so, Kania insisted I drink the potion, which I took without much thought.



  It was a tonic given by Kania, so there wouldn’t be any problems. Moreover, my body and mind were still in shock from Clana’s remark.



  “…Oh, this has some effect.”


  “Well, it does.”



  I felt my condition improve significantly, and returned the water bottle to Kania. She smiled as she answered in the affirmative.



  “I’m glad to see that the effects are good, judging by your relaxed expression.”





  I gave her a slightly confused look, before walking down the hallway with the help of my cane.



  “Young Master, where are you going this time?”


  “I’m going to meet someone related to the slave market.”



  Hearing my answer, Kania fixed her eyes on me for a short moment. Then, with a low voice, she asked,



  “Is it a woman?”


  “…How did you know?”


  “I just felt it somehow.”



  I showed a puzzled look after hearing her response. Then, I cautiously asked,



  “Just in case, did you use black magic?”


  “What do you mean?”


  “No, just, since earlier you seem to be guessing all of my thoughts correctly….”


  “If I used black magic, you would have noticed it, Young Master.”



  Then, Kania answered with a calm look.



  “I have been attending to you for so many years already, I can tell just from your expression.”


  “…Is that so?”


  “Yes, because I am Young Master’s capable aide.”



  I grinned as I watched Kania shrug while giving her answer.






  I tilted my head when I heard a familiar sound echoing from a distant part of the hallway.



  “Why are they here?”







  An owl and a pigeon are flying towards me with all their might.



  How many times have I watched this scene?



  “Those brats don’t seem to get tired.”


  “That’s right, why is a pigeon fighting an owl? Don’t they usually lose in size?”


  “Did you say the owl and pigeon are ‘fighting’?”



  I had such thoughts while agreeing with Kania. She then asked a question with widened eyes.



  “Huh, they fought well?”





  After hearing my comment, Kania suddenly looked like her pride had been hurt.



  ‘…Should I teach them a lesson?’



  I looked at her with my head tilted, but as the two birds approached me, I stared at them while wondering if I should teach them that violence was prohibited.









  Those two birds that approached me suddenly grabbed my shoulder with their feet and started flapping their wings.



  “What the hell?”



  Because of that, I was dragged somewhere by them. I stared at the two birds’ grave expressions and muttered in a low voice.



  “…Don’t tell me, there’s a fight happening somewhere?”










The Main Heroines are Trying to Kill Me

The Main Heroines are Trying to Kill Me

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To save the hopeless Dark Fantasy World, I held back my tears and destroyed the world, then killed the Demon King and returned.   Now, I'm trying to save the world using the 'System' I gained as the 'Regressor's Privilege'...   But the Main Heroines have also awakened their memories of the previous timeline.   God dammit.


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