The Main Heroines are Trying to Kill Me Chapter 130

Chapter 130- Assemble



  “Frey! Where are you going?”






  Naturally, I attempted to redirect my steps and leave the corridor. However, at that moment, Ferloche, with her arms crossed, began to shout loudly.


  ‘…Damn, of all places.’


  If it had been a bustling corridor teeming with people, I could have easily slipped away, but this particular place was a quiet corridor where not many people usually came.


  It served as a waiting area for slaves, and people generally didn’t come here until the market’s conclusion.


  “…Why are you here?”


  “I came to stop you! It’s obvious that you’re going to carry out some dirty scheme here!”


  “How did you know I would be here today?”


  “Do you think I wouldn’t find out! The last time, this was the place you brought me to! You definitely had a ‘pre-planned’ scheme back then!”


  As Ferloche said that, she glared at me menacingly.


  “You noticed that?”


  “I’m not a fool!”


  As she said that, she began to smile proudly. I quietly looked at Ferloche and frowned, and then asked her another question.


  “But how did you know I’d be here today?”


  “What do you mean! It could only be today!”




  “Because today is the day the market is open!”


  Hearing that, my frown deepened.


  “This market remains open for a week.”




  “After a week of shopping, the slaves are shipped out all at once.”




  Ferloche momentarily appeared flustered upon hearing that, but soon scratched her head and spoke.


  “Well, that’s true? But anyway, it doesn’t matter since I met you here!”


  “…You must have been sure I’d be up to something today, huh?”


  As I said that to her, I slowly resumed walking and opened my mouth.


  “So… you’ve come to guide me to the ‘right path’?”


  A few days ago, I had received a warning from Serena.


  She said it would be best not to provoke Ferloche if possible.


  Serena’s words had never been wrong, so I intended to heed her advice this time as well. 


  However, after reading the letter Ferloche sent me, I couldn’t hold back any longer.



RIGHT… You are going to break your promise? Stop committing evil deeds!


Promise…. we made a promise last time!


Are you going to pretend that you don’t even know how to be grateful?


There’s no need for any further discussions! Come find me this evening!


– Ferloche Astellade



  The same hidden message as before, “RIGHT P-A-TH” was hidden vertically, kind of similar to the secret message that was left in the diary last time.


  And the timing of the message was exactly when I received a penalty for revealing my identity to Clana.


  Wasn’t this a strange coincidence?


  “Ah, don’t come any closer!”




  As I approached Ferloche, contemplating these thoughts, she slightly tensed up, showing a nervous expression and raising her hands.


  “If you come any closer, I’ll assume you’re trying to hurt me and I’ll attack!”


  As I watched her prepare to attack in her usual awkward pose, my mind wandered.


  ‘…Anyway, I need to get rid of her for now.’


  Uncovering her secrets would be nice, but my foremost priority right now was to complete the quest to liberate the slave market.


  If Ferloche became a hindrance, the already difficult quest would become even more challenging.


  And despite unintentionally provoking her, Ferloche showed no reaction. I could tell because I was focusing on her facial expressions and eye tremors.


  So, there was no need to unnecessarily antagonize her in this situation.


  If I followed Serena’s words, good things would come even while I slept.


– Click.


  After finishing my thoughts, I carefully began manipulating the cane I was holding.


– Whoosh


  “Anyway! Follow me! Let’s get out of this disgusting and vile place, so that you can repent and I can give you a proper…huh?”


  At that moment, thick smoke began emanating from the cane.


  ‘Serena’s design combined with the magic of the other three, even Ferloche wouldn’t be able to handle it.’


  The refined dark mana of Kania flowing from the cane like a final weapon, began to envelop the surroundings.


  Of course, it would quickly disappear under Ferloche’s overwhelming holy power, but as long as it could momentarily blind her, there would be no problem.


  “Wh-Where are you? Frey! What kind of magic have you used this time?!”


  ‘…Ferloche will probably get rid of the traces herself.’


  Although it was black magic that people hesitated to use in public places, considering Ferloche’s personality, she would make sure to get rid of it completely.


  So, there should be enough time to make our escape.


  “Lord F-Frey! How are you?”


  “…I’m fine.”


  Thinking that, I swiftly descended the nearby stairs, I briefly replied to the saluting captain of the guard and tried to blend into the crowd, but…


  “E-Excuse me… Have you seen any intruders by any chance?”




  “Yes! When I checked the entrance, all the guards were unconscious… Turns out, they were all knocked out with a single punch!”


  I stopped in my tracks upon hearing the flustered captain’s words.


  “So, we’re currently searching for them, but have you come across any suspicious people?”


  “They’re on the upper floor.”


  “Excuse me?”


  Smiling slyly at him, I began to speak in a serious tone.


  “Judging by their actions, they appear to be quite skilled, so it would be wise to gather as many guards as possible. Don’t go alone and get caught.”


  “Lord F-Frey! Despite appearances, I am quite skilled!”


  The captain’s expression seemed slightly hurt by my words.


  ‘…With a strength of 7.3 and mana of 3, Ferloche would win with just a flick of her finger.’


  However, in my eyes, it only sounded like a childish tantrum.


  “Stop wasting time and gather your subordinates and apprehend them quickly. If you don’t, I’ll go to the highest authority and complain personally.”


  “Y-Yes, understood!”


  As I said that with widened eyes, the captain bowed his head with a serious expression and hurriedly ran off somewhere, muttering to himself.


  “Damn, my luck has been terrible lately…”


  ‘…Well, that’s what happens when you have the Coin of Misfortune.’


  Recalling the Coin of Misfortune I had given him long ago, a faint smile formed on my lips as I seamlessly merged into the bustling crowd, deep in thought.


  ‘Actually, this might have turned out quite well.’


  While my mind had gone blank upon encountering Ferloche, I now realized that this situation could actually work in our favor.


  The source of Ferloche’s transcendent power lay in the ‘Blessing of the Sun God,’ which allowed her to unleash her transcendent strength exclusively in one-on-one situations.


  Therefore, if several people were to face her in a narrow corridor, they could buy us some time, to a certain extent.


  Of course, given Ferloche’s defense-oriented ‘holy power,’ she wouldn’t be harmed by those of such modest skill.


  In other words, both Ferloche and the guards would be tied up at the same time.


  ‘I’ll inform everyone.’ 


  “A clash between Ferloche and the guards is expected in the corridor near the slave waiting room. Due to this, security will be slightly weakened.”


  With a pleasant smile, I sent a message and began to rummage through my belongings discreetly.


  “I’m the commander of the combat unit, currently en route to the secret lounge with other combat officers. Can we wait here for a while?”


  “I’m the Demon King Army strategist Lemerno. As you said, Lord, the security has loosened. Shall I have my subordinates deal with additional guards?”


  “Combat officers, await further instructions at your current location. Lemereno, only to the extent that it doesn’t cause a commotion. Proceed very discreetly.”


  Having conveyed the message and issued the necessary orders, I soon muttered with a subtle feeling.


  “This… really feels like I’ve become the Demon King, huh?”


  In the previous cycle, when I had to flatter them, I had firmly resolved to bring them all down when the next round came.


  But now, receiving their reverence and even giving them orders… It felt a bit strange.


  ‘Still, I should make use of them while I can.’


  Although my emotions were a bit tangled, as soon as I concluded that it was better to use them until I could no longer do so and then dispose of them, my mind became at ease again.


– Swoosh…


  With a calm expression, I said,


  “Alright, then…”


  Carefully donning the robe of deception in the bustling crowd, I muttered to myself.


  “…It’s time to go meet our princess.”


  The time had come to rescue the neglected demon princess, who had been captive for several weeks.


  “Ugh, ugh…”


  “Ouch, my head…”


  As Frey had put on the robe of deception and hastened toward his destination…


  “Wait… What’s going on?”


  The guards stationed at the entrance of the slave market felt an intense pain in their heads and got up from their spots.


  “Brother, what’s happening?”


  “I-I don’t know, man.”


  “Could it be… we dozed off again?”


  The guards, who were usually scolded by their captain for dozing off, began to panic, thinking they had fallen asleep again.


  “No… I don’t think that’s it.”


  “What’s going on, then?”


  Their gazes froze in shock as they witnessed the scene unfolding around them.


  “I’m not sure what it is… but something has definitely happened.”


  It was because they saw their fellow guards lying unconscious in front of them, foaming at the mouth.


  “Can you think of anything that might have caused this?”


  “Ah, come to think of it…!”


  As the bewildered guard turned to his colleague, he began to speak excitedly, clapping his hands.


  “We were opening the door for a shift change when that guy over there came flying at us!”


  “…Right, that did happen.”


  The two began to discuss the large-bodied guard who had been lying in front of them.


  “But isn’t he like, over 120kg? How did someone like him fly?”


  “I’m not sure… Even if he launched himself, he shouldn’t be able to fly that high…”


  But no matter how much they talked about it, they couldn’t narrow down the reason.


– Crackle, crackle


  “Senior, we got a radio call!”


  “Ah, shoot… Looks like we’re in for another mess.”


  The senior guard, who was scratching his head, picked up the radio amidst the commotion.


– Emergency, we have an emergency. All guards, assemble immediately in the corridor near the slave waiting room.




  Upon hearing the message, the guard was once again taken aback.


– We’re engaged in combat with an intruder who knocked down our guards. Multiple casualties. We need immediate support.


  “No way, an intruder… that’s impossible…”


  “Could it be a monster that infiltrated? Otherwise…”


  Although they were renowned mercenaries who were hired to form the security force, they couldn’t determine the truth since their voices were urgent.


– The intruder is a girl. A girl with white hair and eyes.


  “…A girl?”


  The situation reached its climax as the radio unveiled the identity of the intruder.


  “You’ve got to be kidding, right? How could a girl overpower mercenaries who have been honing their skills for decades?”


  “It’s strange… It’s definitely the captain’s voice… but it doesn’t sound like he’s drunk or anything…”


  As they hesitated, unable to make a decision.


– Plod, plod.




  Footsteps sounded nearby.


  “What’s this? It’s a girl!”


  “Hey, stop!”


  Narrowing their eyes, the two guards focused on the approaching figure—a smiling girl. They tried to aim their weapons at her and ordered her to stop.


  “What did you say?”




  That was a huge mistake.


  “What did you just say?”


  “Ugh, ugh…”


  “Brother, what’s going on with her?”


  As the girl’s eyes shone while standing still, the guards were overwhelmed by emotions they had never experienced before.


  Overwhelming fear.


  Awe and a sense of being utterly overpowered.


  It reminded them of confronting a colossal wave in the vast ocean, a volcano erupting before their eyes, or a massive hurricane appearing out of thin air.


  Facing the girl, who seemed more like a living force of nature than a human, the two felt an unknown emotion.




  Unknowingly, they had wet their pants.


  “How pathetic.”


  Casting a disdainful glance at them, the girl simply passed between the guards. Her eyes had been shining ruby red until then.


  It was the moment when the true Demon King Ruby had truly revealed herself to the world.


  “…What did we just see?”


  “…I don’t know.”


  Having seen her, the two guards trembled in fear for quite some time.


– Whoosh


  “What, what’s this now!”


  As another girl emerged clad in a black robe, the guards quivered in fear again.




  Still, they didn’t feel the same terror as before, so the guards tried to summon their weapons or cast magic spells out of desperation.


– Clang!!!


  However, after hearing the cheerful sound of a finger snap, their weapons and magic circles shattered into pieces, leaving them utterly speechless.


  “…This is Amanthadium.”


  “But still, can a magic circle be broken like that… Is that even possible?”


  As Glare entered the market as well, the two guards, who had been dumbfounded for a while, whispered to each other.


  “…That radio call from earlier, it must be true.”


  “Yeah, it seems so.”


  Darkness and light were converging in the slave market.




The Main Heroines are Trying to Kill Me

The Main Heroines are Trying to Kill Me

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Status: Ongoing Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
To save the hopeless Dark Fantasy World, I held back my tears and destroyed the world, then killed the Demon King and returned.   Now, I'm trying to save the world using the 'System' I gained as the 'Regressor's Privilege'...   But the Main Heroines have also awakened their memories of the previous timeline.   God dammit.


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