The Main Heroines are Trying to Kill Me Chapter 131

Chapter 131- Flex





  On the top floor of the auction house, in a heavily guarded area:


  “Is that… a real demon?”


  “My goodness. With those horns, red eyes, and even a black tail… It must be a real demon!”


  “Unbelievable, now they’ve even selling demons as slaves. What a surprise.”


  A large crowd had gathered around one particular cell.


  “Of course, it’s a real demon! We’ve thoroughly verified, and it possesses purple demonic power!”


  Amidst the crowd, a guide with a bustling mustache introduced the merchandise to the onlookers with a confident voice.


  “For the past several hundred years, the demons who concealed their existence in both the Western and Eastern continents have revealed themselves here today!”


  As the guide spoke, people’s gaze shifted to the terrified faces of the young boys and girls who unmistakably took on the form of demons, huddling together.


  “How can we purchase them?”


  “Is there a warranty? How was the verification process conducted, and who was involved?”


  “I’ve heard that demons are powerful and wicked, but have they been properly tamed?”


  Although the demons seemed quite pitiful at first glance, the spectators, enthralled, bombarded the guide with questions.


  For the nobles who gambled their lives on rarity and luxury, the demons were nothing more than valuable assets.


  “The warranty is guaranteed! Although we couldn’t entrust the verification to the Magic Tower due to security reasons, the verification process was conducted by a great mage from the Western Continent and a great sorcerer from the Eastern Continent, and they have confirmed it!”


  “So, the warranty certificate…”


  “Of course, there’s a warranty certificate! Before purchasing, we will show you the magically processed certificate for verification.”


  Thus, the slave market and the guide were thrilled.


  By featuring demons, the slave market gained unprecedented attention and they reaped higher profits than ever before.


  The guide was elated due to the unimaginable bonus and advantages he would receive if he successfully sold the demons.


  “And it’s true that demons are powerful and wicked! But don’t worry! The mages who participated in the verification process have personally cast obedience spells on them!”


  “But what if they still refuse to obey? I prefer submissive ones.”


  “I actually think a more dominant one would be better for me. Somehow, it feels more satisfying that way.”


  Thanks to this, the top floor buzzed with a heated atmosphere.


  The rare transaction that satisfied both the slave market and the participants was successfully unfolding.


  “For those with diverse preferences, we’ve divided the demons into two groups! You can choose between submissive demons and the rebellious ones! Of course, the quantity is limited, so whether you can make a choice or not is uncertain!”


  The unfortunate ones in that place were the demons who, unaware of the situation, were being sold and humiliated.


  Simultaneously, they were the former royal family who had once been the hope for the Cloud Kingdom.


  “I’ll buy! How much do they cost?”


  “Hold on, I was here first!”


  “What are you talking about? I arrived before you!”


  The atmosphere on the top floor became momentarily harmonious as the eager buyers tried to purchase the demons.


  “Sigh, it doesn’t matter who arrived a few minutes earlier. Aren’t we all aware of the rules here?”


  The atmosphere calmed down at someone’s words.


  “Yes, that’s correct! The person who offers the highest price will claim ownership of the slave. That’s the absolute rule of our slave market!”


  The guide, grinning at the participants, spread his arms wide and declared,


  “Currently, all these demons have been purchased!”




  “What do you mean?”


  Upon hearing this, the newly arrived nobles began to frown.


  “Oh, it seems the VIPs have monopolized them again.”


  “Well, it’s not like those VIPs wouldn’t buy them.”


  The frequent visitors, who were well acquainted with the market’s rules began to sigh and exchange stories.


  “Since they’re VIPs, they surely bought them at exorbitant prices. Let’s gather money again this time.”


  “Let’s do that, let’s purchase first and decide later.”


  “Ugh, looks like I’ll have to settle for a different slave again.”


  The guide, who had been grinning greedily at them, soon began to read from the paper in his hand.


  “Then, I’ll announce the prices right here.”


  “What? You’re not distributing a statement?”


  “There’s no need. The price for all these slaves is the same.”


  With a smile, the guide revealed the price.




  Upon hearing the price, everyone on the top floor was left in a state of shock.


  “Why is it so expensive?”


  “Did you call out the wrong price? Even if they are demons…”


  “Who on earth could afford…”


  The price was so outrageous that even for demons, it was unbelievable.


  “…If it’s a VIP paying such an absurd price, there can be only one person.”


  “Is it Frey again, that spoiled brat?”


  “Damn, he swept away everything last time too.”


  Amidst the shocked atmosphere, the nobles who were already familiar with the market began to gossip about Frey.


  “Well, what can we do? They’re buying with their own money.”


  “Ugh… let’s just gather more money.”


  “Maybe we can still get one or two if we’re lucky.”


  But that brief moment of resignation quickly passed.


  The rarity of demon slaves was too tempting to give up on.


  “We must gather more money too.”


  “…Can’t be helped. I had hoped to buy at least one, but at this rate, I’ll lose all my fortune.”


  Even the nobles who had been on the verge of giving up and leaving decided to band together due to their stubbornness.


  “Those damned brats… these children are…”


  And amidst the scene, a young girl silently gritted her teeth as she observed.


  “They’re not just merchandise…”


  She was the youngest member of the Cloud Kingdom’s royal family who had all become slaves.


  Princess Aishi.


  “Frey, you cheap scoundrel.”


  Thanks to Frey, who had purchased her entire family right before her eyes, Princess Aishi of the Cloud Kingdom had mentally prepared herself.


  She would grant all of his wishes and obey all of his commands.


  No matter how humiliating, she would endure it to somehow save her endangered family from being sold as slaves.


  And if he still refused to negotiate, then she planned to threaten him with the curse she had placed on Frey.


  Of course, since the curse placed on herself was indeed a true curse, she intended to postpone it until the very last moment.




  “At least… at least…”


  She hadn’t even had a chance to meet and talk with Frey, let alone negotiate with him.


  “I should have been given a chance to negotiate…”


  The reason was simple.


  Frey had deliberately ignored all her attempts to contact him.


  Growing increasingly anxious, she had even inquired about his whereabouts at Sunrise Academy, but the only news she received was that he had suddenly collapsed.


  Initially, she was terrified, thinking it was the curse she had cast, but remembering that the curse was meant to slowly freeze his heart, Aishi eventually came to a realization.


  Frey was intentionally avoiding meeting her.


  “Don’t worry, kids. I’ll save you soon.”


  As a result, Aishi had no choice but to abandon her plans to negotiate with Frey and make a decision.


  ‘Have you finally decided to use your power again?’


  In this place today, she would awaken the power bestowed upon her by the inner voice that had tormented her since childhood.


  The power she had vowed never to use again.


  “Just once more, I’ll awaken it.”


  “…It’s not because I gave in to your words. It’s my choice, my will.”


  ‘Is that so?’


  “Since I’m using it only once to protect my family… don’t think about anything else.”


  ‘Sure, that’s what you think.’


  Ignoring the mocking voice in her head, Aishi took a deep breath.


– Shhh


  Emitting a deep purple aura from her entire body,


  She began to draw out the power of the demon race that she had sealed away for a long time.


  “If… I manage to survive this…”


  She murmured in a barely audible voice.


  “…I will definitely kill Frey.”


  She cursed Frey, who had brought the situation to this point.


  “Well, even if I die here, he’ll die from the curse anyway.”


  Before she knew it, she had taken the first step down the path of corruption that her inner voice had so desperately desired for so long.


  “I will buy them.”




  That was until a clear voice rang out from the top floor.


  “Customer? What did you just say?”


  “Didn’t you hear me? I said I will be purchasing all the slaves.”


  As the man in the robe broke through the crowd and climbed onto the stage, murmurs spread throughout the room.




  Aishi, who had transformed into a demon in order to save everyone, stared blankly at the scene unfolding before her.


  “Is that so? Then… which slave would you like to buy?”


  Meanwhile, the guide who had also been staring blankly at him, quickly regained composure and smiled as he asked the question.


  Although Frey had made the purchase at an outrageous price, it was an amount that a wealthy imperial noble could afford if they were prepared to bear substantial losses.


  Of course, the likelihood of bleeding their finances dry was high, but there was still a possibility.


  The guide resumed speaking, scoffing inwardly at the blurry figure before her.


  “That slave over there is rebellious yet has cute eyes, and the other slave is…”


  “I will buy them all.”


  “…Excuse me?”


  She stopped her explanation and stared blankly at the man as he continued speaking.


  “Not just one, I said I’ll buy them all.”


  Casting a quick glance at the stunned guide, the nobles, and Aishi who was watching the situation from afar with trembling eyes, he said,


  “…For twice the original price.”


  He made a shocking statement that sent shockwaves not only through the top floor but throughout the entire slave market.


  “Uh, um…”


  “Is it enough to sign here?”




  Amidst the stunned atmosphere, the man calmly signed the magically enchanted invoice.


  “Well then, farewell.”


  He bid a swift goodbye and promptly left the place.


  “What? Did he really buy them all?”


  “It’s impossible, there’s no way he has that much money…”


  “But that invoice wouldn’t have allowed him to sign if he didn’t have enough money in his account, right?”


  In response to this unprecedented event, the gathered crowd started to chatter loudly.


  “Wait, just a moment…!”


  Aishi hurriedly set off to follow the man in the robe.


  “Headquarters, do you copy? We have an emergency. An unidentified individual has just purchased all the demons.”


  The guide discreetly contacted headquarters.


  “Will this disrupt our plans?”


–  Emergency, emergency! We have an unidentified intruder in the waiting room hallway, and they’re attempting to move downstairs! The security captain is down! All staff, gather in the hallway…


–  This is headquarters. Attention to all staff! Communications with the guards in the market have been abruptly severed. We need to quickly figure out what’s going on…


–  I saw it… I saw something so terrifying that I can’t even explain it, and a girl who could destroy everything with just a flick of her finger… Everyone, evacuate the market immediately…!


  “…What on earth is going on?”


  The slave market was already descending into chaos.


  “…As I said, the coffee here is really good.”


  The unidentified man who had purchased all the demons and received a new VIP status was sitting in the VIP waiting room, taking a break.


  “Um, excuse me!”




  Someone hurriedly rushed into his room.


  “You can’t be doing this!”


  “Goodness, because of the lack of security personnel, this kind of mishap…”


  Aishi, who had bypassed the reduced security due to the chaos spreading throughout the market, entered the room of the man who had bought all the demons.


  “…I’m fine, so everyone just go out.”


  “Th-Thank you!”


  The security guards, fearing they would be held responsible for their inadequate protection, closed their eyes tightly. As the man spoke calmly, they let out a collective sigh of relief and stepped outside.


  “Um, I have something I want to talk about…!”


  “First, have a seat.”


  After sending all the security guards out, the man interrupted Aishi’s words and pointed to the sofa opposite him.


  “…I know who you are, Princess of the Cloud Kingdom.”




  As soon as she sat on the sofa, the man leaned in and whispered softly as he rested his chin on his hand.


  “What are you talking about…”


  “I’m well aware that you and your royal family are half-demons. So, let’s put aside unnecessary stories and just focus on the main point.”


  The man whispered again in a hushed tone to Aishi, who tried to deny his words, and then began to stare at her intently.


  “What do you want…?”


  “It’s simple.”


  Feeling mentally cornered and perhaps considering him her last ray of hope, Aishi asked with a trembling voice.


  “Lend me your cabinet.”




  The unidentified man in the robe, Frey, said:


  “…Let me play the Hero.”


  He replied with a refreshing smile.


  “My lord, is that the woman? The one who froze your heart?”


  “You fool, have you gone mad!? You’re already struggling, and what will become of you if you take on that terrifying curse instead?!”


  “The Cloud Kingdom, right? Yes, I have definitely remembered. Quite definitively.”


  In his head, cold voices continued to echo.







The Main Heroines are Trying to Kill Me

The Main Heroines are Trying to Kill Me

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To save the hopeless Dark Fantasy World, I held back my tears and destroyed the world, then killed the Demon King and returned.   Now, I'm trying to save the world using the 'System' I gained as the 'Regressor's Privilege'...   But the Main Heroines have also awakened their memories of the previous timeline.   God dammit.


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