The Main Heroines are Trying to Kill Me Chapter 132

Chapter 132- Frozen Heart

Frozen Heart


  “Is it about becoming a hero?”


  Aishi inquired in a trembling voice upon hearing my words.


  “Yes, it’s about being a hero.”


  As I repeated my answer, she wore a puzzled expression.


  “Anyway, what does this have to do with a cabinet?”


  “I already know that you’ve prepared an escape spell in the cabinet to help the royal family members escape.”


  Noticing her trying to change the subject, I once again showed off my knowledge to her causing her face to turn pale.


  “Wh-Who are you? How do you know all of this?”


  “Is my identity important, or is your family more important?”




  But she couldn’t bring herself to argue against my words.


  It was in line with her character, despising her demonic appearance while striving to protect her family.


  “…How can I trust you?”


  After hesitating for a while, Aishi finally asked with a timid expression.


  “You have no choice but to trust me. Would you trust me if I showed you that you had unknowingly bought a bunch of useless demons?”


  “But, still…”


  “If that’s the case, I don’t mind making a magical contract.”


  I reassured her, and then took out a scroll I had prepared in advance from my pocket.


  “Please check it.”




  She took the scroll with a cautious gaze and examined it, soon showing a dumbfounded expression on her face.


  “Is this… not tampered with?”


  “Why would you think that?”


  “Why? The contract is too favorable for me and too disadvantageous for you, isn’t it?”


  Saying that, Aishi quietly started casting a detection spell on the scroll in her hands.


  “…It’s, it’s real?”


  Soon after, she easily found out that it was indeed real and muttered in a flustered voice.




  Aishi, appeared confused and hesitant before me, evoking a sense of pity.


  Well, so far, the contracts she had seen or made had always been unequal treaties with other countries.


  It had probably been quite a fresh shock for her to have encountered someone in a superior position offering such unfavorable contract terms for themselves.


  “So, you’re saying that you’ll help the Royal Family escape from here if I lend you the cabinet?”




  “What’s in it for you?”


  “…That’s none of your concern.”


  Cautiously looking at me, Aishi asked,


  “Wh-What are you going to do with the cabinet? Do you have someone you need to smuggle out too?”


  “I’m going to liberate all the slaves.”




  Upon hearing my unexpected declaration, she unwittingly raised her voice.


  “What are you…”


  “I need the magic you’ve prepared to do that.”


  “Wait, wait a minute!”


  As I spoke softly to her, Aishi hurriedly began to speak.


  “That magic isn’t complete yet. So, even if you try to use it, it won’t be of any use…”


  “That’s not a problem. I can handle it.”




  Aishi wore a bewildered expression upon hearing my calm response.


  ‘In fact, it’s not me who’s solving it…’


  In my past life, her plan to rescue the Royal Family had failed.


  It was because she couldn’t complete the spatial teleportation magic she had cast on the cabinet.


  So instead of using the cabinet, she had resorted to attacking the slave market in her demonic form, which then led to her descent into corruption.


  ‘…But it’s Irina who’s solving it this time.’


  However, the circumstances had changed.


  If it was Irina, who had a genius talent in the operation and analysis of magic, she would surely be able to complete the teleportation magic in the cabinet.


  Of course, Dmir Khan, the second-in-command of the Demon Army and an authority on spatial magic, was capable of teleportation as well… but he had a different role in this operation.


  So, the plan was to apply Aishi’s prepared rudimentary spatial magic, although it wasn’t as good as Dmir Khan’s magic.


  “What on earth is going on…”


  Thinking about it, Aishi signed the contract with a pale expression.


  “Um, that’s it. Thank you.”


  As I looked at her, I immediately snatched the signed contract and got up from my seat.


  “Well, I’ll be on my way now since I have a mountain of work to do…”


  “Wait, I still have questions!”


  As I was about to leave the room behind Aishi, I turned my head slightly at her desperate cry.


  “What’s your reason for doing all of this?”


  “Once again with that question?”


  “I must know. It’s the only way I can help you with peace of mind.”


  With a slight smile, I began to present the excuses I had prepared, responding to Aishi, who still regarded me suspiciously.


  “The first reason is, I wish to trade with your kingdom.”




  Aishi tilted her head, puzzled by my words.


  “I’ve heard that all the royals of the Cloud Kingdom, except the King, hold equal authority to prevent power struggles.”


  “Yes, you’re quite well-informed.”


  “In that case… you must have some authority as well. Perhaps that would include the ‘Exclusive Trading Rights’.”


  As I feigned ignorance and said that, Aishi nodded quietly and then spoke with a dark expression.


  “If that’s what you want… I can include it in the cabinet deal. But our kingdom is so impoverished that even if we trade, we’ll actually lose…”


  “Can you add that to the contract right now? Personally, by your own hand, Princess.”


  As I cut her off and spoke directly, Aishi sighed and placed her hand on the contract.


  “I warned you. Exclusive trading rights might not be as rewarding as other compensations…”


  “I don’t need anything else.”


  As I watched Aishi adding the terms to the contract with her own hand, I quietly smiled and thought to myself.


  ‘…I don’t need to worry about money anymore.’


  It wouldn’t be long before a massive magic crystal mine was discovered beneath the Cloud Kingdom.


  Not just an ordinary magic crystal mine, but a large-scale mine containing rare magic crystals.


  As a result, the impoverished Cloud Kingdom would rise to become a powerful nation, controlling the continent.


  So, if I use the ‘exclusive trading rights’ to establish a business related to the magic crystal mine… there wouldn’t be any financial difficulties until the decisive moment arrived.


  Of course, with my involvement, I could protect the kingdom from future troublemakers eyeing the mine… it would be a win-win situation for the kingdom.


  “…Well, if that’s what you want, I can’t object. So, is this the only reason?”


  “Didn’t I mention it was the first reason? Of course, there is another motive.”


  With that, I quietly picked up a cup of coffee from the table, smelled its aroma, and continued.


  “The second reason is that I hold a personal grudge against the Empire and Frey.”


  Aishi’s eyes began to sparkle at my words.


  “If I ruin this slave market, which is clearly influenced by the Empire’s royal family and the Order, it would definitely deal a significant blow to both power groups. Wouldn’t that be a nice coincidence?”


  “Yes, it would.”


  “Also, Frey will suffer in some way or another because I bought all the slaves this time.”


  As I told her the story of the Empire and my own struggles, I felt a slightly peculiar emotion brewing within me.


  “As a result, the stage is set for me to control the Empire through financial power.”


  “…You’re more fearsome than I thought.”


  As I finished speaking, Aishi, who had been looking at me with less suspicion than before, soon asked with a curious expression.


  “But if you don’t mind me asking, what exactly is the grudge…?”


  “If things go as I expect, we’ll likely form an important collaborative relationship in the future. We can discuss it slowly then.”




  Since we were running out of time, I evaded her question, and she nodded quietly. Soon after, she opened her mouth with a meaningful expression.


  “Anyway, there’s no doubt that you hold a grudge against Frey?”


  “That’s correct.”


  “In that case, should I help you?”


  “Excuse me?”


  I was taken aback by her unexpected offer, and she spoke with a cold expression.


  “Right now, I have temporarily transferred my ‘Frozen Heart’ curse to him.”




  Frowning for a moment, I looked at Aishi and finally understood what she was trying to say.


  “The ‘Frozen Heart’ curse slowly freezes the heart, and the only way to lift the curse is to transfer it to someone else.”


  “…How terrible.”


  “I’ve been afflicted with that curse since I was a child, so I know firsthand how terrifying it can be.”


  With that, Aishi smiled coldly.


  “It’s not a curse that someone as pathetic as Frey can bear.”


  “…I see.”


  “Perhaps, soon, he will start experiencing problems with his body. It may have already happened.”


  Softly touching her chest with her hand, Aishi continued in a low voice.


  “If you fulfill your promise, I will help you threaten Frey with this curse later.”


  “Is that so?”


  “Yes, I must repay the person who extended a helping hand when I was in trouble.”


  With that, Aishi quietly picked up the coffee cup on the desk and added.


  “Of course, if you let go of the hand you’re holding… the curse may come your way.”


  “…That’s scary.”


  “Just kidding, just kidding.”


  Soon after, she burst into laughter at my reaction and waved her hand.


  “But don’t betray me. I don’t know who you are, but we’ve shared various secrets… and it feels like we’re already in the same boat.”


  Then soon after putting on a stern expression, I spoke again.


  “Oh, I have a third and final reason.”




  As I stared at her blankly.


  “…I felt pity.”


  “Excuse me?”


  “It was heartbreaking as well.”


  Having said that, I soon fell into deep thought.



‘…I’m tired of tragedies.’



  The ‘Frozen Heart’ curse she bore could not be taken back once it was transferred to someone else.


  In the original story, she escaped the slave market, was fatally wounded, and unknowingly shared the curse with the royals temporarily with their consent.


  Only then did she realize she couldn’t take the curse back.


  As a result, she became the sole heir to the throne of the Cloud Kingdom, leading to a life of despair, self-loathing, and guilt.


  How pitiful and unfair this situation was.


  “That’s why I decided to save you.”




  So, I made up my mind.


  To bear her curse and transfer it to no one else but me.


  “…Just so you know.”


  Well, my heart would grow colder in due time.


  But since it’s bound to disappear once I die and get resurrected, there’s no problem.




  However, what if I don’t get resurrected?




  I should try not to dwell on such thoughts as much as possible in the future.




  Meanwhile, at that very moment.


  “…For a slave, their appearance seems too intact.”


  Ruby, with a curious expression, looked around the human slave market and headed inside.



Main Quest: The Advent of the False Hero

Quest Content: Declare yourself as the Hero to the world.

Reward: Increases the Awakening Progress of your main body.

Failure Penalty: Decrease in vitality and lifespan



  “…It’s about time I became the hero.”


  She said, looking at the system window floating in front of her.


  “…You’re the hero?”


  For some reason, Ruby failed to notice Glare, who was still following her, wrapped in a faint light.


  “It’s a lie.”


  Glare, remaining unseen, carefully observed Ruby’s actions and expressions. Even though she was a dragon, her curiosity and fascination with the human slave market were quite surprising. She couldn’t help but wonder what her true intentions were and whether she had any ulterior motives behind claiming to be the hero.





The Main Heroines are Trying to Kill Me

The Main Heroines are Trying to Kill Me

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To save the hopeless Dark Fantasy World, I held back my tears and destroyed the world, then killed the Demon King and returned.   Now, I'm trying to save the world using the 'System' I gained as the 'Regressor's Privilege'...   But the Main Heroines have also awakened their memories of the previous timeline.   God dammit.


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