The Main Heroines are Trying to Kill Me Chapter 200

Chapter 200 - Declaration of Candidacy

༺ Declaration of Candidacy ༻





  I opened the carriage and stepped out. With a frown on my face, I asked the coachman who was bowing in front of me.


  “…Why’s the carriage shaking so much?”


  “I, I apologize… it is because there are many slopes around…”


  “You don’t even put stabilizer magic on the carriage?” 


  “That… I don’t have enough money to…”




  I clicked my tongue. The coachman was shaking as he answered with a quivering voice and a cautious gaze.


  “You, you don’t need to give me so much…”


  “You will wait for me here. I don’t know when I will be done.”


  “Ye, Yes…”


  I said so while giving him some gold coins. I muttered some words as I went inside while carrying my cane.


  ‘I need to hire a new coachman.’


  I had no one to drive the Duke’s carriage because almost all of the people in the mansion had quit working.


  So these days, I had to take a random carriage that passed by the streets. It was not in the least comfortable.


  It was because I always had to arrange soundproofing and protection magic. Also, given my situation, I could put the coachmen in danger.


  “Master, why did you give out that much money?”


  I was thinking of such thoughts when Lulu, who had been clinging closely to my side, rubbed her cheek against me and asked a question in a low voice.


  “…Those lowly commoners, don’t they get happy when I give out small changes? I like looking at that sight of them.”


  Of course I gave those coins out while considering it could be used by that poor coachman to treat his family with delicious food, but I still need to put a look of a scoundrel in front of Lulu.


  “So it’s like that.”


  Lulu nodded quietly.


  “In the future, please tell me something more about you.”




  I tilted my head at her abrupt question. Lulu stared at me as she answered.


  “I want to know more about you.”




  I let out a fake cough at that question. Irina, who was walking beside me, muttered in a low whisper.


  “It is enough for a pet to just look pretty…”




  With that, both of them locked their cold gaze on each other.


  ‘Come to think of it, who is the strongest between the heroines?’


  An amusing thought suddenly came into my mind as I watched their exchange. So, between all of the main and sub heroines, who would be the strongest person?


  The first person that came into my mind was Kania. If the route went awry she would become the final boss. Then, the person who was assigned the position of a fighter by the game, Irina. And lastly, Serena. With her intelligence, she could destroy everything that could possibly be destroyed.


  There was also Ferloche, who was formidable in one-on-one combat, Isolet, whose swordsmanship was on par with mine once she awakened as a Sword Saint, and Lulu who recently awakened her Magic Eyes.




  I couldn’t really say who was the best amongst all of them, but these names were the people I could think of as the strongest at this moment.


  What could possibly happen if they were to fight each other?




  I instantly shivered. Even by only imagining it, I felt a chill down my spine.


  Anyway, I needed to be especially careful to not let things go to that point.




  “Can I still win with just my Magic Eyes?”


  I wasn’t too late right…?


  – Knock Knock


  “…Please come in.”


  I knocked on the door of Isolet’s mansion while breaking out in cold sweat. Then, I heard an icy silence.




  Along with that response, I opened the door and went inside. For a moment, I felt my breath hitch and stopped my track.


  “You guys…”


  The people who had left the Starlight mansion were now standing in front of me, dressed in the maid uniform of Isolet’s mansion.


  As a result, tremendous awkwardness ensued between all of us.


  ‘They seem to be doing well. What a relief.’


  I heard that the people who left the Starlight mansion either went to the Imperial Palace or Isolet’s mansion.


  I also heard that they took turns going to the hospital to take care of my father.


  With all the eyes on me, I couldn’t go to visit my father and take good care of him. It saddened me, but I felt grateful to all of these people.


  “Where is Sister Isolet?”


  “…She is over there.”


  While bearing such thoughts, I asked them about Isolet’s whereabouts. A maid then answered while pointing to the training ground at the far end of the yard.




  If Kania wasn’t by my side, that maid was the one to prepare my breakfast or serve me tea.


  We talked to some extent and if I remember correctly we had some small friendship… Why was she now acting like we had never seen each other?


  “Before that, where is Aria? I want to see her…”


  “I don’t know. Please ask Lady Isolet yourself.”


  While thinking of such thoughts, I then asked about Aria’s whereabouts as I couldn’t see her anywhere. Even before I had finished speaking, an icy response cut me off.




  “You are no longer my Master, I am the possession of Lady Isolet. If you want to punish me, do so through Lady Isolet…”




  I snorted at that response and casted a brief glance at her before I strode off to the training ground.


  ‘Good, my reputation decreased properly.’


  Judging by the chill behind me, it seemed like my reputation had been tarnished even further, just as expected.


  Of course that made me sad, but it didn’t matter to me now. I had always been treated like this in the first place and it was also about time I gathered more ‘points’.


  – Creak.


  I sorted my thoughts before I opened the door to the training ground. There I saw a familiar sight.


  A coarse muddy ground full of dust, yet it felt so comforting.


  “St, Stoop! Sister, please stop!!”


  “I don’t want tooo?”


  In that place, if Isolet would beat me down before tickling me.


  As a result I would be brought close to tears. She then would buy me ice cream and told me not to tell my parents… all of that now had now become a distant memory.




  As I stepped deeper, more and more familiar things came into my view.


  The training dolls that were always full of sword cuts now were packed with deeper cuts.


  On all sides, they were full of cuts from various knives, swords, and other sharp weapons.


  There were also bandage wraps with basic healing spells attached to them and bottles of lower grade potion that were rolling around in the ground.


  Isolet’s house, where I had visited at least once a week and sometimes even every three days, was still the same place I used to remember.


  “…What the hell.”


  I was immersed in my memory of Isolet’s house when I heard a familiar voice.


  “What do you need? Why did you come here, Frey?”


  “I received a letter that said you were sick. So I came to visit…”


  Hearing that voice, I unintentionally turned my head, then I froze in an instant.




  Isolet, who was drenched in sweat from her training, was tying her sticky hair while biting a hair tie in her lips.


  “Oh, um…”


  It is fine until that part, but the problem here was what she was wearing.


  She was wearing nothing but a sleeveless undershirt and underpants.


  Moreover, she was also drenched in sweat.


  “Don’t call me Sister.”


  “…Okay, but what are you doing there?”




  “Weren’t you not feeling well?”


  “I don’t know what you are saying.”


  Not knowing where to look, I stared into an empty space as she carelessly answered.


  “When I heard the news of your visit, I was in the middle of my rest and just took my armor off.”




  “But, why did you look at me with those eyes?”




  To be honest, I would probably be sliced in half by Isolet if I actually answered that. I also had no idea what response the two girls who were standing behind me with a blank look would give, so I played it cool.




  Then Isolet, who was done tying her hair, sheathed her sword and slowly approached me.


  “Don’t babble. Considering old times sake, I’m asking you directly.”


  – Swisshh…!




  Soon after, I could feel my life being threatened.


  “It’s dangerous.”




  The warning by the girls standing behind me came urgently. But, with a cold look, I gestured to them to stop and stay in their place.


  – Claannggg…!


  Soon, with lightning fast speed, Isolet directed her sword to my neck and I silently closed my eyes.




  Then after a few moments of stillness.


  – Swish…


  In that poised moment, I opened my eyes and saw Isolet’s hand shaking.


  “What’s wrong?”


  And in those trembling hands, the sword stopped just an inch away after leaving an incredibly thin cut on my throat. I stared at the tip of her sword.


  “Why you…”


  After Isolet asked with a shaky voice, a frown started to show on my face.


  “You can’t chop off my head?”


  A cold wind stormed in the field. Isolet was still pointing her sword at me.




  She quietly closed her eyes and collapsed into my arms.




  Then, a long silence prevailed.









  The startled servants laid Isolet down. I followed her to her room and stared at Isolet with a blank look.


  “It can’t go on like this…”


  Originally, I wanted to lower her affection towards me by treating Lulu and Irina as sex slaves in front of her.


  Originally, it would be a good idea. Since Isolet despised my sexual offenses, the effect would be guaranteed.


  “What to do…”


  But, looking at Isolet in front of me, who was breaking in cold sweat and groaning painfully, I don’t think the plan could work.


[Sub-Heroines Conquest]

Isolet Arham Bywalker

[Conquest Progress: 85%]



  Her Conquest Progress had gone up by 4 percent just from seeing me. If it kept going on like this, I didn’t think harassing Lulu and Irina could work.


  Then what should I do? I needed to solve the most important problem, but the means…




  I was gripping my head while thinking when Isolet started to moan.




  And in between her moans, there was also my name.




  Hearing that, I unconsciously reached for her face.




  It didn’t have any meaning. I only wished to wipe the sweat off her face.




  Truthfully, there was some meaning behind it. I had enough of seeing her feeble look in front of me.


  It was imprinted in my heart that she was always a teacher who was stronger than me. In my memory, she was a proud knight with an upright personality.


  The thought of someone like that feebly calling my name was enough to make me feel like crumbling down.


  “You sweated a lot…”


  But I couldn’t show it to her.


  I was well aware that I couldn’t. I knew that I was stronger than her, so I had to be the one to protect her.


  I couldn’t reveal my desire to lean on her unconscious self.


  ‘Still, I can help wipe her sweat off.’


  – Swish…!


  With that thought in mind, I read the Appointment Letter I found on Isolet’s desk. But then, I soon fell into deep contemplation.


  ‘The Church’s Youngest Paladin… She is also a problem…’


  Amongst the sub-heroines who entered the academy in the second year, there was also the Youngest Paladin of the Church.


  She obviously played a big part in the storyline, but surprisingly, I didn’t know much of her.


  It was because any explanation about her was omitted from the prophecy and nothing was actually known.


  Back then, I had tried to track her identity, but there was nothing I could find.


  I saw her silhouette in the Third Ordeal. However, besides the fact that she used a sword, shield, and holy power, I couldn’t figure out anything else.


  There is nothing I could do. From my perspective at that time, I couldn’t even see her face.


  What I knew about her was written in the short explanation found in the prophecy.


– Planned Update: Youngest Paladin of the Church.

[The ‘Created Saintess’ made by the Church using a forbidden technique that they had once stolen from the blindly ambitious Tower Master. This technique was the reason for the split between Irina and the Tower Master in the past.’

The Tower Master, driven by the desire to save someone, violated the balance of the world and tried to develop a way for ‘Soul Descent’ into an artificial body. But sadly, with the Demon God’s orders, the Church stole the magic and committed acts that destroyed the rules and laws of the world.
That heinous act is…]

– That was the rough summary of the update that I could remember. Unfortunately, I was dragged to this world before the update was implemented. So that’s why, I don’t know much about her.


  ‘Hmm… Judging from his words, she is the largest variable, what should I do…’


  I reflected on the contents of the familiar prophecy.






  Then, Isolet’s eyes met mine, who was wiping her sweat.




  Then an awkward silence fell.


[Conquest Progress: 86%]


[Conquest Progress: 87%]


[Conquest Progress: 88%]


  “A… Ah Ah.”


  Then, I panicked as her Conquest Progress increased rapidly.






  I acted spontaneously, climbing on top of her.


  “Sis, Sister… you are in so much pain just like what I’m thinking, right?”


  “What, What are you doing!”


  “I held back so much… Finally a great opportunity came. I can’t just let it pass by, right?”


  “Let, Let go!”


  Then Isolet started struggling. But she was in so much pain that the strength of her struggle was pathetic. 


  “Looking at the state of your body, can you even resist me?”




  “I want to try it just once. Excuse me just this one time, Sister.”


  As I said that to her, a pained look was evident in her face. Then, I muttered quietly.


  ‘Just until the Conquest Progress decreases.’


  In order for the ‘main problem’ that I was worried about to be solved, it seemed like I had no choice but to do this.


  Because if I did this to Isolet, she would hate me for the rest of her life.


  It was really a sad thing. I couldn’t help but weaken my resolve just at the sight of her. 




  I caught Isolet’s hands and pushed it down the bed. She started to look at me with a gaze full of loathing.


[Conquest Progress: 87%]


[Conquest Progress: 86%]


[Conquest Progress: 85%]


  Along with that, her Conquest Progress decreased.


  That sight made me feel sad and happy at the same time. With my hands all over her body, I opened my mouth to say.


  “Once. I said I will only do it one time, okay? Don’t play hard to get, just once.”


  With a cunning look, I started to unbutton her shirt.




  “Yeah, be obedient just like that… what?”


  I froze upon hearing the words that came out of Isolet’s mouth.


  “Frey, I beg you.”


  She raised her gaze at me.


  “In the future, only violate me and leave the other girls alone, okay?”


  “Huh, huh?”


  “I don’t care how many times… or how you want to do it. Just make sure you do it only to me.”




  Isolet looked at me with her stiff, yet firm expression.


  “It is part of my responsibility as a teacher that you turned out to be such a scoundrel.”


  “Excuse me…”


  “I want to kill you, but I can’t bring myself to do it… and since I have been subdued disgracefully, I want to make you an offer.”


  Then she inwardly turned her gaze aside as she said those words.


  “Since you have subdued me, doesn’t that mean that I have been defeated? It is an obligation of a knight to grant the victor’s wish.”




  “…What are you doing? Violate me quickly.”


  I choked upon hearing those words.


  “…But, what and how would you do it?”


  I broke out in cold sweat as I racked my brain at Isolet’s question. Her eyes and expression as she asked me the question was a complex mixture of hatred, disgust, fear of the unknown, and some other unfathomable emotion.


  ‘….Right, Isolet is pretty much a holy virgin.’


  She only ever knew training. She met even fewer men than Irina and Arianne.


  In her family, she refused to be educated in how to socialize as a woman or study etiquette, which caused quite a commotion. It was no wonder that she had no sexual knowledge.


  ‘No, it is impossible she would know nothing about it. She should at least know the deed.’


  Anyway, how should I face this kind of woman? At least for now, I had no idea.


[Conquest Progress: 85%]


  Even the Conquest Progress wasn’t decreasing. If I stayed still in this situation, she would sense that something was wrong…


  – Bang!!


  In that desperate situation, the door slammed open with a bang.


  “Please leave now.”


  Then, came a cold and clear voice.




  My eyes widened as I looked at the person who suddenly appeared in front of me.


  “As a paladin appointed by the church and the disciple of Lady Isolet, I’m warning you. If you don’t get off this instant I will attack you.”


  And so, in this dumbfounding situation I managed to get out of my predicament by following those words. I slowly got off of Isolet.


  – Bbang!!!


  The girl, who was looking at me with a piercing stare, suddenly pounced on me. I could only helplessly collapse.


  “Bear this in mind.”


  After she trampled on me, she opened her mouth full of murderous threats.


  “There are many witnesses today so I have to stop… but one way or another, I will kill you. Whatever it takes.”




  “Before I turn out like that, if I even find a chance…”


  As she mumbled something incoherent, I stared at her with difficulty.




  I asked in confusion.




  I frowned and tilted my head to the side. That girl had a mystifying appearance.


  “Why are you here…?”


  I asked her that question. She answered with a cold look on her face.


  “You called someone you just met a goddess? It turns out everything I heard was true. Was this how you have always operated?”


  “No, that’s not it…”


  “…If you talk like that one more time, I will kill you. You detestable bastard.”




  I stared at the girl who suddenly started cursing me with killing intent once again.


  “Then, are you the Demon God?”




  She subsequently asked with a cold expression.




  Then, a short silence commenced.


  “I am the Church’s paladin. I came to this place today to become a disciple of Lady Isolet.”


   Then, when I heard her continued answer…




  I couldn’t help but spit out a curse.


  ‘Tower Master, you old hag, what kind of damn experiment are you doing?’


  Somehow, the Youngest Paladin of the Church had the same face as the Goddess I met in the Third Ordeal.







  Meanwhile at that moment.


  “…Who cursed me?”


  In the lofty Magic Tower at the outskirts of the Empire, the Tower Master murmured to herself as she picked her tickling ears.


  “No wait, are they still cursing? It makes my ears itchy if someone cursed me as an old hag.”


  Instead of making magic scrolls, the Tower Master rose from her seat and sighed.


  “What is the point of cursing an old lady who is only getting older… Hiks, uuhh…”


  She slumped back in her armchair and started muttering.


  “Still, my life has been really comfortable lately, that troublemaker who only has her big brain is being quiet… that crazy disciple of mine seems to be dating a guy… the new disciple seems to still be sane.”


  Then, the Tower Master tiredly closed her eyes.


  “Well, there must be a reason why I can’t get along with that red haired girl.”


  Then, she started reminiscing with a smirk on her face.


  “At first, that girl…”




  “Gosh Darn It!!”


  Then, someone opened a door and stormed inside. The Tower Master freaked out and stumbled backwards.


  “Oh my… oh my my…”




  – Swooshh


  Glare, the disciple of the Tower Master, stared blankly at this sight for a moment. Then, using the magic she just learned a few days back, she brought the chair back to its former position.


  “Can I request something?”


  She stumbled over to the dazed Tower Master and stared at her with sparkling eyes.


  “Well, say it. You are my only disciple, I should hear your request.”


  Looking at Glare, the Tower Master’s grumpy mood vanished. She smiled and sipped the heated black tea beside her.


  “You know about the Sunrise Academy right?”


  “I know, but it is the place I hate the most in this world… The Dean and everything about it…”


  “Please enroll me there!!”




  When she heard Glare’s next words, she spat out a mouthful of her tea.


  “Even, even if I’m not old enough… with Master’s influence…”


  “Uh, Uhuk… Uhhhuuuk…!”


  The Tower Master stared at Glare, who was covered in tea while looking at her with a silly look and was talking with a cheerful voice.


  “Why are all of my disciples like this!!!”


  Then, unable to contain her rage, she screamed at the top of her lungs.




  The faint glow that emanated from Glare’s body dried her clothes.


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