The Main Heroines are Trying to Kill Me Chapter 201

Chapter 201 - Discipline

༺ Discipline ༻



  “…Then I will be in the living room.”




  “If anything happens, please give a shout and I will come immediately.”


  “I know.”


  After she dismissed her sullen looking disciple, Isolet then started to blankly gaze at me.






  When the door closed, Isolet called me over with a low voice, still laying on the bed.


  “Come here and take a look.”




  My emotions were raging and I wanted to leave. But, I couldn’t bear to move when I heard Isolet’s voice.


  Because, ever since I disappointed her, I hadn’t heard her calling me in such a soft voice.




  While barely keeping my expression stern, I glared at her. She blankly looked at me and said.


  “Are you not going to do me?”


  “My mood is spoiled.”


  “Is that so?”


  Because of what had happened earlier, the air turned awkward, making our conversation end abruptly.


  “Where is my sister?”


  “She went out. She said she was going to meet a friend.”




  “Kania’s sister.”


  I was worried because I didn’t see my sister in the house. Fortunately, she was just going out somewhere. Well, I would also be doing the same if someone actually came looking for me.


  “You seemed to have thought of her a lot. But, I don’t know whether you can see her…”


  “I have no interest.”


  I let out a small sigh and continued to spout lies to Isolet. Then, I turned my back and prepared to leave the room.






  I turned my head towards her once again when Isolet called me. I had no choice but to look straight at her.


  “It’s been a long time since you came to visit. In the past, you used to come all the time…”


  “What do you want to say?”


  “Can’t you return to the Frey of the past?”


  Then, she gazed at me in silence before whispering in a low voice.


  “Lately, I have been thinking a lot about the younger you. So…”


  “Why do you keep talking in circles…”


  She continued to evade the topic she wished to discuss. As such, I approached her with big strides, asking what she really wanted.




  At that moment, Isolet grabbed my hand and pulled me on the bed.


  “Keugh… Wh-what?”


  It was so sudden and unexpected that I could only helplessly get dragged down.


  Moreover, it was obviously a bed but why did it feel like I was thrown on a rock? The pain made me tear up a bit.




  Well, she was a woman yet she was offered the position of Deputy Commander of the Imperial Knights. It was no surprise that she was so strong.


  “Don’t be fooled, Frey.”


  I was thinking as such when Isolet began to talk in a low voice.


  “No matter how sick I am, beating you down is a simple matter.”




  “And, it is only natural that you can’t always be in the highest position.”


  With that, she harshly grabbed my two hands and pinned me on the bed.


  “I don’t know about you but… in this world, positions can be flipped at any time.”


  Just like what Isolet said, our position had totally reversed from before.


  “The people you tormented before can also torment you back. The people you persecuted can persecute you instead.”




  “And, the people you trampled on can trample you as well. That’s the law of this jungle of a world.”


  Isolet used her other hand to grab my jaws, lifting my face to meet her eyes.


  “You still don’t understand even now?”


  She continued her words with a grim expression.


  “If you still can’t understand it thoroughly, I can teach you thoroughly.”


  “Wa, wait…”


  “What’s wrong? Didn’t you say it yourself? You told me you wanted to do it just once.”


  She grabbed my outerwear, throwing it to the side.


  “Fine then. I’ll let you have it once. You just need to lie down. I’ll force myself onto you instead.”


  “Wa, wait…”


  Then she started unbuttoning my shirt, one at a time.


  “Let go of me right this instant.”


  “I don’t want to. Isn’t this how you always treated women? I’m just copying exactly what you do.”


  I wanted to make her stop. However, if I wished to overpower someone as strong as her, I would need to use the ‘Hero’s Power.’


  However, because of the stacked penalties, I was now in a very weak state.




  “Be obedient, Frey.”


  If I used the ‘Hero’s Power’ now, I would soon be vomiting blood.


  And Isolet was already crazed enough. If she saw me vomiting blood in front of her eyes, the thing I feared the most might come true.




  So, I tried my best to twist my body to get off the bed. However, there was nothing I could do as Isolet was using her utmost strength to suppress me.


  How could such superhuman strength come out of such a soft body? It was unfathomable to me.


  “Behave yourself.”




  In the end, Isolet took off my shirt completely.


  “Now that you are whimpering like this, you completely look like a girl. What a cheeky little brat.”




  “Good boy.”


  Isolet started to gaze down at me in silence. I was still in shock from being thrown onto the bed. Moreover, with the constant pressure exerted on me, I had an agonized look on my face.


  – Swoosh…


  Her grip on my pinned hands tightened with more force. She then lowered her head closer to my face.




  For a moment, her light blue eyes collided with my silver ones. Those eyes then started to tremble gradually.


  “D-Do you understand? Frey.”


  Isolet looked sideways for a moment, then suddenly she opened her mouth while breaking in cold sweat.


  “I-I’m not fooled by your act.”




  “Y-You just like to dominate and make people surrender to you.”


  She suddenly became a different person with a flustered look on her face. Then, her grip on me started to weaken.


  “Isn’t it the same case now? You said you w-wanted to do it with me… but when it actually came to it, you became flustered…”




  “You don’t actually like doing it. You just want to make people submit to you. You are no more than a cheeky little brat.”


  With that, she slowly slipped away from me.


  “T-think about what I said carefully.”


  After she said that, she pulled the blanket over herself, lying down on the bed.




  Then, silence fell.


  “What was that? Why suddenly…”


  I was spacing out because I couldn’t understand the situation no matter what.




  The door abruptly opened. I gulped hard when I found Irina, Lulu, and the Paladin standing behind the door with their mouths wide open.


  “Fr… Frey?”


  “Hii, hiingg…”




  Now, I understood why Isolet’s attitude had so abruptly changed.








  Isolet laid on the bed with a blanket over her head after Frey left the room with his companions.




  After laying on the bed for a while, she suddenly groaned.


  “What… what the hell…”


  Unlike moments ago, she appeared confused and flustered. Moreover, her fright was clearly visible on her face.


  “What am I doing… to Frey…”


  She muttered in a tremble.


  “Did I finally go insane?”


  When she pounced on Frey before, she clearly felt disgusted and disappointed.


  But what happened? In the midst of those feelings, why did she also clearly feel some weird emotions mixed in?


  “Just once?! Just once?!”




  The strength Frey used to grab her hands was nothing in her standards. And when those slender hands opened the buttons of her shirt, as she groaned under him…


  She could break free if she put just a bit of force. However, the boy was utterly unaware of this fact, as his smug look expressed that he thought he got the upper hand in dominating her.


  His hands were restricted with the little strength it had. He fooled himself into thinking that he could suppress and control her with his sickly body. And looking at such a sight of him…




  For some reason, Isolet’s heart became warm.




  Of course, at first, she simply thought it was because of her fury and desire to discipline Frey.


  As such, as soon as she got the chance, she tried to beat Frey down in hopes of disciplining him.


  However, from that point onwards, something shifted within her.


  The feeble look Frey showed when he was thrown on the bed.


  That look wasn’t the arrogant and disgusting look that Frey usually wore. It also wasn’t the look he had when he attempted to rape her just moments before.


  It was the same expression Frey showed when he was young, as he tumbled down onto the earthen ground whenever she defeated him in a spar.


  Although short, she briefly felt like she was transported back in time when Frey was pinned onto the bed by her.


  Because of it, Isolet began to lose her reason.


  In order to see this side of him for longer, she continued to push the heavily panting Frey down onto the bed.


  And because of her forceful actions, the last expression Frey showed was…


  A look of complete defeat. The expression he showed was a look of total surrender. It was a frail look that was unbecoming of someone like Frey, who was accustomed to having everything under his feet.




  Why did that face of his heat up her entire body?


  She wanted to make those slender arms that dared to restrain her hands know how it felt to be restrained with true strength. That frail body which dared to suppress her deserved to recognize what it was like to actually be suppressed.


  When Frey’s arrogant look changed into that of fright, what kind of feeling would she have?


  And when she finally stripped him of his shirt and put her head closer to his face, what would she have done in that situation?




  No matter how one looked, there was only one answer.


  For whatever reason, she had unconsciously tried to intimidate Frey.


  “No way.”


  And it was a great shock for Isolet.


  Because of the chivalry she upheld as a knight and the integrity she believed in as a teacher…


  Forget sex; even the mere mention of a relationship between a man and a woman would make her whole body shiver with rejection and disgust.


  But why was it that the same heart of chivalry and integrity couldn’t resist the momentary impulse to push down such a feeble boy?


  “I’m not worthy as a knight… Nor as a teacher…”


  Isolet muttered, the cocktail of feelings eating away her conscience.


  “How can I face him in the future…”


  Soon, she stopped talking and touched her cheeks.




  Her cheeks were still burning.


  “Isn’t Frey the lustful one? That should have been obvious, but…”


  She should be disgusted with this situation, but her body’s reaction said otherwise.


  “…Turns out the lustful one isn’t him, but me.”


  She moved the pillow on her stomach, hugging it close to her chest. She tightly shut her eyes and muttered.




  She hugged the pillow in order to calm herself, but somehow, the scenes from before overlapped in her mind, making her body heat up even further.




  And soon thereafter, Isolet’s breath turned into even rougher pants.











  “What’s wrong? Is there a problem?”


  “No… Nothing…”


  Somehow Frey ended up having lunch with the Paladin. He sighed briefly before staring blankly into space.


[Sub-Heroines Conquest]

Isolet Arham Bywalker

[Conquest Progress: 90%]



  “I don’t know what to do anymore.”




  As he recalled what happened just moments before, Frey’s expression gradually turned utterly empty.


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