The Main Heroines are Trying to Kill Me Chapter 48

Chapter 48 - The False Evil

 ༺ The False Evil ༻


  “Young Master, are you awake?” 





  When I woke up, I found Kania applying ointment on my wounds with a worried look on her face.



  I smiled slightly at Kania and tried to get out of bed, but she grabbed on to me lightly and inquired cautiously.



  “If the Ordeal is difficult, may I help you?” 





  I tilted my head as I asked, and she quietly grabbed my hand, then said.



  “I shall enter your dreams, Young Master. In that place, I can…” 


  “That’s enough, I’m fine.”



  However, as I immediately turned down her offer, Kania continued speaking with a concerned look.



  “I’m not sure what kind of hallucinations you suffer from exactly, but… If I’m by your side it will…” 


  “No, I’m saying I’m fine because I really am. The Ordeal is really easy this time around. If it gets tougher, I’ll ask you for help.” 


  “…I see.”



  I rejected her suggestion and smiled at Kania, who was still looking at me with a worried expression. I then quietly got lost in my thoughts.



  ‘…I can’t show Kania those horrible things.’



  What I saw in my dreams were scenes of the “Main Heroines” dying in the previous timeline. On top of that, I saw Isolet’s death and my father’s last moments.



  Of course, watching such tragic scenes didn’t affect me at all. Not only was my mental strength high enough, but they were scenes I had recalled countless times, and over time, those scenes became fuel to strengthen my resolve.



  However, it was still horrible to watch a scene where people, whom I care about die. So Kania, whose mental strength was much lower than mine, would definitely have trouble withstanding it.



  So, since the hallucinations would be over in a week anyway, it would be better for me to take care of them on my own.



  “…Then, I shall return to my duties, Young Master.” 


  “All right.”



  After thinking about this for a while, I quietly watched Kania, who bowed to me before leaving the room, and then I quietly began looking at the system window that emerged in front of me.



[Acquired Cumulative False Evil Points: 10000pts!]



– The intermediate store has been unlocked and integrated.
– The 『Hero’s Armament Awakening Investment System』 has been unlocked.
– Elementary mode has been terminated.



  “…Elementary mode has been terminated, huh? That’s a pity.”



  As the elementary mode has now been terminated, the system will start acting hostile in earnest. 



  The permanent disappearance of the ❰Emergency Protection❱ I had bought in the beginner’s skill store, and the ❰False Evil’s Intuition❱ that informed me of a mortal danger once a day was also part of this change.



  However, the merits would also increase accordingly.



  Of course, the system has now become quite unreliable, and its usefulness has dropped to a certain extent, but won’t I have to make the most of it anyway? So I will use what I can.



[Store / Intermediate Level 1]

– Elixir of Potential LV2 (45000pts)
Description: This mysterious elixir can draw out the potential of the person who drinks it.
(Purchase Limit: 0/1)


Life Force Recovery LV2 (50000pts)
Description: Permanently slightly increases the life force recovery rate.
(Total amount does not increase)


– Mind Reading LV2 (50000pts)







  Thinking like this, I opened the store window, and after seeing the considerable increase in prices, I closed it in annoyance.



  “…Well, the store function is worthless.”



  From now on, I would have to constantly put in all the points I accumulated into the 『Hero’s Armament Awakening Investment System』.



  Of course, in the case of the ❰Life Recovery❱ skill, I could buy it if things turned out to become too difficult, but other than that, it would be better for my future self if I invested the points I earned into the 『Awakening Investment System』.



  [15000pts of investment completed!]

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  As I thought about this, I invested all the points I had accumulated into the 『Awakening Investment System』, and then closed the system window and threw myself onto my bed.



  “Cough! Cough!!”



  After momentarily pounding my chest and coughing for a while, I closed my eyes again, still feeling exhausted no matter how much I slept, but…



  – Knock Knock



  Someone knocked on the door, so I exclaimed in annoyance with a deep frown.



  “…Who is it!?”



  Then the door opened quietly, and someone slowly walked in.





  “Don’t you dare call me by my name so casually, Frey.”



  Isolet, who was looking at me with a basket in one hand, responded with a stony expression when I called her by her name, and then settled down on the chair next to my bed.



  “Why did you…” 


  “I came to give you this.”



  When I asked with a confused look, she put the basket by my bedside and replied coldly.



  “Your sister asked me to give you this.”



  I inspected the basket quietly after hearing this. There were snacks and fruits inside of it.






  And, when I saw this, I could not help but heave a deep sigh and grab my head.



  Isolet, Aria, and Serena were the most likely to get cursed in the final ordeal, and out of the three, I had already dealt with Isolet and Serena.



  Isolet had turned her back on me after the ‘kidnapping in the middle of the duel’ incident, and Serena could at least erase her worry for me, even though she still had love for me lingering on.



  However, looking at this basket… my sister Aria, it seems she was still worried about me.



  “…Frey, let me ask you something.” 


  “What is it?”



  As I was reminiscing about my cute sister, who would follow me around when we were younger and smile brightly at me whenever our gazes would meet, Isolet asked me a question. Upon hearing that, I replied curtly without even sparing her a glance.



  “There are rumors going around that you are in cahoots with the Demon King.” 




  “…Is that true?”



  Isolet began looking down at me calmly and inquired as such.



  “Sigh, that’s funny. If the Professor were to be a member of the Demon King’s Army…would you have answered honestly if you were to be interrogated?” 


  “Look straight into my eyes and answer, Frey.” 


  “What if it’s true?”



  When my lips slightly curled up and I answered as such, she responded by slightly gripping the hilt of the sword around her waist. 



  “…Was the rumor really true?” 


  “Are you going to kill me here? Sister, aren’t you getting help from the Bywalker…” 


  “Don’t address me as ‘Sister,’ Frey.”



  Her astute behavior overlapped with the image of her I had from the past, so I smirked and called her ‘Sister’ without realizing it, and as Isolet glared at me, with her eyes blazing with killing intent, I quietly glanced sideways and said.



  “Even rumors originate from somewhere, right?” 


  “So you’re saying that you admit to being part of the Demon King’s…” 


  “…But they are sometimes exaggerated.”



 As I said this, I covered myself with my blanket, and uttered to Isolet in a low voice.



  “Now go back. I think we’re done here.” 





  Then Isolet let out a sigh as she rose from her seat, and while she was heading to the door, she turned around and opened her mouth.



  “Ah, your sister asked me to tell you this.”




  “She said she was not sure if she had any love left for you, so if you’re hiding anything, you should confess to her quickly.”



  As she was about to open and head out of the front door, she added in an icy voice.



  “…Well, even if you’re hiding something, I’m sure she will feel disappointed after hearing it.”



  Having finished speaking, Isolet closed the door behind her violently, and for a moment, only the sound of her footsteps lingered in the hall.






  I felt her words ringing in my ears, so I quietly closed my eyes and let myself succumb to the sudden rush of fatigue.



  But for some reason, I couldn’t fall asleep.






  Now that I thought about it, the drowsiness that had been bothering me so much had completely disappeared.



  “…What’s going on?” 


  – Knock Knock



  While I was feeling rather perplexed by this confusing situation, I heard a knock on the door again. 



  Due to this, I frowned as I punched my pillow as hard as I could, and said in a jaded voice.



  “…Who is it?” 


  “You are quite rude today.”



  Then a girl entered my room with a gentle gait. As I stared at her blankly, I inquired with a bewildered look.

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  “…Why are you here?” 


  “I said, you are being quite rude today.”



  Then, Clana settled down on the chair next to me and crossed her legs, ever so naturally, and began speaking with a smile on her face.



  “Shall we have some tea?” 





  I began to look at her with a dumbfounded look on my face, but she ignored me and clapped three times.



  “”…Did you call us, Your Highness?”” 


  “I would like to have some tea with Lord Frey, please.”



  Upon hearing her call, her servants spoke in unison from outside, and Clana smiled at them, then asked them to prepare some tea. Soon, she turned her gaze my way and said.



  “You proposed to me so pompously, but look at you now, lying in bed like that.” 


  “…Did you come to make fun of me?”



  I asked her with my brows furrowed, but Clana just responded with smile.



  “Oh my, thank you.”



  A yellow table was placed between my bed and her chair, and various desserts and drinks began to be arranged on the table.



  “Here, have a cup.”



  And she held out a steaming cup of tea as she spoke.



  “…How will I drink this, not knowing what’s in it?”



  Of course, how Clana is right now, she has enough reasons to poison me, so I subconsciously moved back, but suddenly the princess put on a puzzled expression and opened her mouth.



  “You… You are acting strange today. Why are you acting like this?” 





  Then she suddenly took my hand and began to speak with an affectionate expression.



  “I’m still grateful that you saved me last time, even going as far as using the Covenant.” 


  “Ah, aaah…” 


  “I really don’t know how to repay this favor. There is not much I can do for you as I’m quite powerless, but…” 





  The moment I listened to what she said, I jumped out of my bed in panic.  





  “Pe-Penalty… The penalty…!”



  I began trembling in anxiousness that the penalty window would appear in front of me, but…



  “Why in the world are you acting like this?” 





  I didn’t understand why, but the penalty window didn’t show up.



   I spaced out for a while, as I couldn’t wrap my head around this situation. Soon, I sat down carefully, and then Clana, who had her head tilted in curiosity, cleared her voice and continued.



   “Ahemm, anyway… If I were to get into a position of power, I will repay this favor twice… no, even double that.” 




  “Uh… Is it too unrealistic?”



  As I was still spacing out, unable to comprehend this situation, Clana asked with a slightly embarrassed smile.



  “Is this dream too unrealistic in your eyes as well, Lord Frey?” 


  “…I think it’s a dream that definitely seems real.”



  I looked at her and answered without even realizing.






  Upon hearing my answer, the Imperial Princess lowered her head and began fiddling with her fingers.



  “…Thank you.”



  I looked at the Princess, whose face was blushing in embarrassment upon hearing the reply that I uttered unconsciously. She then suddenly snapped her fingers and spoke in a solemn tone.



  “Bring out what I prepared.” 


  “…Yes, Your Highness.”



  Hearing her command, the servant, who was on standby next to her, placed something on the table.



  “Please open it. This is my present.” 





  I opened it cautiously, in case a bomb exploded or knives came flying out of it the moment I opened it, but it was a cake which has the design of a cat.



  “It is not much… but I prepared this myself.”



  And then the Princess hurriedly added, again with her head lowered and her face flushed red.



  “I-It’s nothing… but I heard you liked cats, Lord Frey…”



  Having said that, Clana began fiddling with her fingers again. I stared at her while being lost in my thoughts.



  ‘What’s going on? Was it Clana who noticed my false evil deed? But… Even if that’s the case, a few things seem strange?’ 


  – Creak...



  As I was drenched in cold sweat at this incomprehensible situation, suddenly someone opened the door and entered my room.

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  “…Oh my, are you already having the birthday party?” 


  “Lady Serena, what business do you have here?”



  Serena, who was glaring at Clana with a sharp glint in her eyes, naturally sat next to me as Clana frowned, and replied with a smile.



  “I came to see my fiancée on his birthday today. Is there anything wrong with this?” 


  “…Frey was having an important conversation with me right now.” 


  “Even though you prepared a birthday cake?” 


  “…This is a gift for Lord Frey for saving me the other day. It is a coincidence that this overlapped with his birthday. Anyway, Lady Serena, it’s rude to interrupt conversations.” 


  “I had already made an appointment to meet in advance. The person that is interrupting this appointment is you, Your Highness, the Third Imperial Princess. Right, Frey?”



  Serena smiled and engaged with Clana in a battle of nerves, and while staring at both of them, I said in a low voice.



  “…My birthday is in two weeks.” 


  “Pardon, there is no way? My informant told me…” 


  “Oh my, did you not just say that it was a coincidence that his birthday overlapped with this?” 





  Then Clana, with a puzzled look on her face, quietly closed her mouth when she heard Serena’s comments, and Serena, who was glaring at her sharply, turned to me and said.



  “Today is your birthday, Frey. It seems you have forgotten because you have been too busy fighting the Demon King’s Army?” 





  Serena said that I was fighting the Demon King’s Army with a confident look on her face, ignoring the ‘Perhaps’ constraint I had put on her, and because of that I freaked out again and waited for the system window to pop up…



  “Hmm? What’s wrong?” 


   “…I-It’s nothing. Nothing.”



  For some reason the system window didn’t pop up again.



  Just as I was about to have an outburst due to the situation, the front door opened once again and someone else entered.



  – Bang! Bang! 






   A loud sound resounded, and due to this, memories of the previous timeline flooded my mind, and I ducked down and freaked out.



  “Happy birthday~!”



  But it wasn’t mana blasts or bombs that fell upon me, rather it was confetti, and it was Ferloche who had tossed them with a bright smile on her face.






  Ferloche, who was smiling for some reason, opened her mouth as Clana and Serena stared at her, covered in confetti, and she rushed forward and shouted.



  “I-I apologize!”



  She apologized to Clana and Serena, taking off the confetti that was stuck on their hair, piece by piece, and suddenly looked at me and said.



  “Oh, that’s right, is it tomorrow that we decided to go to the orphanage to volunteer together?” 


  “…So that was the important appointment you said you had tomorrow, Frey.” 


  “You, what are you going to do about your work at the student council?”



  Then, Clana and Serena started looking at me coldly at the same time.






  But I remained silent again this time as I wondered why the penalty window didn’t pop up, and as the girls began staring at me in bewilderment, the door opened once again.



  “Wha-What’s happening… Why’s there so many people…”



  This time around Irina entered the room cautiously, as I felt perplexed by these unexpected variables.



  “Uh, well, so…  Ha-Have this.”



  After taking a long pause, she pulled out a package of presents and handed them over to me.



  “Th-This is for helping me the other day at the disciplinary committee… yes.”



  After carefully accepting her gift, I hardened my face at the words she continued saying



  “Th-Then… I’ll get going.” 





  Soon, Irina, who was drenched in a cold sweat, quickly tried to get out of the room, but Ferloche, who grabbed her by the arm, dragged her, then sat her down and said.



  “Don’t be like that, and let’s celebrate his birthday together, Miss Irina!” 




  “Yes! The more the merrier in a party like this!”



  When Ferloche said this in a cheerful tone, Clana and Serena began to cough. Meanwhile, Ferloche, who looked at the two of them blankly, tilted her head and asked.



  “Is there something wrong? Do you feel unwell? If you are sick, I can use my healing…!” 


  – Creak…



  As Ferloche was about to use her holy power with a worried expression, the door opened again and someone entered slowly.



  “Ah, Miss Kania is here as well!”



  Ferloche quickly grabbed Kania, who had been quietly staring at us, and sat her down, and then spoke to Clana and Serena, who were looking despondent.



  “Then, let’s get this party started!!”



  After a moment, the candles on the cat cake were lit up.



  “Hmmhmm, happy birthday, Lord Frey.” 


  “Next time, make sure you talk to me first…” 


  “I’m sure the Sun God must be happy as well, today!” 





  As I looked at the candles, Clana, Serena, Ferloche, and Irina congratulated me, but I couldn’t get myself to look at them.



  ‘…System, you wretched thing.’



  Because I had finally figured out what this situation was about.



  Since I didn’t react to the scenes, no matter how painful they were, the Ordeal of the System had decided to show me joyful scenes.



  Even more so, it had decided to show me my birthday event, which would have happened if I took the standard route.





  “Frey? Are you all right?” 


  “You’re acting strange today.”  


  “Lord Frey? Are you ill?” 


  “…What’s wrong?”



  When I lowered my head and remained silent, the Heroines began staring at me with a worried look and asked for my well being one by one.



  ‘No… My decision was correct… If I had taken this route, I might have been happy right now… But in the end everybody would have died… So, my decision was definitely…’



  I was telling myself this inwardly, looking away from them and waiting for my mind to clear up again, then…



  “Young Master, go ahead and blow the candles.” 





  Before I knew it, Kania had arrived next to me and grabbed on to my shoulder, and as she spoke with a smile on her face, I asked her, with an expression filled with suspicion.



  “Did you enter my dream?” 


  “You were moaning in a cold sweat until the dead of the night, so I decided to come to meet you, despite knowing this was rude.” 





  At those words, I looked at the cake with a ridiculous smile plastered on my face, and then Serena, who was sitting next to me, suddenly smiled and said.



  “Hmm, I think I understand. What’s this situation is all about?” 




  “Forget about it and blow the candles out. I’m fine.”

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  Saying this, she lightly grabbed my left shoulder.



  “Y-You guys… It was me who brought the cake.”



Then Clana, who was blushing, heaved a deep sigh and said so resentfully.



  “I do not understand what is happening but… Frey, blow out the candles. I’m not sure, but I think that is it.” 


  “That’s right! Even the Sun God… No, even I think so!” 


  “…What are you doing, not blowing the candles out?”



  Everyone who was sitting around me cheered me up. I stared at them for a moment, and then as I blew out the candles on the cake, I muttered to myself.



‘…Definitely, I made the right choice.’


  – Poof!



  The moment the candles went out, I found myself blankly staring at the ceiling of my dormitory.



  “I will order one of the same design from the bakery in advance.” 


  “…Thank you.”



  After I answered Kania, who spoke to me quietly from beside me, I began to stare at the window.



  “…This kind of hallucination isn’t too bad.”



  The moonlit night seemed unusually bright.  













  Meanwhile, Serena, who had the same dream as all the other Main Heroines, had woken up at the same time and was staring blankly at the window.



  “…It was all a dream.”



  As the image of Frey, who was blowing out the candles with a brighter smile than she had ever seen before, kept lingering in front of her eyes, Serena, who was sure that she wouldn’t be able to sleep anymore tonight, sighed and got out of her bed to read a book…



  “Bitch you even wake up in a peculiar fashion, huh?” 





  As the Tower Master suddenly spoke to her from beside her, Serena opened her eyes wide and took out her fan.



  – Bang! 






  However, the Tower Master quickly hit her on the head with her staff, and spoke with a grin.



  “Has your memory returned? Then tell your spies to stop spreading word about my weaknesses.” 





  Serena, who grabbed onto her head as she stumbled for a while, soon muttered with a satisfied smile.



  “Frey, I knew it would be like that… Perhaps.” 


  “…Can I ask you something?”



  The Tower Master, who looked at her in annoyance, hurriedly asked Serena a question while Serena was heading for her desk.



  “I don’t know what the hell you’re trying to do… But how far have you planned this?” 


  “Just up to here. From this point onward, this is an unknown area I can’t predict either.”



  Serena, after answering the question straightforwardly, wrote a telegram to her spies, and after that, continued speaking.



  “…So, we will need to come up with a new plan.”



  Watching her with a slightly intrigued expression, the Tower Master approached her to check the contents of the telegram.



  “Ah, later I want you to restore my memories to how it was before. That should be a piece of cake for you, right?” 




  “And from now on, I want you to visit me at this time every day to return my memories.” 


  “Th-This rotten little…!”



  But as Serena calmly asked for this ridiculous favor, the Tower Master raised her staff in anger…



  “…If this telegram doesn’t reach my spies, sooner or later your secrets will all be revealed to the Empire.” 





  When Serena handed the telegram to the owl, the Tower Master sank into a chair with a dejected look on her face.



  “Why are you making me do such a crazy thing?”



  The Tower Master asked her with a resentful look, and Serena murmured softly in the moonlight.



  “…If I want to screw over the Sun God, I have no choice but to act after nightfall.” 





  The Tower Master shook her head and kept on sighing deeply when she heard this. Then she saw the telegram that was on her desk, and reached out to it, frowning but…



  “…You should not look through other people’s belongings.”



  The moment she approached it, the telegram was snatched off her hand by Serena who glared at her. She inquired with an expression which suggested that this wasn’t fair.



  “What’s so important about that?” 





  Then Serena slightly frowned and answered.



  “The only variable.”



  Then the surface of the envelope, which Serena began to slowly corrode with lunar mana, illuminated to reveal Clana’s golden seal.



The Main Heroines are Trying to Kill Me

The Main Heroines are Trying to Kill Me

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To save the hopeless Dark Fantasy World, I held back my tears and destroyed the world, then killed the Demon King and returned.   Now, I'm trying to save the world using the 'System' I gained as the 'Regressor's Privilege'...   But the Main Heroines have also awakened their memories of the previous timeline.   God dammit.


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