The Main Heroines are Trying to Kill Me Chapter 49

Chapter 49 - The Second Quest

༺ The Second Quest ༻


  “Kania, did you do well on the exam?”


  “What do you mean?”



  On my way back to the dormitory after finishing the final exam, I asked Kania, who was quietly walking beside me.



  “As you know, I fully remember the previous timeline. So of course, there’s no way I won’t do well.”


  “…I see.”



  She replied to me with a dumbfounded look, wondering what the hell I was on about. Then she quickly scanned the surroundings and began talking in a hushed tone.  



  “Also, I think it’s not very smart to ask such a question when we are outside. Even now, the Young Master is having a hard time trying to walk…”


  “…All right, sorry, sorry.”



  Interrupting her words, I leaned against the wall for a moment and heaved a deep sigh.



  “It’s just, it’s one of the things I always wanted to say when I finally made some friends… so I tried it this time.”



  Upon hearing those words, Kania let out a sigh, and murmured.



  “I apologize. But in your current state, if even one more person finds out, there will be no turning back……”


  “You think of my well-being that much? Thank you, Kania.”



  As I hastened my steps after replying to her, I hurriedly pulled out a handkerchief from my pocket and started coughing.



  “Cough!! Cough!!!”



  Then, in an instant, the handkerchief began turning red.

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  “Kania, get me a handkerchief with self-cleaning magic.”



  I put the handkerchief in my pocket while forcefully trying to make a composed expression on my face, and ordered Kania, who was watching me quietly, to bring me the thing I needed the most right now.



  “I’ll get you one of the finest quality ones.”



  Having said that, Kania opened the door to my dormitory, which she had just arrived at, and spoke in a serious tone.



  “Oh, and there are two important reports.”


  “…Is that so?”



  Kania’s expression was unusual, so my expression turned serious as I settled down on the bed and began listening to her report.



  “First and foremost… I think I’ve found a clue about the ‘teleportation scroll’.”





  Soon enough, good news came out of her mouth, so I inquired with a bright glint in my eyes.



  “So, what kind of person swapped the scrolls?”



  Then Kania looked at Frey with a slightly troubled expression and shook her head in denial.



  “No, I didn’t find out who swapped the scrolls.”




  “I found the source of the scroll.”



  Hearing that, I felt a little disappointed, but when I thought about it again, the source of the scroll was a pretty important clue.



  “Do you remember the last time the Young Master had asked me to track down the ‘one behind the scrolls’?”


  “Why all of a sudden? Wait, maybe…”


  “Yes, I’ve heard a rumor that a person who matches the description that the Young Master gave me is running a scroll business in the back alley.”



  As I frowned deeply upon hearing those words, Kania continued speaking in a serious tone.



  “And almost all of those magic scrolls were scams, and most of those sham scrolls were teleportation scrolls.”


  “…What is the level of craftsmanship?”


  “They said that it would only be possible to identify them by performing a detailed analysis in the Magic Tower. They said it was also understandable why Ms. Arianne was deceived.”


  “I feel like I’m going to die…”



  My head is beginning to ache more and more.


  Obviously, the owner, who never ripped me off, is running some kind of scroll scam.



  In addition, the craftsmanship is enough to be recognized by the Magic Tower. I knew that the skill of the artisan was superior to that of any other artifact crafter, but… if even the Magic Tower acknowledges its quality, the story changes a lot.



  ‘Somehow… Although they were basically robbed, I started to think that something was strange from the time they fought evenly with Isolet using the artifact they possessed…’



  Although Isolet is now an academy professor, she is definitely a person who possesses the qualities to become the next Sword Saint. Even though the owner was eventually defeated by her, he did compete with her to some extent … After all, the owner is not an ordinary back alley trader.



  “…Secure the owner. You can buy him with money, or even use force if that doesn’t work.”


  “All right.”



  I needed to know for what purpose the owner was using those scam scrolls, why they didn’t scam me, and where their unusual skills came from. My head began to ache.  



  “The second report is about the punishment of the Young Master as decided by the Imperial family and the Church.”  





  I tilted my head and asked her as Kania replied with a slight frown.



  “Yes, even though you were forced to do things with ‘mind control’… It is true that you took the side of the Demon King, and public opinion throughout the Empire is also horrible, so this is an unavoidable punishment.”


  “…So what’s the punishment?”



  I asked Kania, feeling a little anxious, and she sighed in reply.



  “Forced volunteer work at the orphanage that we established.”


  “It’s crazy, really. This dogshit game.”



  After hearing her words and spitting out swear words, I hurriedly asked Kania a question.



  “Is it true that the relationship between me, my family, and the orphanage is perfectly hidden?”


  “Yes, it’s perfectly hidden. Unless the Young Master reveals the truth himself, it won’t be discovered.”

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  Fortunately, I wouldn’t die by vomiting all the blood in my body. Then I suddenly frowned and asked a question.



  “But why… why the Orphanage we built?”


  “I think the specific punishment was decided because the orphanage that Young Master established is currently the largest orphanage in the Empire. In addition, the fact that it’s located in the Imperial Capital, so the difficulty of the punishment was judged to be suitable.”





  Fortunately, after listening to Kania, it seems that the truth about the orphanage’s origins hasn’t been leaked. Well, if the information had leaked out, I would have died even sooner.



  “So, when does the volunteer work start?”


  “From today.”





  I, who was sighing in relief initially, frowned, having heard Kania’s words that I would have to do volunteer work from today, and then grabbed my throbbing head.



  “My body feels like it will crumble at any moment… and I have to do volunteer work…”


  “…By the way, Young Master. Would you face any problems by doing volunteer work?”



  I was already unhappy because it felt like my whole body was aching, but Kania inquired with a worried look on her face.



  “In any case… if volunteer work is recognized as ‘good work’…”


  “…Don’t worry about that.”



  I made an expression that there would be no problem and opened the ‘Inherent Skills Window’ that I had never purposely opened since the freshman welcoming party.



[Inherent Skills Window]

-Permanent Debuff: The Fate of False Evil
Description: Every time you are discovered to be a ‘False Evil’,  your vitality and lifespan will decrease.



Stack: 2
Special Stack: 1



  I quietly stared at the debuff window, where the description of the special stack had been added, and replied to Kania in a subdued voice.



  “As long as I’m lazing around as much as possible and don’t cooperate, on top of showing no signs of remorse, there will be no penalty.”




  “It’s all right. The Imperial family and the church know the punishment is just for show anyway. As long as you keep the good acts in moderation…”


  “…The young master will receive volunteer guidance from ‘Saintess Ferloche’.”



  I tried to reassure Kania, who had a worried expression on her face, but upon hearing her words that had cut off my own, my mouth gaped wide open.



  “The church has added her as a partner to help rehabilitate the Young Master. So, from now on, you will spend a certain amount of time with her every day..”




  “Also, when the volunteer work is over, you must go to the cathedral of the Sun God’s Church and pray with Ferloche…”


  “…Isn’t there a way to change the punishment?”



  At this point, if I was tied up with Ferloche, many problems would arise in the future, so I hurriedly asked Kania if the punishment could be changed, but she replied by shaking her head in denial.



  “…Your reputation is already at the rock bottom. Trying to complain may make the situation even worse.”


  “Well, yes…”

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  Realizing that I had no choice in the end, I made a disappointed expression as my chest tightened again. 



  “Then I’ll sleep for now, so wake me up when it’s time to go and do volunteer work.”


  “…I’ll wake you up in 30 minutes.”


  “Fine… Wait, in 30 minutes!?”



  My eyes shot wide open upon hearing that it was only 30 minutes later. However, Kania replied with a gloomy expression on her face.



  “Even if it’s for show, a punishment is still a punishment…so the time is set.”


  “Sigh… What’s even happening these days… Cough! Cough!!”



  Upon hearing those words, I shut my eyes tightly, muttered, and coughed up some blood. Kania, who began to speak, was carefully wiping my lips with the handkerchief and said. 



  “These days, it seems that the frequency of throwing up blood along with coughing has increased.”


  “Looks like it… Damn!”



  As I tried to utter an answer, I coughed once again, covering Kania’s clothes and face with blood. I looked at her guilt-ridden eyes and opened my mouth.



  “I’m sorry Kania… I’ll be fine on my own, so you…”


  “…This item is supposed to be used at times like this, Young Master.”



  Kania, who began to carefully wipe my lips again, looked down at the blood-stained handkerchief and said.



  “Since you have to go out for volunteer work, although it will only last a day or so and the function will also decrease in efficiency… I will cast self-cleaning magic on your handkerchief.”



  “Thank you, Kania.”



  I smiled at her consideration, and slowly closed my eyes and muttered.



  “You are the best………”



  But as soon as I closed my eyes, I couldn’t overcome the drowsiness and fell asleep quietly under Kania’s touch.



  “…Whatever you were going to say after that, it’s probably too much of a compliment for someone like me.”



  At the back of Frey’s fading consciousness, Kania’s sorrowful whisper loomed in his ear, resonating in his mind.








  “…Did you go through an ordeal again?”


  “No, I slept well this time around…”



  Kania, who woke me up 30 minutes later, asked worriedly, so I answered with a smile.



  ‘…Is this how worried Kania was?’



  Of course, it was a bona fide lie.



  The ordeal locked me in a dark, enclosed space that I despised; where neither painful nor happy futures appeared.



  “Then, please be careful, Young Master.”


  “All right.”



  My condition did not improve at all, but I smiled brightly and shook her hand. I then opened the front door and walked out.








  Then, Ferloche’s figure with a cold expression plastered on her face, entered my field of vision.



  “You look pretty awful. So…”



  Ferloche, who had been looking pitifully at me for a moment, unknowingly emanated holy power and approached me. However, a moment later, her footsteps came to a halt.



  “No. This is your karma. So don’t expect to get healed by me.”


  “…I never asked for healing.”



  Upon hearing Frey’s mocking reply to her resolute statement, he noticed that Ferloche’s expression slightly distorted.




[Ferloche Astellade’s Current Emotions: Hatred/Guilt/Reluctance]



  Seeing Ferloche like that, I wondered if she was worried about me again because she was a kind-hearted woman, so I urgently tried to use the ❰Mind Reading❱ skill, but luckily, it was all my imagination.



  However, seeing ‘guilt’ among her emotions… she seems to be overflowing with kindness and qualities of a Saintess in my eyes. Aside from her hatred towards me, she can see just how badly my body is wounded with just a single glance. It is understandable since she is someone who is adept at the healing arts. But she’s in a situation where she’s trying to kill me after regressing, so she can’t treat me. 



  That said, she’s feeling guilty about the fact that she can’t heal me, despite knowing that the wounded person in front of her is Frey Starlight, whom she despises.



  “Well, then we’ll go slowly…”



  Unsurprisingly, she tried to look away from me and began walking down the hallway, speaking in a trembling voice.








  I coughed as carefully as possible so Ferloche can’t hear it, but seeing her flinch as she walked away, she seemed to have noticed everything,



  “…This is driving me crazy.”



  I think I should definitely buy the ❰Life Force Recovery❱ skill.











  “Ah, hello…”



  When I and Ferloche entered, the female employee who was working inside greeted us with a cold sweat.



  Judging from the look on her face, it seems that she is under a lot of pressure.

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  After all, from her point of view, suddenly two key figures of the Empire visited her place of work.



  “Hello! My name is Ferloche! Are you the owner of this Orphanage?”


  “Oh, I… that’s…”


  “Wow… It’s a really spacious and comfortable place… It’s several times bigger than the school operated by the Church…”



  After shaking hands vigorously with the girl, Ferloche began walking around the orphanage as her eyes twinkled.



  “O-Over there… Lord Frey? I-I mean…”





  I, who was blankly watching her, heard a female employee next to her talking to me with a trembling voice, so I answered in an icy tone.



  “Uh… you need to change their clothes…”





  Upon hearing my answer, the female employee made a troubled expression as she bowed her head and said.



  “Please. We also got a message from the Church yesterday, so it’s embarrassing, but… If Young Master Frey doesn’t do volunteer work properly, the budget may be cut down…”


  “…What do you mean?”



  I inquired with my brows furrowed when I heard that the budget might be cut down. Hearing my question, the female employee lowered her head again and answered.



  “Yes, yes… So, there are people who donate anonymously to our orphanage… The amount of support is quite large…”




  “If you are a person who can offer that amount of support, they must be tied to the Imperial family or the Church… So it’s a big deal if you act like a horrible person…”



  After listening to her for a while, I replied, thinking for an ordinary female employee she has quite the good head on her shoulders.



  “It’s not my job.”


  “Yes, but… Then the kids in the orphanage could end up on the streets again!”



  Due to her restlessness and fear, she immediately closed her eyes tightly and exclaimed.



  “You, what’s your name?”



  I liked her quite a bit, so when I asked for her name, the female employee looked at me nervously and answered.



  “…It’s Ruby.”





  As I was memorizing her name, she suddenly knelt down and started crying.



  “Please! Please… our orphanage…!”


  “What are you doing!?”



  Eventually, she grabbed my leg and started begging, and all the attention of the people in the orphanage turned to me.



  “You! What are you doing now!”



  In such a situation, as I was staring blankly at Ruby, who was crying, Ferloche, who had been looking around the orphanage, approached me with a furious expression on her face.





  “To make such a kind-hearted employee cry…! She didn’t do anything wrong…”



  Eventually, Ferloche, who came right up to my face began preaching to me in a furious tone, but…






  She suddenly turned around and started searching around.



  “…What’s the matter?”



  She looked quite unsettled, so I inquired with a bit of concern. Upon hearing my question, Ferloche, who had been scanning the surrounding until then, suddenly frowned, grabbed my arm, and started heading somewhere.



  “…What, what? Why?”



  Eventually, Ferloche entered the empty warehouse and opened her mouth, glaring at me.



  “You, you’re trying to use some kind of sinister power!”






  “Lord Sun God in heaven, watch over us and save us from the endless pit of evil…”



  Eventually, she chanted her spells and began to launch her powers, as she started pouring out all her holy power at once.



  “I can’t stand it any longer! Be prepared! Member of the Demon King’s Army!”



  Ferloche, who had been launching her power for a while, began to look at me, exhaling a rough breath.



  “…Why are you fine?”



  As I frowned, she approached me with a bewildered expression and began poking my body.



  “It’s strange … I definitely felt a sinister aura …”


  “What are you doing?”



  I was so annoyed by her that I tried to leave the room, but Ferloche grabbed onto my arm and started speaking in a demanding voice.

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  “You, from now on, answer my questions.”


  “…All right.”



  My condition was so bad that I didn’t have the confidence to fight her at all, so I resolved to go along with what she would say.



  “What is the most dangerous strategy among the Demon King’s recent plans?”



  But when I heard the words coming out of her mouth, I couldn’t help but laugh.



  “Oi, don’t laugh! You think I don’t know that you belong to the Demon King’s Army!”


  “…I see.”


  “Yes! I don’t know why you’re still fine even after being hit by my powers… Anyway, you’re definitely a member!”



  Having said that, Ferloche began glaring daggers at me, emanating more holy power and shooting it at my whole body.



  “That’s enough, back to the volunteer work…”


  “Then, answer me. What the hell is going on in the cellar of the Sun God’s Church?”





  Ferloche, who had been shooting every nook and cranny of my body with her powers, hurriedly asked a question when I picked up a broom from the warehouse.



  “What do you mean—”



[Main Quest occurs!]



  As I was looking at Ferloche, who suddenly inquired about the Church’s cellar with a mysterious expression, a quest window suddenly appeared in front of me.



Main Quest: Secret of the Sun God’s Church


Quest Content: Uncover the secrets of the Sun God’s Church and drive away the darkness.


Reward: Increases the Awakening Progress of the Hero’s Armament.


Failure Penalty: Death of Ferloche Astellade.



  “…If you make a deal with me, I’ll help you.”



  After seeing the contents of the quest window, I quickly changed my approach and offered a suggestion.



  It seems like I’ll never have time to rest.



The Main Heroines are Trying to Kill Me

The Main Heroines are Trying to Kill Me

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